I’m not all that familiar with Tomi Lahren. I don’t watch her show on The Blaze, or any other show on The Blaze, for that matter. Glenn Beck is cancer and revealed himself to be a sniveling coward during the 2016 presidential campaign. Not only that (since he wants to talk about the consistency of Ms. Lahren’s public position on abortion), he’s now on Donald Trump’s dick after months of calling him a threat to the Republic itself.

So, he’s a hypocrite as well as a coward.

I’m aware that Lahren has made some inconsistent statements on abortion. She seemed to be insulting pro-life folks with some of her statements on The View last week.

“I’m pro-choice and here is why: I am someone that loves the Constitution, I am someone that is for limited government, so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

She claims she was talking about herself and not others, however…

She’s been under attack for days, with oufits like the so-called Reagan Battalion have highlighted what seem to be past inconsistencies, which has led many to call her out as a hypocrite much as I did Beck earlier in this post. I think she would do well to clarify her past statements.

I think you know what I have to say about the Reagan Battalion: they’re scumbags and may even be a Democratic front group. So when I see places like that coming for blood, by eyebrow raises. I’m not even a big fan of hers, although I don’t have anything against her, either. It just feels like a lot of this is a result of her enthusiastic support for Trump. TMZ is reporting that Team Tomi is saying it’s more about Glenn Beck being jealous because his young star has upstaged him, which wouldn’t exactly shock me.


I’m in favor of limited abortion rights myself. While I am personally against abortion, and would never be a part of one or advise a woman to have one, I do think women should be able to procure them within the first 90 days of a pregnancy. After that, it should only be allowed in cases where bringing the baby to term would jeopardize the health of the mother. I would like to see some kind of national political covenant along those lines. I doubt that will happen, but it really needs to.

The fact is, we’ve been arguing about abortion rights in this country for way too long. We’re creeping up on 50 years of debate about it. It poisons every hearing on a judge, it’s talked about ad nauseam on television and in activist circles. Enough! Most people are concerned about living paycheck to paycheck, illegals taking their jobs and eating up public benefits (while putting stress on our infrastructure), healthcare, and the welfare of the economy. Abortion is way down the list.

I rarely even think about the issue unless it’s thrown in my face, which unfortunately, happens way too often. Can we not move on, people?

It’s fine if you disagree. I understand that there are some strong feelings on both sides of the issue. But I feel like the whole debate has been sidetracking the country’s politics for generations. We need some kind of settlement.

Oh, I digress here, but fuck Glenn Beck in general. I wouldn’t trust that guy to tell me the correct time of the day, much less take my cues from him. He’s garbage and The Blaze is failing in general. The best thing that could happen for Tomi is to get away from that sinking ship and get onto a legitimate Big Three cable network.

I’m sure that won’t be much of a problem, since they’re all probably chomping at the bit to add here to their stable of stars.

  1. The outrage is deserving of someone to just do autistic screeching at these people. It’s her opinion, and further proves why Republicucks are totally regressive. They’re just as prone to thought policing and demanding an echo chamber as the left.

  2. Let each state decide. Alabama is not California. Let pro-life states ban it, those seeking can travel and abortion supporters can pay.

    But don’t equivocate.

    Though I am personally against rape, and would never be a part of one or advise it…

    Though I am personally against slavery, and would never be a part of one or advise it…

  3. Her drastically changing her opinion is the worst part for me and to do it on a liberal leaning show makes it look worse. Also despite her denial she is saying small government pro-life people are hypocrites, which seems a strange thing for her to come away with. The Blaze has dropped her apparently, probably in the best interests of both parties.

    But yeah f*ck Glen Beck and f*ck the Reagan Battalion lot.

    1. Small gov pro life people are retarded, they are the epitome of “as long as it’s someone I agree with authoritarianism is fine” They have no problem controlling the lives of others on the right as long as it aligns with their morals, just like the left has no issue enslaving people financially.

    2. TBH, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person considering her demands for men. It made her out to be the right’s version of feminist demanding that men have to be this and that for them. HoneyBadgerRadio and DrRandomerCam have covered this but because she’s “hot” she’s white knighted for by the tards in GamerGate and in the anti-sjw/ anti-feminist sphere.

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  4. I’m sorry, left or right, I just can not see how abortion can be justified on any level.

    Also, regardless of her thoughts, I can’t stand the “I wouldn’t do it myself, BUT….” train of thought. I wouldn’t keep a slave myself, BUT…

    1. I’m sorry, left or right, I just can not see how abortion can be justified on any level.

      How about because some people aren’t worth the oxygen they consume.

        1. babies are pretty worthless, except to their own parents, so if they don’t want them, I’ll end up supporting them, and anyone who would kill their offspring is probably passing on unfavorable traits anyway. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

          Again, since republicans are so (rightly I add) against paying to support the poor, this is a great cost saving measure.

          1. I like the Spartan approach, If the baby is born healthy and strong, keep it, if it’s meek or deformed, off the cliff!

  5. Hahaha this cunt is getting hers like Milo did. You can’t keep on talking shit and lying without it coming back to you.

    1. seems like it’s more a case of the right is too stupid to not attack themselves over someone having their own opinions to me.

  6. If you are pro-choice, you are not conservative, period. You are a liberal. Tomi Lahren has revealed she is liberal and therefore does not belong on any conservative show. That’s all there is to this.

    1. I’m cool not being a conservative, because I’m pro kill the baby, kill the parents, and if old people can’t support themselves, let’s euthanize them too, I mean, the left uses the “parasite” argument for a fetus, let’s apply their arguments to all of society’s parasites.

        1. Keep pretending your moralistic crusades are in line with the founder’s thinking tho, that one’s always cute.

          1. I don’t recall the Founding Fathers being all for baby murder. Maybe you can tell me where they advocated a non-Christian pro-choice position?

          2. They also weren’t for religious dictatorships either. Maybe you can tell me where they crusaded against it, captain logical fallacy?

          3. They didn’t. They assumed all men would be as moral and Christian as they. Even Mohammedans. More fool them; they didn’t realize the nascent dangers of socialism that existed even then. But the virtuous are often fooled by the immoral…

          4. Pro-capitalism, you mean. In a truly Christian and capitalist society, everything is for sale – just as God intended.

            To quote from the Conservative Bible Project edition of the Bible, “Blessed is that manager, whose employer finds working so diligently.
            Truly I tell you, he will promote that manager to run all of his affairs.”

          5. If you’re not a troll, you’re truly too stupid to talk to, gonna block you now, because really, you’re not a fan of freedom, you just want to be the guy holding the whip.

    2. Honestly, this is why I don’t want to be labeled as conservative, libertarian, liberal, progressive, alt-right, or anything else. It always devolves into purity tests like this one.

      I’ll just be independent and say whatever I think is best.

      1. There’s being right with God and then there’s be aligned with Satan/liberalism. It’s your choice, you’re given free will. Just remember that to choose anything but conservatism is to choose a liberal variant and thus be damned for eternity.

  7. Lahren’s position appears to be this: The right to have an abortion is a good limit on government authority but this does not make abortions themselves good.

    It is possible to be both against the strange and grotesque attitudes of Lena Dunham, etc who are trying to turn abortions into a right of passage or a badge of honour (the first part of the clip) and also choose to be consistent on how you view limited government. There is no conflict between Lahren’s first and second comments.

  8. Here’s the dope on abortion: The establishment right loves it as a campaign platform because they know it’s guaranteed votes from the religious retards too stupid to look into all the other ways they fuck the base over. If they took a rational approach, they’d realize there’s no actual downside to supporting abortion:
    1. it takes away a legion of retards’ one screaming issue
    2. It keeps society’s burden supporting the worthless lower.
    and most importantly:
    3. Most people going to get an abortion will be poor or liberals. We all know that your parents are the biggest influence on your politics, so they are literally supporting a policy that will only result in more people to vote against their agenda.

    On the “I’m not a heartless sociopath” angle: having an unwanted child can throw a person’s entire life off track. It greatly increases the odds against their future success, whether it be making them drop out / suffer performance at school, limit what kind of jobs they can take, puts a greater burden on someone struggling, etc. Also, studies have show adopted children are wildly ore successful per capita than those born to natural parents, know what all adopted kids have in common? It’s wantedness.

  9. Compromise will never happen on abortion. One group believes it’s murder. One group believes it’s no different than having a mole removed. Sure, there are plenty of people in the middle. But even if there was room for movement pro-life groups will not budge for the same reason pro-second amendment groups won’t. They’ve learned painful lessons that any minor concession is just the camel’s nose under the tent. We went from abortion being a crime to the federal government funding the damn thing.

    1. Have to correct you there; federal government doesn’t fund abortion. That’s the 1976 Hyde Amendment. Only 17 states provide public funding for abortion.

      1. The FedGov gives money to Planned Parenthood. And any description of Planned Parenthood that doesn’t include abortion mill would be woefully inadequate.

        1. While I wish to see Planned Parenthood put out of business (and completely defunded), they know better than to use federal funds for abortion services. Most of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding is from Medicaid reimbursements for preventive care, and some is from Title X. They are very careful to make sure that no federal funding they receive goes to abortion services and can provide immediate accounting at any time to that effect. I am also required to admit, due to honesty, that their estimation of abortion services only being 3% of their health services is correct.

          So I can’t truly call them an “abortion mill”, if I am to refrain from lying. An abortion mill is along the lines of Kermit Gosnell. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermit_Gosnell)

          1. Hey, I know you’re stupid, as evinced by multiple posts before, but if they’re using federal funds for buying condoms and holding classes, that frees up donated money for abortion. Fungible, learn about it.

    2. they should fund the hell out of it, it’s usually the right people getting abortions, no one is forced to get one, so let’s keep the population of undesirables low.

  10. The abortion argument is always one that’ll always drag on. My views on abortion are somewhat unclear, but I’ve always been of the opinion that abortion has to be strictly controlled and only applicable if the following:

    proven to have been a result of rape
    – the baby in the womb having a defect/handicap/disability which will lower the quality of his/her life
    – the baby/pregnancy being a risk to the mother’s life

    The “Shout Your Abortion” SJW feminist brigade are utterly disgusting though, I would gladly be for completely prohibiting abortion just because of these vile scum.

  11. Who cares what she thinks about Abortion? Let her voice her opinion. Although I think she should go independent like Lauren Southern. Comes with more freedom.

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