GUEST EDITORIAL by Kat Yarborough (archive links)

When I woke up one morning to discover that Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) had been forced into an “apology tour” due to her comments about her own femininity, I was outraged. Filled with frustration as a woman who favors true equality, I proceeded to comment about the subject on the Internet myself and eventually it inspired me to write this article. Kaley was simply expressing that she feels empowered instead of subjugated by being a loving wife to her husband; she’s also chosen to find the happiness and the opportunity that comes with being a modern day women instead of creating nonexistent negatives to focus on.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that Kaley feels that she can’t even enjoy providing home cooked meals for her man and being a doting wife without being rejected by radical feminism that is now unfortunately considered mainstream thanks to the mainstream media. That’s obviously one big reason that she can’t bring herself to define herself by feminism as most people recognize it today. There is absolutely no reason that any woman should be ashamed about not identifying with the culture of radical Feminism created by the same types of SJWs opposing Gamergate. The exclusion of beautiful, talented, successful women that hold opposing viewpoints to these SJWs is a sad reality that can only hurt women’s causes, and discourage women from embracing whatever their femininity means to them.

In reality, Kaley Cuoco’s comments got so much hate because they illustrated the typical woman’s frustration with the way modern day feminism has been defined in the face of unparalleled opportunities and freedoms for women in Western society. I doubt that Kaley Cuoco doesn’t believe in equality for women and the ability for women to meet their full potential both culturally and professionally. She is herself a shining example of a woman that has used her full potential to become an independent success, and explicitly acknowledges that women before her paved the way for the liberation that woman enjoy in the first world today. She even uses her own example to show that women’s equality is possible if you only embrace it yourself. There are so many women like Kaley and I. We realize the power you can find as a woman, and the inclusion that you can find alongside men as long as you embrace yourself.

However, women like us are not identifying with the red fem cause. That’s because it’s been hijacked by hypocritical whiners who seek nothing but their own self-promotion and/or an outlet for their delusions. They’ve convinced themselves that they are powerless as women unless they seek professional and cultural superiority, and not simply equality. That is why they feel like they must publicly shame women into conforming to their ideals, or else face the wrath of the SJWs. How inclusive!

Kaley even feels the need to defend her decision to get breast implants in the article, something that has no place for criticism. Being able to get breast implants or any other cosmetic procedure is a personal freedom that anyone should be able to enjoy without their personal motives being constantly called into question. It should not be assumed that it is for any other reason other than personal confidence and feeling happier with yourself; these decisions should never define you as a human being or as a woman. I don’t see any of the SJWs who have had their hair dyed, piercings done, tattoos done, or complete sex changes done being criticized because it made them feel more comfortable in their skin the way that Kaley seemed to have been criticized for the confidence she gained from her breast implants. If something cosmetic like that helps you embrace your femininity, it should always be celebrated and not condemned. And why isn’t the feminist press saying anything about this stuff? We know they would be if it was one of their own.

We can apply that rationale to emotional decisions about femininity as well such as making the choices that Kaley has made in her personal home life, something that she bravely shared with the world. SJWs rationally should not get more public credibility as women because they choose to regurgitate their ill-conceived notions about the “patriarchy,” than a woman like Kaley, who has seized control of her life as a woman in a personally positive way. The point is that all of us are fortunately able to make these decisions as women, and none should be criticized for it because they don’t regard feminism (as defined by SJWs) to represent them.

Shaming women into downplaying what defines them as a woman because it doesn’t meet the politically-correct viewpoint in fact does absolutely nothing but set the cause of feminism back. It causes women such as myself to become angry that we are considered to be against our own sex because our personal choices and our opinions aren’t the same as those who choose to cash in on the cause more than aid in true progress. It causes society to react negatively in certain ways when it comes to the personal choices of women. It’s disgusting that these SJWs are the same women that claim that they their real goal is to encourage inclusion and diversity, and these claims are widely accepted by the mainstream media. It’s a transparent lesson in double-speak and hypocrisy. Yet these SJWs are allowed to keep infiltrating the conversation, and their tactics strategically discourage dissent of any kind.

Women of note, such as Kaley, who express opinions counter the radical feminist line, open themselves up to public condemnation because of the way they use disinformation to convince the media, and much of society at large. Women like Kaley are then defined as radicals instead of the SJWs (the true extremists). Kaley’s experience has only further inspired me to become a warrior of my own who seeks to be a voice against those SJWs who incite division but call it inclusion. GamerGate and others that oppose these radical Feminists must continue to be united, male and female, in order to be a true example of inclusion. We will show them what true freedom and equality is.