I wonder what the media reaction would be to someone sending a threatening letter to one of Barack Obama’s children back in 2008, when he was first running for president? I’m not saying it definitely didn’t happen. But to my knowledge, nothing like that ever occurred. The reason I say that is because I’m pretty sure it would have been blown up 24/7 by the national media. I wonder if they’re going to do the same for Donald Trump, now that his family has been threatened over his presidential aspirations?

From CBS News


The Secret Service, FBI and New York Police Department are investigating what sources tell CBS News is a threatening piece of mail sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump.

The mail, sent to Eric Trump at his posh Manhattan residence at 100 Central Park South, was opened by his wife.

A source close to the investigation said the letter had a Massachusetts postmark and warned, in effect, that if Donald Trump doesn’t withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, harm would come to Donald Trump’s children.

ABC said the envelope contained “suspicious white powder,” although the word is that it test results have shown it was not harmful. And yes, I’m quite aware that these are major media organizations that I’m citing, but two reports in the middle of the night don’t exactly count as the media blowing something up. What I will be looking for is the reaction on the morning shows tomorrow, as well as cable news. Perhaps I’m wrong and they will give this the attention it deserves. In fact, I really hope I am wrong. People running for office shouldn’t have their families threatened, no matter what their political positions are. I would think that most reasonable people could agree to that, even if they hated a certain candidate.