File this under the weirdest thing I’ve heard all year…and that’s saying an awful lot for the wild and wacky 2016. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has been suspended from his own service. I’m quite certain he will be reinstated later, but I think this says an awful lot about how disorderly the suspension process is. If the chief executive and third largest shareholder of Twitter can be banned for frivolous reasons, then no one is exempt from this madness. And not everyone will have a direct line to get things reinstated like Dorsey will.


It looks like the restoration is already underway, but good lord, this shows just how incompetent Twitter has become. More on this as it becomes available.

  1. What a fucking clown. Remember when I predicted last year that twitter’s rock bottom point would be banning President Trump? Yeah I still think that’s coming, and I suspect it will be in retaliation for the manner in which he’s vowed to tackle so called “sanctuary” cities like San Fran. Trump is going to withhold federal funds from pretty much all of California’s major population centers and then Jack is going to virtue signal by banning his account.

  2. I was most surprised when I read the headline and at first thought… Is this for real?

    If he can’t get himself unbanned will that increase the chances of Twatter being killed off any time soon since it will be under the control of the corrupted as hell members of the Trust and Safety Council

  3. I happen to think that this is nothing but a planned attempt to get people to think “oh look, even the boss is not exempt from punishment, the rules really do apply to everyone, Twitter is so fair and unbiased”

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