I was sittinng here getting ready for the Liana K Shoot Stream later tonight (which I will be talking about here in a minute), when word was passed down to me that Master Milo Yiannopoulos has lost his verified check on Twitter. In case you’re not familiar with the verified system, here’s what it’s all about:


Basically, it’s like Twitter royalty. Not everyone who is verified is worth a shit, though, don’t get me wrong. Some of them are D-list journos or other types of losers who aren’t worth anything. They may know an editor or someone at Twitter who help them out by getting them the little blue check mark that’s now famous among regular users of the service. But while there are some people who don’t deserve it, the majority of the big movers and shaker on there have the check. So, when someone like Milo gets his taken away, it could either be a minor slap on the wrist, or it could be a move towards eventually banning the guy altogether. Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: his fans and supporters aren’t taking this lying down.


Witness #JeSuisMilo:






Who’s the cause of all this? Well, a certain blue-haired freak is claiming responsibility at this hour…

This fat fucking cow is now trying to take credit. Who the fuck knows if it’s legit. We’re all familiar with her grease-stained antics, so I wouldn’t take anything she says at face value, but there could be something here. I guess being a poverty-strickened loser who smokes meth and lives off the charity of others must really fuck with a person’s mind eventually. She also got kicked out of the community she’s been infecting her whole adult life, and she probably blames it all on Milo Yiannopoulos. It must suck to be that pathetic.


More news on this story as it continues to break throughout the evening.


UPDATE:  is now officially trending!