Katherine Timpf is a writer for the National Review that I recently started following on Twitter. Why? Because she’s hot, for one. The main reason, though, is she often talks about some of the same SJW-types that I do. Today is no exception. But not only is she talking about a wacko, the wacko also happens to be from my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee! So you know I had to talk about this one. I’ll let Kat break it down a bit:

Assistant professor of sociology Zandria Robinson — whose Twitter account is promoted on the [University of Memphis] official website — posted a tweet following the Charleston shooting suggesting that the killer’s actions were a result of his whiteness.

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Here’s the tweet in question:w4mFvub

Oh, and another from Socawlege:9BUvAdz

The National Review piece has a couple more areas of interest, but that’s the main part. It notes at the end that she still has a job at the taxpayer-funded university. I wouldn’t expect her to lose it, either. These SJWs get away with saying shit like this all the time. But when their opponents even barely step out of line, they’re crucified by the mainstream media. We’re truly playing by two different sets of rules. That’s why I just choose not to give a fuck and say whatever  I want.