Vice (I don’t feel like capitalizing their name, by the way) is really stupid. We’ve seen examples of that before, but today’s tweet might take the cake. Apparently some Humvees were seen riding around Kentucky this past weekend. Not only that, they had Trump flags on the back. There’s a couple problems with this story.

One, Vice identified them as tanks. As most of you know, tanks don’t have rubber wheels…or any wheels at all.


If you click the actual story, it does have them correctly labeled as Humvees, although there’s a chance that they changed it later on. I couldn’t find an old archive to prove that, though. But the best part about all this is of course the trolling fun that has been had at the expense of Vice.

Oh, and there’s another important part to this completely bullshit story. As it turns out, these aren’t even military vehicles…

“These are not US military vehicles,” Major Jamie Davis, a spokesman from the Department of Defense, told the Herald-Ledger. “They are Humvees, but there’s no unit designator on there. In the Army, if we go out we have our vehicles identified.”

Davis said the vehicles are most likely decommissioned military Humvees that were sold off to civilians. In addition to lacking a special unit designator, military Humvees also would not be allowed to fly a flag other than the United States flag or a unit insignia. A rep from the Kentucky National Guard told the paper Monday that the vehicles weren’t theirs either.

So, they mislabeled tanks as Humvees and they weren’t even military to begin with. Does it get any more clickbait-y than this. Maybe BuzzFeed can top it, but it has to be way up there on the scale. The left is looking for anything they can find to fire up their base. The US military flying Trump flags had to sound pretty juicy when it came across the Vice plate.

Too bad it was complete bullshit, huh?