Vice (I don’t feel like capitalizing their name, by the way) is really stupid. We’ve seen examples of that before, but today’s tweet might take the cake. Apparently some Humvees were seen riding around Kentucky this past weekend. Not only that, they had Trump flags on the back. There’s a couple problems with this story.

One, Vice identified them as tanks. As most of you know, tanks don’t have rubber wheels…or any wheels at all.


If you click the actual story, it does have them correctly labeled as Humvees, although there’s a chance that they changed it later on. I couldn’t find an old archive to prove that, though. But the best part about all this is of course the trolling fun that has been had at the expense of Vice.

Oh, and there’s another important part to this completely bullshit story. As it turns out, these aren’t even military vehicles…

“These are not US military vehicles,” Major Jamie Davis, a spokesman from the Department of Defense, told the Herald-Ledger. “They are Humvees, but there’s no unit designator on there. In the Army, if we go out we have our vehicles identified.”

Davis said the vehicles are most likely decommissioned military Humvees that were sold off to civilians. In addition to lacking a special unit designator, military Humvees also would not be allowed to fly a flag other than the United States flag or a unit insignia. A rep from the Kentucky National Guard told the paper Monday that the vehicles weren’t theirs either.

So, they mislabeled tanks as Humvees and they weren’t even military to begin with. Does it get any more clickbait-y than this. Maybe BuzzFeed can top it, but it has to be way up there on the scale. The left is looking for anything they can find to fire up their base. The US military flying Trump flags had to sound pretty juicy when it came across the Vice plate.

Too bad it was complete bullshit, huh?

  1. A rose, right. These are military vehicles that according to the Military, are not legal on roads. When they are recommissioned and sold the purchaser is informed of that. The questions that arises, regardless of politically correct labeling of warm machines, is what is a convoy of warm machines – privately owned war machines doing breaking the law?; where are they going to be employed?; who has that kind of disregard for the law (including the military) that they broadcast their presence like that on a highway?; and will Mr. President disavow himself of any knowledge of or support of that kind of lawlessness?

      1. If you think that people, taking civic action, cannot affect change then you are not informed enough to engage in discussion with. Do you care what is happening in your country?

          1. I’m doing everything I can think of to defeat globalism. Working to elect Trump and yes it was work because it went well beyond the shitposting, debating and trolling and included donations of money earned through my professional labor to his campaign began.

            I’m taking my country, it’s dignity and REAL justice back and the hell with the “social” kind.

          2. I appreciate your response. I believe that through committed action the democratic process works. How do you reconcile the current president’s demonizing of minorities and abusive language of women with your own obviously fair minded approach? Can you define real justice for me? What do you think are the most urgent issues facing your country? How many generations has your family lived in the US?

    1. First, this might not even be military surplus. You can purchase civilian Humvee model.

      Second, there are ways to get a surplus military Humvee licensed. There are states where this won’t be possible (they usually won’t pass California’s emissions standards and Arizona won’t allow them to be licensed at all), but it is possible in other states.

      These were in Kentucky and Kentucky might allow these vehicles to be licensed under certain circumstances. It may have been perfectly legal for these things to be driven on the road. (That’s assuming the owners were from Kentucky. They could have had them licensed in a different state.)

      Third, the term “war vehicle” is irrational hyperbole.

      These are surplus vehicles. They serve the same purpose as every other car, truck or motorcycle on the road. Getting someone from one location to another.

      The fact they were previously owned by the Armed Forces does not make them “war vehicles” any more than it would make surplus kitchen knives weapons.

      You have no proof that these were actually military surplus.

      You have no proof they were being operated illegally if they were military surplus.

      And you are showing an irrational hatred of the military.

      This type of behavior is why the Democrat Party is currently out of power on a National basis.

      1. If there are no guns on it or poking out of it, who cares? Just a cool vehicle at that point. I’d be more worried about what was driving it than the vehicle itself.

      2. I don’t know where you live but where I live, the presence of vehicles specially designed as these are would cause one to question whether a group of people were gearing up as an alternative to your own military. But that is me – no hatred involved here. Other posts that investigated the license plates stated that they were indeed a series of license plates identifying them as decommissioned license plates. Is it common for citizens in your state to form a convoy of vehicles like this?

  2. What kind of a rock do you have to have been hiding under not to recognize a humvee on sight? Granted the ones in the picture aren’t the most common configuration but those gas guzzling beasts are ubiquitous with the fifteen years of ceaseless warfare and instability we’ve all borne witness to.

  3. Clearly these are T-34’s that the Imperial Canadian government sold to a less developed country (ie: the USA) to prop up an unelected dictator (ie: Barron Trump) and shoot down peaceful Zeppelins full of Muslim refugees.
    The sad part is that my description is probably more accurate than a lot of the news outlets these days.

    1. All veterans of the Meme Wars. Special Operators attached to the 199th Shitpost Brigade, hard men indeed.

      They’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Snowflake attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. C-beams glittering in the dark off the SJW face glitter near the Trump inauguration gate…

      All those moments will be lost in time to the SJWs, like tears in the rain. Time for their ideaolgy to die.

      1. Aw mate…..for the respectful nod to one of my favorite scenes in any film I wish I could upvote you more.
        Well played that man….well played. Hats off and three hurrahs!

        But let us take a moment to remember the service of those brave men and women who are the veterans of Meme War I. Constant fighting at the front lines comes with a cost. The dankness of their memes often results in their suffering third degree moldy trenchfoot. The strain of keeping the Lulzocoaster battleships running results in many meme warriors suffering severely strained sides. And for some who work on the front line Psy-Ops constant exposure to weapons grade KeK means that their irony glands are irreparably damaged.

        So now brothers and sisters, lets stand and salute those brave Memetic Myrmidons and KeK Kommados. Thank You for your service….and Kek bless you one and all!

        1. Well thx Dave. I thought I should offer something up in response to your excellent badge shitpost above. Gave me the lulz it did. You are doing the almighty Lord Kek’s work my son. May His Blessings be upon you.

  4. FYI Ralph: Some tanks DO have rubber wheels. To name a few: Italian B1 Centauro, ASLAV (Australia), Rooikat and Eland MK 7 from South Africa, and a handful of others…

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