I saw a certain story yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to comment on the utter insanity of it. It seems one woman has a revolutionary idea that has never been tried before. She wants women to get time off for maternity leave…without ever getting pregnant! In the post, she pays lip service to men getting the same sort of treatment, but then shoots that down later on with her own words. Apparently, women are especially prone to “burnout’ and need this period of reflection, regardless of whether or not they ever have a child. It seems her entire theory has come from being jealous of her female co-workers who received maternity leave while her big ass had to pick up the slack around the office.

So instead of going out and getting knocked-up herself, she figured why not just write in another special privilege for women!

And yet, after 10 years of working in a job where I was always on deadline, I couldn’t help but feel envious when parents on staff left the office at 6 p.m. to tend to their children, while it was assumed co-workers without kids would stay behind to pick up the slack.

“You know, I need a maternity leave!” I told one of my pregnant friends. She laughed, and we spent the afternoon plotting my escape from my 10-hour days, fake baby bump and all.

Of course, that didn’t happen. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to believe in the value of a “meternity” leave — which is, to me, a sabbatical-like break that allows women and, to a lesser degree, men to shift their focus to the part of their lives that doesn’t revolve around their jobs…

And as I watched my friends take their real maternity leaves, I saw that spending three months detached from their desks made them much more sure of themselves. One friend made the decision to leave her corporate career to create her own business; another decided to switch industries. From the outside, it seemed like those few weeks of them shifting their focus to something other than their jobs gave them a whole new lens through which to see their lives.

While both men and women would benefit from a “meternity” leave after a decade or so in the workforce, the concept is one that would be especially advantageous for women. Burnout syndrome is well-documented in both sexes, but recent research suggests that women may experience it at greater rates; researchers postulate that it’s because women (moms and non-moms alike) feel overloaded by the roles they have to take on at work and at home.

This clown thinks that women deserve a special leave because of some research that she conveniently forgets to cite. Maybe she wants us to buy her book in order to see that? I’ll pass. This might come as a surprise to you, but I actually do agree that US workers don’t get enough time off work and it can lead to problems all throughout people’s lives. However, that’s not what Meghann Foye, the author of this column, is arguing for. Instead, she wants to make a carve-out for women while conveniently downplaying the need for men to have a similar break. If you had argued for more time off, I would have agreed with you, Meghann. Instead, you had to turn it into some gender bullshit.

It seems like she’s just jealous of her colleagues who have kids and a family. Now she wants to take it a step further by getting the same time off work for just being a woman rather than actually having a kid. As I said, while I can understand fighting for more vacation time in general, this is asinine. I think the New York Post just printed it in order to get their readers riled up.


If that was the goal, then mission accomplished.