I have some business to attend to in Northern Virginia, so unfortunately I’m going to be out of pocket for most of tomorrow. It may have seemed like I was gone today, but I was actually hard at work behind the scenes messing with site infrastructure. Page speed is up and we’ll see how the rest of it goes as we move forward. That’s not why I came to you tonight, though. Instead I wanted to talk about one of the most ridiculous tweets I’ve seen all year.

It comes from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza…

After all we’ve seen this election season, does anyone with a brain really believe something like this? Think about how the media has covered Donald Trump in comparison to how the have covered Hillary Clinton. In the past month, damning fact after damning fact has come out about Hillary, but it’s barely been a blip in the media landscape. Instead, they’ve been talking about Trump’s “pussy grab” recording and rolling out any two-bit hussie they can find in order to throw shade on the Republican nominee’s history with women. All the while, the same media has ignored Bill Clinton’s past, which includes actual rape allegations. This is supposed to be a fair fight?

If Trump does go down, we will know right where to point the finger. The biased and corrupt media has lined up for Hillary Clinton since the very beginning. Hell, they even helped her screw Bernie Sanders over before she got to Trump. Wikileaks has shown the depths of the collusion and I imagine it might be even worse than that. How on earth could Mr. Cillizza send out a tweet like this with a straight face? Then again, perhaps he was chuckling as he hit the send button.

Yes, Trump could stand to do better in some areas himself. Staying on message and ignoring people who don’t matter would have been advisable. But this has never been an even battle. Even with all that said, The Donald still has a shot to pull this off. I’ve said from the start he’s the underdog and he still is. But in light of the entire deck being stacked against him (including members of his own party stabbing him in the back) I’d have to say he’s done pretty damn well.