Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here on my own site, but it feels great to be back. Rather than waste your time with pleasantries, I’ll simply say that I’m happy with the way the new roll-out has been going and I look forward to it continuing. I did not expect the occasion would be discussing a person called FerociouslySteph, but, here we are.

NOW, let’s get down to the meat of the discussion. You’re here to laugh at some weirdo at Twitch who thinks they are actually a deer. I’ve already intro’d this nutcase on last Friday’s Killstream, so I’ll let the fine folks over at Kiwi Farms give me some free labor.

Much appreciated, lads!

Stephan “Steph” Loehr, who goes by the online aliases of “FerociouslySteph” or variations of “StephOddish,” is a trans, ex-competitive gamer from Washington who, despite their horse-face, is also a deer furry/otherkin. While one can derive amusement, or be disturbed, by his behavior as a deer otherkin involving mewling on his stream for hours and spasming as his boyfriend pokes his head, Stephan is most notable for his extreme views on online conduct which aims to appeal to the most hypersensitive of users. While this ordinarily would lead to bemused dismissal from most, this instead raises concern given Stephan’s recent promotion to the head of Twitch’s “Safety Advisory Council,” a position of power which he will be able to enforce his bizarre stances, an ability he has been recorded gleefully bragging about in anticipation. Further intrigue arises from the absolutely horrendous reception his promotion and previous behavior sparked, leading to a cataclysm of negative criticism from detractors in opposition and sheer insanity from his supporters doubling down, creating a dumpster fire of unprecedented proportions not seen since about a week ago when that other thing happened.

Look, forget the transgender part. I know that’s ripe for mockery and we’ve all heard it before. But this motherfucker thinks it’s a deer. You know, these things…

Board weighs Little Rock deer hunt amid concern
Oh, except in some bizarre twist, there’s people saying FerociouslySteph thinks it’s a MALE deer. Who the fuck knows?

This person belongs in a mental institution, not on some weird ass high council at Twitch. What is wrong with the planet when some fucking asshole like this can rise in rank at, fuck, not just Twitch…anywhere! I wouldn’t let this clown pump my gas, much less weigh in on how I run my huge streaming website. Could you imagine this being put forth as a serious scenario in the year 1998? Or even the year 2008? Fuck no. We’ve fallen quite a ways, people.

I mean, look at this.


The ADL’s Poisonous Influence

Ordinarily, that would be the end of it. Strange ass otherkinasaurus is elevated in our rapidly collapsing civilization once again.  But somehow, you had to know it was gonna get even worse. Enter, the ADL (archive)…

I have to admit, even I didn’t expect it to be the ADL AGAIN, but yes, here we are. It makes sense when you look at the numbers, however. I’m not a major Twitch aficionado, but I know a lil bit. Personally, I had never heard of “FerociouslySteph.” I’m fairly certain most of you are in the same boat. By Twitch standards, it’s not exactly a huge channel, either. Why, then, has this strange promotion taken place?

Thanks to the work of Killstream guest Sophia Narwitz, we can go back a take a look at the tale of the tape. Here’s ADL flack Daniel Kelley celebrating FerociouslySteph’s ascension to the Twitch censorship council (archive), which makes sense, given what we know…

But the promotion actually goes back almost two years. This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. The ADL has been working overtime to get its hooks into gaming. Too much money and influence on the table for them to ignore!

What in the fuck does the Anti-Defamation League have to do with gaming? Well, that’s never been made clear to me or to anyone else. As far as I can tell, they try to sink their claws into any media in existence in order to shape and bend it to their will. Oh, and to raise shitloads of money. In fact, that last part might be even more important to these crooks, truth be told.

This FerociouslySteph/Steph Loehr story is of course still unfolding. It’s already increased about 300 times in size since we talked about it on the Killstream last Friday. So, I expect there will be much more on Twitch’s Deer Leader as the week moves along. All I can say is, get your popcorn ready.