I’ve been fucking around all day, but I have a lot to catch you up on. I got another post coming up on her with more of the SJWs piling onto Wu because of her meeting the other day with Stardock’s Brad Wardell. Some of you may have seen it, but it’s still worth a post, I think.  But before we get to that, let me recap today’s news concerning TotalBiscuit. I want to be clear that we’re not trying to go after, or call out, the PR woman. All has been resolved. I just wanted to show you what ethics looked like, since we don’t see very much of that from the likes of Kotaku, Polygon, etc. 

Here’s the beginning of the situation, starting with TotalBiscuit:

I was getting ready to write up a column going at this woman, but I waited. It’s a good thing I did, because she did what a real professional is supposed to do. When she saw that she was wrong, she admitted her mistake publicly, apologized, and gave a short testimonial:


Since the young woman owned up to her error so quickly, and without qualification, TB made sure to tell people to hold off on going too hard on her. She’s allegedly done work for Wu in the past, so people were a little jumpy at first. That turned out to be unfounded, thankfully. Biscuit said to just leave it at that, and everyone did.

Again, this post isn’t meant to make the young woman look bad, that’s why I’m not even using her name or company. I just wanted to highlight some ethics. TB is right, we should celebrate the actions of this woman today. Contrast that with the people we’ve been fighting against. If only the game journos and SJWs would take a page from the PR flack’s playbook.

  1. OMG! Ethics!

    But seriously, it is great to see someone admit when they were factually wrong for once.

  2. That’s a huge improvement over, say, the Sam Biddle method, which is to sit with his arms folded and glower.

  3. See guys. If you would act like professionals no harm will come to you. When she came out and admitted that she made a mistake did we jump on her? No. In fact it looks like we’re thanking her. (I really hope the SJWs don’t go after this poor girl for doing the right thing). If you just owned up to your mistakes we would not still be hear arguing this issue. Act like adults and act fucking professional! The fact that we are celebrating someone acting professional shows how screwed up things currently are.

  4. This just goes to show that we just want game journalists to do their due diligence and correct their errors like a professional. I applaud her for admitting and rectifying her mistake instead of behaving like cranky babies the way Kuchera, Alexander, and Biddle have done..

  5. video seems to be private now so i have no idea in what context it was said but i wouldn’t be surprised if she thought she was nailing totalbiscuit hence no research first. at least she apologized and maybe shell know better next time.

  6. This is good. I’m glad she stepped forward and did the right thing, and that #GamerGate was patient about it.

  7. That was the most professional, and ethical act I have seen in a long long time. I have great respect for this person.

  8. I’m not sure how I feel about giving her credit for admitting a mistake. If she would have any integrity at all she would have done a few minutes of research before slandering Total Biscuit and an apology wouldn’t be needed. I also think she needs to be reprimanded for this because it’s not inaccurate it is a flat out lie. Would she or her friends give someone a break for slandering someone and then admitting a mistake?

    1. Mistakes are made, sometimes people are sloppy or make assumptions.
      Demanding perfection, or else, is the strawman aGGros use to dismiss #gamergate as unreasonable.

      #gamergate itself has jumped to conclusions, been divided on issues and made its share of mistakes (collectively)
      The majority of supporters have had the good grace to admit fault when it happens, and that is a good thing.

  9. Was expecting bullshit, was pleasantly surprised with professionalism and great conduct.
    A mistake was made, and those happen, and the retraction seemed sincere and certainly accepting of responsibility.
    This is indeed everything we want.
    Perfection is unattainable, but this is the correct response.
    PR lady deserves mad props!

    1. Fuck no. This ride’s getting interesting. If ya’ wanna jump, more power to ya’, but THERE ARE NO BRAKES ON THE FUCKIN’ PAIN TRAIN!

  10. I should have checked my facts before making such a statement

    Shouldn’t everyone do this before making a statement to a group or in public? This shouldn’t be limited to just certain professions but all should do this.

      1. That comes around to the article ralph wrote about how he got into feminism, https://theralphretort.com/how-i-came-to-reject-feminism-0304015/ particularly this part:

        As part of my degree requirement, I had to take one semester of “women’s studies.”… You didn’t actually get graded normally. If you did the assignment, you got full credit. There was a paper at the end, but it was similarly scored.

        When you get full credit for just writing a paper, it means your facts and statements were never checked, so you learn to get away with writing in that style.

        1. Ahh, participation trophies for everyone… unfortunately only certain people will have the opportunity to move on to better things in life with their participation trophies (the same SJWs that cry oppression).

  11. Hey, Leigh Alexander, you see this, bitch? You see this, Gamasutra, Shitaku, Polygon, Verge, MSM? You see this, Cracked.com, half-chan, Extra Credits, Jim Sterling? You see this, the rest of you Social Justice Wankers that are out there?

    You see how fucking EASY it would have been to cool everything off with GamerGate? You see how fucking easy it would have been to stop the last 7 months?

    All you had to do, was simply apologize.

    But your egos got in the way of doing so and now we have GamerGate. Too late to apologize now, as far as I care, you should all burn to dust and be forgotten in the dustbins of history. And that last line was directed at all the websites I mentioned, not the people.

  12. It didn’t seem that hard to own up your mistakes and do the right thing.

    Also ended up saving her in the end way more than making a scene about it.

    Why the hell can’t gaming “news” sites do the same?

  13. You know what’s the upsetting part of this? The fucking anti gg’s will attack her for doing this.

    I like her actions. Shame some of the big gaming media websites will never learn from her.

  14. This is more along the lines of what I expected to happen last September when the GJPs article was published. Instead we got “I have no regrets”. I still don’t understand that response, I thought people who got paid would act in a professional manner. After Brian Williams though, I’m starting to understand I was wrong about expecting the halos of honesty over the heads of well regarded people to be made of anything other than cardboard.

    It’s not so much “good on her” as it is “gee, isn’t that what’s SUPPOSED to happen?”. Which at this point, deserves a prize given how low the bar has been set.

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