I was scrolling through Twitter earlier when I saw a pic of Anita Sarkeesian from what looks like high school. I guess it could possibly be college, but there was no yearbook at my college. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe there was and I was just too high and/or drunk to remember them being sold. Still, the point is, she looks ridicoulous. This isn’t exactly a breaking news story, but oh well. We all need a laugh now and then, plus I need a lot of posts cause I’m about to leave town.


That hairstyle. No wonder she hates men. She’s still mad none of them wanted to fuck her back in the day.

  1. I’m not one too familiar with every trend that comes and goes but that look reminds me of the punk emo feminist look of the late 90’s

    black cloth, spiky short black hair full of gel, dark lips, chain


  2. Wasn’t there another school photo of her making the rounds that looked a bit earlier than this one? She looked like an awkward wannbe surfer boy.

    1. She just hops from one whacky look to another

      it’s like she can’t help looking like a bad cliche

  3. what purpose does digging up a high school photo serve? we all looked ridiculous at that age.

    1. The purpose is mocking Anita. Plain and simple.
      Does that upset you Kyle? Are you vicariously offended?
      Would you like to take offense on Anita’s behalf?

      White Knights like you should not be ashamed of their nature…
      Don’t be a hypocrite Kyle.

      1. There’s a difference between being a white knight and telling an “ally” that they’re being fucking stupid. Anita does so fucking much that she deserves to be criticized for that criticizing her for her high school yearbook photo is as stupid as me criticizing you for having a picture of a knight with a black cape and black highlights to the non-armoured clothing that you’re trying to claim is a “White” knight.

        Obviously this isn’t a “White” knight – he’s wearing black. Duh.

        See how stupid that is? That’s this entire article in a nutshell – pointless, petty, stupid and probably hypocritical as well, though Ralph might be in the minority of people who didn’t look utterly stupid for at least one year in high school.

          1. He’s right though, that knight isn’t that white. You fucked it up, Jack.

          2. Oh shit. I didn’t know that was used for other indications. No wonder I’ve been pissing off people on Twitter so much.

          3. I can’t help it. Sometimes that little red monster comes out when I get excited and shit happens.

          4. Well I’m still here arguing with you – maybe Mr. Twain has a point. But then, how on earth am I going to get experience arguing with morons if I just give up when it’s obvious they’re morons?

    1. She was a teenager – we ALL did stupid, STUPID stuff as Teenagers. Alot of us here on Ralph’s site were lucky enough to be stupid teenagers BEFORE Social Media was a thing.

  4. That’s a revolutionary lesbian hairstyle if I’ve ever seen one. It just screams “deconstruct the patriarchy!”

  5. OH MY GOD that smarmy-ass grin.
    She STILL had that smarmy-ass grin as a teenager.

    1. …and entirely missed the point. I bet Anita watched Daria the same way alot of the guys I knew in highschool watched Fight Club over and over and thought that Tyler was supposed to be a heroic figure that everyone should emulate.

  6. It looks like highschool Anita was probably about as good at pretending to be part of the punk scene as she currently is at pretending to be a gamer.

  7. On the one hand, I like the more natural brows, ethnic girls tend to overboard with the plucking (older Anita is definitely a case in point) and the lack of pancake makeup. She was definitely pretty back then. That haircut though. That’s beyond Joe Dirt. This makes me genuinely curious as to the story behind that shit.

  8. God she looks like this emo chick I went to high school with, who incidentally was a proto-SJW…

  9. Jesus Christ, she looks like a outtake from “Just One of the Guys” circa 1985…

    FYI, while I hate to nitpick spelling, it’s “ridiculous” 🙂

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