ICYMI: SJW Theorizes That Medieval Games Legitimize White Supremacy

ICYMI: SJW Theorizes That Medieval Games Legitimize White Supremacy

I’m not sure if you guys saw this column from The National Review’s Kat Timpf from the other day. I’d missed it myself, but since it’s so outrageous, I figured it was worth highlighting before I go pick up dinner. Some whackjob Ph.D. candidate named Victoria Cooper wrote about medieval games somehow legitimizing white supremacy. Who sits around and think of such things? A worthless SJW academic, of course. It’s a fucking video game style that’s enjoyed by all kinds of races. As Timpf herself said:

Now, I don’t play video games. I don’t like any of them, so I don’t know exactly how the people who do like them decide which ones they like. Still, I highly doubt that the people who like medieval games like them because they hate minorities and diversity and the games allow them to escape to a white-power fantasy land “free of multiculturalism.”

I’m also having a hard time imagining how anyone could possibly develop a videogame that met the standards of political correctness. Maybe a game where the character who apologizes the most wins? Then again, any kind of competition just perpetuates the capitalist ideals that we all know are inherently evil.

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Just for laughs, let’s take a look at a section from the original story, which treats this whole thing as a legitimate exercise:

Cooper recalled the infamous “#GamerGate” – the 2014 scandal that erupted in the gaming world when several prominent women challenged the status quo of the community. The women received rape, violence and death threats. They (and their supporters) were also “doxed”; a tactic whereby private information, like a home address, phone number, place of work and personal details are made public in an effort to silence and publicly shame the person…

According to Cooper, they subscribe to the popular idea of the Middle Ages as ‘gritty, white, male, and powerful’. They cling to the notion that women didn’t fight in the Middle Ages, fiercely stating this as ‘as fact’, and steadfastly refusing to allow women agency in warrior roles.

Unfortunately for gamers, the tide is turning and the inspection of their identities is happening whether they like it or not, and will continue to gain momentum. Games like Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls are only the tip of the iceberg. What Gamergate tried to shut down, instead, opened a Pandora’s Box that can never be closed. Academics, like Cooper, will continue to challenge, examine and illustrate the ways these groups misappropriate medieval history.

Lol, that last line is just fucking golden. Please keep examining, you numbskulls. I just don’t understand how someone could actually make enough money to support themselves off frivolous bullshit like this. I guess it helps to have a network of feminist academics ready to co-sign whatever airheaded theory comes down the pike, so long as there’s some way to milk it financially. I look forward to reading more about how gamers are “misappropriating” history. Good comedy is hard to come by, after all.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Lost Question

    More proof SJW’s dont understand gaming. In all the elder scrolls games I have played I always choose argonian first (cause screw disease and screw drowning), and why I decided to help the stormcloaks over the imperials in skyrim is because the imperials almost execute you I hold grudges on that kind of stuff, “he’s not on the list” “meh kill em anyway” like i’m going to help them right after that.

    • Patrick

      stormcloaks would have done the same 😛
      Their leader was a nut job

      • Lost Question

        true their leader was a ass whom on a couple occasions I pondered stabbing (cause I did completed guild story/quest line before everything else)

  • Zach Puckett

    What the fuck! History is not politically correct you fucking piece of shit! I guess they are just handing out PhDs these days! Sorry for the yelling but I swear this article made me lose a few brain cells. Of course you guys go on about us misappropriating history. If I’m not mistaken these are the same jackasses that gave the witcher shit because it followed Polish history. Because white people can’t have culture afuckingparently.

    • Dick Gozinia

      That’s where the first second it was mentioned that miss PhD here never played video games, I just stopped reading it and came right to the bottom.

      If you have never experienced the very subject in which you are talking about, you really need to not make a comment about it because you’re technically stupid. The simple fact you straight up said that and decided to draw conclusions despite that, that just shows me that you really are that fucking stupid.

      And by you, I mean the PhD retard. Not you personally.

      • Zach Puckett

        I wouldn’t mind if they never played video games if they bothered to research the subject. Take Christina Hoff Summers for example. Not familiar with the subject but she put time and research into it to come up with reasonable conclusions. No instead this idiot just said “fuck it I’m drawing my own conclusions. Fuck research.” What was your PhD in? Bullshiting?

  • Silence Dogood

    It’s their backwards, corrupt thinking in action: Something happened in the past, so if you recognize it then it “legitimizes” it! Which is really weird since these are so called “progressives” and therefore shouldn’t be reaching backwards for ANYTHING, yet they constantly want to harken back to ancient times and cultures to repaint them as more befitting their present social views (that’s called revisionism, which incidentally is a recognized form of hate speech).

    • Lost Question

      I may be reading this wrong but are you implying that SJW’s have infantilised themselves so much they have problems with things like object permanence?

      • Silence Dogood


  • Silence Dogood

    So, the author thinks that things need to meet the “standard of political correctness” or they’re not good enough and that “capitalism is evil.” Yeah, can someone please black bag that bitch and hand her over to ISIS? That’s about as fitting a fate as I can conjure up without getting terribly graphic.

    • She was joking. She’s a hot right wing talking head who writes for The National Review and works for Fox News. The second section is where the SJW side is given.

      • Silence Dogood

        Oh, ok. I’m sorry, Poe’s Law in full effect. The SJW perspective was equally as appalling. -_-

    • ..

      • Silence Dogood

        Is that who that is? Or are you suggesting my method is the most efficient way of dealing with her? Heh.

  • Silence Dogood

    These ideologue puff pieces are just BRIMMING with projection. It’s the ideologues who were “outed” during the ONGOING #GamerGate consumer revolt and they are loser more and more ground as developers of all sizes are becoming bolder with telling them to fuck off.

  • Dick Gozinia

    “I don’t play video games…”


    • Silence Dogood


    • Sheba

      Learn the difference between Timpf and Cooper. Timpf, while not playing video game, stand against the political correctness that is poisoning western culture and critcized Cooper.

      It never occured to Cooper that people playing Skyrim played Nord because: #1 Vikings are badass. #2. They feel sympathy for the Stormcloaks, so Fuck the Empire. #3. Nord is the default race like how Imperial is the default one in Oblivion and Dunmer (dark elf) is the one in Morrowind iirc. Not because WHITE POWER YO! Attempting to politicize gamers’ taste for fantasy, especially medieval fantasy, is dishonest, disgusting and exactly what I think Gamergate is standing against. And that politicization is what Timpf is calling the PC buffons out on.

      Long story short, playing Nord in Skyrim because VIKINGS is a Boys being Boys thing, that Cooper have the dishonesty to try to turn into identity politics bullshit. Something that Timpf, who have the honesty to say she dont play vidja, call bullshit.

      • Corran Horn

        In any Elder Scrolls game there’s the part where you pick your character in there you can easily change the colour of your skin, or if you’re lazy you could play as a Redguard and not have to fiddle with you characters skin colour. Or you could be totally hip and down with the sarkesians and anoraks (Macintosh) and be an Elf, Ork, Kajit or for totally epic PC points an Argonian.

        I must admit I do love these Turkey shoots they set up for us, and it also goes to show just how corrupted the peer review system has become, when politics and ideology are accepted before actual facts.

        • Joe Sayre

          Aw come on, I love Argonians.

          Am I reading you right for Political Correctness? (PC)

          I’ve always been the folks from Black Marsh (since Morrowind)

          High Resist to Disease, Underwater Breathing, look really cool (least to me)

          Seriously who doesn’t like bipedal giant lizards? Do I really have to subscribe to PC. ideolology to play them?Say it aint so.

          • Corran Horn

            Heck no, I was taking the piss out of the PC brigade and their love of identity points. and as for who doesn’t like bipedal giant lizards? David Icke for one.

          • Zach Raymond

            I don’t care for the lizards because all but 2 of them in Skyrim were backstabbing assholes.

  • Angus66

    Just how many years are we going to listen to these fucking lies ?

    I’d be fighting this bullshit non-stop/full-time if I didn’t have things like a job, family and hobbies to tend to…

  • Maintenance Renegade

    I am in love with this paragraph:

    “I’m also having a hard time imagining how anyone could possibly develop a videogame that met the standards of political correctness. Maybe a game where the character who apologizes the most wins? Then again, any kind of competition just perpetuates the capitalist ideals that we all know are inherently evil.”

    It has three sentences and it changes gears twice. It reads like the diary of jittering lunatic. In the first sentence the author admits they can’t conceptualize/visualize their own proposed utopia, in the second they shut themselves down like they’ve suddenly channeled the spirit of Mister Metokour and in the third they fly off the rails as their tiny SJW brain reverts to it’s marxist factory default.

    • Silence Dogood

      “Marxist Factory Default” lmao that’s perfect.

    • Angus66

      Maybe I read it wrong, but the section you quoted sounds like it’s making fun of the original article? (If I’m reading it correctly there are two different speakers quoted)

      If not, I have no clue what they’re on about…

    • Mr. Saturn

      Yeah I think you quoted the wrong person. Kat Timpf was ridiculing Cooper and her SJW bullshit.

  • Oh fucking hell, what is it now?
    Another gender ideologue telling me that I can’t hang out with the white, cis, heterosexual male because of his race? Oh how lovely and unpredictable. And here I thought that the games were on trial, and not the skin color and sex.

    On the side-note, pick up the game and decide for yourself, you bloody idiot. Might do ya some good if you’re already claiming to be an academic, you research-illiterate fuck.

  • Mildra

    PhD Candidate, eh? Well, I looked her up and the closest I got was an academia.edu profile from Leeds. There’s nothing on her in Google Scholar.

    Most of what was in there was confrence presentations and talks, with titles such as: “Playing Politics: Exploring Nationalism and Conservatism in Fantasy Video Games” and “‘Better Females’: Exploring the dissonance between medievalist tropes of gender and modern ideals in fantasy RPGs” all of which do not have their pdf’s uploaded.

    Either way, once again we have some idiot projecting what fantasy should be and exposing themselves as racist and sexist in the process.

  • Mr. Saturn

    I don’t understand how a gamer can align him/herself with these people. They literally hate us all. You can repeat all their shit to attempt to cleanse yourself of sin but unless the only game you ever play is Depression Quest they’ll still hate you and even then they’ll probably still hate you.

  • “Unfortunately for gamers, the tide is turning”

    It should say that “fortunately” for gamers, the tide is turning. The tide is turning against insane idealogues such as her, and the days that these dumb fucks still have a job talking about ridiculous shit like this are numbered.

    • Angus66

      I’ve seen similar statements repeated ad nauseum over the last 4-6 months or so.

      This one sounds just as hollow and false as all the others.

      I would think they’d be out of lies at this point but they keep proving me wrong almost daily…

      • Corran Horn

        Never expect an SJW, radfem, or just simple idiot to stop proving you wrong when it comes to talking shit. What we should be doing is looking into ways we can harnes their verble diarrhoea into something that can help humanity. Like heat homes or fertilise crops or even power space craft, that way we can shoot them into the sun.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        Skeptorr has a video on this:

        Essentially he proposes that people have bought into the postmodern idealism where statements and ideas change the real world, where reality is mutable. So they probably think by repeating said statements the world will actually change.

        No different than those who read “the secret” or expect God to cater to their every whim.

  • Sevuz

    these SJWs just better and better xD

  • DrainBamaged

    Shit. So I’ve been a white supremacist this whole time? I thought the reason I liked mediaeval games was just cause I thought suits of armour were cool.

  • mbits

    “Cooper recalled the infamous “#GamerGate” – the 2014 scandal that erupted in the gaming world when several prominent women challenged the status quo of the community.”

    Yup, that’s totally exactly how it went down. Yuuuup.

    • bans

      ParkourDude91 was hardly a prominent woman, and challenging wu to a street race didn’t change the status quo…

  • Charmieos

    Gamergate II? Did I miss gamergate ending? God this is badly written

  • Joe Sayre

    Read the original article linked in there.

    It’s like reading a mad person’s journal, there’s language, there’s words, punctuation, sentences, and yet, it doesn’t make any logical sense.

    This got me so bad:
    “However forcefully
    players maintain their arguments, many gamers continue to map their identity,
    heritage, and ancestry onto these games. They claim to be apolitical, yet in
    the same breath, refuse to acknowledge the politics behind these games.
    According to Cooper, they subscribe to the popular idea of the Middle Ages as
    ‘gritty, white, male, and powerful’. They cling to the notion that women didn’t
    fight in the Middle Ages, fiercely stating this as ‘as fact’, and steadfastly
    refusing to allow women agency in warrior roles.”

    What? Has this idiot even played Skyrim? Y’know where a TON OF WOMEN ARE IN WARRIOR ROLES. Jesus you meet one 15 minutes in in Dragonsreach. The stupid… it burns…

    It’s a gigantic pile of indiscriminate fluff, vomited onto a plate for people with half a brain to half process to confirm their biases. Kudos to Timpf for seeing right through and ridiculing the author and Cooper.

  • AimToMisbehave

    Ralph, you might also like this one from PJ Media. The author is a conservative gamer & Skyrim fan who effectively demolishes the SJW doctoral student’s entire premise.


  • Dave The Sandman

    They cling to the notion that women didn’t fight in the Middle Ages, fiercely stating this as ‘as fact’

    Yeah….I like the use of parenthesis there, inferring facts are not facts. See further a recent Sargon vid responding to some beta cuck fathead who thinks marginalia in Medieval books are illustrations of real battles and not some clever monk having a laugh at the concept of women with swords, or not knowing that breastplates of suits of armor were curved because they are designed to deflect weapons (not so you can fit tits in them).

    Shame that the SJW freak academic’s assertion is refuted by the army rolls kept in the British Library from the times of the Hundred Years War onwards, none of which show brigades of fighting women signed up to be sent to fight.
    This sort of shitty women warrior mindset has even infected Creative Assembly, whose latest Total War outings seemed to pepper units of troops with token women warriors….only to have them removed by the modding community so that the game reflects reality rather than radfem nonsense assertions about women warriors.

    • Patrick

      which units had women in the TW games?
      I never noticed any. Or were these celts? Never played them. Phalanx for me 😉

      • Dave The Sandman

        In Attila they crop up here and there all over the shop – from the Northern ‘Viking’ tribes, Celts and Picts to the frickin Sassanids. Almost always light footsoldiers or light cav units. Look and you will find them dotted about in an otherwise male unit.
        I mean I dont mind, as they dont change the stats of the units, but if its selling itself as historically accurate unit types they need a crash course in history over at CA.
        My fave is Shogun 2 and the 2 add on games (ROS and FOS). after that its gotta be Napoleon. Rome 2 rocks as well….and yes there is nothing quite like the wall of bronze and hoplons.
        Cant say I am that happy with Atilla. Needs patching to hell IMHO, and fuck CA for milking the herd with DLCs.

        • Patrick

          the TW games started as striving to be as realistic as possible.
          But them introducing females into warfare seems to be counter to that.
          There are many reasons women didn’t fight, which you all know.

          If Creative want to add women, then they now have a chance with their new game and the dark elves. I just hope they stick to canon though, as GW fans deserve it.

          Next we will be told that women were fighting in Normandy on the beaches.

  • PotatoOni

    …. huh….

    Not sure if satire or real. Although knowing how SJWs are I tend to assume the latter. It’s just so bizzarely written. You can almost hear her yelling. Someone was ridiciously angry at pixels and polygons that day.

    Several things:

    1. While there was a amount of non-white people already living in Europe during the medieval times (primarily the descendants of Roman auxiliary wich where stationed far away from their country of origin) they where hardly enough to actually be considered significant in terms of population diversity.

    2. While there have been women taking part in military actions in the past they where rarely in close combat and practically never as part of standing armies (although there was a woman warrior tradition in India and other sout asian countires). They where regular civilians taking part in battles out of necessity an had more supporting roles as bow(wo)men and sometimes spearfighters. So not having a woman warrior with sword and shield is technically historically accurate. However, that brings me to point 3 wich is

    3. Its fiction. Its first and foremost purpose is to provide entertainment and escapism. To take the player into a world different from their own to have some fun and do things they wouldn’t even think of doing in real live (the sane ones at least). It doesn’t have to be ultra hardcore realistic in every single regard.

    4. Its fantasy. It’s not even meant to be realistic. It’s not even meant to be Earths history. Its not even meant to be Earth. Everything goes. Do people like Cooper even think that Dynasty Warriors is in any shape or form historically accurate?

    5. While the Elder Scrolls has a general sort of medieval theme to it Skyrim actually goes more into the late Roman era with its themes and aesthetics.

    6. “prominent women”? This implies that they where already well known by the general public before that. Although, they sure became well known AFTER the entire thing started.

    “34% of the players interviewed picked Nords, the vast majority of which were from Europe and the United States because they felt an affinity with Nord values and ancestral identity.”
    That part actually reminds me of an old article I found online from a left liberal Greek magazine. It was about how everyone playing Warhammer 40k is racist as hell because the Imperium uses facist aesthetics and had pretty much the same reasoning behind it as this article here.

    Am I the only one who remembers the time when games where just meant to be fun and where not ultra politicized by pseudo intellectuals in order to combat their own white guilt?

  • LePatriote1980

    “Now, I don’t play video games. I don’t like any of them,” Spoken like a typical ignorant SJW.

    • MrEFQ

      The SJW didn’t make that comment. The person writing about the SJW did.