Those who read this site regularly already know these upcoming facts, but I will state them again for the record. I am not a Nazi: or a Nazi sympathizer. I’m not a white nationalist nor a white-supremacist of any sort. Theories of inherent racial superiority do not interest me. In fact, I’m very proud to be married to a member of a different race. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her dearly. Oh, and I should again mention that she’s doing an excellent job keeping this site going in my absence, even while working 40 hours a week at her normal gig.

Does any of this mean I’m ashamed to be white? No, quite the contrary. I have zero regrets when it comes to the color of my skin. I don’t feel personally responsible for slavery or any other wrongs that may have been committed by my “ancestors”. And from where I am literally sitting right now, white privilege seems to be a very dubious concept indeed. This paragraph alone makes you a Nazi or a white nationalist in the eyes of many on the left and in the media. I don’t usually waste a lot of time with clarifications, but in the wake of what happened in Charlottesville, I thought it worthwhile.

Speaking of where I’m sitting, as you know from my (News) Junkie column, I don’t have access to much alternative media outside of talk radio (which I don’t even think qualifies as alternative anymore, or at the very least barely does). I do get a major dose of mainstream bullshit, however. After the Charlottesville tragedy, it took me a full 16 hours before I even heard the term ‘AntiFa’ mentioned, and that was by the National Review’s Rich Lowery on Meet the Press.

If you were someone who didn’t normally follow this stuff and had no idea of the political street fights that have been waged across the country over the past year, you would think this was a one-sided affair and that all these problems were because of “far-right” elements. That is simply not the case. Not only is it wrong, it is deliberate misinformation by the mainstream media.

I heard no cries of terrorism when people were being chased down and beaten in the streets of Berkeley, California outside a canceled Milo Yiannopoulos event. Or when Kiara Robles got maced that very same night. Or when a leftist professor, a supposed scholar, went around with a giant metal lock and attempted to beat people to death in that same city on a separate occasion. And what about all the killings that were done in the name of Islam? Those on the left immediately tell us this has nothing to do with religion at all, that we remain “united”, LOVE BEATS HATE, etc, etc. But when it is a right-winger who allegedly kills someone in cold-blood, the nation is hopelessly divided, white males are a threat to peace, and we need to curtail free speech rights. It’s almost like the media is pushing their own agenda at the expense of their political adversaries.

Is there any wonder why people no trust them?

Minutes after the young woman was killed in Charlottesville, people were on MSNBC calling this a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, it takes these same windbags two weeks to admit it’s terrorism when Muslim extremists strike. Do they think we’re that stupid? Or have they just given up caring when it comes to rationality? The man who stands accused has already been tried and convicted on television based off a very short video clip. I’ll admit that the clip doesn’t look that good. Those particular protesters were also described as “peaceful” today in the Washington Post. But based on the media’s past track record when it comes to accurately describing “peaceful protesters”, I am just going to wait and see what the evidence ends up showing.

He may very well end up being a remorseless killer who acted without cause. But I won’t be taking the word of these mendacious mongoloids. I’m writing this on Sunday the 13th August, so if more comes out by the time you get to read the post, so be it. I just don’t think it’s an open and shut case at this point. Maybe it eventually will be.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Charlottesville as of now. Watch lawmakers and media types very closely as we move forward. They will be moving to criminalize and curtail “problematic” speech and political activity as we move forward. I and this site will continue to staunchly support the 1st Amendment in the face of all threats, from the left or from the right. Because without it we don’t have an America worth supporting.