If you’ll recall, yesterday I did a report on the rad fem mob that ran Joss Whedon off Twitter. In case you missed it, some on the other side tried to say this was a willful misreading of the situation, despite the reams of evidence showing my piece to be correct. Well, now even their mainstream media allies have decided to tell the truth for once. Other notables who are usually on their side are calling bullshit on the personal attacks leveled at Mr. Whedon. Every word I wrote has been vindicated. 

Take a look at the Aussie press:



And Canada (CBC):a4tnWFz


What about the BBC?



And The Independent?

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It’s better that these scumbags came to the party late rather than never, but consider who’s being targeted. It’s their golden boy Joss Whedon. They didn’t step up to the plate back when we were being smeared. Hell, we’re still being trashed daily, and they say nothing. Whedon gets one or two days worth of nasty tweets and suddenly it’s an emergency. Don’t get me wrong, I support him here. But it’s still kinda fucking rich.

Speaking of rich, here’s Patton Oswalt decrying the same mob he supported back in the fall:


James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, also had a very valid point to make:

So, the mainstream overlords have spoken: the SJW Hate Machine has finally gone too far. They took the guy who made Buffy off Twitter. One can only hope that this same bunch will call out other rad fem missteps in the future, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, count my chickens, or whatever other cliché you can think of. They proven this over time. But still, it’s good to see our adversaries called out, for once…even if it is ultra-rare.

  1. Now for our final trick, showing the SPJ just how far they have truly gone!


    I made a suggestion there that I believe needs to be addressed:


    Lastly, I’d like to suggest that everyone representing us doesn’t skirt around any questions involving our harsh criticism of feminism. This has been exploited by our opposition, time and time again, because it comes off as an inconsistency to our claims.

    How many times have you heard, “If you’re about ethics in games journalism, why do you spend so much time attacking feminists?!”

    The answer to this is overwhelmingly simple and ties everything we do together into a nice neat package. We’re not against the romanticized concept of feminism nor many different variants of actual feminism, otherwise we wouldn’t value Christina H. Sommers and other feminists who have stood alongside us against a very specific type of “feminism.”

    Everyone who has stood opposed to us follows the same exact ideology or are very friendly with these ideologues. This totalitarian ideology, going by the term feminism, is directly responsible for the ethical violations in games journalism. Just like the past two ideological incursions on gaming, this is a third and the very root of the problem itself.

    This is why we spend so much time criticizing “feminists” and it should be addressed…else we risk the continuation of people criticizing our motives for a perceived inconsistency that doesn’t truly exist. Even members of #GamerGate have vocalized concerns with a “dilution” of our goals because they don’t quite understand the reasoning behind this and, instead, believe that #GamerGate is broadening its goals into other, less related, fields.

    While it’s true that we’re expanding, this isn’t a dilution of the goal because we continue to push back against the root of the problem in games journalism…which has, throughout the years, sought to gain dominion over all branches of entertainment and censor anything that goes against their ideals.

    Basically, they bit off more than they could chew when they chose to attack gamers. Now that we’re winning in games journalism…we’re pushing back, and that’s what the expansion of #GamerGate into other areas is…it’s not a dilution of our goals. It’s tracing the corruption back to its source and dealing with the actual problem rather than slapping a band-aid on the situation and waiting for the wound to fester again.

    This is the third ideological incursion on gaming…and it’s, hopefully, going to be the last.


    I’m a small fish, so if people agree…I’d encourage you to up-vote there even if you disagree with some of my other suggestions. Simply post your criticism in a comment as one other individual already has. 😛

    The thing about not skirting around the questions regarding feminism is, in my eyes, very important though…we need to stop skirting around it.

    1. This has been my position for a while now – nice to see it stated so clearly.

      My involvement began when the “Gamers are over” article(s) were published. A PC hardware website I frequent linked to the Leigh Alexander one (it should be noted that the site totally disagreed with it) and of course I was thoroughly disgusted by it. I made a few posts stating as much on the sites forums and then promptly forgot about it.

      Several months later I looked into it again and discovered the additional attacks on gamers, TheRalphRetort, Thunderfoot, Sargon of Akkad, and Milo. This then led me to Anita, Wu, Mcintosh, “rape culture”, “patriarchy”, unethical journalism in video games, etc.

      The more I dug into it, the more I realized that it all leads back to SJW’s and radical feminists – everything else is just a symptom of their madness.

      As any intelligent person knows you have to eradicate the root cause of a disease and not just treat the symptoms.

      That’s why GG HAD to broaden its scope – anything less and the sickness would just pop up somewhere else…

      1. Well said. I truly hope that those sent to represent us detail this instead of skirting around it. I’ve seen it skirted around far too often, even by Sargon in his recent interview with David.

        We have to stop doing that, or we’ll continue looking inconsistent. We have to face them head on as the core root of the problem.

    2. It’s not feminism that’s being criticized but the false SJW version of “Feminism” that basically gives a woman a free pass to do anything and get away with it, true Feminism is pretty much egalitarianism, while SJW feminism is about spreading inequality to anyone who’s the majority.

  2. It’s almost like the rest of the world is now capable of understanding what Gamergate has been putting up with.

      1. Won’t see it that way because their impression of GamerGate came from hostile sources–if they had an impression at all–but make no mistake; our enemies are not that influential. Many, many people hate them, they are against GamerGate because they happen to hate terrorists (as they think we are) more, but don’t expect them to cozy up too much to the SJW buffoons.

        The real question is, when people start criticizing the SJWs for chasing Whedon off Twitter, if theSJWs will once again be stupid enough to accuse the critics of being part of GamerGate. If it’s anything like before, at the end of that, many of them actually WILL become part of GamerGate.

    1. I’m sure they’ll always be some hardcore Kool-Aid drinkers that will find a way to blame this on GamerGate.

      1. Not that hard to imagine really. I can easily see those rabid
        “comic-book fans” who chased Whedon off Twitter become correlated with nerds in general, which can easily be spun to be linked back to GamerGate.

        1. Except that one of those “general nerds” in question was John McIntosh. Wonder how the “anti-violence” Muslim terrorist’s gonna weasel his way out of this one.

    2. They were capable before but it was video games so they didn’t care or just believed it since gaming has shaken the stigma and lots of parents always look for reasons to justify some negativity behavior instead of looking in a mirror.

    3. The rest of the “world” is eventually going to see it as Gamergate harassing Wheadon of twitter.

        1. I’m thinking at least a few of the people who attacked him on Twitter would lash out vocally if called part of GamerGate. After a few too many mass-mobbings by various groups on Twitter, I doubt blaming everything on GamerGate is going to fly anymore.

  3. Suddenly the sjw shit is beginning to stink (more than usual) and the mainstream media can no longer ignore it. It’s getting to the point even they will have to distance themselves from these morons. And when it does the bullshit will come tumbling down.

  4. A nitpick with Gunn’s tweet, “… Seriously examine *his* life”

    I’m fairly certain that a decent portion of the abuse came from non males, if not the majority.

    1. While I wouldn’t say Ace is pro-GG, that’s really more due to the fact that Ace is a political blogger, and tends to work that angle. Ace also loathes censorship, due to being caught up in a horrendous legal dogfight with adjudicated pedophile and convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Lawfare sucks, yo.

  5. I remember when old Jossy got shit for merely disliking the word Feminist, not Feminism, back in 2013. Because to him the word has become toxic and lost it’s true meaning. If only he could see the real problem with 3rd Wave Feminism and the SJW clique. But, I ain’t holding my breath.

    1. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, he didn’t learn a damn thing. There’s articles popping up based on a buzzfeed interview where he responds to the claim that militant feminists ran him off Twitter, calling it “horseshit” and then claimed he’s always getting attacked by militant feminists for dumb shit because they sometimes attack their own rather than focusing on “the cause”. He also claims that he he left Twitter to take a break and clear his head. Finally, he claims that he heard Feminist Frequency attacked the movie too but doesn’t care because he claims Anita was the second person to check on him.

      It’s like the guy has fricken Battered Wife Syndrome: “No, he didn’t push me down the stairs, I tripped and fell! He loves me!”
      “No, the rabid feminists didn’t do it, even if the timing was suspicious! I just needed some air! Honestly!”

      1. Yeah, saw that this morning. Somehow I just knew he’d play the PR card I just knew it. And I wonder if Anita reminded Joss about a passage from the book of Sarkeesiastes 21, Verse 9: There’s no such thing as violence or sexism against men.

  6. Now that I have seen the film I will say I saw absolutely nothing wrong. I liked the film and I thought it was better than the first. I will say I was going into it a bit scared because I feared Joss would put some SJW bullshit in there. But fortunately he didn’t. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the character at all. I will say I’m not on board the Black Widow Hulk ship but that is just because I was full Widow and Hawkeye and Hulk and Betty. But I’m not going to send the guy threats for it. Because I am a sain functioning human being. Hopefully this shows the industry that you shouldn’t pander to these assholes. Whedon jumped through the hoops and they still tore him to shreds.

  7. I take a bit of an issue with the Aussie press publication – “… after Marvel Comics fans were unhappy …”. Let’s be honest – the people who are bullying him are not fans of comic books of any kind. They are just the feminazi portion of the recent MCU fans, who haven’t picked up a comic in their life.

    As for Whedon I have zero sympathy for him. I’ll just stand here and laugh.


  8. Look its about fucking time…but its proof that we were right to just hold on and endure… If we keep enduring their behavior will just become more and more crazy as time goes on…

    We are winning this war because their own ideology only needs to keep being exposed and that’s it!

  9. SJW’s I used to tolerate their existence in the past, then I got my eyes opened to the truth and now I just want them shut the hell up.

  10. Yup and they are already preparing their official spin that it had nothing to do with rad FEMS and sjw crowd, they are going to say whedon needed a break or quiet place…ROFL!!!

  11. Ah but note if you will the subtle stench of weasel words at work.

    Its upset “fans” who are responsible. NOT feminists. NOT extreme lefties. NOT his former friends and supposed supporters.

    NO…. its “THE FANS”.

    This is just an evolution of the lie….

    1. I’m surprised Ralph didn’t catch this. In time people will forget who was responsible for this episode of internet outrage and why, and before you know it we’ll be back at “straight white males are responsible for harassment. We must end harassment. #killallmen!”

      1. to be fair Ralph has a lot of this drivel to wade through and doesnt have the time to pay as careful attention to the way the story is spun as us, who only have to wade through his catch.

        I picked up on this yesterday when I read Whedon’s joint director’s whining post on FeckBookx about what meanies the fans were being. I felt it my duty to correct his post and finger the appropriate culprits.

  12. I feel very sorry for Joss, but my mum taught me some valuable things in my life, one was, never play with fire, ‘cos you’ll get fucking burnt………………

  13. Yeah, I heard a lot of “these guys are just as bad as Gamergate” yesterday.

    SIGH! Well, I guess it’s a start. . . vindication would be nice, but I’d much rather just see the SJWs stopped dead in their tracks.

  14. Surprise, surprise: Whedon is already at work trying to spin this so the SJWs will take him back. Now he’s claiming that he deleted his Twitter because he needed “a break”. Um, maybe you could have not logged onto Twitter for a while, Joss? I’m sure it’s just a total coincidence that you bailed on Twitter when you got hundreds of Tweets threatening violence on you and calling you a racist.

    Even better, he’s trying to run damage control for Anita: “She was one of the first people to ask if I was OK!”. Considering that her fuckboy and puppetmaster Josh got the “JOSS SUCKS!” bandwagon rolling, this is like getting knifed in the back, then the stabber asking you if they made you bleed too much. (Funny how she never bothered to say anything publicly in support of Joss to convince the SJWs to lay off him. I’m totally sure it was because Anita was simply too busy and not because SJWs would have turned on her too, cutting her off from that sweet Patreon cash. Nope. Clearly not!)

    1. Came here to share this info, you beat me to it. But yes, to confirm your statements, Joss is claiming he was merely “bored” of Twitter and then licked the boot of his SJW dom FemFreq by claiming she was the first to ask him if he was okay.

      It’s obvious he will return, none the wiser, fully determined to continue supporting the party’s cause. “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

  15. I suspect the only reason Whedon is being supported en masse is popularity. Not validity, not good points, just cold, hard cash. Just like I hypothesize even if Oprah made a “mistake,” the predominantly white, middle-class radfems wouldn’t dare call her out.

    Oh, and everyone stop saying things like Whedon was tossed off Tiwtter. He’s an adult. he chose to go.

  16. Joss is claiming that he wasn’t run off by his pals: http://www.mediaite.com/online/avengers-director-rumor-i-quit-twitter-over-feminist-harrassment-horsesht/

    FTA: ““I saw a lot of people say, ‘Well, the social justice warriors destroyed
    one of their own!’ It’s like, Nope. That didn’t happen,” he continued.
    “I saw someone tweet it’s because Feminist Frequency pissed on Avengers
    2, which for all I know they may have. But literally the second person
    to write me to ask if I was OK when I dropped out was [Feminist
    Frequency founder] Anita [Sarkeesian].”

    What else is he going to say, “ZOMG! My friends are against me! Maybe I should try not being a liberal and give other ideas a chance?” Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

    Also, we’re supposed to believe that Prom Queen Sarko totally cares about Joss and not that her attention-mongering self needs the Nerd King to give her props to keep the money rolling in. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    1. Yeah, Joss and Anita have a good thing going: Joss makes decently good movies, and Anita cries sexism – Both make money – they do it again, both make money…. and again… well you get the picture.

      So ofc Anita wants to keep him in her circle. He’s one of her cash cows.

      1. More importantly, he’s her credibility provider.

        That beta male eunuchs like Movie Bob or Cliffy B or Tim Schafer shill for her doesn’t translate to massive mainstream knowledge of her professional victim bold feminist critic brand, but the creator of Buffy/Angel/Firefly who directed the Avengers movies is someone even the most casual John or Jane Q has heard of and the signal boosting power of a cheerleader like that makes him like Nerd Oprah.

        Look at the timeline:

        August 16, 2014 – The Zoe Post goes live.

        August 25, 2014 – Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games is posted.

        August 27, 2014 – Joss Whedon tweets, “I watched a bunch of women get sliced up in video games and now I’m watching it on my twitter feed. @femfreq is just truth-telling. Deal.”

        October 14, 2014 – Sarko cancels her Utah State University appearance after a non-credible threat was emailed in. Conveniently…

        October 15, 2014 – Prom Queen Sarko is beatified as Victim Prime of GamerGate on the cover of the New York Times. The threats are the lede, but the rest is straight-up Game Journo Pros narrative talking points. Funny that.

        Q4 2014 financial results show Feminist Frequency raked in 1000% more than they collected the whole rest of the year. Publicity is lucrative!

        As Ralph’s previous story (https://theralphretort.com/whedon-chased-off-twitter-by-mcintosh-rabid-rad-fems-0504015/) mentioned, Whedon spouted the party line of “GamerGate…the name means hate” and yukked it up with Sarko, “…getting all OFFENDED by #stuff”, but because there’s no dates on the screenshots and he nuked his account, I can’t properly slot them in the timeline.

        To have a massively successful nerd pop culture icon like Whedon praising and promoting you is a score – it’d be like Michael Jordan calling a b-ball player the next him or Eddie Van Halen promoting some hotshot guitarist or Tarantino saying so-and-so screenwriter makes him feel illiterate – so of course you’re going to reach out and make sure he’s OK while you’re beta eunuch boyfriend vomits rage and misandry on Twitter.

        Point is that like #FullMcIntosh, Whedon is a white cishet male born into privilege (his grandfather and father were TV writers) and like many who didn’t really have to struggle, but still worked and achieved, he’s wracked by guilt thanks to steeping for years in the toxic ideological stew that is liberalism until his self-loathing is so reflexive that what initially seems like humbleness actually manifests as passive-aggressive projection as they take their guilt out on others while people on “their side” stab them in the back. It never occurs to him that perhaps he’s placed FEELS OVER REALS and that’s what’s causing the cognitive dissonance. Nope, it’s them Republicans making the world suck. Or something.

        1. “Whedon is a white cishet male born into privilege (his grandfather and father were TV writers) and like many who didn’t really have to struggle, but still worked and achieved”

          I wouldn’t even go that far. As far as his movies, Whedon has had a lot of his projects fortuitously be easy wins. For example:

          Toy Story was a kids movie about talking toys, and the first full-length computer animated feature film, with two veteran actors as leads. No matter who wrote the film, it would have been a success.

          The Avengers / Marvel universe films would have absolutely still been successes due to the comic fanbase, and again, a lot of veteran / popular actors in the leading roles.

          Buffy the Vampire Slayer was popular because Sarah Michelle Gellar.

          Firefly is the only example I can find in my mind where Whedon actually did something somewhat original, and without a veteran cast.

          “It never occurs to him that perhaps he’s placed FEELS OVER REALS and that’s what’s causing the cognitive dissonance. Nope, it’s them Republicans making the world suck. Or something.”

          lol. Agree completely. I’ve heard that line about Republicans, and TBH, I think Republicans and Democrats both continue to make the world suck – but I still would hesitate to blame them for all of the world’s problems – Personally, I think the worlds problems are from extremists of every stripe, be they right-wing, left-wing, muslim, christian, etc. etc. etc. But such is human nature – a few crazies gotta happen.

          1. I’m sorry, but I don’t think your assertions hold water. As much as Joss is a SJW bully whose taken to bullying his fans, I’m not going to wave away his credentials.

            >”Toy Story was a kids movie about talking toys, and the first full-length computer animated feature film, with two veteran actors as leads. No matter who wrote the film, it would have been a success.”

            Assertion unproven. The IMDB is littered with “kid’s movies” with “big name stars” doing the voices which flopped. Hard. Besides, Whedon was one of six writers on Toy Story, so if you want to dismiss him on this movie, just say that it succeeded because everyone else dragged his useless ass over the finish line. To me his involvement is more of a interesting trivia detail than proof of his deity status.

            >The Avengers / Marvel universe films would have absolutely still been successes due to the comic fanbase, and again, a lot of veteran / popular actors in the leading roles.”

            Assertion unproven. Avengers came on the heels of the two lowest-grossing movies in the MCU that didn’t have the word Hulk in the title. Both Iron Man movies had done $300+ million domestic, but neither Thor nor Captain America had hit $200M. It was genuinely unknown whether this was going to be a smash or not.

            That he managed to make the sum gross more than its parts cannot be denied despite wanting to punch him in the junk now. The big acid test is going to be how Captain America: Civil War fares in the hands of the Russo Bros because with so many characters, it’s almost another Avengers movie with only Hulk and Thor not in the mix.

            >”Buffy the Vampire Slayer was popular because Sarah Michelle Gellar.”

            Not even. She was nobody before being on Buffy and has never had another series that lasted more than a season and never hit in movies other than perhaps The Grudge. Yeah, she was one of the first big Internet stars – name-checked by Weird Al even in “It’s All About The Pentiums” in 1999 – but a TV series doesn’t last 7 seasons and spin off another series (Angel) that lasts 5 seasons (before being abruptly canceled without warning from the network) just because horny boys liked SMG for a moment. (I actually found her the least sexy girl on the show – I was Team Willow then Team Anya myself.)

            Mind you, I’m not a “Joss Whedon is the Infallible Nerd God-King, Speak No Ill of His Majesty!” person. When given a 2nd crack at making Dollhouse work, he blew it with terrible episodes that he couldn’t blame on Fox’s meddling like with S1. Only when it was too late did the show suddenly snap into something exceptional.

            I’ve always found Firefly wildly overrated, not even watching it when it aired because the ads showing “cowboys in space” looked dumb. While watching it for a DVD review, I was really wondering what the big deal was and had a correspondence with a reader who begged me to stick with it until the Out of Gas episode and the following ones, Ariel and War Stories. He said that after I was done, if I didn’t like it he’d buy the set off me to donate to his public library.

            He was right, those episodes were game-changers, but they were #8-10 and much of what came before was dippy stuff like Shindig and Jaynestown which may’ve been cute after the ‘verse was better established, but up front they were frills, not meat. (Fox gets smacked for running the episodes out of order, but they actually aired Out of Gas 5th, so they were trying to save the show from Whedon’s poor plotting.)

            Let’s not even go into how the Firefly ‘verse was supposedly colonized by the Americans and Chinese and then he didn’t have a single Asian cast member and beyond some swear words it may as well have been North America who left Earth. Agents of Shield has more Asian faces and I’m chalking that up to the “Asian Whedon”, sister-in-law and co-creator Maurissa Tancharoen’s input.

            His series have all seemed to need about a dozen episodes to gel (compared to every Star Trek series needing at least THREE SEASONS to stop sucking) and other than Buffy and Angel, he’s never gotten the chance.

          2. Meh, I wasn’t saying he’s not good – my point was, in most of his projects he’s been handed a lot of good resources, and many people could have done the same or a better job than he did.

            “His series have all seemed to need about a dozen episodes to gel (compared to every Star Trek series needing at least THREE SEASONS to stop sucking)”

            Technically the reasons why Star Trek recent Star Trek kinda sucked until the 4th season was because they were running shows that overlapped. DS9 overlapped TNG, so it sucked until around season 4, Voyager overlapped DS9, so it sucked until season 4, and the reason is that once the previous show had concluded, the new show got more funding. Which kinda demonstrates my point about the Avengers quite clearly: There was a lot more money put into it than Thor or Captain America or their sequels. There was also alot more talent on screen at any given moment. The Thor and Captain America movies weren’t bad, they just lacked the budget and star power of the avengers, and for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. just owned the role of Tony Stark (This is a really good example of being in right place at the right time, and getting the perfect role).

            “She was nobody before being on Buffy ”

            She already had an Emmy award at age 18 before Buffy.

            “Assertion unproven. The IMDB is littered with “kid’s movies” with “big name stars” doing the voices which flopped. Hard.”

            Except, again, Toy Story was the FIRST FULL LENGTH COMPUTER ANIMATED FILM. I begged my parents to go see this because it was computer animated. Also, it was from the highest quality children’s animation company Pixar, which has had tons of success outside of Toy Story.

            As far as firefly goes, alot of it’s popularity came from Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion who are some funny motherfuckers and for me made the less interesting sections of the show bearable. To be fair, I watched the movie Serenity first, so it probably made it easier to watch “where it all came from”.

            So yeah, he’s good, but I really think he’s had the benefit of a very good team in most projects he’s worked on, and that makes a huge difference.

          3. Really? The screenplay made no difference to the success of Toy Story?

            What about the failure of past Marvel TV and theatrical entries? Until Iron Man it was a string of turkeys. And much after Iron Man has not been blockbusters.

            That Sarah Michelle Gellar has been ratings gold since Buffy ended, hasn’t she?

            Whedon is utterly full of crap on several issues but his talent as a screenwriter cannot be denied.

          4. Again, meh. He’s good at action, but pretty much zero depth in any story that he is involved with.

            Bringing up Iron Man is unfair, because the success of said series is largely due to Robert Downey Jr.

            “And much after Iron Man has not been blockbusters.”

            All of the other marvel movies have performed well. Sure, the Avengers movies have more money coming in, but this is due to a multitude of factors:

            Multiple fandoms – Just about everyone who would go see Iron man, the hulk, thor, or any of the solo movies about the characters in the avengers will go see an avengers movie.

            Some people will wait for avengers, so they can see more than one superhero per film.

            The Avengers films will always have a larger budget.

            Say what you will, but the original Avengers movie did not even make twice what Iron Man 3 made, and it only has ONE avenger in it.

            Joss did not write or direct any of the solo movies, and they still all made over 300 million (since Iron Man – the worst performer being the original Captain America movie).

            Avengers box office revenue:

            Other Marvel movies box office revenues:









    2. Just remember that people in the US LOVE to see important and/or wealthy individuals fall until they hit rock-bottom. This has been an ongoing attitude for many, many years.

      The only thing people like more is to see the same individual climb and claw their way back to the top.

      I expect this thing with Joss to follow the same pattern…

      1. Always be nice to the people you meet on the way up; you may be meeting them again on the way back down.

  17. My wife and I have been discussing this situation on/off this morning. Neither her or I use Twitter – well she does but only follows 3 or 4 friends.

    What she doesn’t understand is why is this whole Weadon/Twitter thing is a big deal. I only understand it tangentially – certainly not not enough to confidently argue the severity of the situation with her.

    My question: Why is Twitter so important to people? Is their Twitter persona more valuable than their IRL image???

    Does anyone have any opinions or insight to share?

    1. Like i said in another reply, it’s like the guy has fricken Battered Wife Syndrome: “No, he didn’t push me down the stairs, I tripped and fell! He loves me!”
      “No, the rabid feminists didn’t do it, even if the timing was suspicious! I just needed some air! Honestly!”

  18. TBH, none of these “publications” should say anything about Josh being chased off of twitter. None of them were there when we were chased off of 4Chan and nearly chased off of Reddit due to lies, falsehoods and who knew who.

    Hypocrites, all of them.

    I hate them all.

  19. ,,,guys, gals, listen! You’re all wrong! It was obviously Gamergaters using sock puppets and, uh, magic telephones to, uh,,,HATE GROUP! SHITLORDS!

  20. I have little sympathy for Whedon, but this is just simple asshattery on a scale never witnessed since Bush

  21. “Marvel Comic fans were unhappy…”
    RIIIIIIIIIGHT. “Fans” huh?
    The same “fans” who wanted the Batgirl cover to be changed?
    The same “fans” who supported the Female Thor due to the progressive nature?

  22. The sick/funny part of it all is that slacktivists thinks that when they BULLY someone off social media they’re actually accomplishing some form of righteous change, when all they’ve done is just vomit hatred at someone until they had to leave what should be an open, public space. Good job SJWs, you don’t need GG to demonstrate how much of an angry, extremist hate mob you are; you do a damn fine job all on your own.

  23. Joss Whedon donned on his oversized sunglasses and stepped out for a quick press conference, where he stated that it was “[his] fault,” for being so “clumsy,” and “ran into a door” and “that is exactly what happened, yes, [he] ran into a door.”

    It was unclear at press time whether or not Mr. Whedon was wearing a great deal of foundation around one eye.

  24. Oh and re: that bitch in the pic at the top of this article, the one who pops up on feminist memes all the time, look at her photo and remember: pink dyed hair is the feminist version of a fedora.

  25. Don’t worry. He’ll come crawling back to his Feminist masters like a good beta sooner or later.

  26. I’m fairly traditional, but Joss Whedon I could respect because he had three dimensional, honestly human characters. He is a genius. He brought that to the Avengers (as much as the CGI battle junkies would let him) – We see Hawkeye has a family, Capt. America doesn’t like potty-mouth, Stark has the swagger (I got prima noctura and was both properly shocked but it fit Stark perfectly)… But also the hurt and the dark sides. Even Buffy had Willow as Lesbian, but it wasn’t SJW saccharine fakery, it fit the character.

    You could relate to and sympathize with every character even in a large group, and one might be particularly close. Both the heroic and the flawed aspects.

    Joss Whedon was able to show the ideal of tolerance in diversity – Traditional and non-traditional, Alpha males and feminists, strait-laced and easy-going all working together for good. Accepting each other. Allowing for the differences. Where human flaws led to humor.

    For SJWs, it wasn’t enough. You must state the creed purely and in its entirety, or it doesn’t matter. They aren’t even a worthy villain – they just blow up everything.

    It parallels Wesley Windham Price from Buffy and Angel who always tried to do the right thing, and often suffered and sometimes it went wrong.

    I hope he learns, but doesn’t change anything. Flat characters aren’t interesting or entertaining. Offense for the sake of offense is toilet comedy or tragedy and smells like it. Creating a fantasy world with real people going through real problems that doesn’t cause tepid like, or is simply offensive, but forces us to look within ourselves to ask why we like or dislike something is a rare talent.

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