There was more than one weird happening yesterday. It’s not the biggest story, but it does involve myself. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is my site. So, I figured why not talk about the tweet that the SJWs from Amazon tried to frame Anne Rice for making earlier. The faked tweet was made out to yours truly, which is how I’m involved. So, let’s recount the details, complete with a response from Anne herself.

Here’s the faked tweet itself:


It smelled fishy from the start. Some people I asked to check it out said it was almost 100% fake. Then I got these tweets later explaining it in more detail:

Then Wilford Brimley got a fucking attitude with me, telling your intrepid editor that I needed to prove his own claim. I can’t show you the tweet he made, since he deleted his account. I didn’t think he would be that big of a bitch, but he is (he also allegedly sold coke at one point):

The fine folks at Stop the Goodreads Bullies did a write-up on this episode as well. Here’s some of what they wrote:

We know this is fake for two reasons.  One is that Anne never participates in Twitter conversations.  The only time she uses Twitter is to share her Facebook posts and to retweet her sons tweets that talk about his activities.  That’s it.  That’s the only time she uses Twitter.  The second reason we know this is a fake is because Ralph contacted us via Twitter to let us know this tweet to him never took place.

Anne Rice herself chimed in down in the comments section:


Yes, I knew they could, Anne. Months of experience with the trolls and haters has taught me that people will go to extreme lengths to fabricate evidence so that they can smear those they dislike. It’s just part of the modern landscape. Luckily, we also have people who can show you how they’re full of shit. That’s what happened tonight.

Better luck next time, Amazon bullies!

  1. All my wat in a handbasket.

    If they’re going to smear someone, maybe they should stick to credible targets. Trying to frame a 70 year old lady as a profane internet shittalker? Yeah, OK.

    1. It’s even sadder when you realize that they went through all that trouble to fake a Tweet, when anyone can go through Anne’s Twitter history and see that she never made that post or look at Ralph’s and see that he never received that Tweet.

      1. To be fair tweets get deleted all the time, either by the ppl posting them or the Twithorities. Oh and most outrage-warriors are too lazy to fact-check & verify. They’re just eagerly looking for an excuse to self-righteously attack someone.

  2. Remember always that the Anti-Gamers sink as low as they have to, because either their livelihood depends on causing strife, their way of life is changing and they struggle against it, or they genuinely believe they’re in the right and the ends justify the means.

    More than ever now, they are to be pitied. Because the longer their war on #GamerGate goes, the clearer it becomes who’s stained in blood and filth.

  3. No bad tactics, just bad targets. And women are always bad targets, unless they’re not.
    Right, moviebob?

  4. Well, I did tell him to CALL LIBERTY

    But he didn’t listen to me and CALL LIBERTY




    Dia beetus beetus beetus beetus beetus beetus beetus

  5. Read here, KiA, and STGRB’s site about this. I think this is going to escalate. This was just a shot across the bow. I expect it to ramp up until someone ends up in court, and or prison. I would still say capture anything said, but do not engage.

  6. I think I already know the answer but is their no low to which Social Junkie Weasels won’t sink?

    1. Nope. It’s a race to see who can find the bottom to their bottomless abyss (in other words, be the most oppressed asshole in the entire world, nay the universe). Soon they’ll be able to say they’re trans-gendered-racial-abled (sex swap, race swapped, and went from abled bodied to disabled).

  7. I saw some of the “discussion” last night and after browsing around the guy’s twitter feed I saw he mentioned having some stories up on Wattpad, a place I have my own work at. Well curiosity drove me to look him up. He’s supposed to be some published author or something, right? I don’t know, I hear a lot about him, he seems to think he’s got so much power, but my one story alone has more reads and votes than all of his combined and I’m a complete nobody with only an occasional presence on the internet that goes largely unnoticed.

    You’d think with how old he is, he’d know better. I guess age doesn’t bring wisdom after all. He needs to bow out and just live his own life. Being as obsessed with people as he and the rest of his SJW bully crew are with certain people just isn’t healthy.

    1. I say wisdom come when you faced hardships and overcome them, not when you just ran away and/or deflect it to others. The author sounds like the latter here.

  8. And add Anne Rice to the list of people they’ve pissed off. You guys are running out of allies. The ones you have left either have no credibility or waiting to through you under the bus first chance they get.

  9. This goes to show how far these assholes will go for their “cause”. If their ideology is so righteous, why do they continually need to lie, fabricate fake tweets, and dox people? That doesn’t sound like the actions of a good person, does it? It’s even more laughable when these are the very actions they continually accuse us of doing!

  10. Are you looking to get sued for defamation and libel, Troll? Keep up your lies and name calling and you will. Your website is just like STGRB, nothing but personal attacks. The person who made the fake post is probably someone you’ve attacked in the past.

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