Anita Sarkeesian Included in TIME 100, Even Though She Lost Big in Vote

Anita Sarkeesian Included in TIME 100, Even Though She Lost Big in Vote

TIME Magazine has been running an online poll for their “100 Most Influential People.” The whole thing jumped the shark about eight or nine years ago, but some people still treat it like it means something. The voting was open this year, and the mega-fraud Anita Sarkeesian was listed. She got 75% No and 25% yes. So naturally, she made the fucking list! Why even have a goddamn vote if you’re just gonna ignore the results? But that’s not even the kicker, ladies and gentlemen! Guess who wrote her fucking article? That little sleazeball Wil Wheaton. You remember him, right? He’s the one that wants to kill off internet anonymity. It’s not a surprise that he’s in league with a like Scameasyian.

I’m just gonna print this verbatim, and if Time wants to sue me, go right the fuck ahead. I’m pretty much broke anyway, and I’ll get more famous off the trial. So please do it (By the way, she’s listed in the Pioneer category. The only thing she’s pioneered is how to infiltrate gaming with a flimsy victimhood gimmick):

Anita Sarkeesian has played video games her whole life.

[EDIT: This seems to state otherwise, Weasel Wil]

In 2012, after observing that women represent about 40% of the gaming audience, she launched a crowdfunding campaign for Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, a web series that would “explore five common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games.” She hit her goal of $6,000 on the first day and ultimately raised more than $150,000. But she also became the target of vicious, misogynist harassment that included death and rape threats, pornographic vandalism of her Wikipedia page and a coordinated effort to have her Kickstarter flagged as terrorism. All of this because she wanted to have a conversation about the way women are portrayed in video games.

Anita is just the latest woman writer to prove the law coined by journalist Helen Lewis: that the sexist comments on any article about feminism justify feminism. In the face of hysterical and childish abuse, Anita has refused to back down. She continues to speak around the world about the role of women in video games and popular media. She also talks about her life as a target in the online culture war known as Gamergate, waged by entitled male gamers who fear change in an industry that is evolving while they seem determined to remain 15 forever.

Anita is a feminist for the digital age, using modern tools and platforms to engage thousands of people who want to hear her thoughts and respond to the challenges she raises. A lesser person may throw up her hands and unplug her game console, but Anita is determined to ensure that video games are inclusive and representative of everyone who plays them. As her detractors grow increasingly unhinged, we have proof that her efforts are working.

Wheaton is an actor and the author of Just a Geek

He’s also a colossal shithead for writing those lies. This woman hasn’t been a gamer her whole life, certianly not in 2010. She only started with that bullshit a couple months ago in her New York Times editorial. We actually have the charlatan recorded saying this herself:

Letting a fucking third-rate actor write a blatantly false puff piece about one of the most disingenuous figures on the public stage? That’s repulsive. Time has turned into BuzzFeed-Lite. There’s nothing worth saving there. I’ve witnessed the transition over the last few years, but it’s now apparent that the transformation is complete. And this is even leaving out bitchboy Wheaton’s nasty attacks on GamerGate. But as we’ve established, the no-talent fuck hasn’t any qualms about piling lie upon lie. The whole thing just shows me Time magazine is a joke. Most of the mainstream media is a joke. That’s why we have to create our own.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Gone

    I told you we are irrelevant. We are pissing in the wind. There is literally nothing we can do about it. We are right, but it doesn’t matter.

    • ColaFlavourChewits

      That would seem the case, but remember; the people running Time and the other media outlets that have been taking aim at GG are all part of a collapsing medium that has never been able to get it’s head around the idea of videogames and the culture associated with it.

      They can whore out their narrative as much as they want, but the fact remains that gamers in general are much more tech savvy and logical than they are given credit for, and they won’t be swayed by bullshit arguments and lies.

      And soon, they’ll be the generation in charge.

    • They say “history is writ by the winners”.. that’s only true if no-one else is around to say otherwise. If gamergate were to change nothing, the fact that events are on the record is a damnation to revisionism that cannot be erased.

    • Toastrider

      Oh please, it’s TIME magazine. They haven’t been relevant for twenty years. Stop whining, put on your work boots and get back to sending emails.

      • Thomas Fairfield

        I am not convinced emails alone will win this war. We need to deliver a knockout blow in real life, where everyone can see it and the media can’t ignore it. What that is, I don’t know, but it can’t just be something online.

        • Toastrider

          Mmph. Honestly, the only ‘knockout’ they understand is if their supply of green (as in cash, not weed) gets choked off. Money talks, bullshit walks, and all that.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Remember how Time removed “feminism” from the banned word poll when it was wining by a landslide?
      I do.

      Remember how that made 90% of America become feminist?
      I don’t.

      They have the elite, we have the people.
      The long history of humanity shows what happens when they come in conflict.

  • Sun Zue

    Is there a link to all the people who got votes so we can see who “really” got on it? If I recall NK’s leader got better votes then she did. Maybe times top 100 frauds in history?

  • Callan Elliott

    I honestly hope Milo gets to sink his teeth into her at E3. It would be the absolute end of her

    • REAPER

      As much as I would love to see her get utterly destroyed in a debate. It will never happen unfortunately. As soon as someone brings up constructive criticism backed by facts and logic, she’ll just play the “harassment card” and hijack the conversation like she did with GG.

    • Angus66

      Couldn’t have said it better…

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Good points. What need to happen now, is traction on the “Sarkessian refuses to debate her points on merit” type of stuff. It kills politicians careers dead, it also kills talking heads careers dead.

      • Philip Weigel

        Should we get a hashtag trending? #Anitadoesntdebate maybe?

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Post it on KiA or gamergatehq and see what people think.

    • Callan Elliott

      But the fact that Milo has offered up 5K to whatever charity she wants put her in a position where she declines, and she looks like a dick, or she accepts and she looks good…

      • Angus66

        I wish I could upvote your comment 100+ times… 😞

      • Sergio Nacher Fernández

        Exactly. And the people who can see through the feminist lies are those who are not affected by appeals to emotions, and instead need sound logical arguments to be convinced. Since Scamkeesian’s logic is fallacious at best and nonexistent at worst, they are having none of it, so once again she appeals to emotions in order to label those people are mysoginists and demonize them.

  • airborneace

    They pulled this same crap with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning

    • pirobo

      Excuse me but Snowden and Manning are good people. Because of opinions like yours GamerGate has the reputation of being right wing.

      • airborneace

        “Excuse me but Snowden and Manning are good people”

        I 100% agree, which is why I said that they (they being Time Magazine) pulled the same kind of shenanigans with Snowden and Manning. They had high votes and Time ignored the results.

        I thought GamerGate was supposed to be LeftLibertarian (AKA “Libertarians who havent picked up an economics book)? Does it even matter what they say we are?

        • pirobo

          Sorry dude. I didn’t know that.

          • airborneace

            No big deal, man. We’re all on the same team here

          • gixxerharry .

            Gamergate is international and not your American left or right my dear friends (In my neck of the woods we have about 15 political party’s)

      • Cuca Culpa

        Funny, the only bad guy (from a security perspective) is Manning’s CO. What the hell were they thinking hooking a box with a disc writer up to SIPRNET?!?

  • Mr0303

    Shut up Wesley!

    The most showing part of her gamer cred is this:

    • Trybrow

      wow, hadnt seen that one. v good.

  • Sevuz

    Well this only show how much in war the New – vs Old media is. Most common people doesn’t know who Anita is nor do they care. Greedy loonies like Anita have been around since the dawn of the humanity. So yeah, radical feminist and SJW’s way of thinking has been around for a while.
    What I’m trying to say is that she is not the first nor the last of her kind. But as long as there is 1000 vs 100 they will be a small (but vocal) group of nutjobs who most people will make facepalm or shake their heads at when they hear or read about them.

  • Toastrider

    Wil, Wil, Wil… you’re married, man. You have a kid. You have a reasonably entertaining webcast, you’ve written some decent stuff… why are you whoring yourself out to this hack? She’s not going to respect you, she’s not going to do anything but make you feel stupid when the truth comes out.

    You talk glowingly of her Kickstarter and her Tropes Vs Women series, without discussing how she’s only generated what, six videos on it? You brag of her gamer cred without revealing how she’s a johnny-come-lately to gaming? You talk about how she’s a feminist, and you don’t want to mention her work with Bart Baggett?

    Sad, man. Just sad.

    • Jaker_K17

      Don’t forget #NameThreeGames

      • Toastrider

        I know I’m in something of a minority here because I like Wil Wheaton. Or at least I want to, but dammit when he does stupid shit like this it’s VERY HARD.

        • Gregg Braddoch

          I liked him on tbbt until I started reading about his opinions on games. Now I just can’t stand him.

      • Keiji Johnson

        May I ask what that is? I never heard of this before.

        • Jaker_K17
  • d0x360

    That whole will wheton like him cause Its cool shit never worked for me. Penny arcade started it but I never liked him. He’s a horrible actor a boring writer and despite what he thinks he isn’t funny.

  • Jesus Zamora

    No surprise. Time’s always been a bit of a cabal. Very insular. This IS, after all, the same mag that gave Hitler “Person of the Year” in… 1938, was it?

    And Wil Wheaton hasn’t been relevant since Star Trek TNG, so of course he’d join the SJW cause for some publicity.

    • To be fair, Time did specifically say that the list was for people who managed to make some significant dent in society, for better or worse. Anita, of course, was a major contributor in making people lose all faith in gaming journalism, which ultimately set off the consumer revolt that is GamerGate (not only that, but how have ABC’s ratings been doing after their little hit piece?), so regardless of being more infamous than famous, Time wouldn’t exactly be in the wrong to include her. What they do get wrong, however, is including her while only singing praises of her work. I doubt anybody would be complaining if she was in the list, but her description talked about all the controversy surrounding her, all the suspiciously positive criticisms of her videos, her lack of commitment on that Kickstarter…. hell, Wheaton doesn’t mention “GamerGate” even once. Nope, instead it’s the usual shit about how she’s a poor, innocent victim who had to endure the barrage of misogynistic comments, and ALL her detractors are implied to be in the wrong.

  • GamerGate Developer

    She also admitted to not being a gamer in 2014

  • Silly you, we have an agenda to push! Did you really think you vote was there for anything other than illusion of choice?

  • Jaker_K17


    It seems Wil is struggling to be relevant in some way. He’s just another hack that’s going to look stupid as fuck when the curtain gets pulled back once and for all and she’s revealed to be the scamming fraud she is.

    I’m just disappointed with all the proof we have, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Hell, the fact that she praises a game with her reach of a quarter of a million people and she can’t even move a single copy tells you how irrelevant she truly is as far as sales go.

  • pirobo

    Her efforts are working? She recommended a game and almost no one bought it.

    • Trybrow

      no one bought it. one person tried it.

  • Angus66

    Is there additional info as to why a 3 to 1 vote AGAINST still gets someone on the list?

    • chris perez

      I mentioned in facebook groups that she would be put on the list. It said on the Time poll that regardless of the outcome of the voting they had the final decision on who made the list. The entire voting thing is just a scam to make people feel like they have some kind of input but in the end, Time has an agenda to push and a small demographic to appease.

      • Angus66

        I guess I should have known… They are part of the “Media” after all….

    • gixxerharry .

      Click bait……….nothing more nothing less

    • Trybrow

      there also needs to be some explanation of how “influential” can mean getting 1 person to try a game you heartily recommend when “games” is supposed to be your thing.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Well the same thing happened to Kanye West.

      So it’s not like the votes actually mattered at all. I half wonder if they even had more than 100 people to vote on.


    Last time I checked she had 80% who voted No. W-w-w-what? I mean, what happened Anita? What about all the good things you’ve done in gaming like – like – like… oh, who am I kidding anyway.


    Hey Anita, If someone started a pole stated as “Top 100 Manipulative People in the World”, then I know for certain that you would be at the top. And I’d vote YES for you.

    • REAPER

      Your right. I completely forget Joshathan McInjosh the TRUE puppet master pulling Anita’s strings. How neglectful of me.

      • Angus66

        Too funny….

      • Ultron is pleased.

  • Trybrow

    deary fucking me.

  • kasey307

    Blatantly lying through his yellow tiny-ass teeth……..
    What’s new?

  • shinningprodigy

    Not surprised here. It’s okay really. Now I’ll have something my parrot can shit on.

    I’ll just have to get one first.

  • Cuca Culpa

    Looks like I was wrong. She flipped out over that photo in Columbus because she was meeting John Scalzi AND Wil Wheaton.

  • Wil Wheaton eh? Well in that case…

  • Oh god, that closing statement…

    “As her detractors grow increasingly unhinged, we have proof that her efforts are working.”

    Oh, really? And what proof might that be, you fucking shill?

  • Point Less

    They might as well just pre-pick 100 people and then open voting.

  • Update: I also make it to top 100 list.

  • Anna Dewitt

    Speaking of Anita in the short clip, I wonder how a normal person would feel calling something out (in this case video games), acting as though you know all about it, and then hearing criticism from genuine fans that your view itself only reflects the most surface level understanding. I imagine I’d feel stupid and embarrassed, frankly.

    I love the “shooting people and ripping heads off” comment, as the mainstream media portrayal of ALL video games is solely MK and CoD/Halo. She openly displays her ignorance of any game that isn’t fighting or FPS (or she’s willfully misleading, but what’s that saying? Never attribute to malice…?). One layer of irony is that instead of seeing that criticism of her work as a way of saying you just didn’t look below the surface at all and instead tow the media line, she takes it as “Damn! I’m onto something!” and reinforces the ignorant media message she’s “critiquing”.

    Like I said, at first it probably was ignorance (and laziness) over malice, but at this point, especially with the $$ rolling in, it’s no longer ignorance, assuming it was. It’s a shame, since I think most people would have taken the initial situation as a chance to learn more about the thing they were examining and maybe reexamine their argument/POV. Instead it looks like she decided to double down and push the same message despite everything and anything. And so far it seems to have paid off, literally.

    As for Wil Wheaton, I can’t even stand looking at him anymore. And is it really a shocker anymore that we get ANOTHER instance of SJW on SJW articles? I guess it’s a necessity if they’re going to continue pushing the narrative. Mustn’t let facts get in the way of dem feelz.

  • Angus66

    If the current state of video games is as horrible as Anita keeps saying it is, WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST GO MAKE HER OWN GAME(s)??????

    Couldn’t she just team up with Zoe, Brianna & Randi to make the all inclusive/diverse games they all say they want to see???

    They just need a few simple things:

    $$$ (Anita seems to have no trouble getting it)

    Talent (both Zoe & Brianna reportedly have this in spades)

    A potential audience willing to buy their product (40% of gamers want said game(s) according to Anita & her supporters)

    So why don’t they just “Be the change they want to see”?

    They would (theoretically) sell millions and millions of copies and revolutionize video games!

    That would take a LOT of hard work though and could end up being a HUGE failure.
    MUCH easier to force others to change than do it themselves….

    …no risk and a lot less effort…

  • Flo

    This woman is a joke.

  • Samy

    TIME is a fucking joke. Not credible for anything. They had a terrorist organization up there with a lawyer who won a random case. It’s fucking shit, the whole of it.

  • No one likes Will Wheaton, why does he continue to become more and more unlikeable at each shitty step?

  • RiletashaumTheGreat

    I might be a bit late, but I got curious and did a quick search and a few clicks later ended up finding this quote in one of their 100 List pages.

    “The choice is made by TIME’s editors, but we’re always interested to
    hear who our readers think should take the title. This year, in
    partnership with audience response company Pinnion, readers will be able
    to vote on Facebook, Twitter and”

    Link here:

  • utera

    Feminism’s reaching north korean “dear leader” level of disconnect from reality.
    Dear leader Anita Sarkeesian played video games all her life, and like all dear leaders she scores 3-4 holes in one each round of golf she plays as well.

  • Michael Wylie
    • Michael Wylie
      • Michael Wylie
        • Michael Wylie
  • Charmieos

    Mocking aside lets take an actual inventory of Anitas influential actions in the best possible light for a moment.

    To date:

    She has made approximately 50 youtube videos
    She has spent two years relating her story of harassment to people and charging for the priviledge.

    She has hung onto her beliefs despite ferocious criticism.

    The guy below her is a doctor lauded as a saint due to his skill and dedication in saving lives in war-torn Syria the one above is a microbiologist with several books to his name.

    I assume putting Anita on the list was to get the feminists off their backs about the word poll that tbey also lost because I would be embarrassed to be elevated to such esteemed company and shown for all the world to see how lacking I am. Wils blurb really emphasizes that too, even he can’t resist discussing her “harassment” because it is all.



    Three paragraphs and two of them are about other people! And it was written by a guy who literally worships her as feminist messiah. If anything Wil gives the most damning condemnation of Anita of all, that nothing she has done is relevant without her critics

  • Leo Nevan Ruxio

    Note: Time magazine made Hilter man of the year.

  • Angus66

    Great article on TechRaptor concerning Game Critics:

  • Todd M. Pence

    If I send a phony death threat to myself to stir up publicity and get out of a speaking engagement, can I get in Time’s 100 Influential People too?

  • sonicsnake4

    1. Kickstarter lies

    Before Anita started her Kickstarter campaign she held a talk where she said she was being harassed by a organized group of 4chan members for months. She said these 4chan members subscribed to her channel so they would know when she released new videos so they could attack her. The type of comments she said she received were sexual insults, death threats & rape threats. She said sometimes she got together with a friend to read through the comments because it would get overwhelming. She says that she probably has the biggest block list on Youtube and anytime they leave any anti feminist, harassing, or threating comment they would be blocked. She said that she had gotten use to these kinds of comments. She said she monitored her Youtube comment section so the only comments that were allowed to be shown had to be approved by her.

    She lunched her Kickstarter campaign and made a Youtube video for the campaign. She for the first time allowed comments on her video. she makes a post on her website entitled Harassment, Misogyny and Silencing on YouTube. She says this in the post.

    “Here is a very small sample of the harassment I deal with for daring to criticize sexism in video games. Keep in mind that all this is in response to my Kickstarter project for a video series called Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (which I have not even made yet). These are the types of silencing tactics often used against women on the internet who dare to speak up. But don’t worry it won’t stop me!”

    “These messages and comments have included everything from the typical sandwich and kitchen “jokes” to threats of violence, death, sexual assault and rape.”

    She says that all of these comments are because of her Kickstarter campaign because she dares to speak critically about video games. These statements completely contradict what she said before she started her Kickstarter campaign. Before her Kickstarter she said she was systemically being harassed by people on 4chan and that among the things they said to her were sexual insults, death threats & rape threats and sometimes it was so overwhelming she read them with a friend as a way to cope with it and she had gotten use to it by that point. So she leaves comments open on her youtube kickstarter video which is something she never did before and she was surprised by the negative comments but how can she be surprised by the same type of comments she was receiving long before she launched her Kickstarter. When she started her Kickstarter and left her comments open she knew exactly what the comments were going to be like because she been receiving them for months prior. So when she says during her Kickstarter that all of the negative comments were because of her Kickstarter campaign she’s lying.

    2. Other Lies

    She says that Grand Theft Auto and Saint Row encourage players to kill women by giving players money for killing random female NPCs.

    “some games explicity incentivise and reward this kind of behavior by having murdered women drop dundles of cash for the player to collect and add to their own stash”

    The truth is money is dropped by any NPC that is killed in the games and has nothing to do with gender.

    She says that the female stripper NPCs from Hitman Absolution were put their because the developer wanted players to kill them. The game discourages players from killing innocent civilians by taking away points. The whole point of the game is to sneak by people and keep unnecessary killing to a minimum while moving toward killing your intended target not to kill random strippers and lose points for doing so. The path to the strippers is one of two paths that the player can take. The path to the strippers is the harder of the two paths to take. The other path that the player can take is easier and doesn’t involve coming near the strippers at all.

    She also says this in her Background Decoration video.

    “their status as disposable objects is reinforced by the fact that in most games discarded bodies will simply vanish into thin air a short time after being killed”

    She tries to tie disappearing bodies as something that only happens to female NPCs but it has nothing to do with gender its just something that happens in a lot of games irregardless of gender because of limited ram Capacity and not having the game slow down because of bodies pilling up.

    shes a life long gamer
    at a Santa Monica College in California back in early 2010 Anita says that she’s not a fan of video games and she had to learn a lot about them. she says that she would love to play video games but she doesn’t what to go around shooting people and ripping off their heads. During and after her Kickstarter she says that shes been playing video games since she was 5 years old and shes a life long gamer. How can she be a lifelong gamer if she said pre Kickstarter that she doesn’t like video games specifically because she thinks that all games are violent. If she’s a lifelong gamer than what has she been playing all of this time and why does she thinks all video games are violent. She obviously not a lifelong gamer and only said that as a way to try and give herself more credibility.

    In her damsel video she said Zelda was never a playable character in a console game. Zelda was playable in the CDI games Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon & Zelda’s Adventure. I am not saying these are good games but they are console games where Zelda was the star of her own adventure.

    She says that gaming is all boys club and women have until recently been barred from playing games. This is untrue their has never been anything stopping girls from playing games. Most game genres are not gender excluding. Racing, fighting, beat em up, real time strategy, role playing, puzzle, point and click, action adventure, platformers, MMO, Simulation, rhythm action.

    Women have been involved in the making of games for years. Theirs been female programmers, artist, composers, designer, CEO, etc. Women have also been involved in the journalism side of things as well. This false narrative that Anita’s trying to push that games have somehow excluded women until recently is a lie that she tells to try to push her gender base agenda.

    The other thing that she tries to push is the ideal that man are trying to keep women from playing or criticizing games. Both things are false but she keeps to that script so she can fight against the imagery boogie man that she created and so she can justify the existences of her video series.

    Anita omitted the fact that she has connections to the developer of the game sword and sworcery but I am sure that has noting to do with the reason why she chose that game’s character as a positive female even though it contradicts her previous videos.

    3. Poor Research

    In dismals in distress she said that peach was added to Mario 2 to fill a per existing gender role that existed in the original game Doki Doki Panic except for the fact that her own footage clearly shows that two females were playable in Doki Doki Panic. If she did further research like actually playing the game than she would know that it wasn’t just one girl in Doki Doki Panic. The core concept that Anita doesn’t understand about games is the fact that graphics assist can be replaced with anything. In fan made mods the cast of Super Mario Bros 2 have been replaced by numerous things like Star Wars ships, Pokemon, Transformers, Spider-Man villains, etc.

    In Women as Background Decoration Anita says this

    “In order to understand how this works lets take a moment to examine how video game operate as playgrounds for player engagement. Games ask us to play with them. Now that may seem obvious but bear with me. game developers set up a series of rules and then within those rules we are invited to test the mechanics to see what we can do and what we can’t do. We are encouraged to experiment with how the system will react or respond to our inputs and discover which of our actions are permitted and which are not. The play comes from figuring out the boundaries and possibility within the gamespace. So in many of the titles we’ve been discussing the game makers have setup a series of possible scenarios involving vulnerable eroticized female characters. Players are than invited to explore and exploit those situations during their play through. The player cannot help but treat these female bodies as things to be acted upon. Because they were designed constructed and placed in the environment for that singular purpose. Players are meant to derive a perverse pleasure from desecrating the bodies of unsuspecting virtual female characters. Its a rush streaming from a carefully concocted mix of sexual arousal connected to the act of controlling and punishing representations of female sexuality.”

    Theirs two basic concepts that she doesn’t understand. The first one is that games are interactive so players can do things that developers never intended players to be able to do. The second is the fact that games have bugs in them which also allows players to do things that the developers never intending for them to do.

    For example in Halo 2 players can do button combos. Button combo is a sequence of buttons that, when pressed in order, results in the execution of an exploit. Typical button combos take advantage of unforeseen attributes of certain actions. Some actions, such as meleeing, can disrupt animations for firing and reloading weapons, performing melees, etc. By chaining these and other actions, players can perform special tricks, such as automatic Plasma Grenade sticks and instant close-range kills. However, many players disapprove of such “cheap” exploitations, and Bungie has declared these combos all as cheating and therefore banworthy

    Another example is in early versions of arcade Mortal Kombat 2. Players figured out how to hit babies after performing Babalitys.

    By Anita’s logic midway endorses child abuse because players tested the bounders of the game and were able to interact with the objects (babies) in the game that were put their by the developer. So that clearly means that the developer supports any action the players can do in the game including hitting babies. Or it can just mean that games are interactive and filled with glitches and just because a player can do something in a game doesn’t automatically mean that the developer endorsed it or even meant for player to be able to do it.

    In her Bayonetta video she complains about Bayonetta clothes coming off when she summons demons. she doesn’t acknowledge or knows that Bayonetta’s hair is also her cloths so that’s why her cloths disappears when she summons demons. She also makes the claim that Bayonetta is fighting demons when in fact Bayonetta is actually fighting angles. She also says that Bayonetta has a child except for the fact that Bayonetta doesn’t have any children. She claims that Bayonetta is a “choose your own patriarchal adventure porno fantasy.” Lets take a second to look at what the word Patriarchy means. Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. So how is Bayonetta a game in which players play as a strong women who is always in control of a situation and is more powerful than any man in the game enforcing ideals of Patriarchy. Bayonetta is not a choose your own adventure type game nor is it a porno.

    She says this in a tweet

    “Everything about Bayonetta’s design, mechanics and characterization is created specifically for the sexual pleasure of straight male gamers”

    Bayontta was design by a women

    McIntosh said this on twatter about the Witcher.

    “Geralt from Witcher 3 is emotionally deficient in the extreme. Never cries or laughs. Never expresses grief, fear, sadness or vulnerability.”

    Witchers are unable to express emotions on their faces because of the training that is involed to become a Witcher. Taken in as children, Witchers-to-be are subjected to intense alchemical processes, consumption of mutagenic compounds and relentless physical and magical training to make them dangerous and highly versatile against their vast array of opponents.

    “In the beginning of “Women as Background Decoration: Part 2,” Sarkeesian references a scene from Dragon Age’s City Elf Origin story, in which a group of guards make disturbing sexual comments over the player character’s dead female companion. Sarkeesian implies that BioWare’s narrative is built on the “brutalization of women’s bodies,” using dead women “as an indicator of just how harsh, cruel, and unforgiving their game worlds are.”

    “However, the female elf’s treatment is better understood as a thematic commentary on systematic misogynistic violence. Both women and elves are confined to strict socioeconomic roles within the origin story, as the brutal city government uses institutional force in order to keep women and elves oppressed. Essentially, the game explores the use of sexual violence as a form of violent oppression within a misogynistic institutional structure. Yet, Sarkeesian and McIntosh misread this moment – ignoring a critical look at misogynistic oppression within Dragon Age’s narrative.”

    “Sarkeesian has criticized the postmodern video game Hotline Miami for utilizing the “Damsel in Distress” trope. However, Feminist Frequency’s analysis completely erases the game’s subversion of the trope – as the narrative’s “damsel” seems to be held hostage by the player, and avenging her death produces no reward. Indeed, writers such as Maddy Myers have dissented from Sarkeesian and McIntosh’s analysis – praising Hotline Miami as a postmodern exploration of hypermasculinity which subverts the “damsel” trope.”

    4. Things taking out of context

    She shows footage of Fallout New Vegas where a womens body is being dragged around with psychic powers and says that games often permits women to be knockout, pickup, carried and thrown around. All of these things can be done to male NPCs as well. She also says that assault, mutilating & murder can be done to women in games but all of those same things can be done to male NPCs as well. She tries to use these things as examples of sexism towards women but its not sexism if the same thing can be done to male NPCs.

    She claims that the objectification of female NPCs is terrible.

    “Unlike other NPCs that exist for purposes outside of their sexuality, Non-Playable Sex Objects have little to no individual personality or identity to speak of. since these women are just objects there’s no need or reason for players to have any emotional engagement with them. meaningful relations or interactions are not even possible. Their programming simply does not allow for it.”

    She tries to say this is unique to female NPCs. The lack of deep personalities, non emotional engagement or meaningful relations is true of all Pedestrian NPCs male or female.

    “when assaulted by the player non playable sex objects might scream. but regardless of their canned automated reaction they are will designed to be expendable to be used and then tossed out.”

    Same thing is true for male NPCs as well.

    In background decoration she talks about female character being objectified while showing footage of the main protagonist from Watch Dogs in the process of shutting down a human trafficking ring.

    In her background decoration video she said this.

    “In the realm of interactive media I use the term “instrumentailty” to refer to the practice of using virtual women as tools or props for the players own purposes. Courtesans in the Assassins Creed series, for instance, are available to be “rented” and used to help you “blend in” to the environment. Once acquired, they can be ordered to flirt with guards to distract them. Allowing the protagonist to slip by undetected. ”

    The courtesans were one of the four factions allied to the Assassin Order, with the other three being the thieves, mercenaries and Romanies. They usually aided the Order by collecting information from clients, or by acting as distractions and allowing allies to slip into restricted areas.

    The player can also hire male thieves & mercenaries to aid them with blending into a environments and killing. So is using man as Tools bad as well or is it only bad when it happens to women in Assassin Creeed.

    Anita and mcintosh purposely says controversial things on tweeter to provoke a negative reaction from people so they can use the response to prove Anita’s continued harassment. mcintosh even admits to purposely provoking gamers with his comments.

    Here’s an example of Anita provoking a reaction from people and using the response as a example of her continued harassment to coincide with a Kickstarter update.

    You only have to watch the first 3 minutes.