As I said a few moments ago on Twitter, some days the platform is just incredible. There’s so much going on that I couldn’t even hope to cover it all without writing for hours on end. Why don’t I just do that? Well, I wanna have fun on the weekends. Still, I will have a few more posts today, starting with this one. In case you missed it, an idiot troll got arrested for telling someone who he thought was a real-life terrorist how to build a bomb. As it turns out, he was talking to the FBI. Needless to say, this guy is headed away for a long ass time. 

Here’s an excerpt from a CBS News write-up on his arrest:

A Florida man is charged with plotting to set off an explosion at a 9/11 event. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 20-year-old Joshua Ryne Goldberg Thursday in Florida. Prosecutors say he told an online informant how to make the bomb he wanted.

Investigators originally thought the suspect was recruiting people to carry out attacks from a location in Australia, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

It turns out Goldberg was in the U.S., in a home near Jacksonville, where he was taken into custody. He shares the home in Orange Park with his parents…

“He was a lost soul willing to engage in terrorist activities to fulfill his needs of feeling important,” said retired FBI agent Michael Tabman after reviewing the 34-page complaint.

KCTV reports that the criminal complaint says that Goldberg intended for the individual to either kill himself creating the bomb or, if not, Goldberg intended to alert law enforcement just prior to the individual detonating the bomb. Then Goldberg would be credited with stopping the attack.

First off, free advice: if someone asks you how to build a bomb, it’s probably the fucking Feds. So, ya know, get off the line if someone ever starts talking that way. This guy wasn’t just your everyday idiot, though. He was a troll who had a whole stable of fake identities (here, he calls GamerGate a hate group). One of these was of a GamerGate supporter. But there were a shitload more. Goldberg got published in Feministing and Daily Kos (Speaking of Kos, he embarrassed himself bigtime today), among others. Thought Catalog ran another of his posts. But this didn’t stop anti-GamerGate from immediately trying to tie this guy to us, as a way to deflect from their now-famous pedo, Sarah Butts:

As you can see, these guys are trying really, really hard to make this guy into a GamerGate supporter. The only problem is, that isn’t supported by the facts. He had all kinds of online personas. Master Milo has got you covered:

Joshua Goldberg has been called a “white supremacist” troll by the media today, and as a “GamerGate supporter” by Wu, but it would be more accurate to describe him as simply chaotic. Wu, together with other critics of Breitbart’s Shaun King reporting, desperate to unpick holes in our story, attempted to suggest that Goldberg was our source in an exclusive story about King’s ethnicity. They were wrong.

But, even worse, they purposefully omitted to mention that Brianna Wu herself was a victim of the same troll, even going so far as to follow him on Twitter and ask him to DM her. In other words, Wu had private communication with a man arrested by the FBI today for terrorism. She then tried to use him to attack her opponents…

Goldberg, writing as Tanya Cohen, outed Wu in a column since removed from’s website, which you can still read here. The Cohen parody identity wasalmost comically obvious, but Feministing editors did not pick up on the joke.

Of course it was, Brianna. Are you sure he didn’t give you some bomb-making tips as well? I guess we’ll never know. Anyway, the whole thing is just amazingly disingenuous, even by SJW standards. All these cretins know that the guy was a hardcore troll who didn’t truly support anything, except making people miserable for laughs. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to change the subject away from Nyberg’s pedophilia. They are also desperate to hurt Milo Yiannopoulos and Breitbart, since the two have been doing so much damage to their precious narratives. I can’t say I blame them for trying, but next time, they might want to pick some better material. This was nothing more than a pathetic fail.