Guys I’ve been dealing with some shit this weekend that I don’t feel like going into, but to suffice it to say, it fucking sucks. But you know what sucks even worse? A lying troll like Sarah Butts continuing to get away with her outrageous lies. Now she’s claiming that GamerGate is trying to get her fired…despite the fact that she has no job, unless you count the piracy site she operates. Yes, that’s right. The same people who made fun of me for once admitting I downloaded a game, have a bonafide baron of brazen piracy representing them.

We’ve talked about Butts here before, plenty of times. But we never talked much about her piracy operation, FFShrine. Supposedly there is just music (although still copyrighted, of course) available for download. But there are rumors today that full games are available on the site as well. If all this sounds highly illegal to you, you’re not alone (thread on /gamergatehq/):

This isn’t a very good look, Sarah, and appears to be highly illegal. And you’re making money off this operation? I know you’re pretty much a complete scumbag, so nothing surprises me. The thing that does, is how cons like you keep getting away with this shit in the press. Although by now, that doesn’t surprise me anymore either.