What’s up people? I’m back for another day of muckraking, blogging, writing…whatever you wanna call it, I’m here to do it. There won’t be a movie review, since there’s nothing coming out that I want to see. But there is a lot of news that I need to talk about, starting with the attack on Voat…Well, it was going to start with that originally, until the short AMD news hit. Allum Bokhari from Breitbart is out with a piece on it now due to that delay. It’s all good. That allowed me to go eat dinner first as well.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Bokhari’s piece:

Reddit recently alienated a wide swathe of their users by going on a censorship wave, leading to almost a week of chaos on the site as users revolted against the decision. Now, German web server provider HostEurope.de has joined her in the history books of internet villainy,  pulling service from Reddit’s free-speech friendly competitor, Voat.co.

Their reason? Political incorrectness.

The news was announced by Atko, the owner of Voat, earlier today

Allum goes on to post a portion of the statement. I’m just gonna post the whole thing:

Our hosting provider, hosteurope.de has terminated all our contracts and shut down all our servers without issuing a warning or trying to talk to us. This includes my private server which was only used to host my girlfriends blog. She is a scientist. She published her research papers on that blog (pre-formatted papers to which she owns the copyright). That server contained no other data whatsoever.

The reason they gave us when they notified us that they have cancelled our contract is “…we have received significant information that the content on your server includes political incorrect parts that are unacceptable for us.” and “Due to the fact that we cannot keep bond of trust to you as our customer…”.

Luckily, we have managed to move our databases to a cloud platform mere hours before they shut down our servers. Ladies and gentlemen, my eyes have been opened by this. I don’t know about you, but we are living in a weird world. We will have to carefully evaluate our long term options of providing a platform of free speech if we are to stay online. Your donations are what keeps us afloat.

Also, I am back in Sweden from my post-graduation vacation, currently packing my things and I will be driving (moving) to Switzerland tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Edit: just to clarify, I have been a hosteurope.de customer for well over 5 years, always paying my bills and never hosting any illegal content.

Edit 2: thank you all who donated. I removed info on how to donate as I feel we have received enough to help us survive for quite some time. We will publish a detailed report about how much money we have received through donations (all bitcoin transactions are already public) and what the money will be used for. I can already say that we have received around 8000 USD since our call for donation went up a few days ago. This money will most likely have to be taxed, but a detailed report will be published asap. I have received interview requests from several major news agencies but responding to these agencies will have to wait. A voat which runs smoothly and satisfied users is my #1 priority. It would feel wrong for me to be spending time appearing in the media while there are plenty other more pressing issues to deal with right here.

VentureBeat, a notoriously anti-GamerGate outlet, has more:

Reddit has a long history of toxicity, but with a recent $50 million investment, it has tried to shake off its tarnished image and be more welcoming to new and existing users. Voat, on the other hand, is still a fledgling platform with little money and not a whole lot at stake, so it can afford to be a little more “daring” with its social community, letting its users essentially write what they wish. However, there’s only so much it can do when its hosting provider pulls the rug from under it, meaning it will now have to find a new permanent home elsewhere, somewhere other than Germany.


I said the site’s future is in air because that’s how it has been portrayed, but it’s up as of now and seems to be running the best I’ve seen it run since the fall. So maybe they have it all under control. We know where these smear jobs are coming from, though. Take a look at the notorious ShitRedditSays subreddit. Some SJW thug is claiming responsibility, Al Qaeda style:


(archive, original)

This is the game they like to play. My own site has been taken offline with the same types of lies, although thankfully it didn’t involve kiddie porn smears like they did here. You have to always remember, in their mind, there are no bad tactics, only bad targets. Taking down a site is nothing to them, because they don’t care about free speech when it comes to others. Oh, they love their free speech! Believe that. But when it comes to you and me, or anyone deviating from the chosen path, they will shut your shit down by any means necessary. The only thing shameless extremists like this respect is being exposed and ridiculed. That’s why I try to do it daily.

  1. “Politically incorrect”? Wow. Sounds like they’ve done voat a favour. I wouldn’t want my site hosted by a company that folds at the slightest provocation.

    and if this was spurred on by some radical who plans to email voat’s hosts for spurious reasons, then I think I can say without hyperbole that these people are the embodiment of the children in Nineteen Eighty Four

  2. Somone should send that pic to the devs of Voat. That way if the Voat devs ever take reddit to court they can use that as prood that reddit sabotaging them.

  3. Hmm, SRS is brigading and harassing people online, quick, Chairman Pao, ban SRS! They’re toxic and bad!

  4. What a crock of shit, if things keep trending this way, I’m glad I’ll be dead within 50 years cuz this world is creating a safe bubble that’ll do nothing but coddle the incoming generations and once the world ends, however that may be, nobody will be able to handle it cuz they’ve never had to deal with any critism or adversity their entire life. Jesus this is so sad

  5. There’s gotta be a server host that just doesn’t give one iota of a fuck about political correctness out there.

    1. If there isn’t … how much does it cost to open one? Sounds like a business opportunity for someone.

  6. And I’m sure that reddit *itself* had noooooothing to do with it… Suuuure.

    Remember how reddit started, almost a decade ago? By shitty behavior falsifying a community? They were the only ones posting and commenting all over the place, intentionally trying to make it look populated, when it wasn’t. That drew people in and they grew from there.

    There is no way they would let shit go without a heavy fight. Even if it meant slandering a competitor. Associating them with hatemobs and gamergate and whatever else, even if they were only ever a service that just let people come comment on it (and the people wyou are pushing out of your service would only, reasonably, wind up at a competitor who is offering a similar service — it doesn’t directly reflect on the people running said service any more than people from Something Awful going to NeoGAF would directly reflect on NeoGAF).

  7. These SJWs could really learn a thing or two from the MPAA and the RIAA. Shutdown a site and not only will that site make its way back online, but so will many similar sites. Anyways, speaking of the MPAA and RIAA, perhaps they should speak with the people behind thepiratebay or even Kim Dotcom of megaupload fame, they’ve had to deal with similar things from much stronger opponents. Actually most torrent sites have, they tend to jump from domain to domain and country to country in their attempts to avoid such issue, so perhaps Voat could learn something from them.

  8. “The content on your server includes political incorrect parts that are unacceptable for us.”


    “Due to the fact that we cannot keep bond of trust to you as our customer…”.

    WHAT.THE.FUCK. does that even mean???

    I think I’m going to violently throw up…

  9. It is disgusting how nowadays when a neutral website refuses to enforce authoritarian SJW censorship, it gets labelled a hate site and threatened to shut down, even if the majority of the site has nothing to do with hate at all. The SJW fascists are no longer just banning people from a forum, they are now pursuing them in other forums to attempt to ban them everywhere. This attempt to turn the whole internet into a big SJW echo chamber is very dangerous.

  10. I like how VentureBeat uses the language of hipsterism to smugly and condescendingly refer to Voat as “not having a lot at stake” and being “daring,” whoever wrote that needs to be punched in the throat and then kicked in the face to illustrate to them just how much of a warped piece of shit they are. There’s no reasoning with that kind of pro-censorship propagandist garbage. Voat is upholding the original spirit of Reddit while the existing shell of a former good idea is being monetized to the hilt and being transformed into a heavily manipulated, politically correct version of 4chan.

    The pure, unadulterated SPIN of these people who claim to be writing for tech consumers is NAUSEATING. How dare they bash Fox News when they behave in the exact same manner? Truly despicable, but at least the VOX POPULI has spoken up against their pretentious, would-be “masters” and voted for free speech with their wallets. Fuck the establishment and fuck censorship. Down with Reddit. Long live Voat! Also, I’d love to meet one of these smug keyboard warriors in person. I’ve got nothing better to do with my time, so tuning one of them up with a dose of reality when it comes to their “my free speech is > your free speech” attitudes.

      1. LOL. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. haha, I’ve been told I have a “compelling” writing style. >_>

        1. Sarcastic? No. But seriously I read this comment and was like “a-fucking-men! Preach brother!”. If there is one thing I would love in this world is to meet these keyboard warriors and sjws in a public debate and deliver unto them a verbal bitch slap so hard their future descendants will deny (deny, deny!) their “warrior” ancestor’s pitiful existence.

          My god that was a long sentence.

    1. Yes. It’s hilarious when they sneer Fox for their tactics and ridicule the conservative audience for their blind following, yet they fail to recognise when the press of their leaning does the same.

      Tip for these kiddies: you are not more enlightened than the people you perceive as your enemies. You’re just another victim of the ruling class’ ability to divide and conquer the majority through the media.

      1. “The ruling class’ ability to divide and conquer the majority through the media.” That’s probably the most brilliant and succinct way I’ve heard that put. Information warfare and misinformation are the tools of the despotic and tyrannical to take that which is their greatest weakness, the free flow of information and the rise of intellectualism, and pervert it into something both useless and harmful. I can’t stand extremists at either end of the spectrum, but I REALLY can’t stand the moralistic bastards who legitimately don’t believe they are extremists because in their mind they’re just being “progressive.” Stupid bastards like Jonathan McIntosh who have lived such a life of immense privilege that he smugly thinks he can really “change the world” in a revolutionary manner that would actually have a positive outcome (well, positive for him).

  11. Taking down a site is nothing to them, because they don’t care about free speech when it comes to others. Oh, they love their free speech! Believe that. But when it comes to you and me, or anyone deviating from the chosen path, they will shut your shit down by any means necessary.



  12. Funnily enough, that quote is from a far left propagandist originally, Saul Alinsky. Whether they know it or not, SJWs follow that slimy bastard to the letter.

  13. Yeah they love claiming people can go elsewhere for their “free speech” but they will still try and shut you down no matter where you go!
    This is why the fight matters nobody should be allowed to get away with this bullshit!

  14. THIS is fucking vulgar, Reddit have the right to ban whatever /r/’s they
    like, it’s their platform – I say let ’em burn themselves down, but
    their lackeys and ideological supporters have no fucking right to have other competitive services
    forced offline because of “political correctness” or a lack there of, NO LAWS WERE BROKEN,
    un-fucking-believable. As soon as Voat start accepting donations once
    more I’ll contribute what little I can manage, they have my full

  15. Some faggot posting in the breitbart comment section is claiming that there were pictures of child porn and jailbait sub on Voat… it makes me think something’s not right and that SJWs are most likely responsible for it.

  16. Hopefully this will lead to an actionable position for Voat and the with the gains of the ensuing lawsuit against the host and they’ll be able to sue them for the same amount as every single one of their servers. German’s are usually against this kind of behavior. This may end up with more lost money for the host if the word gets out.

  17. The funny thing is this loser’s biggest accomplishment in life is lying to get a website he doesn’t like shut down.

  18. Someone else also said doxing is ok for bad people(I’m heavily paraphrasing)…I think it was Sessler.

  19. you blogs are to waffle and full of irrelevant shit, you are also unclear I have no idea what you are talking about, maybe you are the only one hwo reads you blog though so that is OK

  20. blog is full of ancronyms I have mnerver fuckigh heard of fdo u think i am a mind reader? nope!!

  21. I’d encourage others to write to Reddit at [email protected] with a link to both the original and archive of the post in SRS and asking why they have not banned an open confession of harassment since they are “banning actions, not ideas” to quote their own CEO.

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