Good morning, readers! I hope your Saturday is off to a good start. I bet you didn’t expect to see me until around noon. I’m happy to say that my hours are normal today for the first time in a month. As I result of that, and my general good cheer, I hope to bring you a full slate of articles today, even though it’s Saturday. Let’s start off with this open thread. It’s not your everyday open thread, though. We have a shitload of news and info from the Twittersphere to cover. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

An inconvenient truth provided by Master Milo:

Polygon is just as ridiculous as ever. Apparently SJW is a slur now HAHA:

This is the logical consistency from Salon we’ve come to know and love:

Don’t forget to join the League of Gamers!

Anita is full of shit…again. Who would have thought?

More on the Tim Hunt travesty:

#GGinLA recap tweets:

Watch Brianna Wu spread more of her lies. I haven’t screened this yet, so examine at your own peril:

And lets wrap-up this rundown with a message from Bill Maher on political correctness (hint: he’s against it):

  1. Greatest waste of time and money to give Anita Sarkeesian an E3 pass. She hated everything and bitched about anything.

    You may as well have sent me the pass. I never would have went to E3 because of work but I would have gave a better coverage without being there than she did by being there.

    1. But see it was the greatest thing to give her an E3 pass. Now literally everyone in gaming saw her bitch about literally everything and prove she won’t be pleased no matter what happens. And so the miniscule amount of credibility she still had managed to not destroy evaporated and took with it much of the remaining credibility of the websites that supported her as well as her allies. In essence she did us all a favour by hastening the demise of the groups who have been causing so much trouble for our hobby and for some careers

      1. Agreed. Giving her a pass was one of the best things that happened to us. It showed how little she actually knows about games (OMG THERE’S VIOLENCE IN DOOM!? NICE TO SEE LARA CROFT FINALLY GET A JACKET, AMIRITE GUISE? ABOUT TIME YOU COULD PLAY AS A WOMAN IN FALLOUT!) and how much she likes to complain about stupid pointless shit (THERE’S A PICTURE OF A WOMAN IN A DRESS ON MY PASS! THERE’S REAL LIFE WOMEN POSING IN COSTUMES AT THE BOOTHS!).

        Anita went FullMcIntosh so hard, even some her most devoted sheep were like, “WTF ARE YOU SMOKING, ANITA?”.

          1. So long as a SINGLE ideologue manages to get into a position of authority at the E3 organizing level she will get invited. These people are experts in dodging meritocratic systems by claiming if you don’t just give them something for nothing then you’re a bigot and they’ll smear you all over the internet if you don’t give in.

          2. I hope so too, but as long as Polygon, Kotaku, RPS, and Giant Bomb are around, they’ll keep pimping her as someone worthwhile in the industry (because the gaming industry needs someone to whine about it and condemn their audience as sexists)

        1. Bear in mind those tweets were sent from Feminist Frequency’s official twitter account and weren’t signed, so they are attributed to them as an organisation, which further invalidates their “work”

    2. Actually it was a fantastic move. More people know who she is now and hate her based on the fact that she’s a terrible person and a grotesque ideologue. She’s Jack Thompson with a vagina and more and more people are waking up to that fact, especially when you can easily tear apart her supporters “but she’s not calling for a ban!” argument by pointing at how her cult of deranged followers reacts to her comments. So many big name Devs, among others facets of the industry, are waking up to the problem these social justice cunts are posing on the subjects of freedom of expression.

  2. Basically Wu job now is travel around U.S. to set-up conferences on how she is harassed all days?

    Definitely not a damsel in distress wannabe.

    1. “I get a hundred of these kind of threats every day”

      I had to click off the video player right there, because my mind couldn’t process that much bullshit at once.

  3. The situation with Tim Hunt breaks my heart. The man is a Noble Prize winner. He gave his life for science and this is the thanks he gets?! Same with Matt Taylor. When these parasites stop scientists from doing their research they are in direct opposition to human progress. If we want to survive as a species we have to get rid of them.

    This may sound melodramatic, but the sciences are a soft spot of mine and I’m actually getting angry thinking about it. Even Thinderf00t – someone who is always balanced and clear minded is sick of them:

  4. Amusing thought: 20 years ago I never would’ve imagined that Judy Funnie and the Chameleon Brothers would end up being the biggest threat to my favorite hobby.

  5. LOL Brianna Wu’s MUH VICTIMHOOD opening like it’s some kind of performance art… oh, wait, she/he’s a conartist, so it sort of is performance art. Someone should tell Brianna Wu about this thing called “ignore” and not taking what anonymous people on the internet say so bloody seriously. But then again a tranny drama whore will be a tranny drama whore. /shrug. Also, bitch please, an “expert” in the Unreal Engine? Go fuck yourself, your “game” looked like shit, played like shit (from what I heard) and used all the same “problematic” tropes you bitch about. That’s why her/his weak ass “game” couldn’t get through the Steam Greenlight process. PC Master Race hasn’t got time for that weak bullshit.

    Also, SO much golf clapping for “muh opinions” that thing has when she/he’s not “running her/his company,” a company with 1 shitty game to it’s name and a long history of misrepresenting itself as an active part of the indie development community and a source of “women in gaming” or however that Boston Globe bullshit article put it.

    On that note, I know the premise of the “can’t judge peoples opinions etc” on hiring is supposed to be to protect people from tyranny and censorship… but I don’t think crazy people should be allowed to work at mass media outlets. Just saying.

  6. Star City Games, aka the site that still employs Final Solution advocate Geordie Tait, took down an op-ed about Women in Gaming for the unspeakable crime of avocating equality for all in the world of Magic: The Gathering, as in, not giving women players preferential treatment.

    Here’s the archive of the article:

    It is slightly naive, but there’s nothing malicious here, unlike a contributor wishing to gas GamerGaters like Jews in the Holocaust.

  7. In the spirit of Open Thread, here’s something that caught my attention. It appears that AMD have been withdrawing products to a site because of “negative content”.

    Concerning. While many have applauded AMD for being pro-gamer, this allegation is concerning. If you want a product to succeed you make the best damn product you can. You don’t try to sway the press to give you favourable content.

    1. If you arrange the Disqus comments on that page by “Best”, then all the top comments are criticizing eteknix for that article.

      Looks like we got a Kotaku for computer hardware in that site.

      1. Thanks for that. I didn’t notice the comments 🙂

        The enthusiast press is full of this kinda stuff, it seems. Apple uses blacklists, allegedly, and automotive companies do similar. I remember that even back in the 90s this kinda exclusion of publications for negative press happened with Amiga magazines. Read about Amiga Power and Team 17

  8. I had to stop watching Wu after her first sentence – I just couldn’t stomach anymore of her bullshit.

    100’s of threats a day? Really?

    That’s as believable as her getting catcalled FIVE TIMES on a short walk to give one of her “presentations”.

    I honestly don’t know whether to vomit or laugh….

  9. So I just ended up having a Twitter conversation with Phillip Kollar, senior editor at Polygon. I gotta say, he actually seems like a decent person, and a pretty devout gaming enthusiast, but he claims he just can’t see eye to eye with GamerGate. Well, I’m hoping we can continue our conversation at a later time. With any luck, this guy could actually be reasoned with.

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