Good morning, readers! I hope your Saturday is off to a good start. I bet you didn’t expect to see me until around noon. I’m happy to say that my hours are normal today for the first time in a month. As I result of that, and my general good cheer, I hope to bring you a full slate of articles today, even though it’s Saturday. Let’s start off with this open thread. It’s not your everyday open thread, though. We have a shitload of news and info from the Twittersphere to cover. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

An inconvenient truth provided by Master Milo:

Polygon is just as ridiculous as ever. Apparently SJW is a slur now HAHA:

This is the logical consistency from Salon we’ve come to know and love:

Don’t forget to join the League of Gamers!

Anita is full of shit…again. Who would have thought?

More on the Tim Hunt travesty:

#GGinLA recap tweets:

Watch Brianna Wu spread more of her lies. I haven’t screened this yet, so examine at your own peril:

And lets wrap-up this rundown with a message from Bill Maher on political correctness (hint: he’s against it):