Hello again loyal readers. It’s another lazy Saturday here at TheRalphRetort.com headquarters. I was going to have another post up this morning, but I got blazed and passed out instead. Fuck it. Like I said, it’s Saturday. Speaking of sleeping, when I woke up, I was greeted by a video from my old friend Bill Maher. OK, we’re not really friends, but I used to watch this motherfucker every week. Also, his “Be More Cynical” stand-up is one of my favorites (not to mention Religulous). Needless to say, I’m already a huge fan and so I knew where he stood on SJWs and the PC culture they love to enforce. He did used to host Politically Incorrect, after all. So it wasn’t in much doubt. Still, it was damn sure nice to hear him go off last night. 

Here’s the video, in case you missed it:

From The Blaze transcript:

“Yes, we joke about everybody here. And that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do,” he added. “For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks. I don’t necessarily agree with Dolce and Gabbana, but what is the point of attacking people who are 95 percent on your side?”

The Inquister covered the last part, where he says if you’re transgendered and can’t handle The Vagina Monologues, you’re a “huge pussy.” There’s something funny I noticed, though. There’s no mention of his attack on the Media Matters website. I guess they understandably didn’t want to draw even more attention to the destruction job he did on them.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Maher added, “look at this insane headline, ‘College President Forced to Apologize After Saying All Lives Matter.’ You know what happened? A college president sent out an e-mail in support of the protesters in Ferguson, but said ‘all lives matter’ instead of ‘black lives matter,’ and then had to apologize. ‘I’m sorry. I meant black lives. F*ck all lives.’ …one more, at mount Holyoke, this year, they canceled a production of ‘the Vagina Monologues’ because they said it offended the transgendered by offering ‘an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman.’ Yes we forget about the 0.3% of women who don’t have vaginas, but still want a monologue. I’m sorry, I love the transgendered, but if you’re transgendered and you can’t handle ‘the Vagina Monologues,’ you don’t need a vagina. You’re already a giant pussy.”

This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been saying here on the site for months, and for much longer than that in my “real life.” Here’s an excerpt from my September 22nd column titled “The SJW Cult“:

Let’s also clarify something, while we’re here. SJW, or social justice warrior, isn’t a political term. It’s not a slam on all liberals. It’s a slam on these “politically correct” enforcers of ultra-feminist dogma. Most liberals don’t actually agree with these assholes, believe it or not. They’re just highly organized, and very good at amplifying their voice within the leftist coalition. But, the majority of liberals despise this group, because they continually make the rest of us look like idiots.

Jonathan Chait talked about this same issue back in January. Judith Shulevitz talked about it just last week with her piece on the creeping fascism on college campuses. Public liberals are starting to wake up to this menace, and it’s a beautiful thing. Keep your eyes on this issue. I’m certain we’re gonna hear more from the people I mentioned here, and others, in the future.

  1. And that’s how you treat the SJW’s opposing gamergate. Don’t say mean, hurtful things. Don’t threaten violence against them. You MOCK the fuck out of them, point & laugh & move the fuck on.

    1. Sometimes it is hard to mock them though. Much is beyond parody. To take a recent example, Wu’s PIED. Or Rander Harpi’s … whatever that was.

      Were these patients in a locked ward in an asylum screeching about imaginary enemies, I might feel bad in that we ought not to mock such unfortunates. But such is the age of deinstitutionalization. I hope none of them end up in cockpits. Or would they be henpits?

      Many years ago I found a political cartoon odd. But now it might be something to fear. It showed someone crazy saying “goodbye cruel world”. And then pointing a gun at a globe.

      For that is what the SJWs want. Goodbye, cruel world, we will murder you, cruel world. For you deserve it, cruel world. That is the core of their insanity.

      1. Yeah they’re basically Final Fantasy villains “I’m going to kill everyone so they wont suffer anymore! *Maniacal Laugh*”

        On a related note did you know that a woman who flies aircraft is an aviatrix? Aviator is the masculine form of the title and it’s amazing how many people don’t know that and get it wrong.

        1. Quite. Executrix, mediatrix, Directrix…
          Suffixcated to death by a cereal killer.
          Silly rabbit, -trix are for kids.

    2. Except mocking and pointing and laughing is bullying, harassment, and borderline rape. I mean, unless you’re an SJW. Then it’s okay to do.

  2. thank god. We need to slap these insane idiots down and tell them “No soup for you!” and then keep doing it to these “intellectual” wastes of space until they destroy themselves in their echo chambers.

  3. Great to see more liberals speaking out this issue, just wait until some of these mainstream anti-PC liberals find out there’s actually an increasingly popular term for the pro-censorship scumbag!

      1. One of Hitchens’ greatest moments.

        I was talking about my reaction to it, though. While his audience is usually up his ass you do hear them get butthurt almost every time he makes a joke that is politically incorrect. Then he rolls his eyes at them and they uncomfortably give a laugh.

        1. I was rolling laughing because for once Maher was covering the same stupidity that Sargon of Akkad does, and mocking it the same way.

          No stupid laughtrack NPCs needed.

  4. Yeah, when he tackles this subject, he is one of the best. This is his original stomping ground from the 90s. The left does need to reign in their crazies, and that was a fantastic example.

    And as we all know, that was just BARELY even scratching the top of a tiny bit of ice that broke off a giant continient-sized glacier. There are just dozens of high profile examples weekly of this sort of complete stupidity and fascism.

    Ralph, you should tweet Milo and tell him to try and get on Real Time when he puts out his book. Maher actually gets a bunch of conservatives on his show.

  5. Unfortunately — and I say this as a libertarian and an atheist — Bill Maher is a skeezy cunt who is generally full of shit and parrots a lot of ignorant shit.

    1. He’s definitely flawed, he’s not somebody I personally trust or even like all that much but when it comes to SJWs as well as a number of other things he’s got his shit together.

  6. Here’s something to understand about America’s Left, they’re too slow to eject their own retards and liars even in comparison to America’s Right. Yet when when they finally get around to doing so they’re possibly more thorough about it. Want an example? When was the last time you heard any of them bring up Micheal Moore or even want to acknowledge he exists.

    This is just getting started though, alot of what you see in GG is simply the shape of things to come on a national level. The Left is about to enter a massive internal war about all this kind of shit.

    1. As a lefty I can’t wait for the civil war. These authoritarian left types share none of the values I hold. They’re not liberal, they are just fascists, replace nationalist with ideologist and there you have it radical, authoritarian, ideologists aka neo-neo-fascism.

    2. they don’t think they can be retards as long as they do things out of compassion
      that’s the disease of liberalism in general

  7. Such idiots prevent the Left from executing its proper function of advocating for working class people.

  8. Up front: I’m not fond of Maher. I think he’s an opportunistic fucker and a leftist to boot.

    That being said, it’ll be interesting to see how he survives yet another round of what I call ‘John Stossel Actions’. It’s always fun to see how people react when it’s their own favorite sacred cow getting turned into cheeseburgers.

  9. I’m glad someone in mainstream television is voicing similar opinions of our own. Its good to see Bill Maher doing this, but I really wish he was on point with vaccines like he is on free speech and SJWs.

  10. What I am hoping to see in the near future is that as the hypocrisy and general craziness of the far-left SJWs continues, more and more ‘regular people’ (a.k.a. those who aren’t on social media all day, or read a lot media) will be confronted with their exhausting, authoritarian identity politics bullshit. As we all know, SJWs are a vocal minority with quite a sizable amount of power in mainstream far-left media. I think Judith Shulevitz’s recent column really opened ‘regular people’s’ eyes. The absurdity of these ‘safe spaces’ was laid out plainly in the New York Times for the world to see. Adam Carolla even talked about it, among others. We just need to see more of these write-ups and investigations from common sense liberals and conservatives exposing the hollow slacktivism of SJWs for what they really are.

  11. As much as I’d like to celebrate this as a win, Bill Maher is more in their camp then he is in ours. Recently he had a pair of feminist on his show and he was nodding his head as they lied to his face about the pay gap. If a handful of SJWs told him to back down, he would. Don’t get too cozy with Maher, he’ll disappoint you.

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