Hello again loyal readers. It’s another lazy Saturday here at TheRalphRetort.com headquarters. I was going to have another post up this morning, but I got blazed and passed out instead. Fuck it. Like I said, it’s Saturday. Speaking of sleeping, when I woke up, I was greeted by a video from my old friend Bill Maher. OK, we’re not really friends, but I used to watch this motherfucker every week. Also, his “Be More Cynical” stand-up is one of my favorites (not to mention Religulous). Needless to say, I’m already a huge fan and so I knew where he stood on SJWs and the PC culture they love to enforce. He did used to host Politically Incorrect, after all. So it wasn’t in much doubt. Still, it was damn sure nice to hear him go off last night. 

Here’s the video, in case you missed it:

From The Blaze transcript:

“Yes, we joke about everybody here. And that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do,” he added. “For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks. I don’t necessarily agree with Dolce and Gabbana, but what is the point of attacking people who are 95 percent on your side?”

The Inquister covered the last part, where he says if you’re transgendered and can’t handle The Vagina Monologues, you’re a “huge pussy.” There’s something funny I noticed, though. There’s no mention of his attack on the Media Matters website. I guess they understandably didn’t want to draw even more attention to the destruction job he did on them.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Maher added, “look at this insane headline, ‘College President Forced to Apologize After Saying All Lives Matter.’ You know what happened? A college president sent out an e-mail in support of the protesters in Ferguson, but said ‘all lives matter’ instead of ‘black lives matter,’ and then had to apologize. ‘I’m sorry. I meant black lives. F*ck all lives.’ …one more, at mount Holyoke, this year, they canceled a production of ‘the Vagina Monologues’ because they said it offended the transgendered by offering ‘an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman.’ Yes we forget about the 0.3% of women who don’t have vaginas, but still want a monologue. I’m sorry, I love the transgendered, but if you’re transgendered and you can’t handle ‘the Vagina Monologues,’ you don’t need a vagina. You’re already a giant pussy.”

This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been saying here on the site for months, and for much longer than that in my “real life.” Here’s an excerpt from my September 22nd column titled “The SJW Cult“:

Let’s also clarify something, while we’re here. SJW, or social justice warrior, isn’t a political term. It’s not a slam on all liberals. It’s a slam on these “politically correct” enforcers of ultra-feminist dogma. Most liberals don’t actually agree with these assholes, believe it or not. They’re just highly organized, and very good at amplifying their voice within the leftist coalition. But, the majority of liberals despise this group, because they continually make the rest of us look like idiots.

Jonathan Chait talked about this same issue back in January. Judith Shulevitz talked about it just last week with her piece on the creeping fascism on college campuses. Public liberals are starting to wake up to this menace, and it’s a beautiful thing. Keep your eyes on this issue. I’m certain we’re gonna hear more from the people I mentioned here, and others, in the future.