Here’s an Arthur Chu update courtesy of a former family member who reached out to me on Twitter. It’s brutal and pretty much confirms everything we ever thought about the guy.

I’m Arthur Chu’s (now former) ********. I saw your article about the divorce. It’s a sad thing that my ******** had to go through (joke: being married to him; seriously: the divorce). But some (many…actually, a majority) in my family are glad to see him go.

He was a shithead before Jeopardy, then the 15 minutes of fame went straight to his head. After publishing a couple articles on The Daily Beast about the dangers of white people, he thought he was someone. Publicity doesn’t change who you are, just makes it public. He’s going to burn through his half of the divorce money and then he’ll make good on his vague-tweeting threats of self harm because hes literally never done anything in his life.

Mark my words, the #Chuicide is coming. Not that I’m happy about loss of life, but its no secret hes a deeply unhappy person. Anyway. Take that as you will. Just thought id give you some insider insight on this fustercluck.

Time to shape up, Arthur. We know you’ll never get another wife again, but c’mon, being this miserable has to be tiring.