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Well, it’s official. We’ve broken Paul Feig. Not only did we help sink his shitty “reboot” of Ghostbusters. We now have him writing cry-pieces for The Hollywood Reporter. Just take a gander at this slop.

It’s incredible.

When the director announced his reboot of the iconic ’80s movie with an all-female cast, he unlocked something scarier than a supernatural horde — angry men on the internet: “The film was never meant to be political, but it became just that.”

And that’s just the opening. It gets better…much better.

What did I learn about being a woman in 2016? While I would never dare pretend to know exactly what women go through on a daily basis, as an advocate for women onscreen and in the industry, I definitely learned a lot more than I expected.

Muh virtue signalling.

I thought a Ghostbusters with female leads would be embraced and celebrated, especially given we already had two male Ghostbusters films. I love funny women and thought it would be an interesting take on the long-dormant franchise.

The Mary Sue was cheering, guys! Jezebel thought we hit a home run! But then…

But then the second wave of reactions came in the next day — after the news hit the more guy-centric fan sites — and it was one of pure outrage and ugliness. Simply put, it was like a punch in the gut. I never expected so much blatant hostility.

“Real Ghostbusters fans hated my shitty cast and knew a shitbomb was coming! Why couldn’t they be progressive like xe homies?!”

The original starred four funny men — Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis — and it was great. But at the end of the day, what gave the film its power was it was a movie about four funny, smart people who fought the paranormal using technology. That’s just a great idea. It’s not a male idea.

It was a great idea…one that you weren’t capable of coming up with on your own. So, you hired some femtard comedians and decided to ripoff one of the most beloved film franchises of all-time.

But what excited me so much was that the overwhelmingly male disapproval that the press then began reporting endlessly on became something that many women rallied against.

They didn’t rail against it enough to keep you from losing $70 million on the project, but hey, you can’t win ’em all! Right, Paul?

Sadly, the media kept reporting only on the negativity and insisted on referring to us solely as the “all-female Ghostbusters.” I mean, it’s 2016. Are we really that shocked that four women can star in a movie?


However, in the aftermath, the positivity has only grown. I am daily inundated by tweets and correspondence from women and girls (as well as men and boys) who have been inspired by our Ghostbusters, who made the costumes for Halloween and for all the Comic-Cons worldwide and who have told me, “If I’d had this movie when I was younger, I would have been an engineer or a scientist now.”

That’s when you know, OK, we’re moving forward, and there are people who needed this. And we reached them and we succeeded.

“We succeeded, ya know, except for actually succeeding. That would have required turning even a meager profit. We didn’t do that. I did, however, get a lot of positive press in the “progressive” media, so I won.”

Those of us in entertainment can’t let ourselves be stopped by disapproval, false outrage and resistance from a vocal micro-minority.

It was the not making money part that stopped you, Mr. Feig. The sequel was already lined-up. All you had to do was make any money. You failed, colossally.

My team and I created an inspiring group of heroes for women, and that’s a big deal. Our Ghostbusters are now owned by the millions of people around the world who have claimed them as their own.

And that is a victory that no troll can take away.

You can have that so-called victory. The winning that I’ll take is the fact that your dumbass won’t be shitting all over Ghostbusters anymore, because you blew it. Bigly.


UPDATE: Enough said, Hollywood Reporter commenter…


      1. Maybe that’s why they focus on skin color so much because they don’t bear look deeper beneath the surface. Their idea of self reflection is looking in the mirror.

  1. The controversy around the film was a ton of free publicity that should have helped the film (I thought it would). Indeed there were plenty of stories and comments I saw where feminists went multiple times to see it.
    That they were not able to capitalise on this shows how bad the film is and how a lot of fans are sick of tired remakes; especially when they look to be just an attempt at “girl-power” or pushing diversity.
    Perhaps it is a simple as promoting an action/fantasy film at the wrong (ie adult female) audience or maybe it was the train wreck of the first trailer (we all know how important first impressions can be.

    The more I think about the film the more reasons I can come up with to help explain it’s poor performance. I hope it is the beginning of the end for Feig, he deserves it.

  2. “I love funny women and thought it would be an interesting take on the long-dormant franchise.”

    You could have had it, Paul. You chould have made a good sequel of the movie, hire some actually good women with kick-ass appeal. You could have made a good contribution to the francise, with 4 women if you please. You could have hired an actual good writer to continue a story that a 14 y old teenager could have continued let alone a well paid writer.

    But instead you chosed to scrap the old one, tried to jump on the feminist bandwagon to gather support from retarded political activists who would celebrate you just because you shrieked GRRRRL POWAAA loud enough, and create a lame, lousy directed and poorly written reboot of something that was already loved by millions before and kept their fan base over decades. – And then you cried because all the mean boys attacked you for the shit you did.

    You are a pathetic loser, that’s what you are Paul Feig.

    1. Yup. Beat me to it.

      I once remarked that Feig’s all-fem Ghostbusters movie could have worked if it (a) had paid homage to the original, and (b) the actresses involved had ANY chemistry.

      One of the infuriating bits initially was how the trailers seem to bait and switch — referencing the original movies, then turning around and blatantly rebooting the franchise. Yeah, that’s not gonna annoy fans.

      Then add to that four actresses who may or may not have any talent but CERTAINLY have never worked together for the most part. One of the reasons the original Ghostbusters movie did so well was because Ramis, Murray, and Ackroyd all had prior experience together and could play off each other very well. If Feig had, say, recruited the four female actresses from Parks and Rec — Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Retta Sirleaf — he might’ve had a LOT more luck making the movie work.

      And then, when the questions and criticism rolled in, Feig went full retard. Wildly lashing out at all the ‘angry white guys’, instead of taking five minutes to review what was going wrong. Brilliant!

      And that’s how socjus fanatics fuck up a franchise. Way to go.

  3. No. Paul, just because we had two movies with male cast, doesn’t mean we need one with female cast, you fucking idiot.

      1. i think feig is so very browbeaten and demoralized being able to touch a woman (things like a handshake) is the reward enough for him.

  4. Did it ever occur to anyone that people are just tired of reboots? If you’re going to do it, then it must be a clever spin. Not just the same formula with different body parts.

  5. Sorry I lost the link but on some other site when the film was announced a guy used Facebook and did 20 minutes of demographic research that Sony should have. He searched for likes for Ghostbusters. First thing he found was it was almost equally divided between men and women. The men crossreferenced for science fiction and he could not understand why the women crossreferenced for fantasy.

    Men fans enjoyed it as a science fiction comedy.
    Women fans enjoyed it as a horror comedy.

    The women fans also crossreferenced for conservatism. Remember that large numbers of women voted against Hillary.

    So Feig started out a loser.

    Then he exacerbated it by not knowing how to write sci-fi or horror. He may have heard the term “in-universe” but he didn’t understand it. To get the old fans in the new movie had to be in-universe with the first ones. Also, in scifi or horror you have to decide what technology (or magic powers) there are and stick within that for suspension of disbelief and dramatic tension.

    Feig can always get a job at NBC. They have repeatedly reworked shows and killed them never learning that the old fans will not stick and there will be few new fans tuning in.

  6. Hmmmm. I just noticed that Feig made what lawyers call, “an admission against self”. He talks of female ghostbuster costumes being homemade. Sony expected big bucks from selling licensed costumes as a tie-in. Feig admits that that was a no-go.

  7. “…especially since we already had two male ghostbusters films”. Feig is a fucking moron and, like must cucked sjw faggots, completely unaware of the passage of time. The culture of the world when the original (good) ghostbuster films were produced was not only very different from the culture of today, but it’s been gone for quite a while. Sci-Fi comedy is pretty much relegated to television these days, for example. But what really chaps my ass is the air of entitlement he’s putting out. It’s as if by sheer virtue of the fact that the franchise had men star in it, it was somehow women’s “turn”. The douche bag wasn’t even continuing the franchise in universe; if anything he took shots at it and tried to shit on it at every turn, as if by smearing the original he could somehow elevate his own comedic abortion. Feig needs to hang it the fuck up.

    1. Everytime you make these comments, it only makes me hate myself cuz I can’t upvote you more than once.

    2. Indeed. Affirmative action didn’t work for Hillary, and it failed when it was forced on Ghostbusters. Though if he really insisted on it being “the women’s turn”, he could’ve at least used a mixed-gender cast. Kinda like what Extreme Ghostbusters did, which is also something that these “progressives” either don’t know ever existed or just straight up ignore.

      1. Literally all they had to do was cast Extreme Ghostbusters, directly from the animation into real life, and it would have been 100% better. Would it still have been seen as a politically motivated, progressive propaganda piece about “muh diversity”? Sure, but at least we wouldn’t have been confronted without outright MISANDRY that Feig and his clusterfuck of unfunny hacks spewed out like green slime. They could have taken the pilot of the Extreme Ghostbusters and stretched it out a bit and they would have had a perfect, appealing story that didn’t denigrate men and create a villain that was completely pathetic and non-threatening.

    3. i found the it’s women’s ‘turn’ thing odd when did reality start taking turns? if i had to do that movie then i would have to find 4 ghostbusters that are 1 funny and 2 have great chemistry and then they would all have to go through the script to add in the funny cause i would prefer to leave the comedy to the comedians (cause good comedians they can refine a joke into something that even if you know the bit is coming it will still give you a chuckle or smile)

      1. Personally I think Sci-Fi/Comedy as a genre is dead and buried. They should have taken it into a more Sci-Fi/Action/With-A-Dash-Of-Horror realm.

  8. Ah, more of the faggy progressive “this isn’t for entertainment, it’s propaganda – uh, I mean – “art” designed to inspire people!” No, Mr. Feig, that is not what movies are. They are ENTERTAINMENT designed to enable us to escape from the mundane, stress-filled reality we live in daily. This is the same shit the games “journos” seem to struggle with so hard. No one gives a shit about your “message” – they want something they can sink their teeth into and, somewhat mindlessly, enjoy.

  9. “If I’d had this movie when I was younger, I would have been an engineer or a scientist now.” -Feigbusters fans allegedly

    This was my favorite bit because it reminded me of this Onion headline: “Man With No Real-Life Career Goals Knows Exact Job He’d Want In Harry Potter Universe”

  10. I quite like the Hollywood Reporter.

    They do articles about Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos and they actually allow people to comment freely in them.

  11. “I mean it’s 2016.”

    News flash Frieg. 2016 is the year we kicked SJW asses. Mizzou lost $32 Million, Melissa Click gets fired, Brexit, your unholy abomination of of movie costs Sony $70 Million (though I’m also pretty sure that’s why PSN subscription services have risen but worth it), Sweden’s attempt to force diversity into snow removal services ended up getting people injured (it was so fucking retarded I think Jonathon McIndouche runs the country), and Trump kicking Hillary’s ass, and SJWs crying about it so much that their whining and bitching and pretty much making fools out of themselves has become the most entertaining thing I have ever seen, aside from maybe Deadpool and anything from my game collection.

    1. Might I add Trump being named Time Magazines person of the year for 2016 and the FBI closing the case on Gamergate because they could not find any solid evidence of any of it’s members taking part in any harassment campaigns

      1. Might I add? No! I ask that you add. There has been so much awesome stuff this year, I can’t possibly remember them all. Hell just for me alone, I finally quit World of Warcraft for good, I beat a ton of video games and even got closure on some I played years ago but never beat, I got 4 platinum trophies for PSN (in order Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, Ys: Memories of Celcetta for Vita, Minecraft PS4 Edition, and Skyrim PS3) and 100% for my Vita’s Welcome Park (Pure hell with 16 puzzle slider but worth the bragging rights).

  12. Remember when that Island Arcade guy was accused of being a paid shill because of him being photographed with Salty McFeig?

    Well I was wondering if he realized why it happened to him and how he feels about Salty McFeig since he’s been acting like a real cunt in the media due to his feminazi propaganda flick being an absolute bomb

  13. I’ll be honest, the movie is obviously shit, but I reckon a good 30% of the criticism came from the fact that this movie was clearly a political jab at men. This criticism is absolutely justified.

    If you remember all the pro-woman and anti-men praise this movie got from the mainstream media before AND after it’s release, it’s clearly pushing a feminist political agenda.

    And let’s not forget that GIRL POWER “diversity” photo of the all-female staff and cast to really rub the salt into the wounds of men.

    God I’m so glad this piece of shit flopped.

    As for Paul Feig:

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  14. I’m starting to understand where Cartman’s personality for s20 came from…. women are smart, and very very funny.

  15. “If I’d had this movie when I was younger, I would have been an engineer or a scientist now.”

    No you they wouldn’t. Being an engineer or scientist is hard, it requires passion, dedication, talent. You either have them or you don’t. A single movie would not change that.

    Let’s say that for some people the movie would have been the tipping point. They’ve seen the movie now so why aren’t they out retraining right this minute? It’s never too late to learn new stuff.

    The reason they don’t is because it doesn’t and wouldn’t have changed anything.

  16. “The film was never meant to be political, but it became just that.”
    As a rule of thumb, if you don’t want a film to be political, don’t base any production decision on political ideologies like feminism. Just Saying.

  17. My not giving it money had nothing to do with Gender. I refused to support a reboot that should have been a continuation. Had they had a passing of the torch moment with the surviving originals and had these women be the new team I would have been there opening night. But reboot = fuck them I’m keeping my money.

  18. Never meant to be political my ass. Hollywood is always spewing their leftist propaganda out as of recent. Plus, why would you remake a movie directed towards more of a male audience/tomboy girl audience to an all female cast? Makes absolutely no sense and we even seen ghostbusters official twitter tweet #imwithher supporting that criminal Hillary Clinton who mishandled classified government documents and did squat shit to help the American people out when she was in politics.

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