Baked Alaska

Before I went to pick up my wife from the airport two weeks ago, I tuned into the Baked Alaska-hosted debate between Andrew Anglin, proprietor of The Daily Stormer, and Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin. I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing, since I had to leave. But from the 20 minutes I did see, and the clips I saw after, there wasn’t really anything wild said or done on the show. I didn’t hear any calls for violence or personal threats. But to some, I guess even having the debate in the first place was a bridge too far. After all, the left has now made deplatforming a huge part of their strategy…and they use their co-conspirators in the media to help them do it.

(By the way, clips of the debate are still up all over YouTube, which makes the strike that much dumber.)

Which leads me to the real news of this post. The aforementioned Baked Alaska ended up receiving a Community Guidelines strike on his main YouTube account over the Anglin/Sargon debate. This is despite the fact that he manually requested an ad review on the debate after it was initially demonetized, leading YouTube to actually change their stance and let him run ads on the video. So, how did they go from that to taking the video down and giving him a strike?

It’s absurd, but then again, just about everything is absurd these days when you talk about YouTube moderation policies.

Here’s the video Baked did on the situation…

Baked Alaska went on to start another channel so that he can continue with his live streaming activities. It’s already over 1,000 subscribers, so as long as YouTube doesn’t ban him for trying to circumvent the 3 month live stream prohibition (which is one of the penalties of a community guidelines strike), then he will be ready to roll. Gab TV has also been mentioned as a possible alternative. I would definitely encourage exploring that.

Sadly, we may all be driven to alternative platforms before the anti-free speech brigade is done. Still, I’m very thankful those venues exist. And I’m hoping incidents like these will serve as fuel for New Media to continue to increase investment into alternatives to the left-wing dominated social giants. We’re all likely to be cast aside, eventually, and it looks like it may happen sooner rather than later.

Be ready for it.