Never let it be said that Zoe Quinn is an idiot. After a week of taking blows due to her appearance at the UN, where she endorsed all this #cyberviolence bullshit, she’s decided to reverse course and express disappointment in the report that went along with. You know what’s funny? She voiced none of this concern whatsoever until now. In fact, Zoe was busy shilling her ass off this whole time. I guess maybe Rancid Randi Harper shitting all over it the other day was enough for her to see the writing on the wall. I’m not sure. Either way, Questionable Quinn knew what she had to do. So, the scammer and former helldumper went to a friendly media outlet, and spread her propaganda:

Overall, I’m disappointed in it,” Quinn said to me in an email about the report. “It’s an important subject that deserves to be addressed but how it’s addressed matters just as much, if not more. Unfortunately, it feels like the issues with the report might have ultimately kneecapped an otherwise potentially useful resource.”

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Think about this for a second: we have Zoe and Randi both denouncing the report, but one question remains. Where the fuck is Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh in all this? The reason I ask is, the report pretty much echoes everything they’ve said about gaming throughout their pubic careers. It would be hard to see them trashing their own deeply held convictions, but then again, it’s all politics at this point. That’s why Quinn backed off. She can feel which way the wind is blowing both within the industry and in the tech/internet community in general. There aren’t a lot of fans when you talk about this trash. This is an initiative only a hardcore SJW authoritarian…or a UN bureaucrat…could truly love.

Let me know if you all think this is as amusing as I do. It reminds me of Marco Rubio backing off the immigration plan he sponsored and publicly campaigned for. OK, maybe it’s not quite that pathetic, but it’s damn close. Then again, we know these people have zero shame. Keep this in mind, though: none of it would have happened without our vigilance. We’ve been beating the hell out of the UN and their hideously bad findings ever since they were released. That definitely helped change the dynamics of the discussion. So pat yourselves on the back, because you helped do something great for free speech on the internet.


PS: Hamburger Harper also had more to say…

Harper had harsher words for the report. “Cyber violence is a phrase that sounds like it’s straight out of a 1990s episode of 60 Minutes,” she said. “The recommendations are completely fucking useless, vague, and yet still worrisome, because they are recommending actions like ‘monitoring and national accountability.’”

Agreeing with Big Randi…what has the world come to?