If you know my work, you know that free speech, especially on college campuses, means the world to me. I’ve personally had it out with rad fems at university myself, and even faced sanction because of it:

It did, at first. The class itself was easy as hell. You didn’t actually get graded normally. If you did the assignment, you got full credit. There was a paper at the end, but it was similarly scored. I can’t tell you much about the paper, though, because I never made it to the end of the course. One day, Professor Bell, the “conventionally attractive” instructor, told the class about extra credit opportunities. One of them involved attending a lecture in the “Women’s Studies Center” here at USC Upstate. So, I went.

The event was described to me as a question and answer session, but when I got there, it was more like a lecture. At several points I tried to calmly interject. I didn’t come there to sit passively, after all. I came there to debate the issues. This did not go over well, to say the least. I was silenced and told that I would have a chance to speak at the end. OK, fair enough. But when the end came, I still didn’t get to ask any questions. In fact, they ended up trying to have me forcibly ejected by campus police after I told them that my tax dollars and tuition contributed to the room they were sitting in. I ended up leaving before the police arrived, because I’m not an idiot. Discretion is always the better part of valor.

They didn’t stop there, however. I ended up having to go to a disciplinary hearing just like the ones you read about the feminists gaming all the time. This one was no different. Although I had a respected professor testify for me, and had the statements of several students, I lost. I was put on a year of “behavioral probation,” and sent on my way. Nothing ever came of it, but the process has been burned into my mind forever.

A couple days ago, Master Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from appearing at the University of Manchester to debate some lesbo rad fem on free speech (lol). In case you missed it, she was banned just a couple days before Milo. This has been happening in the United States for a couple years now, but I was saddened to see that this thinking has spread across the pond as well. It makes me sick to see colleges turned into safe space hugboxes.

I’ve said it so many times in these pages, but we are killing the future of this planet with this pussy bullshit. How are we going to get intellectually-coddled students ready for the real world? You think their boss is gonna give a fuck about hurt feelz? You think adult human beings are gonna watch their mouth and not say anything offensive, lest they hurt a youngster’s delicate feelings? What about bill collectors? Those motherfuckers are super triggering. Maybe they should respect my emotions and stop fucking calling? College administrators are mentally gimping our youth with this safe space nuttery.

I know I’m a day or two late with this, but I still had to weigh-in. The ruination of college life seems to be #1 on the SJW hitlist and it pisses me off to no end. Their mission is to get their indoctrination capabilities increased, since they lack this sort of stroke in almost every other walk of life. By the way, this one is especially laughable when you look at the UofM track record:

Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned by his own alma mater, the University of Manchester, from participating in a debate on campus about free speech.

Manchester’s student union also banned Yiannopoulos’s debate opponent, Julie Bindel, from discussing whether modern feminism has a problem with censorship. Yiannopoulos briefly attended Manchester as a Philosophy undergraduate before dropping out to take up a place at Cambridge.

According to their announcement, the student union believes that Yiannopoulos and Bindel could compromise the “safety” of students by “inciting hatred.”

As reported by award-winning journalist Victoria Brownworth, the same student union could not come to a decision about whether or not to sanction the terrorist group ISIS, but has decided that a lesbian feminist and a gay conservative columnist represent a threat to student safety. The Manchester Student union also invited a Muslim preacher who called for gay people to be killed.

Anyway, sound off on down below. I’m gonna run to the store, then come back and shit on Suey Park and Arthur Chu. More on that one here in an hour or so.