I decided to sit here and live-tweet the Democratic Debate (#DemDebate) tonight, because I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m not even criticizing the party itself, it just that their debates have been sooooo incredibly boring. Tonight hasn’t been much different, but I’m trying to tough it out. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton moved on from the email situation quickly after Bernie apologized. Since then, fireworks have been lacking. Martin O’Malley, the distant third-place candidate, has thrown some blows, including one about the old age of his rivals. But everyone knows he has zero chance and so that takes a little of the sting out of those barbs. The other two have mostly ignored his bait for the entire evening, with the exception of Bernie getting kinda pissed at thim for allegedly lying about his gun control record early on. Also, they’ve all been focusing pretty heavily on Donald Trump. They haven’t mentioned any other Republican candidate so far.

I’ll come back later and add some more written analysis at the. Before we get to that, here’s some tweets from myself and various other people.

(I had to go to a piracy site in order to watch a decent stream. Pathetic, ABC.)