Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of writing about the attention-seeking maniac that goes by the name of Brianna Wu. But, she keeps sticking her nose into everything. I chronicle GamerGate full-time now, so, here we are. Also, this story is about her possibly being even more of a two-faced liar than I already know she is. At we have a silver lining to this column. 

If you’ll remember, Brianna Wu first gained mainstream notoriety for saying that GamerGate had harassed her out of her home, or some bullshit like that. Of course, GamerGate never did anything, and it was anonymous trolls fucking with her, but that didn’t stop the media from running with this garbage story. Overnight last night, someone began to examine her various media appearances, and some old tweets as well. Turns out, they noticed a few things that lead them to believe that Brianna Wu lied about being chased out of her home. It looks pretty convincing to me as well, I must say:tweeet1


I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. In the Al Jazeera debate that’s currently taking place, Hotwheels Fredrick Brennan brought it up:

hotwheelsbasedNeedless to say, you probably won’t see this covered by any of the mainstream media hacks who trumpeted her (possibly false) message to the masses. They likely won’t even take a second look. Listening and believing is what they’re all about, as you saw with Rolling Stone recently. The radical feminists in the media wring their hands as false allegations fall apart in flames. So, why isn’t anyone asking the tough questions about Brianna Wu? Where is Kotaku, Polygon, MSNBC, and all the other shit outlets that promoted this now-dubious story? Ben Kuchera too busy ruining careers to look into this? Leigh Alexander too many drinks into the day to have a second look?

The truth is, they don’t really care. So, I wouldn’t expect a lot of coverage of this. In fact, I wouldn’t expect any coverage of this, unless an outlet like Breitbart picks it up (pls Milo lol). Still, I think it’s important for me to do a post about it, so it’s here on the record. There’s also the Reddit thread, as I pointed to earlier. I haven’t seen any comments from Brianna Wu. If she makes any statements, or another outlet picks this up, I’ll update the story.

  1. One thing that really bothers me about her is, unless I’m mistaken, she never owns the fact that she’s Transsexual. Most prominent Transpeople, I’m thinking of Paris Lees, Parker Molloy, creator of Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, I could go on and on, they all are proud of their Trans identity. Add to the fact that Brianna whinges endlessly about how oppressed women in tech are, it comes off as insincere and duplicitous. Show some Trans pride there Brianna!

    1. Dude, her being trans is as irrelevant as shit. Who gives a shit if she’s trans, when it’s her character as a person that’s so repugnant? It has nothing to do with anything, as much as we’d comment on her hair colour, eye colour, or whatever else.

      It doesn’t matter.

      1. It does matter in one sense: she constantly talks about privilege and the plight of women in tech, and in general, from a personal standpoint. This rings hollow when she spent the majority of her life (up until at least 20+) as a white male trust fund kid with millionaire parents who was, quite literally, gifted 200k to start his/her own company. If anyone should be told to check their privilege it’s Wu. Especially when talking about women’s issues.

        1. Add another plate of hypocrisy to the pile, then; it’s already towering with her.

          BUT, that doesn’t mean that she has to do shit about fuck with her state of transness. It’s ultimately irrelevant aside from a single, small point on a laundry list of crap she says and does.

          1. her being trans is irrelevant for sure, outside of a larger discussion on hormonal treatment and it’s a affect on mental stability (and i mean this seriously post op trans people are at EXTREME risks of suicide compared to the national average), but her platform of being a crusader for women’s rights based on personal experience just got shorter.

        2. So with all of that money, she couldn’t hunker down to study programming, coding so that she could make a better game?

      2. I’d argue it’s not irrelevant and echo Ectocooler’s point. Of course her words and actions are more important, and should be the sole focus, but it’s a piece of the puzzle for sure because she’s positioned herself as a feminist who fights for the injustices of women, yet she has only recently become one. My other point was that it seems as if she doesn’t ever admit her Trans status, which is odd considering her social justice leanings.

      3. Correct. It’s irrelevant to everyone. Including Wu. Why does Wu still look like Flynt? Because post-op they stopped taking hormones. Wu is bonafide fucking crazy enough to think that going trans would have promoted an incredibly shitty Mass Effect Lite crossover with Charlie’s Angels.
        Look at the quality of the lies vs Zoenita. Only an insane person would believe this shit constitutes ‘good lying.’

      1. She once mentioned that the character models in her game were unrealistic or something like that. She hasn’t always lied to us.

        1. She then proceeded to lie about how unrealistic they were. See also: her response to the accusations of “male gaze” and other aspects of Sarkeesian-style radfem critique applied to her “game”.

          1. What I want to know is does “male gaze” apply to everything that Brianna Wu made, because she’s a transgender woman?

            It would only seem logical, because apparently “male gaze” is designed specifically for ALL biological males.

  2. I hope men really sit down and think before they have their next relationship. Anyone with a brain knows WU has been full of shit since day one. She lied, the media bought her bullshit, hook, line and sinker. Is anyone really surprised that the media eats up false accusations when women levy them against men or even entire groups of people in the case of #Gamergate? Anita didn’t have to show one shred of proof either before the media rolled out the carpet for her.

    WU didn’t have to prove they came from #Gamergate, they didn’t even ask for proof, they listened and believed.

    1. This is why feminism is dying.

      Because anything that doesn’t fit the narrative is labeled a “conspiracy theory” and ignored.

      But too many people have woken up and feminism has become too blatantly corrupt and hateful.

      You think the past year has been bad?

      Enjoy it.

      It’s all downhill from here.

        1. I guess you’re right.

          I mean if feminism was dying you’d see things like attacking accomplished men with blatantly stupid claims of “soggy knees” or somethi-

          Oh, whoops.

          But anyways, we’d have things like the whole “Rape Culture” narrative begin collapsing, which is completely-

          Er, never mind.

          But it’s not like people hate feminism so much they’d be willing to vote to ban it anything like tha-

          It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen.

          Just keep plugging your ears and repeating “Blame 4chan! Blame 4chan! Blame 4chan!” I’m sure that will work out great.

          1. Sigh…

            Oh, by the way, thanks Gamergate, now Freminist Frequency has support from Intel, wow, that’s HUGE.

            And it was all thanks to you, and your little whiny voice over some editor calling you guys a mess.


          2. And you still don’t get it.

            All that’s done is given her more exposure, which means more people will see what she’s really like.

            Do you really think very many people will be impressed by her comments on Hiroshima? How about she’s only done a third of those videos and 2 years late? Do you think the IRS gives a shit about her “progressiveness”?

            And that doesn’t change the fact feminism is getting real unpopular. Every day more people wake up and realize just how rotten your little hate movement is. The only reason it’s tolerated is most people still buy the “Equality!” spiel.

            But, as more and more start facing the truth, feminism will resort to ever greater repression to maintain control, which in turn will drive more and more people to the truth.

            And then something will happen that starkly illustrates just where the lines are drawn.

            The KKK had the 16th Street Baptist Church, organized homophobia had Fred Phelps, I wonder what Feminism’s will be?

            Maybe Title IX’s oppression of men on America’s university campuses will be ended via the Supreme Court in a massive civil rights case, maybe Sweden actually passes a law forbidding criticism of feminism and gets a massive civil disobedience campaign on it’s hands, maybe an MRA conference gets bombed by RadFems.

            Anyways, have you seen the polls about feminism’s popularity lately?

            Not too good.

            And do spare me the “But when it’s explained what feminism is-“, what’s more likely?

            A. Most people, after decades of campaigns and activism and laws, still don’t know what feminism is.


            B. They do know what feminism is, and they’re not falling for your bullshit.

            So I’m telling you again:

            You think the past year has been bad?
            Enjoy it.
            It’s all downhill from here.

  3. I remember being skeptical of the “fleeing” bit myself and the possibility that she was trolling us to get back at Gamergate, and I was castigated by tons of SJW’s and apologists (before they all blocked me)… The harassing tweets, like I’ve said 10,000 times to SJW’s are just words. Words have no action. People feel “hurt” by words because they allow themselves to be, not because words themselves hurt.

    Guess being skeptical is not a recipe for misogyny. 🙂

    1. Yeh, at least Zoe and Anita had a convenient excuse ready to go before tweeting that shit. Anita was already planning to board a plane to Utah for THAT false flag, and Zoe was planning to flee due to lawsuits, so why not claim it’s from harassment instead?

      1. Oddly convenient of them to craft a narrative to garner sympathy. In a world that despises facts, people like these are going to thrive. There’s no outlet for facts anymore… just “narratives” and “agendas”

        Makes me ill thinking about it.

        1. Unfortunately so. I was just meaning that, at least when they said they had to leave their house, they did so. (not that they actually stated the true reasons for it) Unfortunately since it’s kind of impossible to prove twitter harassment, any dumb schmoe can do this. Are you going to visit your momma for Christmas? “Oh no those nasty gamergators chased me out of my home, and now I have to go back to living with my parents!”

          1. I truly feel nauseous that their assertions are taken at face value, but when GamerGate points out factual existence of corruption and payola in games journalism…. “prove it! you’re just misogynists!”

            And the Mainstream press eats it up. As if they actually believe Gamergate is nothing but white males who hate change…. Fact-checking, verifying…. nah. That’s for people who aren’t as “morally superior” than they are.

  4. Brianna Wu is like the typical illuminati puppet. She’s making a living out of this and doesn’t care. People will do anything for moneys

  5. Looks like I can no longer view any of Wu’s page! I guess blocking us wasn’t enough, now she can’t let us see her page anymore, since you know, we’ll be able to find her bullshit if we can.

    Silly LWu, I can just make an alt account! 🙂

  6. right from the start for GG, Wu is just a professional victim that she knows her game sucks and try to milk its mindless supporters.

    damn that game was bad.
    “Mass Effect meets Heavy Rain”

    GMOD can do better than this

    1. Brianna wants the game to be judged by the gender who made it and we should not judge the game for what it is
      (her husband helped also but lets forget about that)

      1. The game looks awful. Wu is trying to blame everyone else by saying no one is interested in her game because she’s a woman, when the truth is your game SUCKS.

    2. And these are the kind of talentless idiots who are being invited into the gaming industry like they’re royalty. Her and Sarkeesian to be specific. I wish this whole issue hadn’t blown up like it has. That way Sarkeesian and Wu wouldn’t have the fame they have today.

  7. That this person is a transgender is not a surprise. They are some of the most hateful people I’ve ever come across. I sometimes wonder if the cocktails of hormones they take to try and become something they can never truly be is causing permanent brain damage. This person is a perfect example.

    1. You don’t see it with many asians, or people that stay on the hormones. I am willing to bet the cracks in their brain result from them ceasing to take hormones once they have enough ‘bump’ showing to fool people into thinking they’re a real woman.
      Mjanetmars has never done anything like this shit, nor has ‘HiddenTranny,’ the one that appears on streams all the time.
      The people who are really mentally dysphoric don’t pull this shit, only the ones doing it because tumblr/lvejournal/fellow sjw colleagues encouraged them to.
      There is a literal tranny civil war going on in tumblr and the HRC now because of this, with the dysphorics referred to as ‘truscum’ and the Wus and Brices ‘transtrenders’

      1. Random transsexual here… just an fyi: hormones are for LIFE. There’s only two reasons a transsexual will stop taking them, 1) severe allergic reaction (very rare) or 2) the experience of being on the ‘mones taught them that a sex change really isn’t for them. Which is actually very common, it’s a pretty radical solution to the problem and certainly isn’t for everyone. That’s why you have to be on hormones for so very long (among other things) before they’ll approve surgery.

        1. Aren’t there a lot of fly-by-night operations out SF’s way? I recall transsexual.org getting a lot of heat years ago for reccing those kinds of docs, plus distributing a ‘cheat sheet’ to beat the psychological questioning.
          Anyway it just seems like all the antis are using it to provide themselves a shield from criticism, and don’t actually like living as women. They get their ideas of how women act from sitcoms that made fun of women acting that way it seems.

  8. Its funny how the media comes to her home and she said “I been threaten out of my home!”, and your filming most of it in your house how the fuck does the Media make this shit up and everyone believes it?

  9. I’m thinking on calling Brianna an ‘it’. Now it’s not because she’s transsexual, I don’t give two flying craps about that, but it’s because she’s subhuman.

    She’s been acting as such all this fucking time, lying her ass of shamelessly, and for what? Only to damage what she does not understand.

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