We’ve been talking a lot about pedophilia the last couple weeks. I know it’s not the most fun subject to dicuss, but it keeps coming up. It usually raises its ugly head around here in the context of Sick Sarah Nyberg and her defenders in the anti-GamerGate Twittersphere. But there’s been a lot of talk lately about the SJW media pushing pedos as just a normal part of life. In other words, these depraved bastards want to make fucking children acceptable to the masses. They still have a long way to go, since most folks are still creeped out by the idea of child-diddling. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try. The far-left ideologues realize that these kinds of pushes take decades, and that you have to start somewhere. Enter Salon, and the column they posted today titled: I’m a pedophile, but not a monster. It’s just as cringe-worthy as you would expect:

In the midst of that dark era in my life, I discovered an unhealthy pedophile forum. Nothing illegal was happening there, but many of its most influential members were pro-contacters, meaning they believed that sex with children was theoretically OK and supported the elimination of age of consent laws. That forum still exists and I won’t name it here, but suffice it to say, I found myself taking up the same pro-contacter chants, if only to feel like I belonged somewhere…

For better or worse—mostly worse—we have this sexuality, and unlike with most sexualities, there is no ethical way we can fully actualize our sexual longings. Our desires and feelings, if we are to remain upright, are doomed from the outset. Indeed, whereas the majority of crimes can be bounced back from, society doesn’t extend a mulligan to molesters. I understand why, but that doesn’t make the burden any lighter to bear, particularly for those of us who have minimal or no attraction to adults. And for the pedos who are lucky enough to be able to form working relationships with adults, there are a new set of concerns: What if we have children? Will I be a threat to them? Can I ever share this fact with my spouse? Can I ever love and want her as much as I do a child?

So, please, be understanding and supportive. It’s really all we ask of you. Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster. If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help. Listening to me was a start.

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Believe it or not, there is an argument to be made here. Some people will tell you that it does no good to shut these disturbed individuals out of the media, or to pretend like they don’t exist. I see their point, but I would disagree. Treating this behavior just like any other mental disorder makes people more likely to emulate it. This is a danger we can’t afford to accept. In fact, I think it needs to be kinda shut of out polite society. It’s not that we ignore it completely, but to try and act like it’s acceptable or somehow make it a regular part of life? No. I don’t think that’s the right way to proceed.

What’s it’s going to end up doing is increasing the amount of child abuse that we see. I know this clown says he’s a “no-contact” pedo, but he also admits to shifting between the two camps over time. And you can see some of his old message board missives on Twitter today. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture:


It’s almost liked he tried to clean himself up and put a positive spin on his predation for his column on Salon. How can these hacks morally justify this? They willing gave valuable space to a fucking pedophile. Disgusting, but it’s par for the course for the social justice-influenced media. They will use any tool they have to undermine societal norms. Being pro-pedo is just one way they do this. Expect to see even more promotion of it in the future, along with anything else they can think of.

  1. Fuck that. I do not want to live in a world where it is ok for my neighbour to be eyeing up my 4 year old child, as long as they don’t act on it. That will never be ok with me.

    1. Agreed you can’t ever make it acceptable no matter what kind of way they try top spin it its wrong as fuck!

      They should seek help but letting them think its acceptable should never ever happen!

    2. According to these people it should be perfectly acceptable to look at kids but if you look at a woman then you are a horrible sexist monster. Sick fucks.

    3. Are you espousing thought control?? All straight men have seen women with dirty thoughts in their life, and they can’t help it. Are you saying that shouldn’t be allowed as well.

      I’m not saying it is not creepy. But as far as my knowledge goes, varying degrees of attraction to young girls are far more normal than one would think. And the massive majority of these people never act upon it.

      Instead of marginalizing, cornering and villifying them, wouldn’t it be better to give them a breathing space, giving them room to actually talk about it with people they know or at least therapist without prejudice…..

      Sexual relationship with minors should forever be outlawed, never agreed as consensual and punished severely…. same goes with production and distribution of real child pornography. All I am saying is, shouldn’t we stop condemning people for something they can’t help themselves with?

  2. All I have to say on this subject is that if one of these sick fucks even looked at my kids the wrong way I wouldn’t hesitate to brandish my .38 and give them a few extra orifices.

  3. These people are just gifting material to those crazy right wing motherfuckers who use the slippery slope argument about gay rights. Well done Social Justice…

    1. Just remember it was the right that gave #Gamergate a fair hearing. So how about we just say crazy mofos and drop the ‘right’? or is it just crazy left mofos you don’t have a problem with?

      1. I didn’t see the telegraph give us a hearing, or fox news. Hell, Milo was pissed off for them IGNORING us. What so rebel media and breitbart gave us some publicity, who else?

      2. Lol you also haven’t seen my youtube channel if you think i don’t have a problem with them, I fucking do. As usual you right wingers putting us all in the same fucking box, it pisses me off to no end.

    2. It may come as a surprise to you, but the right wing has actually had some basis for that rhetoric this entire time. Back in the 60s, pedophilia was a part of the gay movement of the time and its rhetoric included it as an agenda.

      This isn’t someone giving the right wing ammo. This is someone showing themselves to be the beast the right never forgot existed.

  4. The far left SJW sickos do this with everything.

    Start slow and get the water of society to slowly boil and by the time it’s to late they’ve normalised something that most people would find objectionable. And to top it off some idiot politician will have made pointing out how sick it is a hate crime and you find that you end up doing more time for saying pedos should be euthanised than any pedo ever did for messing with a child.

    And that’s a world I do not want to raise my children in.

  5. This is actually hilarious to watch. These outlets have no other option but to double down on the kool aid. This in my opinion will open the eyes of the normies, who would recognize that defending a pedophile is not anything a sane individual would do.

  6. So we are only 1 step away from bestiary, huh!? Hey Salon(.)com you might love this. Don’t masturbate too much:

  7. We’re supposed to be the apex species on this planet. We’re supposed to have standards that set us apart from simple animals yet this ass backward shit is degrading humanity into nothing but shit flinging monkeys. We’ve got “artists” painting in bodily fluids including shit, piss and menstrual blood. We’ve got people taking away from themselves and others like them to place others that are different on a pedistal for petty social bullshit and now we’ve even got major media pushes to make Pedophiles safe and comfortable in our society. What’s the point of all this technological innovation and civil diplomacy if we’re just gonna act like dogs and apes out in the wild? This is vile!

  8. This is a particularly alarming push to be occurring right at the same moment we have an entire generation of tumblrfucks who are all out to have the most special, unique and victim status granting sexuality they can pull off.

    This probably isn’t SocJus’s rock bottom moment but you can see it from here.

  9. Pedophilia is perfectly natural and there nothing to be alarmed about if strangers start eyeing up your chillens and offering them “special” trips in their “candy” van lol.

    Seriously though, really don’t get why pedophilia is such a hot button issue for these progressive guys/gals. I mean most normal people view it with extreme disgust, so are there that many closet SJW pedo-bears we’re not aware of? Is that why so many on their side are wanting to “normalize” the behavior?

  10. So these same people have the gall to demonize 8chan, when they are worse? 5 bucks betting that these guys will actually perform pedophilia if cultural norms allow it. Heck, they’d volunteer to become English teachers to 3rd world countries if they can do so.

  11. Is it best to go scorched earth on people admitting they have a problem, which would presumably cause then not to seek help and continue to lurk in the shadows? Forget about the pedos, what’s best for society? I don’t fucking know.

    I really wish people would stop defending Nyberg and shut the fuck up until she goes away. I’m getting so sick of this pedo talk.

  12. I’m pretty sure this is the end. No rational thinking human being is going to be ok with this. I feel this is where they finally overplayed their hand.

    1. It’s a bit scary because you see Salon’s agenda working into the minds of their readers in the article’s comment section. They’re disgusted by his sexual attraction to kids but they don’t want to be intolerant so they use rhetoric that makes them look like they transcend judgement.

      There’s a few people willing to say fuck the fucking fucker, but they’re scattered and few.

  13. Next up: Cracked publishes a “5 Reasons Pedophilia is Totes Awesome Yo And You Are Just An Intolerant Dinosaur for Thinking Different” article.

  14. You know, on one hand, even a pedophile is a person, and I believe every person should be treated with basic human dignity.

    On the other hand, when you go around in any way shape or form defending that you are attracted to little kids, and want to fuck little kids, and saying that it’s normal, or saying that most men feel the same way, then you have two choices.

    Get help.


    Get killed.

    Because if any one of these sick fucks lived in my neighborhood, I’d hang them from a tree, and the whole neighborhood wouldn’t snitch about who did it, and the cops wouldn’t bother prosecuting.

  15. The following is what could be considered an early draft of his Salon article. I don’t know how to archive these things so I’m going to provide the link and encourage others not to go there as Shadows Project is a pedophile support page (finding this out after the fact).


    Here he tells a tale of being responsible for a woman’s suicide and, this being written in January 2015, offers commentary about his kiddie fucker desires definitely not being from child abuse he endured. In the Salon article, it was sexual abuse by a family friend that made him go for apeshit for kids.

    Salon is guilty of one of two things here:

    1) They print things without fact checking or doing any sort of research on the writer, no background checks, nada. They don’t even run it through their legal department.


    2) They don’t give a shit and want to promote pedophilia.

  16. Read the article it does read like a justification and the fact that it’s coming out right at this very time is more than a little coincidental.

    I took the liberty of sharing your article in their comments section

  17. “Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster. If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help. Listening to me was a start.”

    First off I would like to say, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!?!?!!!! You fiddle a kid, your lower then dirt. Actually I take it back, dirt is actually useful. No, you’re lower then rat shit. Fuck you and your twisted asshat ideology. And fuck Salon for even thinking this is okay.

  18. Yet here is the problem. Originally, a married man and a women were to use sex to have children. Any deviation was, well, deviant behavior.
    We had abortion and contraception from long ago but they were considered part of the deviancy – see the Comstock Laws.

    The Victorian attitude toward Homosexuality was “Don’t scare the horses”. It was closeted, underground. Even “Stonewall” was a reaction to harassment at a private club.

    Contraception and then abortion (do watch the latest planned parenthood chop shop videos) were normalized. “Consent” was the only limitation.

    But today we have “transgendered” children (a toddler mimed to a lesbian couple “he” wanted to be a girl and the courts agreed”. Is that consent or not? If a toddler can consent to transgender treatments, how can they not consent to anything else?

    The problem is people – including on the Pro-GG side – want the “hookup culture” – sex for pleasure without any bonding. But our bodies and brains don’t work that way. We used to have the “virginity culture”. That was said to be oppressive, but there was very little rape, no regrets, no STD pandemics (do check the CDC – if it were smallpox half of all Americans would be dead). Added was the difficult at-fault divorce.

    If the line is simply an opinion, and dependent on pleasure, your complaint is only that some would take it further than you would. Tradition places it at the starting line – permanent heterosexual marriage without contraception. If you say that is too restrictive, you’ve given up the principle and only worry how much. And you can graph the number of deviancies and perversions that have become considered mainstream, ok, or acceptable.

    To return to GG for a moment, if you look and many of the old films and TV, there were very attractive and (for then) scantily clad ladies like the Rockettes and occasionally men (go look at pictures of Houdini, or note the costume of Betty Boop in the 1920s v.s. 1930s). But there was no aggression, and Mae West had the most innuendo. Jane Seymore was two of the biggest discoveries in hollywood (sadly, most will not get the joke – which was from Caroll Burnett Show). You may say it was repressive, but we didn’t have the culture war. Sex was only hinted at, allegorically presented. There was cartoon violence – watch any western.

    I don’t think we ought to return to those days, but we should at least study and learn the wisdom of our elders. Our grandparents had many children and never divorced. Can you say they weren’t happier? They didn’t have material wealth, the fast pace, instant (often mis-) information. But what was their quality of life?

  19. Take a moment, if you will, to try and walk a yard or more in my pair of heavily weathered and well worn Doc Marts.
    Y see kids, (and I say that because I have a few decades on most of you here, especially Nora, and even Ralph is a whippersnapper compared to me), I have been a socialist, a solid left winger, since I stood on the picket lines with my dad as a kid in the bleak days at the back end of the 1970s. Im am that old, the first video game I played was Pong. My first console was the Atari 2600. Like one of my heros, Christopher Hitchens, the socialist firebrand of my youth mellowed in middle age, and shuffled ever more towards the centre. Despite that gradual shift I was a loyal Guardian reader for the best part of 30 years. I even threw some diary blogs across the bows of Kos a few years ago.
    And now I stand with my best allies in the media working for fucking Breitbart. Milo and Allum, two of the few journos I now trust, write for a site so far right its stuff I shiver to read, other than their articles.
    I see sites I used to read daily – Salon, Kos, Guardian, HuffPo – all fucking rotten to the core and running shite like this, or Valenti & co cackola. I got run off Kos for digging at Pless and her pack of rainbow hair hounds. The Guardian has bajola’d that many of my comments I just dont bother now. Even Crooks & Liars is slipping into the hands of the Tumblrinas.
    I grew up at the dawn of the Internet. It was meant to be a tool of instant communication that, through access to information, would educate and inform. Instead I have watched it become a cross between a cheap two bit strip mall and, at the hands of Feckbook Twatter and Instagrim, a run down backstreet junkshop full of grubby Betamax cassettes of retarded kids wailing while smashing each other in the faces with cricket bats and pulling each others teeth out.
    But most disheartening of all, I see the political movement I grew up loving, marching and fighting for dragged into the sewers by fucking SocJus. Not content with making feminism a word that sends shivers up the spines of four fifths of women, they are now dead set on making left wing politics a fucking rainbow tinted piercing faced pedo facilitating freakshow so repellent, so extreme, that nobody in their right minds will ever admit to supporting progressive causes…and I mean progressive in the old school sense I grew up with not this new millennial shitshow Orwellian doublespeak meaning it has now. Intelligent debate about ‘tax and spend politics’ and ‘equality for all’ is now drowned out in a sea of Twatter bleats about what some name celeb has said that isnt on message, that message an ever morphing retard chant of “You PC Bro?” with a 140 character limit.
    So what do I do kids? Anyone got an idea? Cos I sit here, having read the article, with my head in my hands, double facepalm engaged. Like Sargon, I’m sick of being accused of being a right wing Stormfag….I just want my left wing back.
    Fuck it…Im gonna take out my frustrations on Russia by leading the Old Guard into Moscow to burn the place down to the ground. Maybe a few thousand dead Cossacks will cheer me up. That or have Kenshin turn the Ikko Ikki into a big pile of sushi.
    I will say bye bye with some Billy Bragg…and like Billy sang… “If they have a blacklist, I wanna be on it”

    1. Unfortunately, my veteran aged friend, the left you and I both grew up loving within our own times as members of our own generations has been, from the get go, rotten to the core.

      What we are seeing has always been within the left. Its many victories over the decades have not transformed it. It has merely become what it always was, deep down, because of the design it has been following for hundreds of years.

      What should you do? Honestly? I’d start by reading this.. it’s an amazing book by a Professor of Philosophies that gets deep and detailed into the core philosophic foundations of our mutual adversaries.

      Please don’t mind the host site. This book doesn’t touch on libertarianism in the slightest.


      1. cheers mate
        Like Sargon I now choose the label ‘left leaning libertarian’, warm in the knowledge that what ‘libertarian’ means in English and American, like so many words, is two completely different things.

  20. This is where the term “SJW” doesn’t really serve. There is only one comprehensive ideology in America which fronts as a civil rights movement which has ever tried to argue that pedophilia is not abnormal and that is gay feminism. Their agenda is to delegitimize the idea of “normal” sexual relations. Salon is mainstreaming garbage.

    1. I disagree. This is EXACTLY where this term serves most strongly. NAMBLA, in its quest to legalized pedophilia, wears the rhetorical cloak of “social justice” in order to parade as champions of an “oppressed sexual minority.”

      This is fucking *classic* social justice activism at its finest, and, as you pointed out earlier, something that was very common in the rhetoric of old gay rights camps. It took the appearance of Mr Sullivan and his brand of campaigning to clean this sort of thing out of the outspoken elements of gay PR groups. Now that they have their marriage, and transgenderism is more or less accepted, they have returned to a cause they’ve long wanted to address.

  21. What. The. FUCK?! These subhumans need to be put on a public watch list and any sympathizers need serious mental evaluation.

    Let me catch you giving my child the creep eye…you will beg for death.

  22. So, let’s get this straight.

    A sexuality that has great potential to exploit vulnerable children needs to have a platform for nuanced debate and consideration, but questioning feminism needs to be shut down and silenced?

    We should look at pedophilia with understanding and support, but when GG shows blatant corruption and questionable practices that seem to only benefit the already wealthy and powerful, GG should be denied a platform and legitimacy?

    Careful now. Some prejudices might be starting to show

  23. If one member of the SJW clique was a child-murderer, the SJW clique would suddenly claim that murdering children is acceptable! They are sick, sick individuals.

  24. It’s hilarious how the SJW clique is 100% unwilling to do anything against their own, no matter how vile they are. Basically yo these morons, if you are against Gamergate, you can commit any crime you want and it’s all good. You can’t do no wrong.

      1. Yeah, I know. I’m just meaning when people start knowing Sarah’s a pedo more and more, kinda like how they came up with “riot shaming” during Ferguson.

        1. Yeah, don’t think that’ll work. same happened in Ferguson and i believe Batimore or where ever had tat “riot zone” so to speak.

  25. Where to start…
    If you are a person who has pedophile tendencies, you recognize them, and seek help before you ever act upon these tendencies, and have never acted upon the pedophile urge. Then there is hope for you staying out of jail or worse.

    However, if you are feeding the urges with pictures, and talking about trying to get acceptance for what is clearly wrong. Talking about your desires for not only a pedophilia based relationship, but an incestuous one (A Cousin.) Then I want you incarcerated in either the prison, or a loony bin. Because you are a danger to others.

    The unchecked Pedophile is a danger to children everywhere because their urge can never be sated. They will go after child, after child to feed their sickness.

    That SJWs will lie, double down, and project to support Nyberg because of the “narrative,” is proof that they are all truly the most detestable beings in all of the Cosmos.

  26. Christ this shit makes me fucking nauseous. Let me find out someone has touched my kid(s), if I ever have any, and the things I do to them will make Pinhead say, “That’s some seriously fucked up shit, man. Now I‘m gonna have nightmares.”

  27. Nyberg getting attacked by people with a functional brain and working moral compass for being the sick fuck he is. And behold! Salon coming out to defend the deviancy of those little pieces of shits! What a convenient timing!!!!

  28. This is disturbing as hell. I don’t care if they get it off by using dolls or pictures of fictional characters… but most of them don’t hold back! They are willing to get pictures and videos of minors on the web. But the Salon idiots are giving these mental sick people a platform to say it’s okay… have they lost their damn mind?

    1. Salon is actually harming these people (and thus any of their potential victims) by lending legitimacy to their sickness. Pedophilia is not an “orientation”, but a disorder. An illness. An abnormality.

  29. Simply being attracted to another person isn’t harming anyone and is not illegal. Hating people for how they were born has never helped anyone, whether it’s hating a child of mixed race, gay, trans, or even pedosexual. These aren’t aspects of a person that they can change and the most we can do is address that they have these feelings and try to make their lives more fulfilling as they enjoy consensual relationships with other people.

    1. Are you for real? “Pedosexual”? Dude call it what is” Pedophilia! If your one who dosen’t act on it and know it for the curse it is you got my sympathies, to be stuck with that is god awful. But proud and does act on it? scumbags who don’t care about seriously screwing a kid’s brain up.

      1. No one should consider how they were born to be a ‘curse’.

        It wasn’t long ago that people treated mixed race children as being cursed souls that didn’t belong to any group, but now we can look back and see how ridiculous a concept that was.

        It’s 2015 for crying out loud, and shaming people that simply want to exercise their sexuality should be a thing of the past.

        1. mixed race kids don’t got a boner or wet at the sight of a kid! also mixed race kids have differnt colored skin, pedopile have brains that are wired to be attracted to kids! KIDS, you know those people WHO HAVEN’T HIT FUCKING PUBERTY!

          Yes it’s 2015 and i’m personally glad of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay rights, CONSENTING ADULTS should be free to sleep with each other. a Pedophile and a kid who likely was duped and/or knows nothing about sex should not!

          1. We can hardly prove whether people have consented to sex or not except in some obvious cases like when women have had a few drinks. In the case of children, it isn’t even legal for them to drink so such hurdles for obtaining consent shouldn’t be an issue.
            There’s many cultures such as those found in Afghanistan where sex between generations is traditional, leading to the old adage “women are for children, boys are for fun”. You can hardly find issues with the mental stability in that region, so it shouldn’t seem as though such traditions might cause problems in our home countries where many immigrants are helping to spread such traditions.

          2. Yeah alo Afghan is currently war-torn so exuse me for believing that argument is not any good. As for consent, you’ve heard of Rape kits correct? those bad boys do wonders in helping out. Also another thing: By law a minor under 16 can’t consent, brain hasn’t developed that far. especially for pre-pubecent, where a lot of pedophies find their kicks including Nyburg.

          3. It used to be illegal for gays to marry as well and for blacks to vote, but people today realize how bigoted that sort of thinking is which helped to change the laws. Also you really should give up this cultural imperialism that has you looking down your nose at Muslims and their culture.

          4. Mate listen here. I have no issue with a Muslim as long as they aren’t advocating Sharia law or going radial. I have had arguments with people, even my own dad, on why Gay Marriage should be legal. Hell MLK Jr. is my hero. Now that I have that out of the way let’s get on with it: Both the right to vote and to marry the grown, consenting adults are basic human rights. But a full grown Adult “in love” with a kid? one who’s brain is far, far from finishing development? forgive me but I would say there would be manipulation going on with adult doing it to kid. Besides you realize that if pedophilia is legalized then little girls would also be up for grabs, oh i mean “relationships” for creepazoids all around.

          5. You have to be a troll. A damn good one at that. But tumblrites spout your same bs, so it’s hard to tell.

            “a few drinks”…and only women,right? A man who has a few drinks can’t be raped by a woman. Totally different when “a few drinks” come into the picture for women. They are just pike children and can’t give consent…that’s what you’re really trying to say 😉

        2. Well, the mullatto kids being cursed is true. My neighbor adopted a mullatto girl and she kept cutting her own hair off because she hates the wirey orangey negroe type of hair she had instead of the pretty and normal long straight hair the normal kids had.

  30. Wow, Salon champion a pedophile. That’s, quite a new low. And for the record, that “individual” isn’t a pedophile until they either have sexual contact or acquire/observe sexualized imagery of a child/children. They try to split hairs and say “no, that’s a child molester,” but they’re wrong (and in a debate a semantics argument = an automatic loss, so…). Fantasizing about children and using a stand in for actual sexual contact with a child doesn’t address the problem, it encourages it. Children are not biologically mature enough to engage in or benefit from sexual contact, nor are mentally/legally able to consent. Kids who get raped are all sorts of fucked up after it happens and many go on to suffer later in life, especially if they repressed the trauma. It’s HILARIOUS how these psychopathic SJWs will bang on about their fictional rape culture and attack being a straight white male (it’s easier to go on a witch hunt than to do anything actually constructive to improve the world), but they’ll support pedophile’s, who are by legal definition rapists.

    1. “Fantasizing about children and using a stand in for actual sexual contact with a child doesn’t address the problem, it encourages it. ”

      “fantasizing about women and using a stand in for actual sexual contact with a woman doesn’t address the problem, it encourages it”. that is the reasoning your logic goes down.

      porn relieves desires. its a fact. otherwise rape would have increased dramatically when someone realized the net can be used for porn. and thus became more easy and accessible as well as readily available….but its not. its decreased by a lot.

      it doesn’t encourage anything. it disincentives raping a child or anyone really. if you have an alternative thats less hassle. has less moral quandaries. and is less life ruining why go for the real stuff? so what i’m saying is, those who act on their urges and rape have a low moral character. its not the attraction.

      and the definition of pedophile by just looking at it should mean a sexual attraction to kids. just like saying someones straight, gay, or bi doesn’t tell about who someones fucked. so if pedophile doesn’t include the people who are attracted to children but haven’t acted on it. what’re they called? if not pedophiles?

      by porn in the context of pedophiles i don’t mean CP. i mean stuff like lolicon and CG. stuff that resembles children but includes none. which i’d much rather them fap to then some abused child or worse abusing a child themselves.

      1. Your association between people losing their porn and rape going up leads me to have to say: Citation please, because that just sounds retarded.

        You’re assuming an increase in porn consumption has ANYTHING to do with a decrease in rape, but that’s just a case of the fallacy of “correlation does not equal causality.” There are a lot of reasons rape is down, such as, you know, better law enforcement and societal changes. Oh and people masturbated and quelled their “desires” long before they had porn, just so you know.

        Pedophiles, on the other hand, will stock pile thousands and thousands of child porn images because they get tired of what they have and start looking for something else. Rather than REPRESS their mental illness, the indulge in fantasizing about it. Just like someone with a rape fetish stock piling rape fetish porn, they’re just pouring fuel on the fire and eventually the “virtual” won’t be enough to satisfy those urges. I know they’ve done studies to this effect with convicted pedophiles and their “development”.

        And you just lost all credibility by comparing the sexuality of adults who are sexually attracted to other adults and have CONSENSUAL relationships with other ADULTS. Children are not sexually mature and not only are they incapable of giving consent, biologically they have no prerogative to engage in sex. Pedophilia = rape. That’s a fact.

        As for lolicon and CG, that stuff was, up until recently, tolerated in Asia. Now, not so much. It’s DEFINITELY not tolerated in the West. To anyone who isn’t into that shit, it’s disturbing and creepy and the only time it’s viewed by non-creeps is to make reaction videos of people being grossed out.

        Seriously, people need to stop trying to tie pedophilia, which is an unhealthy, sexual attraction towards CHILDREN, that is, human beings who have not achieved sexual maturity. People who aren’t sexually mature shouldn’t be engaging in sex, or rather it should be said that they shouldn’t have sex forced upon them (they’re certainly not going to engage in it since they have neither the “motive” nor “means”).

        Pedophiles who haven’t molested children yet are still pedophiles. People that take the final step and rape a kid are referred to as “child molesters”. They’re still depraved and in need of medical attention regardless of whether or not they’ve acted. They have a sick, sexual fixation on children and ultimately an urge to rape children. This cannot be spun in a “positive way”.

  31. Pedophile refers to it is a sexuality… yeah, no, it’s a disease/mental illness. Literally involves rape and assault. Yet this monster wants our sympathy and understanding. Nope.

    1. Would they publish a sympathetic profile showcasing the views of a campus serial rapist? Or someone who got turned on by serial rape porn and images, and hung out online in rapist forums with real rapists?

      This is some sick fucking shit. Just another reason we all need to look at how far we’re going to let things go before we rise up and put an end to progressives in American society. Because this sort of thing is ultimately where we end up.

  32. This is one thing I disagree with you on, Ralph. Like others have said, thoughts alone do no harm. Talking about it online with others and feeding into it is bad, unless you’re looking for help and ways to deal with it. To stigmatize is absolutely shortsighted. If anyone sincerely wanted help, why the fuck would they ever seek it knowing they’d get a threatening response?

    People’s inability to differentiate pedophilia and actual child abuse is baffling. Unfortunately for those people I don’t think it’s a choice. Do you consciously choose who you’re attracted to? Should you gut yourself for having thoughts and feelings that are taboo? Fuck no. Should you ever act on those feelings or try to justify actions based on those feelings?

    I pity anyone having these feelings and truly feeling they have no way out. Telling them they’re wrong and disgusting doesn’t help. Yes, I think most of us are in agreement that it’s unsettling and taboo.

    People like Nyberg forfeited their rights when they acted on those thoughts and feelings. Bragging about it and fantasizing online just promotes it. Nyberg fucked up. He didn’t have to, though.

  33. I have repeatedly said that Legalised Paedophilia is coming. It is sick and disgusting, but that is what regressives want in their utopia. I’d start shopping around for a good hand gun if you want to protect your kids.

  34. I’m fine with people being pedophiles, as long as they don’t act upon it. Like looking a pictures or worse, molestation.

  35. All of the things you all are saying about pedophiles is exactly what our grandparents said about homosexuality. This will be acceptable to our grand kids. I’ve been warning about this for 20 years.

  36. “I found myself taking up the same pro-[asshole] chants, if only to feel like I belonged somewhere…”

    This is what’s wrong with Earth right now.

  37. call out Marxists anywhere you see them. These Sjws are all implementing “the long march through the institutions” a commie plan. its simple just make them look stupid with facts any time you see them talking. they got nothing but hate and name calling and blocking.. no arguments.

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