Hey guys, sorry that I’ve been away longer than I would have liked. Wrestlemania took up my time last night. Today, I’ve been fucking with the new monitor/TV that Newegg sent me. It looks great, but only in 1400×900 (1080p claim was a lie lol). So I might be sending the bitch back. You probably don’t care though, you just want to hear the news.

OK, fair enough. Let’s get started. I was going to write about Ellen Pao and her sex discrimination lawsuit fail the other day, but I’m glad I waited.  Since then, we’ve gotten several great examples of censorship on the Reddit site itself (she’s the interim CEO of Reddit). We’ve also received more evidence of bias in the mainstream media. They were determined to put a positive spin on this case no matter what. Facts be damned. ONe of the few honest columns you will find is from Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos. 

First, here’s some evidence of censorship by the Reddit admins. Not even GamerGhazi was exempt:



So that was nice to see exposed. I’m still not one who says Reddit is dead. Call me when they delete r/darknetmarkets (Feds putting heat on that, by the way) or some of the other borderline shit they have on the site. But it does look like they’re tightening up a bit. I wonder if this directive came straight from the top?

Speaking of the top, the media has had a field day with this story, but it’s mostly been spun in Pao’s favor. You would be hard-pressed to find a lot of truth-telling. Instead they keep repeating that “the actual case doesn’t matter” and talk in broad strokes about all the good Pao did just by suing in the first place. Frivolous lawsuits don’t do anyone any good, and this one is no exception.

Here’s a couple of excerpts from Milo’s column, one of the few straight-shooters I could find:

Let me give these over-eager gender activists some advice: you may want to think twice before adopting Pao as your victim du jour. Because evidence given during the trial reveals that she is anything but a victim. Work emails reveal her to be a callous and resentful employee who bullied colleagues and held grudges.

Her link to Buddy Fletcher, a man with a notorious reputation for frivolous discrimination lawsuits, also raises a very large question mark over her motivation in bringing the claims against Kleiner Perkins.

It’s worth first remembering that Kleiner Perkins was an odd target for a gender discrimination lawsuit. The firm has a much better track record of hiring female talent than its rivals. Women make up 20 per cent of the firm’s members, which is double the average for Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Throughout the trial, Kleiner’s attorneys were able to draw on a number of high-profile female venture capitalists who testified that the firm was one of the most female-friendly in Silicon Valley.

Kleiner maintained that Pao was let go not because she was a woman, but because she was an unpleasant person to work with. Given the result of the case, it’s clear that the jury was persuaded by Kleiner’s arguments, but there has been little discussion in the tech media of the evidence that persuaded them. So let’s dip our toe into some of it.

He continues:

Bizarrely, she kept a chart listing “resentments” that she held over her colleagues at Kleiner Perkins. She also admitted to sending negative e-mails about coworkers behind their backs, and acknowledged that she had once bullied a colleague to tears.

It’s funny how none of this information has made it into the mainstream media or the tech press. They’re all desperate to present Pao as a victim because they’ve bought into a bizarre, self-flagellating narrative about how awful women have it in the tech industry. (They don’t – and especially not at Kleiner Perkins.)

There’s a lot more in the article, but I don’t want to reprint the whole thing. Go read it. There aren’t too many fair accounts out there. Feel free to link more down in the #BasedCommentSection. I agree with Milo 100%. The mainstream media telling you this is some sort of win for women tells you all you need to know about their ideology. It’s like they had a narrative the wanted to tell, outcome be damned. That’s nothing new for them, or course, but the Ellen Pao case is a shining example of just how far they’ve fallen.

  1. Not just gaming, but all of mainstream media….. why did this female inclusivity crap become a thing to begin with? Even the president himself came out and cited that gender wage myth, for fuck’s sake.

    Stay based, Milo. Stay based.

    1. worse he cited that 1 in 5 BS, a statistic so laughably bad that anyone who even saw Intro to Statistics 101 on an enrollment form knows is bullshit.

          1. I genuinely think that after this whole thing ends, some of those people will need to be reprogrammed. I’m talking about years of psychiatry and assistance via drugs to erase the damage done.

  2. The fact that third wavers and SJWs pick opportunistic sociopaths that lie pathalogically as cult heroes really does say a hell of a lot about them as people, and the nature of their movement.

    It doesn’t matter if you lie out your ass, all that matters is staying on message when you’re an SJW.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this, but agree with MIlo about 90%. I don’t know that this was a conscious malevolent decision to spin her as a victim and ignore details, I just think that they bought into a narrative for which there is some evidence, ignored details that contradicted it.

    Complicated narratives do not move product (pageviews?). Clearly the preponderance of evidence was not on her side, but being unsympathetic does not make one wrong. I was incredibly unsympathetic to LW after that whole TFYC thing, but I felt kind of bad for her after seeing some of the things people wrote her during the five guys thing. I always thought she got worse than she deserved, and Grayson got better.

    And I think the example of TFYC is extremely pertinent here. I mean, otherwise rational people performed cognitive somersaults to avoid acknowledging that their Golden girl sabotaged a rival feminist group in one of the most awful ways possible. There was never a conscious attempt to ignore it, just desperate, often bat-shit crazy rationalization.

    1. The reason Quinn took more flak than grayson was the sociopathic way in which she manipulated Eron, and the way she went about destroying any narrative she didn’t like through heavy handed manipulation and censorship. Yeah, Grayson was a dishonest ass but he wasn’t a manipulative bully and he didn’t try and censor GamerGate he mostly just stayed silent like a coward.

      As far as I’m concerned Quinn got all the flak she deserved.

      1. And even then, Grayson didn’t get a free pass from GamerGate. His breach of ethics was constantly brought up by GGers in the comments section of his Kotaku articles, forcing Totillo to “investigate” the matter.

        Lots of male journalists and critics were called out by GamerGate, like Devin Faraci, Arthur Chu, Ian Miles Cheong, Greg Costycan, Jim Sterling, Bob Chipman, Ben Kuchera, Johnathan McIntosh, Alex Lifschitz, and Chris Kluwe, but the antis like to continue to pretend that we only “harass” women. *rolls eyes*

        1. Well according to Bob Chipman it’s a conservative conspiracy to infiltrate gaming and use it to push an agenda. Also we apparently want to ruin the indie game scene so the AAA market can thrive. Yeah I wish I was kidding.

          1. Chipman is full of shit. I’m a liberal, Ralph’s a liberal, and the majority of the people I know in GamerGate are liberals. The only conservatives I’m aware of in GG are Milo, Mike Cernovich, and Adam Baldwin. I don’t agree with all their views, but I do realize they have a right to their views and respect it rather than demonize them like the SJWs tend to do with anyone that doesn’t agree with them 100%.

            As for Chipman’s indie theory, the AAA market has been doing quite well for decades, even with the presence of the indie scene. There’s no reason they can’t exist together. Chipman doesn’t realize that GG isn’t against indie games – we’re against the incestuous, unethical connections and dirty dealings going on in the indie games scene. Zoe can make all the Depression Quest sequels she wants – more power to her. But winning a cash prize in a contest judged by her PR agent and a lover? FUCK THAT SHIT.

      2. HG didn’t focus on zoe. The journalists did. We said what about ethics and Grayson? But the wrote the narrative as if we were saying “Fuck that slutty whore!”

        We were not focused on her, but journos spun the lies about us being focused on her either so they could claim we were all abouutharassingwomen and not the ethics.

        1. I know, disrespectful nod and all that.

          I didn’t mean that he got a free pass, just that there seemed to be more focus on Quinn than warranted (way way more by her defenders). Whereas people calmly dealt with Grayson and Kotaku in a way that felt quieter and more effective….although that was probably just the media silence on him.

          As for the media’s response, it was reprehensible and expected. One can hardly expect them to come arms open to a discussion on their conclusiveness and corruption, especially when it turned out the “conspiracy theorists” were if anything, optimistic and naive.

          1. I think a lot of that was down to them deliberately exaggerating and exacerbating the extent to which Zoe was actually being criticsed which immediately made a large portion of people defensive.

            I had it happen to me a lot in the early days with people claiming I was slut shaming for saying that Nathan sleeping with Zoe was simply part of the problem and whilst we don’t have to address her sex life in detail, we have to accept that it is part of the issue of collusion and nepotism.

            Imagine how far that got me. I got called all kinds of crap for that. The common thing was ‘why aren’t you mentioning Nathan Grayson you misogynist?!’ when I had repeated his name about 5 times more than Zoe’s.

            Then you are on the defensive and it all just escalates and then they latch on and utterly misrepresent what you are saying. I had a ‘discussion’ with the Chu Chu Train back in September that went down that exact route.

      3. fair enough, the issue I took was on the inability to maintain two facts that complicated the matter without even being mutually exclusive. it just vaguely reminded me of that whole thing was all.

    2. This is why they keep saying GG hates women. It’s a familiar narrative they picked to shame us into silence. Only this time it didn’t work because Gamers are used to shaming tactics. And now they can’t change their narrative because then their whole house of lies will come tumbling down

      1. “GG hates women” is just another stereotypical hand-grenade used by those who can’t debate or argue. It used to simply be that if someone said something you disagreed with and did not have the mental fortitude to counter with a rational response, you would just throw the label “racist” at them or occasionally “homophobe”. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t say anything about race or sexual orientation or that you have nothing against anyone in either group and support both. It just matters that they wanted to shut you up, so they lobbed that vile hand grenade at you — because like an accusation of child molestation or rape — homophobia and racism are two things you can stick on *anyone* and it will impact them in the eyes of everyone else, even if it is absolutely unfounded.

        1. What really grates me is how they use these false accusations as a way to silence every single thing we have to say, and yet the mainstream media consistently fails to pick up on the ACTUAL sexism and racism that the antis have committed. Where’s all the talk about Ian Miles Cheong being a Neo Nazi? Where’s all the talk about Josh sympathizing with terrorists over the people that they murdered in cold blood (all because said victims were white while the terrorists were a “repressed minority”)? Where’s all the talk about Literally Who sabotaging a feminist organization (said organization being supported by GG despite identifying as feminist being worth a discussion in itself)? Where’s all the talk about Anita’s comment on Japan? The mainstream passes up all of it, yet constantly lets the other side get away with the tired old excuse of “You’re disagreeing because I’m a woman/white knighting for women, therefor you’re sexist!”, and that really brings my piss to a boil.

  4. “The outcome doesn’t matter”? What’s the matter, mainstream? SJW’s? Afraid the actual courts won’t buy your bullshit hook, line, and sinker?

    What does that even mean, anyway? “Stand up for what you believe in even if it’s a complete fairy tale”? Have I lost my marbles or are these people encouraging stupid people to clog the courts with bullshit lawsuits, and when they lose they get a pat on the back anyway? Are these people fucking serious?

    I can’t wait for an old, conservative, white female judge to completely bitchslap one of these professional victims and make that fucker pay for wasting the courts time. And for every subsiquent appeal to fail. Eventually, the courts will refuse to even listen to victims of this nature because they’re bullshit artists.

    1. None of those things matter because social justice is predicated on emotions – it’s right if it sounds nice and wrong if it doesn’t

      Sounds simplistic but perfectly applicable to everything they hold dear

      1. But of course. Bunch of developmentally challenged people could never even be bothered to grow a thicker skin.
        Not being offended by each and every thing that is foreign to you? Perish the thought.

    2. Yes, eventually these people will ruin it for everyone else. You’ll have bosses actually being sexist and so on because they know they can get away with it, and it will all be thanks to the SJWs. Congratulations.

  5. The SJW’s sure are doing their best to make people read Breitbart. A site I didn’t even know existed before GamerGate.

    They complain GG is a right-wing movement. Most will say that is a fallacy, but I call it a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    1. If you want people to not go right wing telling them they must agree with you 100% of the time or you’re evil and should be punished is not how you do it. Stop ruining the left with unbreaking dogma. It won’t work in the long run.

  6. For some reason, if a woman acts like a total cunt, it’s inappropriate to say she’s acting like a total cunt. Instead we have to tiptoe around it, and pretend like she’s a hero…

    I have never held back that word when it was appropriate. And I feel like it’s pretty appropriate with the way Pao acted and how the “media” has been covering this.

    1. One would respond that a woman is criticized for being a bitch, while an equally strong-minded male in the same position of power within a company would be respected and revered.

      Of course, the issue involved isn’t whether she was an asshole, but whether *others* committed sexual harassment and discrimination, which a jury determined did not happen.

      At another level, there is also question of whether or not she was engaged of unethical and possible illegal practices and actions at a professional level, which seems to have substantial evidence behind it.

      It’s just far easier to dismiss reality and perpetuate the victim-culture of patriarchal domination by saying “boys are just pissed and jealous because a sister is doing it for herself”.

  7. On Matt’s video I pretty much went into a full blown rant because I was so pissed off about this but I’ll try to keep it short. To everyone who is acting like this woman is some sort of martyr, fuck you! It pisses me off that these people are basically saying, “Your merits and skills don’t matter, what matters is the color of your skin and what you have in between your legs. Especially if you aren’t a straight white male.” As a straight white male I say fuck you! I stand by the value of hard work and to me this is just insulting. And even though I am a white male I actually find this insulting towards women. I know a lot of hard working women and to me this is a spit in the face of all those that worked their ass off to get where they are. So yes thank you Ellen Pao for insulting all the hard working women out there that deserve the positions they have because they earned it! I will say that the people I do want to thank is the jury for not being stupid and seeing past the bullshit. Because lord knows we need more of that.

  8. Just goes to show that radfems and SJWs don’t give a fuck about good job performance or actual victims. It’s all about crying wolf and playing the vagina card.

    1. Indeed, and that is a real concern, especially when they start employing by quota rather than by skill.

  9. The tech shows and sites on Sunday were all over this story, declaring her not only an absolute victim, but a hero and martyr who lost the trial but won for women, by finally (really?) starting the did us doin on sexism in the tech industry.

    Kleiner isn’t repeatedly called a sexist old boys club that got away with it on these tech shows.

    Te his beyond redemption. We have surrendered ourselves to the SJWs. SJWs even know better than the informed jury.

      1. They’re not necessarily lying in saying this:
        1 – Shanly is just highlighting that this will be one of the few court cases where a major waste of position is rightfully booted.
        2 – Brianna is rather self explanatory, really. Waste of space needs to have something to aspire to after all.
        3 – Randi just wants to hear more stories (…so she can enhance the echo chamber).

      2. 1. Wu’s gender is only (dis-)honorary.
        2. I suspect at some point the men who are currently in their parent’s basements will rule the world. Someone COMPETENT has to do it.
        3. My only prayer is they will wait long enough for Darwinism to cull the herd before they emerge.

  10. I almost feel bad for the “antis”. We have TotalBiscuit, Milo, Based Mom, *cough* (ralph) *cough*…. who do they have? … Wu?… Snarkesian?…

    Some heroes..

      1. Those cows are far cooler than any of the insanity coming from the so called progressives. Bet they can hold a better discussion as well. And they provide us with milk.

        Basically, Cows >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Progressives.

        1. Cows give us milk and it’s derivatives, meat, leather and only take food and accommodation in return.

          What do SJWs give us that is actually useful?

  11. And this is why the sane people left on this planet don’t take the media serious.

    PS. suck to hear about your monitor/TV :/

  12. What can we expect from these hypocrites? Remember when they decided to stand by that dog fucker srhbutts for distributing CP instead of disowning her? I mean him. It. Whatever.

    1. We can expect precisely what was delivered. I’ve found I have to keep lowering my expectations. Ratchet them down. From toddler to infantile, to screaming newborn. And beyond. I’m trying to figure out how to take advantage of their common advocacy of murdering the pre-born.

      “Stop the Insanity” (see “Susan Powter”) meets “Three generations of imbeciles are enough”.

      Yet I would simply note that hypocrisy requires a measure of intellect which might be above what the SJWs can achieve.

      As I’ve noted before, the “Zombie Apocalypse” may be upon us, but no one suspected such high-functioning Zombies. Yet when tested for rationality, they fail. Miserably.

  13. So,

    Husband gets sued for defrauding $144 million from a PUBLIC pension fund. Wife sues her employer for the exact same amount and cites gender discrimination is responsible for her sacking.

    Turns out, she is actually a horrible person and a terrible employee.

    Husband still has to find $144 million and is still getting sued.

    I am believing in Karma more and more.

    I wanted to add as well that this deluded mentality that this is somehow still a win is NK levels of insane. It is propaganda. It reminds me a little of the way NK refuse to air World Cup matches and then just claim that they beat Portugal 8-0 in the final. In actual fact though, they went out at the group stages.

  14. Funny how the other media outlets never made known about how bad of a person she is to work with. It’s all about evil patriarchy and sexism… she’s also a typical Asian woman indoctrinated into Californian SJW-ism. They may be academically smart (not always) but they are retards in other aspects and are easily indoctrinated… (I’m 4th gen American-Asian before “racism” gets thrown around).

    1. Discussing her personal abrasiveness would be a “dog bites man” story.

      Research Lee Kwon Yu of Singapore and his regret in educating women to college level which created a demographic black hole.

      The parallels are the stuff of nightmares.

      I would only posit the error was not specifically the education, but the instilled hubris. Independent women are a genetic dead-end.

      Independent does not imply strong. A Kentucky derby winner is completely in submission to the jockey – the jockey knows what is best. “The old gray mare” might go where she wants, but that won’t be a good place.

      From what I can see, in many Asian cultures, women actually rule things, but from behind or in the shadows. Machiavellian style. Rocking the cradle and not the boat.

      Pao decided to rock the boat, not the cradle.

  15. I saw a tweet with a newspaper image that said “Thanks Ellen” – only that in white lettering on black (talk about wasting ink).

    Assuming it is her … I concur. She has shown how shallow, stupid, crazy, or worse this whole anti-brogrammer tech thing is. Her petty nuisance suit failed.
    It also showed that the tech industry is decaying and descending into a bunch of white knights and – I’d use a word but I don’t want to compare them with prostitutes.

    Steve Jobs ignored politics and religion to make insanely great products and services. Tim Cook just wants to insure LGBQWERTYness. (If there are any Apple stores in Indiana, he should close them).

    Silly-Con valley. Indeed.

  16. Here’s my take, first you need to read the Fortune.com article from 2012 on Ellen Pao & her husband Buddy. It will blow your mind.


    Secondly, you have to read this gossip on her husband, Buddy Fletcher


    (Datalounge is a gay gossip site but they have all the info on Buddy Fletcher!).

    My take: Buddy is a(n) (alleged) Grifter. A GBM who sues and sues everyone for discrimination. This was way before EP btw. He’s also v v gay, and a big time suing SJW.

    And now Pao is another SJW. It’s the Grifting SJW couple.

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