Elliott Lusztig

A few weeks ago, I wrote a very nasty post about Elliott Lusztig (aka Chad Elliott Noyes). If you don’t know who this clown is, well, go read that post. He’s a leftist “academic” out in California who has gained a following by trolling Trump and various other people on the right. This morning, he went insane about what I wrote, threatening to call the cops because his feelings were hurt online. If that doesn’t define snowflakery, I don’t know what does. I think what really has him upset is that I now own his Google search results, but such is life.



He’s trying to say that using a blurred photo of his kid is somehow encouraging abuse on against him? Or is actually abuse in and of itself? I’m not sure, exactly. Let me be clear, no one should go and abuse this child. It’s not his fault his parents are such weirdos. And to take it a step further, no one should harm the weirdo parents, either.


I’ll also be crystal clear about this salient fact: Nothing about my post was outside the bounds of civil or criminal law. If I decided to take down the pic he claims offends him so much, it would be of my own free will and nothing else. I think what he really wants is for the post to come down altogether, since he asked for that several times this morning. That, quite simply, is not going to happen. And to be honest, with the way his has conducted himself this morning, I don’t feel the need to remove the photo, either.


But, I am a charitable man. I might do it, depending on the comments from you all. Let me know what you think.


UPDATE: Chad/Elliott has decided to troll the comment section of the other post. Apparently he thinks threats are going to help convince me to delete my entry. Nothing could be further from the truth. Also, he’s not the brightest bulb. He intimates that I will be held responsible for the comments of others in that thread. As I have made clear, always, I don’t advocate for physical violence against the subjects of my writing. In fact, all criminality directed against them should be eschewed.

Regardless, the man should get a little more familiar with the law himself before coming at me with nonsense.

It looks like he’s also unfamiliar with how Disqus works. Whatever email you sign up for an account with is visible to me as the administrator of comments here on TRR. I blocked out the second half of it, because I’m a nice guy. But it did lead me to an interesting thread that I think explains a lot about this morning’s festivities.