Cathy Young


Cathy Young has become increasingly bitter over the last year. I remember looking at her feed and seeing her scoff at Donald Trump and his prospects to become the Republican nominee for president. As things progressed  and Trump continued to surge, you could see Cathy get loonier and loonier. It’s like she just couldn’t accept what was happening. Then, she had the falling out with Milo Yiannopoulos over the bizarre and flat-out weak hit piece she wrote on Ann Coulter. Basically, this woman is making herself look like a fool due to her obsession with the alt-right.

Last night was no exception. Lauren Southern is one of the nicest people I’ve dealt with during my time running this site. I don’t think I would be bold enough to call her a personal friend, since we don’t speak often. But we’re definitely on friendly terms. I don’t see why someone even nominally on the side of anti-SJW, anti-progressive bullshit would look for a reason to attack her.

Unfortunately, as Milo pointed out, Cathy has a nasty tendency to act just like the regressives she supposedly hates.

But I think the problem runs deeper with Young. She’s often very sensible. But, ironically, that moderate impulse makes her susceptible to fallacies — in particular, her implicit assumption that the “extreme” of the regressive left’s opponents must be as bad as the extreme of the regressive left itself.

This isn’t the first case of friendly fire on Cathy’s part, unfortunately. There’s also Mike Cernovich, excommunicated in her Real Clear Politics column for “vile tweets,” and later blocked for using the word “cuck.” Then there’s Vox Day, an icon of the anti-SJW resistance, lambasted by Young as a racist and misogynist — a charge his wife no doubt stridently objects to.

And she was up to her old tricks again last night…


This is the tweet that brought on Catlady Young’s attempted smear…

OH WOW, SO RACIST! How pathetic that this old worthless bag of bones decided to go after someone so clearly on the rise. I guess it’s a good thing that Ms. Young doesn’t really have any power anymore. In fact, most of this guilt by association racism bullshit is starting to die out in terms of being an effective tactic, especially against people like Ms. Southern. What can Crabby Cathy really do to her? If you have an audience and people who enjoy your content, you’re inoculated against this. Now, will Lauren be writing for some of the mainstream outlets Young has? Maybe not. But those are becoming less and less influential. That trend will only accelerate as we move forward.

But probably the most important part of this attack is how fucking hypocritical it makes Cathy Young look. How can she sit there and try to imply that Lauren is a racist simply because she tweeted into the #AltRightMeans tag yesterday…or any other tag, for that matter. Ms. Young has spent the last two years defending GamerGate at every turn, as have I. One of the biggest tools of the media in that fight is guilt by association. She’s called them out for the very thing she’s doing right now! This is logically incoherent and any attempt for her to justify it is simply hogwash.

I’m not the only one who felt that way, either….

Like most “journalists” in the mainstream media, Cathy is quick to stab friends in the back if it means a fatter salary and more attention from her cocktail party buddies. Remember what she did here the next time you hear her name.