I’ve been relaxing over the last couple days, trying to learn video editing while catching up on Game of Thrones. My mind has been drifting towards everything I’ve experienced the last year as of late, especially since I’m working on a book about it. As I sit here and think about all the trials, tribulations, and triumphs, a few different emotions come to mind. I’m going to go through them now. 

One, I’m grateful. I wrote as a hobby before GamerGate started. Guess what? No one cared. Not many people even knew I existed, outside of my friends and family. I think the most hits I’d ever gotten in a day was like 100. Now thousands come to the site daily. I can’t thank all of you enough. But as we head into the fall, and into my second year, I want to professionalize things a little bit more.

This is not to say that I’m going to change my style. I doubt I’ll be doing much of that. Then again, the goal as a writer is always to get better. So hopefully that will occur naturally. I could sit here and cut out all the expletives and colorful language, but I don’t think anyone wants that. I talk about what I’m doing in my real life sometimes as well. This isn’t an accident. I have more fun writing that way and I feel more connected to the readership. Would my work be better if I was more staid? Perhaps. I hope it never comes to that, though. People often say that I can’t write in that way, but it’s not true. I simply prefer the gonzo style.

Where is the site headed? Well, I want to do a redesign. I love the Drudge-feel that we have around here, but I think we’ve come about as far as we can with this setup. I have to consult with the webmaster and all that, because my forte is in producing content, not doing site design, etc. Still, I want to have something in place within the next couple of months. One way or the other, a new layout will be in place this fall.

There’s two other things I’m working on. One, is my YouTube channels. Since I got the strike a couple weeks back, I’ve had to adjust my strategy, but not that much. One channel will be for LIVE streams and Twitch uploads, while the other will be for rants and topical videos that are 15 minutes or less. When my strike expires, I’ll reevaluate, but this is the strategy for now.

The other project I have is the most ambitious thing I’ve ever worked on. I’m writing a book about my time in GamerGate, and the people and relationships that shaped my life along the way. I want to have it done by Halloween, but then again, it’s a book. I don’t want it to be rushed. It’s not going to be some 50 page effort. It will be a full book, 200-350 pages. I don’t intend to pull any punches on anyone, including myself. I want to tell you the real truth of my experience, because it means that much to me. The good and the bad both have shaped me in ways I could have scarcely imagined just one year ago.

I’ll have more about the book at the end of the week. We’ll do an official preview and all that jazz. In conclusion, though, I would just like to thank all of you. I’ve been through so many ups and downs the last 12 months. There have been posting droughts here and there. Throughout it all, you dedicated readers have never left me. You picked me up off the mat when I was at my lowest point, and for that I will always be grateful. As we continue the month of August, I will look back at some of our triumphs, and hopefully bring you a couple special surprises. But regardless, I appreciate the journey you have made with me thus far. It means the world to me, and it will never be forgotten.

  1. GamerGate has brought a lot of people to my attention: Milo Yiannopoulos, Allum Bhokari, Christina Hoff Summers, the various crew at TechRaptor, and of course yourself. I saw firsthand how ignorant I was of the failings of gaming media and am grateful to have so many alternatives.

    Here’s to the new world we now live in, and the future we’re building without the old guard.

  2. When I first read about TRR we had an argument over one of his articles, and surprisingly Ralph didn’t go full e-queen manbaby about it, we resolved the situation like grown men.
    Then I saw Ralph has a thick skin and doesn’t get scared into not talking certain things by muh PR folks, coercion attempts bounce off him, he scoffs dogpiles from ecelebs away and pisses down their throats, he keeps his frame and isn’t afraid of exposing facts even if they give him bad PR within neo-GG.
    This is one of the leftovers of 2014 GG, the active GG, the GG that feared nothing and didn’t fall to fear tactics. 1 year of psychological terrorism can change people, and it did, but it not change Ralph. He had his moments, but they did not break him, they made him stronger.

    Keep going man and don’t change a thing.

  3. Happy Anniversary. I’m still around too, but in a more profoundly “lurky” sense. All these terrible human beings on the opposition… it’s what it must have been like dealing with the Nazi’s as they rose to power in Germany. My poor little cracked psyche just can’t deal. XD

    1. The first time I willingly checked out a page on tumblr. And I have to say the truths are pretty upsetting.

          1. Yeah, having fun with these things is better than pure raging, though both have their place I suppose.

          2. Raging is good in moderation. It’s a natural reaction to something that upsets us and, in theory, should open up discussion.
            However raging non-stop makes one ignorant and close minded. It can definitely affect the way one acts.


          3. My life was funnier before I began paying attention to the culture wars, not going to lie.

            South Park references are always gold.

          4. Laughter is life.
            Classic simpsons, South park are always good for laughs.

            Hell started watching some old celebrity deathmatch. Pure work of genius.

          5. You talking my language, Simpsons references are still huge to me.

            South Park is one of the few shows that has aged well and stayed on point; in fact I’d argue their satire is far better than it was in the early years.

  4. You are the best at what you do Ralph, and what you do isn’t pretty.

    Keep up the great work exposing these freaks for what they are.

  5. I’ve been here since the beginning. Keep up the good fight, ignore the “muh PR” shills, keep triggering SJWs.

  6. I chanced into this website on occasion when GG blew up. Like most, I was trying to figure out what the hell it was. I hadn’t been an avid gamer for years at that point and the last games journalism I had read was EGM.

    I found it brash and funny, so I kept coming. I find the commenting community good too. Even strong disagreements are hashed out in a respectful way, in part because the community understands that the people who come here are not retarded.

    Congrats on your success Ralph from a part of Canada where SJWs have not taken over.

  7. It’s been one hell of a ride Mr.TheRalph. The very first time I heard about you when I was still learning about GG was through a Stream on YouTube you did with Sargon, RougeStar, KingofPol, InternetAristocrat, and mundanematt back in August or October I think. When the shit hit the fan a few months in some well known figures in GG had lost there spaghetti, others had shut down there YouTube channels and went off the grid, other GG supporters got doxxed, swatted, and even recieved death threats due to all the e-drama.

    Though GG had taken a lot of nasty hits from the gaming press and the MSM. Which would have cause most some people to breakdown and give up, but not you Ralph. Sure you had your fair share of hardships, but you never threw in the towel and you were down.

    So, I just wanted to thank you for not caving in to the Twatters, Tumblrinas, radical 3rd wave feminazis, dog fuckers, pedophiles, or hastags created by these fascists. As you’ve said yourself one that GG is a multi year project and your here to play hard ball not to play patty cake. Which I can respect. And thanks for the lulz as well and hope you keep up the good work Mr.TheRalph.


  8. Happy anniversary(or upcoming one, it was the 14th right?) let’s send these SJWs out to pasture on the credibility side of things.

  9. It’s been an amazing year, an amazing ride. I came in when Mundane Matt got the false DMCA claim. I had seen many false DMCA claims before by people who’d been flagged by for having opinions feminists didn’t like, and I expected this to be just another casualty. The number of MRAs it happened to in the previous couple of years was and still is staggering. Only GamerGate was able to fight back. I never expected it and it was awesome.

    1. SJWs have been dying for a while now, it was just a matter of time until they pissed off a group that hit back hard enough to trigger a collapse.

      Of course they were dumb enough to go after people with determination, tech savviness, and willingness to ally with those who have common cause.

  10. What is the strategy being implemented so that GG isn’t necessary for a two year anniversary? I fear it will turn into one of those movements like the faux progressive movement where they depend on the outrage to make a living.

    Not accusing anyone of that yet, but I’d love for somebody to begin the conversation about how to definitively win the fight or offer a given idea of when the fight might come to a close.

    **waiting for the slew of insults, no true scotsman, and straw men I’ve been getting recently***

    1. i don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I will say that the larger ideas behind GG prevent it from ever truly being “Over”.

      The unethical journalists and the professional victims are just a symptom of a far bigger problem – rampant, diseased “social justice”

      Luckily the pushback to the root cause has already begun…

  11. I remember I hated this site the first time I came here, don’t worry, I hate most things the first time around on the Internet

  12. Ralph, if I remember correctly I was reading you since you just started covering gamergate, I think there was about 4 or 5 articles up. You came a long way and you did so much for this movement and I am proud of you for not leaving after so many shit, and sticking out while so many others left and burned under pressure.
    I can’t read your articles as much as I did before, and I can’t even follow gg as much as I did before, but when I manage to get back online for a normal period of time your site is the first I visit and the first place I go to catch up.
    I am happy that you created a place for all of us gamers to congregate and come togheter to share our toughts and it always warms my heart to see familirat commenters, and new ones who come and stay. I sadly probably won’t be able to come at all here, but this site, and this whole gamergate thing, was one of the little things that I will really miss.
    Thank you dude.

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