I took a nap after the story from this morning. It took about 3 hours to put all that together, plus I did have to take some breaks to laugh about Heat Street and the creepo himself, so you have to factor that in as well. Regardless, I’m back with some more funny shit to talk about. I usually don’t have to do as much work as I did this morning, let’s face it. Most of the time this stuff kinda writes itself.

Like today, with one of the stars from the new Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones, having a Twitter freakout. There’s nothing much I have to do other than post some of her madness and then make some jokes about how much the movie sucks. Speaking of the movie, I actually have another post I want to do on that. I’ll save it for later.

Let’s get to Leslie going full Harambe first…

Pure comedic genius, but I like this one better…


We should all be cheering for women though, don’t you guys understand?

Yes, I realize some people were sending her some pretty nasty and mean stuff as well, but as someone with experience in this area I can only say that she shouldn’t have reacted. Once it was clear that people were able to get a rise out of her the shit multiplied by 5,000,000. Now she will likely never get away from this treatment. I mean shit like this is just too funny to cease (she even retweeted furry porn at one point and attached a lamentation for mankind to it)…

Keep in mind, that wasn’t even a troll. It was just a consumer saying she wanted a different black woman in the role. Then once people figured out she gets triggered by Harambe, it was all over…

What troll could resist something like this hahaha? Oh, and what virtue-signalling cuck could resist riding in to the rescue?

Yes, a Twitter trolling session is worthy of all this. I’m just writing about it to laugh at it, but BuzzFeed is already on it as well as numerous other outlets. This is “news” now. Did I forget to mention that #BlackLivesMatter?


What a world.


UPDATE: Speaking of the column I have planned for later, let’s not forget what this is most likely about…


UPDATE II: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent this tweet out to Ms. Jones a short time ago…



UPDATE III: The director of the new Ghostbusters, Paul Feig, is still getting trolled, plus Leslie Jones is still acting like this is some sort of national tragedy…



  1. Difference between Leslie Jones and Harambe:

    One is an ugly, stupid, worthless, vicious creature that speaks only in grunts.

    The other is a gorilla.

      1. Their ain’t no pain where poor Harambe went…Actually there isn’t much of anything he is feeling now. πŸ™

  2. Well, they made fun of Ghostbusters fans, calling them “40 year old basement dwellers”.
    Its not groovy anymore once the tables are turned, right?

    1. And “Cis white males.” Don’t agree with the lolcow farming but they made it about gender/race first.

    1. I felt bad too, until I saw some of the vile shit they were tweeting out at ther potential customers/fans. Then I called her an ape too. Fuck her. And fuck Feig too. They don’t deserve success if they shit in the face of their own audience.

      But that’s just my two cents :

  3. I had some sympathy for her since she obviously doesn’t know how to deal with trolls, but when she made the BLM statement is when she lost me. Also she’s doing nothing to break the angry black woman stereotype.

    1. yeah i had some sympathy for her too and tried to tell her internet 101 ignore and block em but nope she said me and anyone else who told her that is an idiot and she knows better, as if handling bullies in real life is the same as handling them on the internet.

      1. I did a similar thing weeks ago and got blocked from her twitter feed for my efforts. My mistake was pointing out that sexism wasn’t the root cause for the Ghostbusters backlash but apparently while trolling sexual comments is ok, attempting to actually state what is wrong with Ghostbusters is not.

    2. yeah, ppl thinking ghostbusters were racist for here role in the movie didn’t realize they just let her adlib and do whatever she wanted.

      bitch is cray

      1. Sorry, but if they typecast someone and what they adlib is racist, chances are they knew what to expect since they did typecasting in the first place. It’s not like any of this was a surprise for Leslie Jones. Her acting career isn’t exactly that of Meryl Streep with how many different types of roles she has done.

    3. No matter WHAT her comedy syle is, she doesn’t deserve to be called a gorilla or baboon, OR have her own pic sent to her with the face of the pic covered in semen.
      All that twitter attack was, was a few angry white racist men.
      People like you like to talk about the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype, but all I see with comments like yours is an angry white man talking.

      1. I didn’t say she deserve it.

        You have no idea of the gender or race of the people who sent here those tweets.

        “but all I see with comments like yours is an angry white man talking.” – I don’t care what you see. You know nothing about my race or gender and nothing that I said implies anger.

      2. Your psychic powers are astounding. If you have not already done so, you should consider augmenting your welfare payments with some crystal ball gazing and tea leaf reading on the side.

  4. What the fuck racist side of the internet did I stumble upon here? Y’all should have more shame jfc.

    1. Sorry, sjw fag, the shame trick doesn’t work anymore, try telling us about our privilege instead, that might do it.

      Man, I love these one post wonder trolls, who just “happened” upon this site and are “Appalled” by what they see. How’d you “stumble across us loser, Jezebel or The Mary Sue?” Either way, you can fuck off right back.

    2. I suppose we should all hate kikes and gas fags like your beloved monkey, right? Cuz from what I’ve seen of this… thing’s… melt down, anyone who is on her side may as well stand at attention and zeig fucking heil.

    3. Did someone happen to show you the way here? Oh boy, if you are lost, we can direct you to the nearest safespace if you want?

    4. You know that shaming and being a complete arse to people who do not follow your cult is so 2014 right?

      Also this whole racist thing, you SJW’s are the racists mate, so go self flagellate somewhere else please, you’re the ones that treat black people like they are small children.

      These people here are treating Lesley and Paul Fig like ADULTS, so please go to the kiddies tables if you cannot handle it.

    1. Their SJW lunatic production head Amy Pascal is adamant that they will continue the series.

      If this is the hill she wants to die on then so be it. All I would ask is that she BEG Edgar Wright to do the next one. Offer him the money she refused to pay David Fincher to do the Steve Jobs movie.

  5. Hell, I’m still laughing because all the big outlets are trying to make it sound like Ghostbusters is a smash hit making $46 million opening weekend. It’s like “You guys understand it still has over $100 million to go before it’s actually profitable, right?” Face it Jones, you’re a joke regardless.

    1. With production costs and marketing this thing has to touch about $400 million before they see a cent of profit.

      And with a Chinese boycott to deal with there’s a couple hundred million of potential box office off the table.

      The desperate Liberal media can spin it all they like, but the cold, hard fact is that this is a fucking disaster.

      One good thing is that it may finally silence all this “James Bond as a woman” bullshit.

      1. this might kill the why not do “X” but recast a already established character as a genderswapped version

      2. I can only hope you’re right. As a huge Bond fan, the “live-in girlfriend” thing already has me worried for the future of the franchise.

      3. Actually, China’s very secular stance is causing Ghosbusters not to be shown over there. “Depictions of the paranormal” is being cited as the reason why it’s not going to be played there.

  6. When famous people go on the internet they do realize countless random people are going to send them strange messages right?

  7. When the SJW’s can’t handle criticism, they go running to their safe spaces, in this case Jack of Twitter, who will in no doubt come down on those criticising the film and Leslie. I don’t agree with the Gorilla tweets as we gotta be better then the lefties and SJW who cry foul and shout Racists at every turn. We can be the better people by bringing fair points to the debate without getting into such territories though.

  8. Congratulations Leslie you may have put more people off wanting to see that feminazi propaganda flick

    If Midnights Edge does another video on Fembusters will this be mentioned?


    Also, did she fail to realize that all humans were apes?

    Does she even know Evolution?

  10. with dirty jack on the case who knows, maybe we’ll see a mass banning
    this might all count as “abuse” according to his biased rules which only work when the right people are on the receiving end of the mean words

  11. The producer, director and the usual feminist outlets have been publicly telling people that:

    – the movie is not for men
    – the movie is not for fans or lifelong fans
    – the movie is not for nerds / geeks
    – how people are sexists and misogynists if they do not like the movie
    – how men are 40 year old basement dwellers / cis white males if they do not like the movie
    – the movie is a win for feminism
    – the GIRL POWER staff and cast photo
    – James Rolfe / AVGN is a sexist and misogynist for not wanting to review the movie

    They whine and cry about “sexism” and “misogyny” 24/7 non-stop, but are perfectly happy to be sexist, misandrist and racist towards heterosexual white men.

    Therefore fuck these people and fuck Leslie Jones. Feminism is cancer.

  12. The fact she retweeted furry porn is fucking epic. That Twilight Sparkle gender-bended and self-fellating was more than I was prepared to see though. XD And poor Pepe!

  13. So we’re supposed to feel sympathy for her for some mean tweets but look at the following:

    -Feminists and the MSM treating James Rolfe (who happens to be my number one hero with Mike Matei at number 2 and AlphaOmegaSin at 3) like a misogynist simply because he does not want to see the movie.
    -SJWs treating fans of the original like garbage.
    -Paul Frieg using the gender and race card as a weapon to try and shame us into seeing the movie.
    -Feminists outright saying they could care less if the movie sucks just to ruin men’s childhood memories.
    -Sony exposed to bribing some movie critics for good reviews.
    -Many news sites calling any critic of the movie, women haters.
    -Paul Frieg supporting Femcunt Frequency.

    I admit I did feel sorry for her at first, but considering all the crap we got, she got off light.

  14. I didn’t watch the first Ghostbusters and certainly won’t watch this one. As far as Leslie Jones goes, she’s here today, gone tomorrow, like so many others.

  15. I love how she resorts to profanity and childish insults when confronted (and also tells women they should support other women because VAGINA POWER), but immediately pulls the ‘woe is me, for I’m being attacked by meanie-heads on the Twitterz’ card, along with the movie’s pet cuck-puppet.

    1. Yes, aren’t you astonished by these double standards? I really have to wonder how did the US got in this situation where a group full of hypocrisy has so much power.

  16. Leslie Jones is a millionaire public figure who will receive widespread public sympathy, and “white men” will all be lumped together once again by the reprehensible media as dangerous sociopaths who are threatened by the existence of black people.

  17. I heard that Sony, WB, and Legendary are fighting for the rights to a live action Pokemon movie. I hope Sony doesn’t get the rights.

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