I know there’s only an hour and a half or so left in the day, but I wanted to write a short post wishing Mike Cernovich a Happy Birthday (even though I already did so over on Twitter). I can honestly say that he’s one of the coolest people I’ve met throughout my travails here on the site. I’d never heard of the guy before October 2014, but he burst on the scene like a monster and hasn’t let up even once ever since. After I got familiar with him, I went back and read some of his old work on Danger & Play. That stuff is well worth your time, too.

I’ve conducted two interviews with him here on TheRalphRetort.com. Check those out if you get a chance:

Interview 1 (2015)
Interview 2 (2016)

The second one is particularly prescient:

Ralph:You were one of the first guys I saw who said Donald Trump was going to take it all the way and become president. Even Milo, who I have great respect for, didn’t think that would happen. Hell, I didn’t think it would happen either, even though I did say Trump would make a lot of noise and called the media idiots for underestimating him last summer. But what made you so dead-set about your prediction?

Cernovich: I knew based on my conversations with people that PC culture had gone too far. People were tired of SJWs and their little hate mobs in the media, and people were tired of beta cucks in the GOP.

Trump also knew how to play the media. He could create drama that would dominate the news cycle. He was also tougher than anyone else running.

That said, to be honest, at first I thought this was Cruz’s election to take. Cruz is a genius. I could have seen either Cruz or Trump winning, which turned out to be what happened.

In life you must take risks. Calling an election for Cruz wasn’t a ballsy move. That’s boring. Why say what everyone else says? I saw Trump was on the rise and called it early because in life if you don’t have guts, you’ll never have glory.

Oh, I also reviewed his upcoming movie, Silenced. Our War on Free Speech. It’s a great film, especially for the thinking man (or woman).

Long story short, I’m a big Cernovich fan and I consider him a friend. Go wish him a Happy Birthday if you haven’t already.