Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, but I hope to make up for it. I’ve been credentialed as a member of the press for the Donald Trump rally in middle Virginia today at noon. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive, so I’m on my way now. I’ll be updating the site throughout the day with pictures and reaction from the event. I hope it will be as entertaining for you as it almost assuredly will be for me.

I just got settled here in the media area and have been spending my time so far taking to a nice lady from the county newspaper called The Patriot. I’ll get some more photos and videos here in just a bit. Trump is scheduled to be here in around 2 hours.

The rally is now over. I’ll be back with a lot more later on. I have footage of protesters acting goofy (and it was the same section I picked out before Trump got here lol) and I’ll upload it as soon as I get back. I also have to write more on what it was like to be in the room. It was incredible. Check my Twitter feed for a more thorough rundown in the meantime if you don’t feel like waiting.