Sometimes, irony really kicks you in the fucking head. I saw Brianna Wu tweet about the truce she struck with Stardock CEO Brad Wardell earlier today. I went about my business, and didn’t think much of it. Good for them if they want to be civil. It doesn’t really affect me one way or the other. But right before I ate dinner, I got word that Wu was catching a lot of heat over her decision. Calling this amusing would be a severe understatement. 

Here’s the Twitter rundown, in case you missed it:

All this seemed rather reasonable to me. Two professionals sat down, and decided to stop taking shots at each other. This is not an uncommon occurrence. It happens in business settings all the time. No one in GamerGate (that I saw) got upset by it. But guess who did?

The anti’s.

Not only did they get upset, they pretty much turned on Wu. Here’s a few screens & Tweets from the day’s festivities:


Ok, it’s hard to argue with that one lol.

It’s still happening right now, as we speak. I’m sure I missed some good ones, so if you have any of your own, please do submit them down in the #BasedCommentSection, cause we need to have all this shit documented. By the way, a funny thing happened while I was writing this story. Well, it’s actually sad, not funny.

Instead of sticking to her guns, Wu has decided to be a coward and try to crawl back into the SJW Cult’s good graces. Like I said on Twitter, she MIGHT have gotten away with this if she was Anita or Zoe. But since no one really likes her in the first place, she has a lot shorter leash than the other two do. So, she has to count on her groveling skills instead:

Selection_999(560) Selection_999(561)

Brianna Wu finally does something cool and sane, but the SJWs refuse to accept it. They’re acting like the cult we always knew they were. Even a figurehead like Wu isn’t exempt from their bloodthirsty ways. Anyone who even thinks about finding common ground with their declared enemies will be pilloried and shitted on. I doubt we’ll see any more peacemaking efforts in the future. The anti’s have decided that it should be total war, 100% of the time. I know GamerGate will continue to speak to anyone who offers dialogue, as we always have (without selling out our principles). The other side can no longer say the same thing with a straight face.


UPDATE: Brad Wardell has commented on this hilarious turn of events…


UPDATE II: Maybe if you try self-flagellation, they will forgive you, Brianna? Do that next.


  1. I have little respect for Wu, I don’t like her as a person, I don’t like her game, I don’t like seeing her face. That said, I do feel bad for her having those that supported her throw her under the bus for simply having a conversation with someone.

    The wolves she helped lead turned on her and are ripping her apart. She was their shield, they used her to promote their agenda and tossed the moment she thought for herself rather than SJW business as usual. It was one thing for them to turn on some no name SJW that few had heard about, but them turning on Wu? This sets a precedence. They can and will turn on anyone who stops Listening and Believing for even a second.

    1. I don’t know what I’d do if the turned on Zoe Quinn and her trust fund baby boyfriend. They know to keep their heads down. I also can’t wait for the lawsuits against them when they try to offer counseling services without the proper training and licenses. You don’t really think for a second they’ll do that shit legitimately? lol really, by the time their little scam website comes online, I have a funny feeling the SJWs won’t be bitching about being traumatized anymore. They’re in pure aggro mode now because of the fact the public at large has been presented a negative image of gamers and the industry thanks SOLELY to their actions.

  2. Anti’s don’t much like actual conversations, Wu should of known that, she cannot act surprised ;d and if she does act surprised, it is in fact just in act. It is Wu after all. She is just a fucking act.

  3. I still wonder why Brianna doesn’t agree with Brad on gamergate… why does she believe ethics in journalism is a bad thing? She saw first-hand that Brad isn’t some women-hating maniac like she seemingly thought he was, shouldn’t that give her a fucking hint that much of gamergate is like that too? I mean, the SJWs see Brad as one of the Gamergate supervilains or whatever, right? And she saw, straight up, that he wasn’t actually a bad guy.


    But I do obviously have to give her credit. She put her stupidity aside for a minute there and had a conversation like a normal decent human being and even realized that maybe the other “side” wasn’t all bad, that should be seen as a good step forward from everyone, right? A show to both sides that maybe there’s some decency on the other? But nope, instead the SJWs just kept proving that they’re scum, and throwing their “own people” under the bus. Because they can’t live if they don’t hate. If they stop hating for a minute they’ll likely kill themselves.

    1. For the first time she’s shown to not be 100% a dick (there’s a joke somewhere here…), and for that she deserve a modicum of credit. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe she’s mostly scum anyways (let’s say 99% a dick), of course, and that much is irreversible at this point. She’s a shitty person and nothing she can do at this point will change my perception of that.

      1. Totally agreed. What’s happening here is exactly what she was building up to herself and was too stupid to realize she was doing it. She didn’t realize it could get back at her at the smallest possible thing, and it’s hitting hard. And that’s fine by me.

        If anything it will continue to show to people on neither “side” that the SJW side is full crazy and obviously not worth supporting.

      2. She used to be a dick to people, but now that they’re upset at her she turned into a pussy.

        Is that joke good enough for you?

        Seriously though, I never thought I’d see the day where Wu is the one being reasonable. It’s like we’re in the twilight zone inside the twilight zone that is social justice.

    2. why does she believe ethics in journalism is a bad thing?

      Because she needs crooked journos to shill her shitty game.

      She saw first-hand that Brad isn’t some women-hating maniac like she seemingly thought he was, shouldn’t that give her a fucking hint that much of gamergate is like that too?

      Key Word: SEEMINGLY.

      She doesn’t really believe it, she just pretends to for the victimbux.

  4. Of course they will, the only thing SJWs hate more than men, women and people of any race is trans people.

    1. O.o You’re kidding right? Transgenderism is like, the ultimate high in the class of oppression. SJWs hate TERFs.

      1. Most of them are undercover TERFs. As long as transfolks toe the line then they’re “accepted”. It’s a marriage of convenience, nothing more.

        Which is not to say that our side doesn’t also have issues with transfolks.

        1. Honestly, I’m just now seeing that due to a handful of recent tweets in Wu’s direction. Can you provide me with more information and sources which led you to come to this conclusion?

          1. Two reasons – how I’ve seen them behave in the months up to now and because of the nature of feminism and how it deals with quiltbag issues.

            Feminism has a seriously troubled history with all but the L in quiltbag dating back decades. It’s nothing new. This whole sjw all for one and one for all charade is based upon the fact that the only reason feminism attaches itself to quiltbag issues is because it is utterly irrelevant otherwise. Universally feminists continue to treat transmen as honorary women. Acceptance for transwomen has generally been grudging at best. The term TERF exists because feminists want you to believe it’s some tiny minority of haters. It’s not true. Transmisogyny is everywhere. And don’t dare get off message or you’re “not a real woman anyway”.

            It’s a hate movement. You can’t expect love out of it. Sure they want to co-opt quiltbag issues. That’s political expediency, nothing more.

            I’m afraid I don’t have a gazillion links handy. Janice Raymond was highly influential – and anyone claiming that feminism has ever embraced transwomen with open arms is being utterly dishonest.

          2. Don’t forget that it would be extraordinarily hypocritical.

            So you know it’s a good fit for SJWs.

      2. How do I sound like I’m kidding? SJWs hate everyone that even slightly disagree with them, and as it turns out trans people who disagree with them get even more hate then women who disagree with them (which is a lot, as we’ve seen many times thus far).

        1. >.> Yeah….. just saw a tweet in the conversation above ours. I’m actually shocked. Good call m8.

      3. TERF.. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. It’s the SJW pejorative for any feminist group that actively opposes the idea of accepting transgender MtFs as fellow women. They also tend to have a ravenous hatred for FtMs, whom they consider gender traitors who have willing induced themselves with “Testosterone Poisoning.”

    2. Actually, that’s pretty close to one of the first popular quotes from a full time feminist activist back in the 80s on the subject of accepting MtFs into the sisterhood.

  5. This should prove to all the people looking in how insane the anti gamers are. They turn on their own mother if it could score them brownie points and patreon money. Fuck these parasites and fuck the people who listen to their bullshit. FFS how about thinking for yourself instead of just being lead by an insane person off a cliff.

  6. This is who these people are. If you don’t share their ideological vision, you’re a fool, and if you actively oppose it then you’re a villain. This is literally their religion, and for them this is like a Cardinal telling a devout Catholic that he had coffee with Satan, and that even though they still disagree on some stuff, he’s really not such a bad guy.

    1. I dunno about Satan, but there was a fairly intense shitstorm a while back revolving around some documents turned up in an archaeological dig that described a new gospel; that of Judas Iscariot.

  7. I don’t give a fuck about Wu or what she’s dealing with.

    For over six months now she has lied endlessly. She’s thrown all of #GamerGate under a bus and profited from it, all the while leading the same horde that is now turning on her against us. Any of you who are like “What’s happening to her is messed up.” need to remember how things got to this point in the first place. Is it ALL on her? No, but a lot of it is, and she’s never apologized for it and she never WILL because it’ll open her up to authorities fining her or worse.

    You don’t cry harassment and profit off of it when there is none. You don’t blame a group of people for harassing you as your dog is dying when it didn’t happen, and you were too busy looking for tweets instead of taking care of your damn dog. You don’t go and fucking FAKE harassment on Steam, get caught, and then just go back to business. Fuck that.

    I don’t give a FUCK about Wu. You shouldn’t either. Sit back and watch this madness happen to her, she deserves every fucking moment of it. She is not a martyr. She is not a decent human being. She’s a fucking lying narcissist who has and WILL turn on anyone if she feels she can make money. You’ve seen it happen over and over again, don’t forget it.

      1. Exactly my thoughts. In gamergate, most of us can live with people we disagree with – But SJWs have made a religion of making those they disagree with into outcasts. It’s only a matter of time before they all turn on each other for one thing or another.

        It’s also aptly amusing after watching Agents of Shield yesterday, and the theme of the episode.

    1. Won’t belong now until they completely tear each other apart. Funny how a well organized same ideology and philosophy can fall apart so easily while the disorganized group with different backgrounds, ideologies and philosophies are able to hold together much better. Kind of reminds me of Mass Effect 3. The Prothean Empire fell apart because they were all the same but the current galaxy with the mixed races and backgrounds made them a much harder target for the Reapers.

  8. It is by salt alone that they set the lulz in motion
    It is by the salt of F.U.B.A.R.
    That the eyes acquire tears
    The butt acquires hurt
    The hurt becomes comedic
    It is by salt alone that they set the lulz in motion.

  9. Wu never believed in sex negative feminism, just saw a herd that could be fleeced and is now going to move on because there’s nothing left to take. Did you know that Cuckoos practice “brood parasitism”?

  10. Someone should remind Lilian Woods that not only did Wu want to meet with @Nero, she wanted people like Woods to pitch in so Wu & Milo could fly out to California for some dim sum.

  11. This is what happens when they all shut themselves into the same block/hug box. Pretty soon the food’s gonna run out.


    Cannibalism EVERYWHERE.

  12. honestly once the aGG’s started piling on she just should have stuck with it, those people do not forgive

  13. And now, the proper music for the Coup de grâce::

    Now that she has absolutely nowhere to go and oblivion is the only visible path after her game didn’t net her any merits to survive in the industry, lets offer her a place in #GamerGate…..with a few conditions: We want her to publically admit to EVERY.SINGLE.GODDAMMED.WRONGDOING SHE DID to #GamerGate and other people. All neatly archived for future generations to show that you cant get away with this kind of shit and more:

    That there is a chance for redemption before the inevitable:

    Of course, we might have to wait for her to actually hit rock bottom before we proceed. There is always a deeper abyss waiting for you to fall into.

  14. I cannot conceive how these people can even stand one another. I can only assume that their hive mind mentality is what keeps them together. When someone shows signs of breaking from the hive, they all turn on the betrayer with no remorse or regret. They are almost like soulless automatons, incapable of any kind of personal growth or self reflection. Words cannot describe how much I despise these people. I am not at all surprised to see that Wu backed down immediately to the collective. She deserves all the hate she gets from everyone but I still cannot help but feel sorry for her. I guess those human emotions disqualify me from ever joining the cult of social justice, thank god for that.

    1. “I can only assume that their hive mind mentality is what keeps them together.”

      I don’t see it that as an assumption. I think it’s the only reasonable conclusion for how quickly these people turned on Wu. She was useful to them, but then she did this one thing and now she no longer is.

      The truly incredibly thing is that they couldn’t possibly be any more obvious about that if they tried. There are people who have even expressed relief that Wu “fucked up” so that they don’t have to continue to pretend like her game isn’t shit. Like…wow.

  15. I think she has understand that sjw market its like the 0,0001% of gamers (maybe if megaphone-chan cover you with her fantastic ‘imma the gaming journalism’ powers you reach the 0,0002%) so Wu now is trying to make some contact with people in the industry (bc be the champion of these human wastes at gamerghazi didnt help your carrer nor your sales).

    In my pov she is the same cancer that was yesterday so dont look at me expecting support, pity or whatever. Watching these people I can only laugh.

  16. I had a real shitty day today, but coming home to check up on the The Ralph Retort only to find out that the SJW’s/Feminazis are tearing eachothers throats out is absolutely… satisfying. Now I can sleep tonight in absolute bliss. 🙂

  17. I have to wonder if she’ll come crying to GamerGate eventually, and if any would accept her. I admit that of what I’ve read of her opinions on the industry as a whole, she doesn’t seem all that rancid in the way that Anita Sarkeesian and Alex LIfschitz are (I don’t know much about Zoe Quinn, but she can’t be too pro-freedom if she’s dating that dickbag); having expressed positive opinions towards things Anita dissed. Why she’s against us to begin with, I’m not sure, unless she’s buying the journalists’ association of a hashtag with shit that largely happened before it was even created.

    That’s a simplistic way to look at evil; assuming it has a single face you can punch into oblivion, but with her experiences I can’t exactly blame her for buying into it for comfort. Unfortunately, the downside of that is that the myth gets busted eventually. Pretty soon, she probably will have no idea whom to turn to…which alas, was probably the reality for many fledgling developers before this conflict propped up cliques, and may soon be the reality again.

    1. Yeaaaaaaah, no. No one is gonna want a thing to do with that poisonous bitch. She is done like burnt ass dinner. Time for the rubbish bin.

      1. Don’t throw the idea out entirely. One of the best ways to destroy an enemy is to turn them into an ally, and having Wu turn her coat would be a particularly delicious way to gut the aGGros.

        1. You don’t make an ally out of someone like Wu, though. I mean, this is the same person who falsely accused us of causing a trans developer’s death, and who claimed we were harassing her even as her dog lay dying at her feet. You might be able to employ her special brand of crazy for your own use for awhile, but she’d stab you in the back as soon as she’s comfortable that she’s got something to gain from doing it.

        2. She’s is such a greedy, unethical, two-faced manipulator who has directly and indirectly harmed so many people that to associate in ANY way with her, other than in a purely professional capacity (and even then I would be hesitant, I mean, really, what does she have to offer anyone?) is to have your shit begin to stink of hers.

          1. I understand, but keep in mind it’s not for her benefit. It’s to continue chipping away at the fragile edifice that is ‘Ermahgerd, GG = misogyny and evul!’.

            And don’t think I wouldn’t ask for some form of penance. I may be a lapsed Catholic but reconciliation and forgiveness still require you to acknowledge your error.

          2. I don’t think we should shun her like a heretic, but I don’t think we should embrace her either, not that she’d want that. I’m perfectly fine with talking to them, if just for the sake of drawing out more of their insanity.

        3. Wu does have potential as a media doll for our side. But that is about the extent of what I’d say we should use her for, should she come to us. Put her out on the same circuit that originally ate her bullshit up by the spoonful and not only have her admit her lies and guilt in fabricating this nonsense, but go on to expose everything she can about the aGG side: What they do, what they say, how they act, and how it’s all one great big pile of bullshit.

          If she did that, I’d be willing to forgive her for past transgressions, but only past ones. I still wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her though, and none of us should even if she comes, /literally/ grovelling and begging for our good will.

      2. Probably not; I just personally believe in trying to be the better man…erm, person in this sort of situation. If they reject it, it’s on them.

  18. God Daaaaaamn they turned on her fast. And what the fuck was with that “cis” comment that one person made? she’s transgender, isn’t she? maybe it’s the “identifying with female pronouns”. Perhaps if it was Shi or Hir? LMAO. GamerGate supporters don’t get butthurt when outreach is done on our side, trying to dig through the rancid cloud of retardation and group think on the SJW side of things, but the SJWs sure do.

    Let this stand as PROOF when this is said about SJWs/Anti-Gamers:

    All that matters to them is their ideology. That’s why they started this shitstorm in the media to begin with, and why the SJW run media was so happy to run with it. They are INTOXICATED by the stench of their own bullshit and vitriol. The second one of their number tries to have a moment of civility and sanity they flip their shit. The really special part is how many of them DELIBERATELY tolerated her awful mess of a game, “because she was a woman/trans/”one of them”.

    Let that be a lesson to you – these psychos don’t have the well being of the medium in mind and they aren’t interested in quality either; the only thing that matters is pushing their narrative through propaganda and promoting their ideology and self interests.

    1. Figure Wu is out of the game. Really after this I doubt they’ll take her back. She may try to continue on her own but good luck with that. Quinn has been off the radar for awhile. Now it’s only a matter of time until Sarkeesian fucks up somewhere. Which is funny because these 3 women are essential to their whole “sexist” narrative. Once they lose that they really have nothing left.

      1. By all counts Sarkeesian fucked up before she was even on the scene. Just need to get someone in public media to report things as they are and hope that they sink in.

      2. Sarkeesian doesn’t want to deal with GamerGate anymore. She has her charity set up which means she and Captain Unfuckable White Guy can basically just never pay taxes again while doing as little work as possible. She was never in any real danger, she was never really feeling harassed, that was just the narrative she promoted to make money. And the journalists helped her.

        On the upside, the media’s message is going to be REAL fucking hollow when their 3 “victims” up and magically disappear from their “deeply held convictions about the battle for the soul of gaming”.

  19. What the fuck is their “cause” exactly? GamerGate is about transparency in games journalism and an end to the PROVEN culture of corruption that exists there. They are staunchly opposed to GamerGate and claim it is “entirely about hate”. I’ve heard them say they want more women in the industry, but, sorry children, the only way that happens if more women take an interest and the necessary STEM CLASSES IN SCHOOL YOU IGNORANT MOTHER FUCKERS. *deep breaths* Seriously.

    The programming/game design/development market is MASSIVELY over saturated. This means that if women are going to get in over the men they are competing with who greatly outnumber them, they need to be either damn talented, or agree to work for less starting pay compared to other applicants (which, guess what? That’s what they do. Sucks to be the ‘Mexican day laborers’ of the tech sector, but hey, solidarity among the marginalized, eh? Eh?).

    So, essentially, they’re pro corruption, anti ethics, anti transparency, pro group think, anti free speech, sex negative, anti male, anti white, anti “cis”, pro authoritarianism and they somehow magically think all of that PURE EVIL bullshit will somehow improve a NONEXISTENT ‘problem’ in gaming culture, you know, the ‘problem’ DIGRA was so gracious to explain doesn’t exist, but that needs to be agitated about in order to affect ‘needed changes’ to further ‘social justice’. UGH.

    1. From what I can tell, these are ultra – degrade all men, make them a slave race until its figured out how women can breed by themselves, then kill all men – feminist.

      If God, who of course is a woman, came down from Haven flanked by the Heavenly Host and said “Men Aren’t All Bad” they’d spit in her face regardless of what followed.

      If GG gets what it ultimately wants, which is just semi-trustworthy reviews, blog sites that follow editorial ethical standards with a minimum of yellow journalism styled headlines and DIGRA either went away or stopped being corrupt, anti-GG will still be there. Its an unfortunate truth at this point.

      1. Well put. As a fun note, scientists recently figured out how to extract DNA from two 2 males via samples taken from skin cells and using stem cells create artificial sperm and egg. Teh Ghey’s will be able to reproduce now w/o some bint getting to change her mind at the last second and go “it’s half mine!”. Still working on those artificial wombs like in the Matrix though.

        Is slightly more tricky for lezzies since they don’t have a Y chromosome, so no males from them. Not that they’d want any, unless of course they were going to convince them they were really female and get their genitals mutilated and on hormone treatment before they’d even come remotely near puberty (this actually happened).

        1. Do you have the details on that? I’ve heard, VERY vaguely, about a 7 year old getting hormone treatment, but never any of the surrounding details.


            I haven’t met anyone who isn’t a pearl clutching, shrieking radical liberal or a lesbian or a tranny who doesn’t vehemently oppose what happened there as child abuse. I’m a gay man, and while I’m no medical expert, I’m pretty damn sure that making such dramatic, irreversible changes to a fucking PREPUBESCENT child, who by law cannot be claimed to understand the matter.

            Never mind the fact that the parents are outspoken on the matter of the false argument of “gender being social constructed” – gender ROLES are socially constructed; if you have a Y chromosome and therefore in all likelihood a COCK, you are MALE. Deal with it.

            There was also the quaint “coincidence” that they just happened to live in San Francisco, in the vicinity of a hospital that specializes in child hormone therapy and gender reassignment… why that’s a thing I have no idea.

            I’ve never encountered any male children brought up by lesbians who weren’t COMPLETELY indoctrinated to believe in the paradox of female superiority, yet that they are societal oppressed (in the first world, because you can’t group up shit that takes place in the 3rd with the 1st).

          2. Yeah. I knew a few of those of types myself, who defended this under the justification that certain children supposedly know their orientation by that age, which always reeked of bullshit to me.

          3. If a child wants to dress a certain way at home, that’s FINE. In public? Sure, why not? They’re usually androgynous enough to pull it off. But send your kid to school and expect them NOT to get picked on by a bunch of immature, social hierarchy interested kids when they show up in a dress and you are off your fucking ROCKER. You can’t change fundamental human behavior – that which is perceived as against the grain will be rejected. Now, I believe in love and peace and tolerance, but that comes with age and education. Homophobia is learned, but transphobia? That’s an automatic reaction to perceiving something that cannot be related to. It’s a parents job to protect their child and ensure they have the most stable, normative upbringing as possible. After your child goes through puberty, because prior to that their cognitive function will be significantly different, then let them sort their shit out. Until then, don’t fuck you kid up for life, because all you’re doing is creating a life long professional victim, malcontent/agitator and special fucking snowflake.

      2. If there was ever any doubt, the nature of the comments directed at Wu ought to make it perfectly clear that our opponents are largely made up of ideologues, whom in spite of having no horse in this race quite opportunistically involved themselves anyway so that they could use GamerGate to push their personal agendas.

        I kinda feel like there’s an opportunity there to use this mess to our advantage, but I’ll be damned if I can work out exactly what it is.

        1. Well as Wu exposed herself as an ideologue, she pretty much also revealed herself to be an exploitative if delusional opportunist. One who would go so far as to publicly troll herself to generate sympathy from her select grouped, while dropping names and asking for work. Asking to be apart of the industry she’s trying to change for her own benefit.

          Still, for all the self-promotional drama, she’s inconsequential. If the journalism community she’ll actively brown nose, ask out for coffee, does adapt basic editorial ethics, any reviewer she tries to cozy up to will have to recuse themselves from doing stories on her. Directly state in any article they do that they know her at least.

  20. Fuck Brianna Wu, she’s getting everything her hypocritical self deserves and she has much much more to still receive. I hope the sjw’s and the feminists eat her up because no one rational will ever trust her.

  21. This would have been an opportunity for her to retire her crusade and attempts at profiteering and step away…Sadly the backpeddling has begun so yeah thats gonna be interesting…

  22. “Fuck Brianna”
    “Fuck cis scum”
    Time for Wu to come out so she can at least avoid *some* of the criticism being sent her way

    1. lol. Considering the fact that she boarders on transphobic herself? This could actually be a compliment to her.

  23. Wow. I’m surprised how quickly they turned on her. Really shows if you aren’t going in line they will burn you as fast as they can. And this is Brianna Wu. She has helped them build this narrative. The bullshit about her being forced from her home, the gas attack and bomb threat at PAX. And they dropped her just like that. Makes me wonder want caused her to site down and have a peaceful conversation. As much as I hate to say it though I don’t think we should give her a pass. This woman is one of the key factors why Gamergate has such a bad reputation. Calling us terrorists, threatening pax, that whole bullshit about her home. The woman has done her fair share of damage. However this proves we really don’t have to do anything. The SJWs will just tear each other apart. The crowd is getting smaller and smaller with each passing week.

      1. I’m just saying in case anyone was suggesting we show sympathy. Luckily it appears no one has suggested that.

  24. If some of you are thinking of feeling bad for her, remember this is fuking WU we’re talking about here, the same person who’s been profiting off of harassment that she blames gamergate for since the very beginning, accused gamergate for making threats of gassing pax by showing the threat that was made toward US by an antigg, lied about being force out of her home, accused us for harassing her when her dog was sick, and a bunch of other shit. Yes it is BS that the very ppl who stood beside her now are turning on her simply because she had coffee with Brad and said he was an ok guy but still if we learned anything these past 6 months is that Wu deserves little respect and if the antigg and sjws decide to toss her out of their club, don’t give her a pass and welcome her with open arms.

    1. No one is suggesting we give her a pass and welcome her, but one of the things that separates us from them is our willingness to be humane towards those who deserve it. She is still very much our enemy, but that doesn’t mean we have to relish in her anguish. Some of us will choose to show some compassion to her, because this nastiness is unacceptable as a whole. It is that principle which is most important. They’re not wrong to do what they do because they do it to us, but because the vitriol itself is unacceptable.

      That being said, this is also the exact time to relish in schadenfreude.

  25. This just highlights the difference between us and the rabid SJWs. GGers are free to have their own opinions and do their own thing without the pre-approval of others in GamerGate.

    If an SJW does something as simple as talk with someone over coffee about business, but didn’t clear this with the rest of the Borg beforehand, then they are shunned from the collective.

    The irony of all this is that Wardell did jack shit to deserve this vitriol, aside from not towing the ultra-liberal line and having the gall to legally fight the false sexual harassment suit levied against him and win. HOW DARE HE!?

    1. “Remember that time GGers excommunicated Hatman for doing an interview with Brianna Wu?”

      -said no one

    2. There was a thread of tweets by one of Wu’s former followers who claimed to be upset with her because Wu dared to have a civil discussion with a man who, and I’m paraphrasing here “…has attacked many of us.”. The thing is, Wardell hasn’t attacked anyone, and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that he has never even spoken to that particular person at all.

      That really did my head in. These people are just completely horrid creatures.

  26. I find this just glorious. Mostly because she is suffering at the hand of what she help cause. We all know she is not in this business off merit. She can only survive with the use of connections so she needs a lot and a growing number of connections to stay relevant. That’s what bit her in the ass. She has to find some way to appeal to others and having one of those people be a Pro-GG screws her so hard. You can see the massive back pedal and I though if she survives this i doubt she will make the same mistake twice. She’s not THAT stupid.

    1. “She’s not THAT stupid.”

      I’ll bet you $200,000,000 and my spleen that she is and that she will do it again.

  27. I LOVE how the anti’s… well, the journalists really, but they’re essentially the same, always try to make this into a “indie vs AAA” argument. Been reading a few things that were put up on Gamasutra before being quickly pulled down for exceeding even their liberal retard threshold. NO ONE is defending the drek that AAA puts out, when it’s drek. But AAA contains more than Call of Duty and Madden and these people really need to get off those franchises nuts and stop being so fucking jealous they aren’t getting those people’s money. Build a better shooter and don’t fucking cry that “they have more marketing money” – this is the information age douche bags, this thing called “word of mouth” exists.

    And, while some gems have undeniably come out of the Indie scene, at the same time I feel they’ve been a HUGE part of the problem, contributing to the blight that are mobile games and that contaminant spreading out into other genres and platforms. Indie and AAA will never be comparable, and Indie will NEVER trump AAA. That’s the nature of the beast. You buy your few Indie titles to deal with the time between your next AAA purchase and time investment. That is how the industry works; there is no other alternative.

    1. When Sony brought the PS+ subscription service to the PS4 it of course had nothing in the way of AAA titles to offer subscribers, so it supplemented the lack of ’em with indie games, and has continued to foist them on us every fucking month since. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain since they’re “free” with my subscription, but I’ve got a load of these things sitting on my system and the vast majority of them are half-baked crap.

      I’ve always been of the opinion that the only thing that really separates indies from AAA in any meaningful way is that they’re built free of publisher pressure, which while great doesn’t make a game worth half a squirt of lukewarm piss in and of itself. If a game is garbage, it’s going to be garbage whether or not it was made by a huge team or a handful of guys in their garage.

      I mean…I can get why folks are willing to be a bit more forgiving of them, and that’s not a problem. What is, is that all too many folks appear to revere indies simply for existing rather than assess them on a case-by-case basis, and I think that even if they’re a bit more lax than the standards we may hold AAA developers to, we need to hold indie developers to a standard of quality all the same. After all, a glut of garbage is what killed the industry back in the 80’s, and I feel like encouraging folks to trot out shit just because they’re doing it free of publisher pressure could quite easily put us in that position again if left unchecked.

    1. … yet.

      I bet she is going to. Her former comrades (unlike gamergaters) give her a lot of material to work with.

  28. The anti-GG crowd doesn’t give a shit about Brianna. They don’t give a shit about Anita or Zoe. They’d turn on any of them if they ever began to acknowledge the possibility that they have misjudged the ProGamerGate crowd. They don’t care about women being harassed and they don’t care about these people’s creative projects. All they care about is engaging in tribalism. Their whole purpose in this is merely to express their hatred for people who they saw acting dramatically.

  29. Brianna, suck it up, just like we have.
    Here is how it works people. Brianna is a monster. No ifs or buts, a monster.
    She has fucked up over completely and undeservedly. She has had no compunction doing so. She has continually maligned us and drawn attention to herself saying horrible things, in a bid to get more attention and to be seen as more relevant and important than the monster she is.
    She has done reasonably well and has a lot of followers and $3400/month of victim bucks and even getting awards and things.
    But she can’t stop there. She has had two big drives. One is to be a successful games designer and the other is to be a big socio-political player.
    See one was well established and the other suffering, she was happy to trade or gamble a little social capital with the SJWs in return with the gamers that slammed her game.
    She does not want to be seen as the monster she is, she wants to get some cred with gamers and so contacts a game developer popular with gamergate.
    Some of you applaud her for it (so the little red she gets may help with her game design career a smidgeon) but it absolutely was not worth the risk for her victim pandering socio-political game playing.
    She has cooked her own goose.
    She will not gain any more credibility with the SJWs and they will dismiss her. She has not gained enough ground with us to dissuade us to dismissing her or her abilities as a game designer.
    She was never much or a political player nor a game designer. Now she will not be either in future either. She is headed for nowheresville.
    I am glad. She is a monster and deserved no less

    1. I agree she’s dug her own grave here. I don’t think anyone is saying otherwise. Some just have some sympathy, because they view SJW vitriol as wrong no matter who it gets tossed at.

      1. Agreed. It’s unfortunate it had to be this way, but you reap what you sow. And all Wu planted was bias, arrogance and hatred…

      2. It’s fair to express sympathy with Wu for the situation she now find herself in if you’re so inclined, but I think that’s where the line needs to be drawn. Just offer up some condolences and move the hell on, because at the end of the day this is the same opportunistic scrunt (yeah, it’s a word) who amongst other things falsely accused GamerGate of causing a trans developer’s death, and of harassing her while her dog lay dying at her feet.

        Everything that she’s done to-date has been self-serving, so I just want to caution people to avoid letting their guard down just because her mentally imbalanced, socially stunted peers lost their shit. She is not an ally, and never will be.

  30. Why would anyone talk or even sit down to a cup of coffee with Wu? It’s all good if they can be civil about, that’s cool. But no one in their right mind should truest a person with unstable mental illness like Wu. So am not sure what Brad got out of this cup of coffee, but I leave that to the man himself.

    1. I think it’s possible that if Brad has a combination of spite, insight, and a long view of things, that he sat down with her knowing that this exact sort of thing would have occurred.

      It’s what I would have done.

        1. I doubt it was his goal though. Someone should ask him, in genuine curiosity, what prompted him to reach across the isle and have coffee with Wu.

  31. I’m most curious about is the nature of her back peddling. That she is doing it is hardly surprising, but her appeal to them strikes me as genuine, at least as genuine as an off kilter degenerate demagogue is capable of.

    The thing is, her apologies depend mostly on an appeal to the humanity and emotional decency of the people now piling on her from her own side. It’s like she expects that they actually believe in concepts such as justice, fair play, and looking after the well being of others.

    How can she not know how wrong she is on this? If meeting with Brad was purely a business move, purely about surviving the incoming crash of her company, then she’d not be dedicating so much time on so many places to try to regarner their sympathy. This is doubly true if she was genuinely aware of how twisted and hateful her own group was, as she’d already have laser accurate insight on the futility of appealing to a nature that does not exist in collectivist ideology.

    These things say to me that she is genuinely foolish and mindless enough to believe in the line of garbage that her side sells itself about “social justice.” If she was a cunning leech like Anita, supping on the fat tit of a mindless horde, she would just pocket the cash she’s made so far and then go to ground.

    This is the saddest and funniest part of this whole thing: She seems to believe her side is well and truly in the right, and filled with decent human beings.

    How blind, deaf, and dumb does someone have to be to fail to see how self destructive and cannibalistic SJWs, the 21st century left wing collectivists, are towards their own? How twisted and cloistered must a mind be to fail to recognize the inherent wickedness of anyone who adheres to the philosophic concept of White Man’s Burden?

    1. Maybe her appeal to the decency of her former allies is actually meant for the public? Remember – her shtick has always been simple: play the victim. After SJWs threw her under the bus she will probably try to portray them as her harassers (because gamergate supporters with their long track record of killing exactly no one don’t look that intimidating), so it would make sense to be civil and polite. Contrast that with the vitriol of her ex-allies and you have a new threat narrative.

      1. You know damn well that won’t work. In order for the harassment idea to work, everybody has to be in the same side being threatened the same way by the same people. Wu can’t go against aggros because it would contradict the narrative. Dipshit painted himself into a corner after setting fired to multiple bridges. Fucking brilliant, moron, you just hosed yourself.

        Karma’s a fucking bitch, isn’t it?

        1. I think she is just going to say something like: “I don’t blame because GamerGate made you think that, this is what GamerGate does to people, yatta yatta yatta.”

          1. the only ones that would still be listening to this fucking retard would have to be dumber than common dryer lint. these people are so fucking stupid, if they tried to commit suicide by running off a cliff they would somehow run into a tree and never make it to the fucking ledge. They are so stupid, they make lemmings look intelligent just in the fact that lemmings have figured out how to kill themselves.

    2. I just want to say, your assessment is masterfully worded and I will be screen capping this. Have a fine day, sir.

    3. Her fishing trip didn’t work as Wardell didn’t bite so she HAS to back-peddle to (RE)cover her ass. Sad thing is the media pushing her the way they have has given her an overinflated sense of worth and cleverness; she *thinks* she can play both sides (which the “SJW’s” are blind to, their being played that is) but is so far out of her league – she’s trying to out manoeuvre people playing with multi-million dollar budgets and brands, and multi-decades of direct experience – nothing she does hasn’t been seen before and cannot be seen a mile away.

    4. How blind, deaf, and dumb does someone have to be to fail to see how self destructive and cannibalistic SJWs, the 21st century left wing collectivists, are towards their own?

      Aspergery Tranny is Aspergery, that’s how.

      Besides, SJW’s never see it coming when their “allies” turn on them. If they had self-awareness and measured judgement they wouldn’t be SJW’s.

  32. Ironic that they label GG worse than ISIS though the moment one of their own questions or breaks their narrative it is all off with their head knee jerk reaction… like ISIS does…

  33. Lol, I love to see him in pain. You would think that a side waving the inclusiveness and tolerance banner would be better at hiding their intolerance and groupthink. It’s not just that they are all a bunch of liar,s but so bad at it that’s amusing, but then, I’ve been enjoying total lack of anyone calling out leftist hypocrisy for decades. I mean, look at a right wing nut do anything and the mental gymnastics people go through to show they’re hypocrites, but here is full blown in black and white examples, and they are so un self aware, it goes completely by them. Talk about nero and his fiddle.

  34. The first hint of decent behaviour from Wu since this whole thing began. How quickly and without mercy they turned on her.

    My favourite comment was the one about not needing to pretend to like Wu anymore, b4 taking a dump on her game. Damn!

    With friends like hers who needs enemies.

  35. So its true then? Even the SJW knows Wu is batshit insane and his game is fucking atrocious, but they refuse to say that because he has position himself as a victim of gamergate and all gamergate victim are angels of this earth that can do no wrong?

  36. Maybe it’s because I’m right wing as fuck (no, not the Neocon variety either), when the the far left turns on each other, it’s glorious. lmao, love it!

  37. Funny thing about being in charge of a horse. You’re only in charge because it lets you. As soon as it decides you’re not in charge, you have no say in the matter.

    Who wants a man in charge of any segment feminism anyway? That’s refreakingtarded on top of the refreakingtarded.

  38. I’m seeing a lot of comments about how Wu is finished, her Patreon money’s going bye-bye, and the SJWs will oust her now.

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

    What will most likely happen is this will mostly blow over especially with all the backpedaling she’s doing right now. I mean really we are talking about a group of people who refuse to acknowledge certain facts, dismiss criticism as “harassment,” and will blindly slap labels onto entire groups of people… I could go on. But my point is – they see what they want to fucking see, and they’ve seen her as this sort of glorified being bearing the cross of “gamer hate” for so long, and her image has been this sort of hallmark for what “social justice” is in the mainstream media that I don’t think they will easily give up that ground for fear that the entire canvas they’ve been painting will start to droop.

    What we are seeing now however, is still very hopeful: it’s a dose of healthy skepticism. Some of them seem to be questioning where Wu’s loyalties truly lie (the answer, as we know of course, is with herself, but give them time). That idolization has been cracked and hopefully the SJWs will start to regard Wu (and maybe even others) with a little less blindness.

    TL;DR I don’t think we’ll see many of the main SJWs detracting or discrediting Wu, but we might see a less mentions and retweets of her in the future which I’ll take gladly.

  39. So I’m just wondering how do you think the antis would react if a bunch of pro-GG tweeted thanks/congrats at Wu for acting in an adult and sane manner…….

  40. The most fascinating revelation in this for me is they have EXACTLY THE SAME OPINION of Wu as us – she’s a narcissist, an opportunist and her game looks goddamn awful.They only tolerated her because she was useful to them. The take home lesson is, you might be able to exploit these ideologues to advance your career, but they will never, ever be your friends.

  41. it’s scary when you find out that your side can shrug you off at the blink of an eye. it will be interesting to see how this smooths over.

  42. Frankly, this rhetoric about wanting us to see her as human is bullshit. I see her as human, that’s not the problem, what I don’t see her as is a sane, healthy adult. She continually pulls the “bro” word. She has made disparaging remarks about gay men and drag queens. She mocks anyone who dares to criticise feminism and she hates criticism of anything she does or says. What she is, is a spoilt infant and frankly, I’ll continue treating her as one until she decides to grow the fuck up.

    Until then, I’ll look from the distance, just like I do when an infant starts making noise, with pity on her and those around her. Until she drops her sexist, homophobic bullshit though, she can stay on the sidelines and as far as I’m concerned, she deserves all the mocking she gets.

  43. I’m not sure what to make of Brianna Wu, but I’m guessing old man Wu may be booted (or run screaming) out of the spacekat-flap before too long. Brianna does seem to like a lot of drama and there’s nothing better than a good weepy break-up story to get a misandrist coven behind a “girl”.

  44. “Something I’m trying to do is to get more Gamergaters to see me as a human”

    Oh, don’t worry Wu. We acknowledge you’re a human…. however, you’re one of the absolute worst kinds of human beings and you fail to treat others the way you wish to be treated. You had this shit coming, and now you have to live with the consequences. I just hope you can learn from this, come to realize how fucking warped your side actually is, but judging from the way you’re groveling to them no matter how many times they spit in your face, I guess that isn’t going to happen. But even if Wu never does learn her lesson, several borderline SJWs and other on-the-fence people will, and that’s the absolute best thing we could get out of this.

  45. >I have tweeted about the allegations, which are factual.

    So you have a lot in common as a businessperson with someone you think is a serial harasser of women in the workplace?

    So does his philosophy of employee retention has something to do with groping them?

    Bri, come on. You can’t have it both ways.

  46. This is like when Willard goes out for a nice date with a girl and his army of rats turns on him, swarming out of the basement for a bite.

  47. No sympathy. The articles she has written, lies she has told, interviews she has done and misrepresentation she has fostered has harmed us and our hobby in countless ways.
    Here we have a man, dressed as a woman and claiming to speak for all women regarding straight, white male “privilege” when he/she comes from an (evidently) extremely wealthy family.
    She has made her bed and now she shall lie in it. They will turn on her, rip her apart and the media will forget all about her. he game career will go nowhere and she will be a memory with no more (and in many ways far less) power than an average straight, white man without ‘connections’and a wealthy family… She is poison and once the SJW are fully done with her she becomes obscure.
    Hope it was worth a few thousand dollars a month for a few years brianna. Nobody is going to touch you soon and your game career is pretty well over outside of a small basement operation with no sales or real income to speak of.

  48. So for any of you who might be feeling sorry or sympathetic you might want to read her op-ed piece on Boston Globe today: . It’s full of gems of misleading wording, inferences that death threat made to hear were inspired by the SVU episode which was itself somehow Gamergate’s fault, and of course the politician’s classic “Studies show….” She is also really proud of her alcoholics line at the end, which I personally think is worded really poorly.

    FYI For those of you outraged by this article, really just don’t bother going into the Boston Globe comments section, it is just populated by retards of both ends of the political spectrum and just… not worth excreting a single mental bead of energy trying to argue with them, much less inform them or educate them. I only say this to save you the trouble as a person who occasionally reads Boston Globe, those ppl in the comments section are hopeless.

  49. They are going to be insulting and shaming Wu as a “straight white male”… just you wait 😉

  50. SJW’s are like the Russians. Their chief tactic that has ever really worked was slash and burn, and it’s always their own territory (their other tactic is tactic is propaganda).

  51. Let me help you, Brianna, in a way that only a GamerGate supporter can. Be aware that with what you’ve called us in your countless interviews, you’ll never truly win me over, but at least if you really want to extend an olive branch, or at the very least, find a neutral who’ll be willing to speak up for you, here it is:

    “Make a great game.”

    That is it. Good luck.

  52. Wow, if there were a market for bottled psychosis, those people would be the well filling the bucket.

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