Jim Sterling sure made a big deal about shitting on GamerGate the other day. We talked about his meltdown on the awesome LIVE show we had on Friday, but the gist of it was that GamerGate is poison, and Leigh Alexander is a fine, ethical writer. This has removed any doubts about Jim’s neutrality, although I had already given up considering him neutral a long time ago. I took a lot of heat for calling Jim out, but it seems like I was ahead of the curve.

I was also ahead of the news that came out earlier this evening. As it turns out, Jimmyboy’s past is far from clean. He has a lot of nasty tweets, filled will some of the most degrading language towards women imaginable. He’s a fine one to talk about sexism and respecting a woman. By now I am sure you’ve noticed, but this is a recurring theme with the other side. They say one thing, but act in a completely opposite manner.

Even Leigh Alexander would probably be shocked by these comments. Well, ok, probably not. But, I could see someone arguing that Sterling’s rantings are actually worse. Maybe this is why he was defending Leigh so hard the other day? He knew his rancid comments were going to come out, and that he’d need the SJW Mafia to fight off their impact.





Sterling even belittled Nelson Mandela, for fuck’s sake. What kind of man is this?:


Or, we can look back at the time Jim lamented about not being able to use the word retard anymore. Personally, I don’t care about that much either, but I didn’t go into defenses that contrasted it with the n-word:



What about the night he quoted Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé as telling a small child that he was going to “piss up your mom’s cunt.” Maybe I am missing the fine humor here, or maybe Jim Sterling is just one bizarre, hypocritical, SOB.


And finally, we have Mr. Sterling doing exactly what he accuses GamerGate of doing (the term is projection). He tells off some feminist by calling her a “femanazi.” But, he also goes a step further and calls her a slut. So, Jim Sterling is using sexual slander to demean a woman, and no one on the other side says a damn thing? Oh, that’s right. He’s already paid up with the SJW Mafia, so he gets a pass.


That’s how it works, folks. All we can do, is keep calling these bastards out. It’s starting to have an effect, as you can see with the recent Intel decision. But, it won’t be overnight. This is a long campaign, and we won’t be home by Christmas. Thankfully, they’re gonna keep making mistakes like this in the future. They can’t help themselves. We just have to be there to expose them when they do.


UPDATE: More from Jimmyboy this morning…





UPDATE 2: Here’s another golden Tweet that I left out last night. Kingofpol was discussing it today on his show.


  1. Jim Sterling makes himself out to be a hellfire-and-brimstone preacher of consumer advocacy, but the only thing he can truly conjure is the stink of sulphur. I don’t care about the crassness of his tongue. It’s his blatant hypocrisy that stinks. The fact that he does not give the forgiveness that he himself wants to receive.

    Ryan Perez… Or maybe Ryan Smith. It’s definitely a Ryan. They could tell you about his reckless disregard for investigation, for opening his mouth rather than his mind. He’s nothing but a mouthpiece, and the fact that corrupt indie lips are on him and not AAA ones changes nothing.

    1. Which is funny when you consider that, years ago, he encouraged gamers upset at the SEXBox news piece on FOX News to ‘throw your tantrums, and get things done.’

      I guess when it’s his allies/friends in the crossfire, his tone and arguments are ready to change.

    2. His hypocrisy has evident months ago, when certain online gaming personalities (including himself) were taking free systems and all expenses paid trips from Sony and MS, and he denied it was payoffs for positive reviews of the XBO and PS4 – he excused it as “necessary for review purposes”.

      Sorry to tell you, Jimmy, but a copy of a game sent to your offices is “necessary for review purposes”. Getting a XBO weeks in advance with your name engraved on it and hand delivered in person by the CEO of MS is payola. Being flown to an event is part of the job too. But being flown first class, put up in a 4 star hotel, and getting wined and dined on Sony’s tab is also payola.

  2. You know he’s admitted to all this right? He’s even said he’s ashamed of it. This is the last thing we need. I know this stuff can’t be excused, but this seems a bit too much. People change.

    You should have seen some of my old comment on other boards. Makes this look tame.

    1. “People change”

      From worse to worse?

      Anthony Burch said he was a sexist pig when he was younger, and now he is a sjw drone. Some people’s beliefs may change, but their shitty attitudes sure don’t.

      1. Fuck Bruch. He’s gotten worse. I’m pro Gamergate because Jim inspired me to speak out against bullshit. He’s one of the few people I respect anymore.

      2. What makes you think his SJW opinions are genuine? More likely they’re a cynical ploy to try and stay relevant.

        1. Well of course… it’s just another card in the modern-day marked-deck of 52. I mean seriously, they can sit back, be a spokesperson, make a bunch of money doing it, and not really even mean or believe in what they say… kind of like tele-evangalists back in the 80s and 90s. The next generation of snake-oil salespeople have found their latest stage. The hardest thing to prove is what somebody truly thinks/feels… only real way is to catch them in the act with solid proof (as seen in Sterling’s tweets)… it’s like how in court people will claim mental harship, and psychological damage over the simplest and lamest things… how does anybody prove it false, how can they… SJW stance is pretty much the same way, and they know how to do the dancel ike a pro. I mean seriously, people can prove they’re not misogynistic? I believe it… in this day and age there’s really not that many true and solid misogynists… but SJWs got you covered… they spin in to say, “you suffer of internalized misogyny”… kind of like how in high school, people learned they could accuse you of anything they wanted, no matter how far fetched… even something like being a space-alien… and as soon as you tried arguing/proving your not, their comeback was “denial” which somehow proved it to be 100% true.

      1. I know. I’ve lost respect for loads of personalties over the course of 2 months. Jim is one of the people who I still respect. I’m shaken, but he’s the reason I’m Pro GG. And I respect your right to post whatever you want, I love your pieces.

        If I’m the only one here sticking up for Jim. That’s fine with me, I got a thick skin, I can take it.

        Keep doing what you’re doing for gamergate. You’re awesome.

    2. I’m with you on this one. This was not necessary. I know Sterling was sitting on the fence and left-leaning but this shoved him in the wrong direction. He could have been a great GG ally in time. I feel sometimes we lose perspective.

      1. I agree with this.
        Despite his views on the GamerGate situation, Jim’s at least come out and owned up to past mistakes such as these tweets, and talked about things with the affected, at some point.

        Takes a lot of strength to admit that you fucked up so mightily, and trying to be a better person in the future. And since all these tweets seem to have been made no later than 2012, with the bulk being 2010, I do not think they’re worth dragging up if we consider Jim’s stance on them. And really, just looking at myself, 4 years are a long time and can mean a big turnaround on the character front.

        If anything, bringing 4 year old mistakes back up is the kind of thing people criticise as “harrassment”. It doesn’t help the cause. It is a stab in the wrong direction, and only alienates people on the fence.

        This shouldn’t be an article. And even if it has to be, it shouldn’t be written in such an accusatory way, trying to demonize a character on the other side. That’s only going to harm us, and give them more ammo.

    1. Nail, meet head. I also get the feeling that Jim is pretending that he’s changed his ways and is cozying up to the SJWs in hopes they’ll prop up his career. I’ll bet when it becomes obvious that anti-GG is going down in flames, he’ll switch sides in a heartbeat.

      1. If he doesn’t cozy up, they will kick him out and destroy him. They could easily smear him with his past tweets that The Ralph Retort dug up.

        That’s the power that Anti-GG wields over each other. The power of fear.

  3. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist leader. His group specifically targeted public places for their bomb attacks, like banks, markets and train stations, where the number of civilian casualties would be as high as possible. Meanwhile, his wife liked sticking car tyres around the necks of those who opposed Mandela or wanted to leave the group, wrap them in barbed wire, pour petrol into the tyre, and set it on fire. It was an extremely painful death, and most times the victim was still alive when his face melted and his eyeballs exploded from the build-up of steam inside them.

    The Mandelas were vicious, brutal, nasty, corrupt people, and I wish I could have spit on Nelson Mandela’s corpse before they buried the fucking asshole.

    1. Lol, I knew the Mandela haters would come in (not that I’m defending all that shit, or saying he’s perfect). It’s actually beside the point, but whatever. Say what you want about Mandela, idc.

    2. But but b-but Mandela was Time Magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’!

      Oh wait. They gave ‘The Megaphone’ a glowy place to sit as well. Nevermind.

  4. In my opinion probably the greatest aspect of the internet is that it truly is an indicator of a persons true character. The anonymity and lack of consequences for most behavior really are a test and it unfortunately is a test many people like Jim fail. It takes true character to conduct oneself with humility and respect in online places and those who do should always command respect from everyone regardless of whatever side of the argument they may fall on.

    1. I still think he’s just bending over to the cabal to save his career. A lot of them are probably in the same position.

      I mean, they openly bully us, so what’s stopping them from bullying each other? Nothing. The mailing list gave us a glance of that, as well.

  5. Lets see about the shit Jim Sterling does.
    -> Insulted the DMC fanbase saying that they should shut up and then backtrack when DmC bombed in sales and acted like he was pro gamer? Check.
    -> Constantly make click bait articles and being factually incorrect while only debating people who are obviously children and throwing a temper tantrum? Check.
    -> Claims neutrality but would side with the racists who claim gamers are terrorists? Check.
    -> Whined about Kid Icarus Uprising because of his fat ass hands and was too damn lazy to change the controls of the game? Double check. (Arson, murder and jaywalking here. :3)
    -> All of these posts that he had done in the past, saying he would change but not making any process and still has his job? Why does he still have his job?!

  6. “Oh but he did apologize… so that makes him ok, right? Guys anyone…” – this is how his fans are defending him now instead of accepting facts for what they are.

    Oh for the love of God, it seems that an apology is enough for every shit thrown around now and everything is ok, while if some troll doxx someone from SJWs it’s all gamers who are at fault. Screw logic here.

    Anyway good writing TRR. Keep up the good job!!!

    1. if you’re sorry for doing something, how doesn’t that stop you being a hypocrite? if he isn’t the kind of person who would say these things anymore…

    2. People want to believe what they want to believe. They go into denial otherwise.
      Human self-defense mechanisms are truly disgusting in a civilized society.

  7. Not gonna lie, I read this whole thing, and right when I got to the end there was a “Cheese Steak Panini” ad from Tim Hortons.

    I hit my funny bone laughing.

    It was still funny.

    Honestly, I don’t care about any of these tweets. Racism, sexism, etc… never bothered me. But considering Mr. Sterling has chosen to sit on the side of the gated community with the PC police and “no uncontrolled minorities allowed”? Yeah. These are fucking relevant.

    I held off on this for a very long time. I wanted to give Sterling the benefit of the doubt. I was willing to let him stand by as a neutral part because he disclosed his relations to Quinn. I was willing to assume he didn’t feel he could weigh in on something he had such close personal ties to.

    This is the last straw. This is where I draw the line.

    Mr. Sterling. You are a hypocrite.

    You claim to stand for consumer rights, but when our rights are dragged through the fucking mud, you abandon us.

    Our rights end where your feelings begin. Fuck you, Mr. Sterling. Fuck you with an ergonomic rake.

    1. Good lord – it seems that anyone who has relations to Literally Who ends up converting to the SJW dark side. Her pussy game must be good enough to brainwash people.

      1. It’s not that. They know that they will get axed if they don’t follow the narrative. Such is the modus operandi of the corrupt cabal. They have the money and power to destroy anyone who dares cross them or reveal their corruption.

        From what I’ve heard of him, Sterling is weak in that he can’t afford to get axed. If it’s a choice between remaining faithful to himself and his readers, or losing everything that matters to him, Sterling would most definitely choose the latter.

        1. Well, perhaps… think it might also have something to do with that fact, the general conception is that if you give Quinn a pat on the back, she’ll in turn give you a free romp in the sack. Seriously thinking she’s been “undercover” more times than Pamela Anderson. xD

    1. Because he carries their political narrative for them now, and to them that (and not something like, say, the actual good of women) is all that really matters.

  8. I’m a Jim Sterling fangirl. I love all his rants, and even subscribed to his youtube channel just to show support (Those videos are not his greatest though, honestly). I’m absolutely still looking for straws to grasp at so I can at least keep watching Jimquisition.

    Buuut after these last weeks, he’s been more and more on the irrational SJW side, becoming increasingly more obvious that I shouldn’t be supporting this guy at all. This shit kills me.

    1. You’re not the only one. I know people who stopped following him as a result of this.

      That’s why I don’t really follow anyone. It’s too easy to be betrayed by people you respect. They’re only human.

    1. He’s the type of dev I’d love to have worked for when I was in the industry. Well him and CD Projekt Red.

      1. If I had made videogames, I would *completely* agree. Though Daniel has joked that he drives his PR person crazy. 🙂

        I’ve said it before, but it really can’t be said enough-

        We need to take the opinion of guys with Daniel’s personal experience (Remember, he grew up IN the Soviet Union) extremely seriously. He has lived in a place where a version of what the Gaming Morality Force wants for gaming became a reality. He knows where this story goes. That’s why he called them out on it.

        1. I’m under the impression there’s always been Gaming Morality Forces everywhere, just of varying levels. It’s one of the reasons why I always try to obtain the original language versions of games and media.

        2. Quite true. My mom spent the first 23 years of her life in east germany before they managed to escape to the west. The stories that she told me when I was younger…yeah…these people would fit right in with the old “For the Motherland/Fatherland” types.

    2. He’s insulting developers in general. I know some who feel betrayed by and no longer follow Sterling. Well, such feelings are mutual across the board, really.

  9. You find that most of these loud idiots are huge hypocrites, they take the stage built on sentimentality of the moderate individuals and use it to spout any kind of BS they want. It almost feels like a clamoring to be called a good person “I speak good things, please believe me, I am fighting for justice”. I would be totally embarrassed if I let Jimboy speak for me, he needs to do some reflecting and come up with a better stance for himself. Right now he just looks like a Vapid Moron with a Microphone.

  10. I like how he tweets this out, conveniently

    People throwing shitty things I used to say in my face today. Expected.
    Never denied them. Apologized for them many times before.

    So that’s how it works? I just go around insulting the fuck out of everyone, then have my sins forgiven by magically saying “i’m sorry”? This ain’t the confessional booth in church.

    This is identity level change we are talking about, and that takes considerable amounts of effort and self reflection, and judging by the content of his current messages, he hasn’t changed his character, just his targets.

  11. You are catching hell for this, and I don’t get why. I never got the Jim Sterling thing – fat loser Euro saying ‘muppet’ a lot and ramming his progressive bullshit down your throat – but the behavior he’s exhibiting is classic leftist: internally he’s sexist, racist, all the above, but he wants to fit in, so he’ll pretend he’s “changed”, that he now sees that horrible behavior in everyone else, and he’s going to work for “justice”. Mundane Matt pegged it: it’s the Born Again Progressive.

    Fuck Jim Sterling.

    1. Hey now. There are a lot of European gamers that support gamergate. Need I remind you that most of the SJWs are American? This is not about nation – it is about being a decent person.

    2. lol @ that “classic leftist” remark, as if it makes any sense. Repeating bullshit from Rush Limbaugh only gets the “ditto heads” to nod in agreement, while no one else knows what the fuck language you’re speaking.

      1. Ah… the old “use their derision in painfully [un]witty sarcasm” tactic. The funny thing about it is that you can’t help but live a life that is nothing but tropes and stereotypes. Going around blaming others of all the typical things, while pretty much demonstrating all those qualities at the same time, and acting like you have some sort of moral superiority by pointing out faults in others (especially when they haven’t been shown to actually exist). A true mental conservative.

    3. BINGO! I used to have an old friend (and I used that term loosely, as I almost want to vomit thinking I considered the person a friend) that had been Christian since they were a teenager… then one day in their mid 30s came out proclaiming that all the other Christians were lazy… that he wasn’t going to be as lazy as all the other lazy Christians… that he was going to be a pinnacle of Christianity, and be as righteous and good as humanly possible. And that’s near verbatim, not sarcasm, not exageration… even worse that I’m also a Christian (for the past 8 or so years) having to co-exist with this like… anywho, a good 3-6 months later, an email was found where he (who was married) was partaking in an escort service that had no problems going beyond escorting into on-the-down-low prostitution. About 6 months later, a crap ton of other emails were found where he’d been doing it for a good 2-3 years prior with several different escorts willing to offer the same “services”.

  12. It seems to me that Jimmy boy is a raging misanthrope that pretends to be “enlightened” so that he can curry the favor of SJWs and boost his audience numbers. He’s kissing the asses of Leigh and her goons in hopes of staying on their good side, because he knows that honestly speaking his mind will get him blackballed.

    Once we’ve won #GamerGate, he’ll act like he was on our side the whole time, and start calling out Leigh instead of holding his tongue for the sake of his career.

  13. Oh, and has that moron Yahtzee chimed in yet? Another bit of Euro-trash who loves infecting his reviews with ‘progressive’ nonsense, I’m sure he has an opinion.

    1. He did a “Let’s Drown Out” video where he said he more or less sides with GG because the anti-GG side is pro-censorship, but doesn’t think it’s a big deal

  14. Excellent article Ralph. Pretty much sums up Sterling quite well honestly. Sterling loves to play up the “fire-and-brimstone, Imma for consumers rights srs gaiz” angle of things, but he’s always been into the SJW nonsense.

  15. This Jim Sterling may have been a mouthy prick, but he was a thousand times more interesting than the vanilla – “Aren’t Ubisoft bad, folks?” – squawking parrot of conventional wisdom that he seems to have become.
    The new Jim Sterling is the sad old man at the deli-counter of repackaged opinions, plucked from the internet-‘hive’ mind, devoid of all flavour and identical in shape and texture to everything else in Youtube conventional wisdom.

    Punished by feminist ‘bloggers’, he has learnt the error of his ways and learned to have no opinion (save that which toes the party line), never to make a joke (unless it’s some – oh so rando – reference to nerd ‘culture’), never to fight corruption (unless it’s shooting fish in a barrel).
    Who knew cowardice made one so fucking boring?
    Oh fearless cobra. With no teeth. No venom. No point.

  16. Well those are like 3 to 4 years old. He changed a bit, did even an interview about that([email protected]), so holding that against him, as he openly admitted those tweets and stuff is a bit disingenuous, especially if gamergate has guys like this one who thnks the assasination-attempt of malala through the taliban was perfectly understandable because, well, intelligent women dont get enough kids(Vox day, see:http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/the-wages-of-female-education.html- his alignment: http://www.donotlink.com/framed?574452) or adam baldwin who seems to think obama ants ebola? (https://twitter.com/AdamBaldwin/status/518293964571418624 alignment: http://www.everyjoe.com/2014/10/06/news/interview-adam-baldwin-gamergate-politics-ranger/)

    so well, this seems a bit strange.. criticizing somebody over stuff that person now critiizies himself and admitts is wrong while on the other hand having person as spekers for a not clear defined group who are seriously misogynists-and that recently without sign of denouncing their opinion.

  17. At least Jim has made the effort to improve himself and his outlook on life. I wish I could say the same for the author of this “article.” By the by, no one is born a feminist or “left wing.” It’s usually something that’s discovered and requires a lot of unlearning and that can take literally years to do so I for one, am not bothered by this post. This was Jim. Underline “was.” He’s changed and seeing where he came from/how he started, makes me all the more proud of him.

    1. >> implying that being left wing is the end goal of the well-lived, intelligent, and thoughtful human being’s life.

  18. Oh come on. Using Sexual orgnas as insults is sexist now? SO the OP has never muttered the word Dick or Nobhead or anything similar? And Last time I checked using the word Slut and bitch about someone is an insult, not some kind of sexist power fantasy insult. And the Reggie thing is in quite a different circumstance; Sterling uses vulgar language for effect and memorability to an audience of people who play video games of all kind, Reggie just straight up insulted a 4 year old, who being a nintendo fan, probably isn’t deapseated in mature/violent games. You guys are really grasping at straw here.

  19. I guess people aren’t allowed to learn from their mistakes? He’s aware of his past behavior, and has apologized for it. This lack of tolerance is incredibly anti-progressive, and as a feminist, all I can say is it’s kind of upsetting seeing people support this kind of post. We should let people realize they’ve fucked up and join us. Isn’t that the point? Feminists aren’t trying to form some kind of genocide on everyone that doesn’t agree with us, we’re trying to convince people that our plight isn’t a sham. Shunning people for fucking up in the past is NOT going to help our cause.

    …as a side note, I have no interest in the guy. I just think you should give people a chance.

    1. So people can acknowledge they’ve fucked up and “join” you. And what does “join” you mean? Agreeing with your extremist politics, of course.

      So you can call women sluts, feminazis, cunts, sentimental cunts, stupid cunts, and half a dictionary’s worth of other shit, and you’re A-OK as long as you have the right politics. But if you don’t disrespect women, and don’t call them cunts and slags and sluts, you’re still the devil incarnate and a supreme misogynist if you have the “wrong” politics.

      That’s your argument for excusing the horrific behavior of your ideological allies?

  20. I just started watching his videos, because I heard about the The Slaughtering Ground developer meltdown. After seeing that hilarious sad situation, I started watching a bunch of Jim videos.
    And I noticed that he brings up a lot of issues, but never really makes a point, and just rants a lot with that annoying accent. Obviously a wanna-be TotalBiscuit, but with leather gloves and a podium full of dolls (seriously, what in the fuck is with that, how in the fuck are you supposed to take him seriously)
    So I decided to investigate a bit, and now I’m here, and… WOW.

  21. I don’t know about you, Jim, But when I’m in an elevator, even when I’m alone with a woman, I’m not having a horrifying depressing discussion with myself about whether or not I’m capable mentally as a male of NOT raping her.
    I’m usually just trying to not fart. Or at least, trying to not make an audible fart. That is MY main concern.
    I’m not saying I’m any better than Jim, I’m just saying: when I’m in an enclosed space with a female, I don’t suddenly out-of-nowhere think of rape.

  22. At the risk of sounding like a “Jim Defender” or “Sterling Fanatic” and potentially being brushed off and dismissed, this just looks like libel. I mean, a couple of Tweets from 2010 and 2011? What if those were just taking out of context for use as weapons of defamation? Was this at the time GamerGate started? What has happened that has fostered bad blood? And I’m saying this as Leon the Brave, not a fan of Jim Sterling. I just wanna know is all.

  23. just a bit of research with twitters advanced search gives a ton of context to this, and your making a huge fucking “pick out what fits my argument” article here.

    first, hes referring to bots trying to sell him android because he said android, its not a real person. yes he prolly shouldn’t have been so graphic, but there was no living being to receive his threat, man or woman.

    second, this is prequeled by three tweets noting a large, obnoxious woman riding a scooter in the store with 3 kid brats doing nothing to control and make them behave. no, he shouldn’t have called her a slut, but this is what people use twitter for regularly. they use it to complain about their day, and thats all this is. also the part about it not being ok when its him is just a reference to his running gag, “thank god for me.” (which while not funny, its just part of his show really.)

    third, refer to 7. they’re related.

    fourth, tbh i will say i found no context for this. i cant tell if it was satire or what, so ill give you it.

    fifth, this is followed up with the tweet: “And to try and compare the two is ludicrous and should be considered offensive.” he is obviously REPLYING to some sorta thing here, idk what exactly but hes not the one doing the comparing.

    sixth, satire. follow up tweet mentions “microsoft announcing a “halo: stab your sister and fuck whats left of her” at this years e3.” again yes, hes a bit over the top to a point its not really ok, but hes making fun of something (probably SJWs.)

    seventh (and technically third,) daphaknees twitter seems to be missing the posts from these days, however i can only guess she reacted to him linking her LiveJournal with he following text: “Proof once more that my haters are weird, scary, dribbling freaks: http://daphaknee.livejournal.com/896017.html .” as i refuse to make a LiveJournal or w/e to “authorize” myself or w/e it is they want, i cant go into much more depth except, she probably hated on him first. no i don’t say this is justification, just that it changes the message from what your cropping it to be.

    eighth, i cant make much of this one in any way as idk which article hes referring to, so keep w/e view of it y’want.

    ninth, jim sterling is very neutral on the whole gamergate thing (as far as i can tell,) and gamergate is a HASHTAG MOVEMENT that is literally impossible to control. its very possible some trolls, people in gg with a “with or against us” mentality, or general ass-hats using gg as an umbrella to hide them from the potential issues their comment may cause, probably have been giving him a ton of grief. and under that assumption, hes not going to spend the time wading through who is and isnt “really” part of gamergate to figure out trolls or legit people. that or gamergate just hates on him a lot more for some odd reason.

    tenth, this one you actually didn’t really leave anything out surprisingly, but idk what point you were expecting to make from this. there’s not really any context to it, save for he may be working it for a joke or playing devils advocate. all it is is him using twitter to say something that didn’t need saying, basically the point of twitter in a nutshell.

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