I did a post on this topic last night, but The Last Night’s Tim Soret has wimped out even more since then. Pathetic.



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  1. I don’t understand why people still don’t get it, when they start crying at you just tell these dumb SJW cunts to go to hell.

    1. as far as i have heard his publisher was leaning on him to have him apologize (i guess in the hopes that the noisy swarm of gnats that will not buy the game or any games in general might suddenly buy the game usually the people funding and publishers tend to be out of touch to varying degrees)

  2. YOU DON’T FUCKING APOLOGIZE TO SJW’S! IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK! Jesus tap dancing Christ is this guy a cuck. Stand your fucking ground man – the facts are AGAINST Zoe Quinn. She is an abuser and a liar and a whore ffs. Oooooh is he afraid his cushy little arrangement with Microsoft is going to evaporate? Who has the clout to do that? Anita Sarkeesian is fucking gone. No one cares about Randi Harper OR Quinn anymore. Wu is batshit crazy. All he needed to say was “I was concerned about the potential issues of the Games Press becoming too intimate with the Games Industry and not serving the needs of the consumers and gaming community at large.” You don’t even leave an inch for their bullshit “harassment and misogyny” narrative.

      1. Literally made for attention whoring off a very serious subject that causes people real pain in their lives. She’s never been depressed; she’s a narcissistic abuser.

  3. I’m really getting sick of people cucking out and giving the SJW the time of day. The shit is disgracful

    1. His job was on the line, he probably has a family to take care of and feed, not to mention a mortgage on the house.

      The way forward should be to make people aware of and convince normies/neutrals that SJWs are the cancer instead of berating Tim Soret for not having a spine.

      GG and Anti-SJWs have berated people who have kowtowed to feminists over the last few years and it hasn’t changed anything.

      I don’t agree with him for apologizing, in fact I think he is a fucking cuck for doing it. But he had to in order to not lose his job or not be forced to resign.

  4. I know it’s not a popular viewpoint, but it’s not hard to see why such backtracking occurs. It’s easy for us, shielded by anonymity; but unless you’ve got ridiculous amounts of cash or power, the socjus psychotics can easily whip themselves into a frenzy and make things very rough for you.

    It’s a variant on the scam Jesse Jackson would pull; he’d tell companies they weren’t ‘diverse’ enough in their hiring, and they could either hire some of his buddies and pay his org (Rainbow PUSH), or they’d organize a boycott. Some companies wisely told him to fuck off, but many others folded.

    Yes, I’m disappointed in Tim Soret. He should’ve told the truth and shamed the devil. But we have no idea what kind of pressures were brought to bear behind the scenes.

    1. I know what kind of pressures were brought to bear, because I read “SJWs Always Lie”. If he’d read it too, he’d also know that those pressures get WORSE after he admits fault.

  5. So you cannot even criticize Anita Sarkeesian now? Oh those lovable leftist SJWs, ever so tolerant as always. (inb4 some SJW says “muh hate speech is not criticism”)

    Anyway, instead of berating Tim Soret for apologizing (yes he’s a pathetic coward of a cuck), people should be focusing on defending and attacking against this disgusting SJW authoritarian crybully behavior. It’s been going on for far too long.

    GG and Anti-SJWs have berated people who have kowtowed to feminists over the last few years and it hasn’t changed anything.

      1. And the worst thing is, the staff member within CNET defended the article and stood by it, despite people in the comments section providing evidence and citations to prove the contrary.

        It’s like they’re proud of being lying, deceitful and manipulative. But then we know that’s what SJWs are.

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