Part of getting back to work is getting back in touch with some of the insane people I’ve written about over the last few years. The one that’s first up on my radar today is Lauren Duca. You remember Lauren, right? She was the one who got Martin Shkreli kicked off Twitter because he trolled her about going out on a date with him. She also has a great antipathy towards males of the Caucasian persuasion. But today, she really topped herself with some tweets about the late, great Billy Graham.

I don’t think I will be breaking any news when I inform you that the legendary evangelist passed away this morning at the ripe, old age of 99. So, what does any self-hating slutbag feminist do on such an occasion? Trash the recently deceased Rev. Graham, of course. And Duca was apparently out to set that low-bar very high with these tweets…

archive 1, archive 2

I can’t really imagine what goes through the mind of someone who decides to tweet out something like this. I mean, it’s fine to criticize a public figure who just died. Death doesn’t exempt you from critique. In fact, it doesn’t exempt you from insulting comments, either. But to put out this trash for retweets and likes…how big of a trashbag loser do you have to be?

It defies all comprehension.


UPDATE: Reminder of the time Ms. Duca got smoked on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show…

Oh, and there’s this. Lauren Duca received a personal letter of praise from Hillary Clinton.