I’ve been battling SJW-lite on Twitter all day, but I figured I would take a break from that madhouse, to come and write an article here. Actually, I should do that a lot more frequently. The petty bickering between the warring factions within GamerGate does nothing to further our cause. Shining a light on the hypocrisy of out opponents, at the end of the day, is the main fucking function of this site. No one is a bigger hypocrite than Leigh Alexander, and her recent antics reminds me of why I started this job in the first place. Believe it or not, I didn’t come here to fight third and fourth tier wannabe web entrepreneurs. No, this is all about fighting the SJWs who threaten to ruin our hobby. And if you look at what the aforementioned Ms. Alexander put out the other day, you could say she’s trying to escape the scene of the crime. Despite being the #1 person pushing the bogus narrative about gaming, she now wants you to know that bad stuff isn’t true. Well…most of it, anyway:

Worse, you’ll have the moral panic, sinister insinuations that violent video games can be correlated with murder. This is especially common on crime shows – you know, where the suspect likes games and therefore probably can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, or something (like inthis 2006 episode of Law & Order).
To the lifelong video game fan, there’s almost nothing more grating than how the film and TV world portrays its precious hobby…
I know the world of game design, creation and play doesn’t resemble Law & Order’s sensational sketch…
Most concerning is the way the show plays with the idea that playing video games can desensitize you to real-life violence, even make you a better shot with a real gun. These are all dangerous and untrue assumptions.
Excuse me if I don’t feel your pain, Leigh, especially since you are the main one responsible for the phony narrative currently assaulting gaming’s reputation. How can someone so culpable try to minimize their offenses? Don’t get me wrong. She still takes plenty of shots at us during the article. She’s clearly trying to soft-peddle her role in all of this. At the end of the piece, she tries to make excuses for what happened, basically saying it’s not her fault people are shitting on video gaming right now. I still these poor, put upon women that deserve your sympathy, and not the gamers who are getting trashed:
Like, if not for women like me, the writers of Law & Order would understand the innate cultural validity of video games, they presume. There would be a more flattering and nuanced portrayal of gaming, if only us women would stop pretending that we are a little bit afraid to be here sometimes.
Leigh is nothing, if not consistently dishonest. She praised GTA IV and the Rockstar brand of comedy, only to turn around and trash it at the first sign that it could help her flagging career. What else would she be willing to do to get ahead? Almost anything, it seems.



This is the shit I care about, not petty squabbling between people who are supposed to be on the same team. I’m gonna keep doing what I do, and I make zero apologies for that. People like Leigh Alexander need exposing. If people don’t like what I do or how I do it, I suggest they go fuck themselves. Because I will never be run out of what I love doing, simply because some trolls and malcontents don’t appreciate my style. I’m gonna focus on the mission at hand, and not petty bullshit. I can’t speak for anyone else.

    1. I doubt it. Honestly her being part of something that is at the center, or directly linked to the center, of almost everything that’s happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not getting enough credit.

      1. We are talking about someone who both publicly admits to not having any real qualifications for her job, yet runs a PR company with hidden books.

        If someone actually looked into what she was doing they likely wouldn’t have to dig all that deep, only problem is there are too many people in the business doing similar things and kind of covering for each other.

        1. We are also talking about someone who, from inside sources who were close to her and who have gone on record, is a fucking trainwreck of a manager with piss poor interpersonal skills and a skull full of coke and Bollinger.
          So is she a hypocritical shitesack who is backpedalling like crazy in an attempt to get away from the trashfire she lit? Certainly.
          Is she a master insider trader calculatingly manipulating opinions to cash in on stock markets as Lo-Ping (who should maybe consider re-branding himself Lo-IQ) suggests…make me fucking laugh. Pull the other one, its got bells on it. Put your fucking tinfoil hat back on.
          She is just another example of the archetypal trendy trustafarian meeja whore who used to infest the UK music press like a dose of clap, and now have moved on to different petri dishes.
          She is a drunk lardy arse loudmouthed Bumblefuck, not a Bond villain.
          But that doesnt mean we should forget one single word she wrote. We shall instead shovel up that dungheap and serve it to her steaming on a plate.

          1. I was rather indicating from her being part of a pack of narcissist douches, that when the house of cards come down she and her “friends” are going to be falling all over themselves. Looking for help while backstabbing anyone they feel they have to.

          2. Oh yeah mate….we all can see that coming. A shit-tsunami of butthurt and flailing around, flaming teddy bears being tossed around, the recriminations, the bitching and whining… the lamentation of their women.
            And oh….what a frabjous day that will be.

  1. Ralph you can do one of two things.
    You can carry on spending way too much time on the TwatterBox and chimping out over a spat with some fucking jumped up tosspot board admins and their noncey ego puffers who think putting stupid little delta triangles in their posts or Twatnames is edgy and l33t when in fact it just makes them cunts
    Or you can put the Twatter down, wipe your hands, and get back to what is important…doing your research, casting the fishing net, and writing this fucking sites content.
    I hope you choose the latter son, cos right now your dignity levels are floating somewhere between Chu and Wu.
    Be the better man, sneer and walk away. Let the triangle tossers have their fucking opinion dump smeg site and their spergy fucking chimp boards. Let them fill their flatulence inducing Twatstreams with their wincey noncey primadonna toss.
    Get on with your job, drop the snipes, and for fuck sake stop reacting like a kid. It aint big, it aint clever, and it aint gonna win the war.
    Lecture over.
    Now get out there trooper and bring me MORE MILK!

      1. Ok, but how to get the word out to Gamasutra’s business partners (I couldn’t really see any advertisers there to boycott)? I mean, I’d love to take this harpy’s profits down to zero so I can see her begging on the street, “Will Write Games Commentary For Food” but getting the truth out and broadcasting it isn’t enough if she and Kuchera and company can keep up what they’re doing with open contempt for gamers.

  2. Where’s the link or archive that you’re quoting from? I wanted to get the full picture of what she’s saying.

    I’m a bit surprised she’s saying that. While we all know it’s true that violence in gaming doesn’t make you violent in real life, we essentially have Alexander here calling Sarkeesian / McIntosh / Polygon / Wu unscientific extremists.

  3. Let this one go Ralph. Alexander has zero sway over the stock market and claiming otherwise in any way makes you look foolish. This is probably the first story I’ve read on here that I flat out wish didn’t exist because its just that bad.

      1. Actually, looks like redchannit said it, not Panda, unless Panda said it somewhere else. It the tweets above, Panda just pointed out how incestuous it is that UBM owns both IGF and Gamasutra.

    1. Remember Leigh has sway over what get printed in the guardian RE: #GG, it’s not such a stretch to say that she could organize a universal panning of a game to manipulate stocks.

  4. Not really buying that the chubby loudmouthed manjawed lush with a room temperature IQ is able to sway the stock market with her review articles, though I guess intent is what matters here, not competence. Also, I’m having a hard time grasping the charge here. Leigh panned GTA5 to make her boss’ investment in it go… up?

    UBM definitely needs to be looked into more though.

    1. That was the current news going around when I wrote this. I was just adding that in. You guys can decide. I’m not sure either, but the UBM trail is good, as you say.

      I thought it was she slagged it off so he could buy more Take Two stock later on? But the timelines need to be checked. I can’t say for sure if that adds up. Says here he has owned a large chunk of Take Two since 2009. Also, that stake has since been bought back by Take Two.



      1. Don’t ever discount how valuable negative press is to increasing sales. Especially if you know that a certain chunk of readers have started disliking and dissing you in comments of previous stories,,,feminist game writer pans GTAV in an article read around th’ world,,,,GTAV was gonna succeed on its merits,,,her hate was just a little sugar on th cake icing…

  5. I cant to present this shit to Pakman and tell him: “Look what we found! *drops pile of evidence* When can you start covering it?”

  6. While there are many things we can think about Leigh Alexander at least she was being honest about her personal ethics…

    She is certainly trying to put out damage control and spinning herself in a bit of a positive light now that the tide is turning. My guess is give it a few months and she champions herself as the biggest #gamergate supporter at this rate…

  7. “If people don’t like what I do or how I do it, I suggest they go fuck themselves.Because I will never be run out of what I love doing, simply because some trolls and malcontents don’t appreciate my style. ”
    You are on the right side in this petty internal-drama and I will always support what you do however I do sometimes disagree with you style because it cheapens what you do. You are good at reporting and presenting facts and information but you also know to get overboard or deal with petty bullshit. I was here when this blog had maybe 3 gamergate articles, you were much more open to constructive criticism and discussion and I miss that. There is no reason to be so hostile or go the “you don’t like something I do just stop reading”, it reminds me of the gaming medias “we don’t need you or want you as a customer if you don’t like our narrative” attitude. You are a great contribution to this fight, you fight hard and you put your soul into it, those who do not appreciate that don’t deserve you, but disagreeing or having a critique in certain aspects doesn’t equal to not appreciating what you do and it doesn’t devalue your work. You don’t have to change for anybody, but having a “fuck you if you disagree with anything” attitude is below you. I hope this doesn’t offend you, my intentions are good.

    1. I feel like I am still very open to true constructive criticism. The comments are always free and open, and that will never change. I’ve gotten hotheaded on Twitter and blocked people, but 99% of those were people not offering constructive criticism. They’re saying, “Ralph a shit,” “Stop writing, we hate you,” “This article about [X] means Ralph is evil,” photos of my face drenched in cum, my old dox, #GayyTeam meme dogpiling, etc. Or, then we also have the breed who ask me to just change everything I do and report in a different manner. That’s not gonna happen lol. I don’t know what to tell those people other than that. What I can do is try to be 100% honest, learn from any mistakes, and do what I can to improve. I feel like I’m meeting that criteria as of now. Others may disagree, as is their right.

      Thank you for your longtime support of the site.

      1. Yeah maybe I have gotten a bit of a wrong impression since most of the time when you had the “fuck you attitude” was with people that went overboard ( didn’t construct their critique in a good manner) or had a personal grudge against you. But I also wanted to remind you that even those that do disagree sometimes (like me) still respect you immensely so not all negative comments should feel like an attack (maybe you didn’t need reminding but it’s hard to tell).
        Thank you for responding.

      2. Aye some of the shit being sent at you was outrageous, and the people sending it pretending to be superior and targeting you because you’re “like gawker” as if that justified them being WORSE. (it’s not even an appropriate criticism ><)
        I get people not enjoying your response and we'd all prefer if you could rise above it; but it's perfectly human to rise when baited, especially when the effort to do so is incredibly offensive.
        Stay strong bud.
        I sometimes roll my eyes when you're ranting, but we all have our moments ^^ (I'm a grumpy fuck myself)

  8. I personally hope you find a ton of dirt on this two bit hack. It really shouldn’t be to hard as she is not even remotely intelligent. She needs to join all the other hacks at both Gawker and Vox in dodo land!

    I don’t even care about the small fries in Kotaku and Polygon. They swap writers faster than a polygamist at a wife swapping convention. As far as I’m concerned they all need to go out of business.

  9. Leigh, Zoe, Brianna, Ben Kuchera, Randi Harper, and others have a lot of very tight and mutually beneficial relationships with powerful backers. Do not doubt this for a second.

    As there are people and entities that are supporting and benefiting from gamergate support, there are organisations that do not want gaming media accountable or SJWs driven back. They will support the bigger names.

    No one ought to doubt this for a moment. How tight are these relationships and who with and how it all ties together is anyone’s guess and if Ralph (or anyone) wants to flesh it out some…all good.

    I came here to Gamergate as soon as I heard about SJWs trying to fuck up another community like they did my Atheist communities (Yes I am a lifelong Atheist in a pretty secular country, No, I am not a judgemental prick, Yes, I have a lot of friends who are very dear to me that are religious – Christian, Buddhist and Muslim – and yes, before those bigoted agenda-based pricks attacked our spaces, we did not have to preface our beliefs with any of these disclaimers…sounds familiar?)

    The gaming media has made things harder in their teaming up and playing megaphone to the SJWs. Ultimately, I have more concern over the SJWs that the gaming media. The Gaming Media have something to lose. SJWs don’t.

    The only thing you need to be aware of is that the gaming media names IF their gaming media employers crumble, will run to Patreon to spew their bile and as you guys have held their employers into account with their advertisers, you MUST do the same to the employer-less on Patreon by using the Patreon TOS against them.

    SJWs and the bigger backers like IGF are the problem.

  10. That some people wants to stay neutral in a debate like this if they are gamers I will never understand. But I guess I can understand if somewhat if they are afraid of conflict. But this is exactly what people like Leigh, Ben, Randi and many other RF and SJW is counting on.

    I bet the many supporters of theses people have no idea how much damage they can or have done so fare because they are to lazy or don’t really care to read up on the debate itself.

    For what it’s worth Ralph… KEEP IT UP

  11. It’s “concerning” to Ms. Alexander when a popular television show paints games as inspiration for violence, but it’s totally fine when she and other popular journalistic outlets paint games as breeders of sexists/racists/misogynists, and it’s fine when they slander gamers themselves as the lowest, scummiest filth.

    The lack of self-awareness, the obliviousness to the irony, the utter blindness to the hypocrisy, is astonishing.

  12. Hang on.

    Forgive my ignorance on the matter, but if Leigh Alexander and friends are manipulating stock prices, isn’t that a crime that needs to be investigated by the SEC?

  13. Yah leigh alexander has a lot of growing up to do I recently got into a fight with one of her lackey’s who said and I quote: ” Anita sarkeesian is a goddess, and id castrate anyone for her” “She’ll be president in 2016” when I fought back Leigh blocked me on twitter. Just ridiculous.

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