What a fucking day here at TheRalphRetort headquarters and the thing is, it hasn’t ended yet (this part was written early this morning)! I awoke to the Alison Prime scandal, and I’ve been consumed by it ever since. I had thought that I would do the article, then the LIVE show, and move on with my day. Little did I know that a 1-2 hour laughfest would turn into an epic 5 hours with enough twists and turns to fill a small novel. I had no idea where it was going, which is also what made it so great. Yes, it literally ate up my entire day, but I think it was worth it. Not only that, to close things out, last night I talked to Steven Polk for almost two hours. We’ll be talking to him some more today on the LIVE show at 3:30PM EST. But first, let’s discuss what all happened during the show yesterday afternoon.

We had Steve Polk’s close friend on at some point during the first half. She plays World of Warcraft, and verified that Polk does as well by showing some of his Alison-related names on various servers. She confirmed that he was faking the Alison identity, and talked about the situation as a whole. Just when we thought we were wrapping that shit up, another shoe dropped. “Alison” released a bizarre Twitlonger that almost no one was buying. Here’s that, in its entirety:

I Read ralph’s article and I want to address some things

1. The ROKK application – My brother STEVEN (Not Stephen) shared our world of warcraft account. (Cmon, do you honestly believe I could get 11 legendary rings by myself and STILL platinum all those games?) And he wanted to apply to a guild using our DK. So he did. That simple. When our father died he pretended to be me for awhile due to depression. He does not anymore.

2. Steven has come to terms with himself. He has admitted to all his guild members during the time he pretended to be me.

3. The photographs – yes I stole the cosplay pictures and the young nerdy pictures but the ones I have on my twitter account IS me.

4. My brother Joe’s friend Marty set up the Gofundme I listed and my nephew’s school set up another one for friends and family. I did not want that one linked to GG because I don’t want my family involved.

5. Hermaphrodite fetish? nah I have a Futanari fetish. aka Girl body, dick, I am bisexual so why is that weird.

I understand if you guys hate me or think I was conning you but I did not. I wanted to be part of GG and help everyone out. I refused handouts time and time again and I only reached out for help this time because my house legitmately burned to the ground.

I’m currently staying with a friend at her home and I would talk to you guys if you want. I still dont have access to a camera or microphone but I promise I was not conning you guys.

I noted how funny it was that Steven decided to focus his fire on me, considering that everyone under the sun was calling him out. It was clearly a tactic that was meant to pick up support by using my controversial reputation. It failed miserably. I asked him why he did that when I talked to him last night. He said that it was just too hard to let go of the character at that point. When more started coming out later, he finally came clean to Another Castle. He said the reporter who interviewed him was actually the one who finally got through to him and convinced him to officially reveal the ruse…

Another Castle: Online anonymity itself isn’t necessarily damning, but the fact that you assumed the role of a “survivor” is, in itself, disturbing. Millions of men and women suffer from abuse and struggle to live their day-to-day lives, not to mention that you included that you were a “cancer survivor”. Pardon my bluntness, but that’s pretty despicable. You not only took legitimacy away from the gaming journalism ethics cause — #GamerGate — but also from cancer and abuse survivors. How did claiming your online persona was a survivor further your attempted agenda?

Steve Polk: Alison Prime was pieced together by a real life friend of mine. Everything in that profile was about my friend, that includes being a survivor. She was thrown from a car by her abusive ex and survived cancer at age 9. She is someone I look up to. She’s brave and strong; she’s someone I wanted to be. So I adopted her as part of myself.

Oh yea, I left out the part where the guy he was in an online relationship with also came onto the show. But not to fear, you can go watch the replay of yesterday’s show and catch up before today’s festivities.


As I said, I talked to Steven Polk himself last night. Here’s some quotes from that conversation. We will of course be talking to him LIVE this afternoon, but I thought this would serve as a nice preview. If he skips out, I will just release the convo I had with him last night.

I never ask for me, only my family. 

All I wanted from GamerGate was better journalism.

When GamerGate ended, I was going to come clean to each person individually and tell them what happened.

Here’s an audio clip as well, to wet your whistle before the LIVE show in less than two hours.

Also, before I go, I would be remiss to leave out our old friend, the notorious pedo who goes by the name of Sarah Nyberg. Of course, they had to get involved with some crazy allegations about outing a transgender person.


OK, I have to go do some things before the show starts. I think this is enough to help you wrap your heads around things. The LIVE link is posted below, and I will see you guys then. If you have any questions you want me to ask Steven, post them down below in the #BasedCommentSection.



UPDATE: Here’s a Vocaroo I left out. Someone called Steven Polk’s brother yesterday. His name is Joe, and at the very end, he realizes he made a mistake. He thought he was talking to a GoFundMe representative.