MALE FEMINISTS STRIKE AGAIN?: YouTuber The Skeptic Feminist Accused of Murdering Polyandry Partner Heather Anable

MALE FEMINISTS STRIKE AGAIN?: YouTuber The Skeptic Feminist Accused of Murdering Polyandry Partner Heather Anable

I don’t have the cleanest record when it comes to criminality. But at least I never killed anyone. To be honest, I did’t have much knowledge of “The Skeptic Feminist,” which is the moniker of Aleksandr Kolpakov. Mr. Kolpakov hosted a debate between Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin and Kristi Winters, which I think is the only time I’ve ever seen him in my life…before today, that is.

Apparently, from what I can gather, Aleksandr has some kind of polyandrous relationship going on with two females. One goes by the name of Homicidal Harley and the other goes by Ivy. Apparently, he shot and killed the Ivy portion of the female duo, at least according to police. She’s named as Heather Anable in The Denver Post and worked as a “massage therapist.”

It looks like “Harley’s” parents might have had the right idea, in retrospect.

It’s important to note that Mr. Kolpakov is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But it’s not looking good.

Denver Post

Aleksandr Kolpakov, of Clifton, is being held at the county’s jail on suspicion of second-degree murder.

The shooting happened about 9:30 p.m. on the 3200 block of 1/2 Lombardy Lane where deputies, called out on reports of several gunshots, found the woman dead outside of a home. Kolpakov was taken into custody…

Mesa County’s coroner has identified the 31-year-old woman shot dead in Clifton Saturday night. Aleksandr Kolpakov is being held on a murder charge in connection with the case.

Heather Anable died of gunshot wounds to her neck and chest, authorities say. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

Is this just the latest case of male feminists going off the rails? It appears to be, at least to this set of eyes. Perhaps Kolpakov was not content with merely sexually assaulting women, like many of his male feminist “allies,” so he decided to go ahead and level up by killing one. I’m sure it will all come out in the ensuing court case. Judging by the details we’ve seen so far, this guy might be better off copping a plea. Unless of course this woman assaulted him in some then, but then again, he’s a feminist. I’m sure he will just listen and believe himself all the way to state prison.


UPDATE: Mr. Kolpakov was recently teaching local youths about becoming “Bullyproof.” Then again, I suppose a 9 millimeter does help one become immune to bullying.

He also mentioned a possible “extermination” by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kolpakov seems to have had extermination on the brain recently, if reports from police are to be believed.

Ethan Ralph

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  • OOTS

    Heather tweeted after the fact, looks like it was ivy who was killed

  • Archendale

    Hugo Schywzer territory!

  • Celerity

    SJWism is a cult that warps and subjugates the mind.

    • Yoloh

      Yep, just like religion.

  • Doktor Jeep

    You see all these “strange relationship” arrangements… if you go out of your way to avoid this sort of thing, multiple partners, swinging, etc., you are called an old fuddy duddy or a stuffed shirt.

    Like our grandparents for example.

    But perhaps the people who did not get 40 years of degenerate indoctrination knew a few things. Like, for example, strange relationship arrangements can lead to bad things happening. Even if you are not the bad one, it can happen to you.

    Domestic violence is high even among monogamous gays.

    So… one man, one woman, and a relationship if long term, or marriage if you have kids and leave it at that. Stay away from the weird crap and your chances of getting shot or shooting somebody, for whatever reasons, are greatly reduced.

    • milk bone

      And, into the mix, Mr. Kolpakov seems to have failed to make the connection that Chechnya is predominantly Muslim, hence the harsh treatment for gays.

      • ash

        Yep I was just about to say that. Muslims can do know wrong to the left so I don’t see what’s the big deal

        • The conspiractor

          *no wrong.

          • ash

            Right. It’s fixed

    • Brandon McCrary

      “Domestic violence is high even among monogamous gays.

      So… one man, one woman, and a relationship if long term, or marriage if you have kids and leave it at that.”

      If domestic violence is high in all relationships, then why should people only focus on straight relationships?

      Here, let me fix this for you.

      So… one man, one woman, and a relationship if long term, or marriage if you have kids and leave it at that… unless that’s not your thing. In which case, two men, two women, multiple people, do what you want, just avoid shagging anyone who’s abusive.

    • Yoloh

      It’s not very surprising that same sex relationships have domestic violence, they are essentially the same exact thing as a regular relationship…just two dudes or two women. This seems to be the simple truth that so many people can’t quite grasp when it comes to homosexuality – it’s not that different.

      There’s plenty of what you call “strange” relationship arrangements in the world that don’t lead to domestic violence. I mean in this situation, the guy had a psychotic break on a mushroom trip…nothing really whatsoever to do with his relationship.

      I think a strange relationship is forced marriages, where daughters and sons are essentially paired to help elevate the class status of their parents, or at least just keep things extra homogenous when it comes to religion and race. But these types of things happened all the time and still do in some countries more than others.

  • Botiemaster

    Well, I don’t mean to speak unkind of the dead but…this is the danger you face when living certain life styles. So many deaths in the world everyday, so many of them related to poor life decisions. This isn’t tragic but almost expected. What is tragic? for example, minding your mofucking biz, walking the street, picking up cans, when suddenly a worthless piece of utter shit walks up to you with his phone on record and then pulling out his gun and shooting you dead. That’s tragic. This is not.

    • Brandon McCrary

      “Well, I don’t mean to speak unkind of the dead but…this is the danger you face when living certain life styles.”

      How did their life style lead to this crime? You literally have NO DETAILS about why this murder took place! What if their odd relationship is what helped keep him from going crazy years ago? Who knows? How about you wait for the investigation.

      Oh, also, there are tons of people who murder their spouses in straight, monogamous, relationships. This proves that EVERY relationship style is prone to violence. For you to ignore abuse that happens in monogamous relationships proves that you truly do lack a brain.

    • Yoloh

      I don’t really see anything strange about this lifestyle. You know what is strange? Religious people who believe in outrageous stories with no grounding in reality and are so sexually repressed their priests are performing child rape. That’s fucking strange and yet everyone pretends it’s normal.

      • Wanderer

        The childrape from Catholic priests has nothing to do with “sexual repression”. Please show me scientific evidence that suggests not having sex makes you want to rape children.

        The rape in Catholic churches is actually from the church taking in runaway gay kids back in the early twentieth century days when being a homo was criminalized even by the secular masses. The only sanctuary they had that was willing to take them in was the church. Some of them went on to join the clergy and then, of course, gays being gays, they couldn’t help themselves and started molesting kids. Pedophilia and homosexuality are very closely linked and a large majority of gays have admitted to being samesex molested as children. Anyway, fast forward several decades later and now idiots are laying the blame on this childrape crisis at the feet of the church itself – as if believing in a creator makes you want to fuck kids somehow?? This is the thanks you get for helping fags.

        • fduch

          >Please show me scientific evidence that suggests not having sex makes you want to rape children.
          Some people can live without sex. Normal people cannot. It screws the mind for both men and women, but in different ways.
          When you’re very hungry, you can eat even rotten or unhealthy food.
          Look at the vegans. They just not eat meat. No big deal, right? Not eating meat is nothing compared to not having sex when you have a need for sex. Now, look at the behavior of vegans and extrapolate.

  • ash

    “enrichment” day….

  • Lost Question

    if he is proven guilty then he takes the male feminist gold medal

  • Herbert☆VonDoom

    Oh, no! that sucks. Male feminists are the worst allies, better to scissor sister it up

  • AverageJoe1987

    He teaches a class about standing up to bullying, maybe he needs to attend a class on not dropping the soap.

    • T Nick

      Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to have him in a classroom teaching anything? I’d look into the person who made that decision. They can’t be that stable either.

  • James Morgan

    I feel for the poor cops who have to inventory that crime scene. Probably strap-on city.

    • Jim

      If they’ve been on the job for a while, I can guarantee you they’ve seen worse.

    • Yoloh

      I’m sure they can handle a few strap-ons.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Now folks…..remember to be a responsible gun owner.

    If you have to shoot someone, make sure they are BLM activists or AntiFa Dumpster Ninjas

    • Yoloh

      Or mouth-breathing religious people.

  • Mr0303

    The SJWs are hypocrites. They constantly use the fact that Ralph is a convict to demonise him and invalidate all our arguments, but whenever there is a paedophile or a murderer in their ranks we should simply ignore it. Right…

  • ExiledV2

    He wasn’t the only person behind the Skeptic Feminist. It’s a group of five people from the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers. Heather Anable, the victim, had been a co-host. According to WCAF, Kolpakov had quit them about 5-6 months ago.
    *checks FB of friends*
    Supposedly suffers from PTSD. According to possible witnesses, he had a “psychotic episode” and started shooting.

    Anyway, here’s a list of his SJW friends that need to be targeted:
    Michael Rowlands
    Kevin Logan
    Kristi Winters
    Jenny McDermott
    Cyrus Kiss

  • mahbod

    according to her wiki they were on shrooms:

  • Maintenance Renegade

    All three of them are creepy as fuck just look at their eyes, both him and the one he allegedly shot look like complete sharks and the one that got whisked away by her parents looks like there’s nothing going on upstairs at all.

  • Anne Claude
    • Paul Johnson


  • Wanderer

    Re: Chechnya

    Uh, those are the radical Muslims that are executing the gays. Putin was trying to get rid of those Muslims for years and was demonized harshly by the west for it. Now that he’s backed off and the Chechen Muslims are killing gays it’s suddenly Putin’s fault?

    • fduch

      Forget about the past probably-fake war that Putin waged in 2000 (and also the building bombings carried out by his FSB) to get people’s support. That was 17 years ago.

      For a long time Putting has been sending enormous amounts of money to the Chechnya, whose leader openly tells stories about him and his dad killing Russians.

      Chechens are Putin’s jackals that he tries use when he needs to mercilessly kill or maim some Russian people. The problem is that everything comes undone and they’re out of control now. The head of the region openly threatens to kill federal agents if they go sniffing in the region.
      Putin sold Russia, sovereignty and control over Chechnya for a fistful of kickbacks. With near-absolute power, the responsibility is also near-absolute.

  • Grendle Jones