Millennial Woes Gets Doxed by the Daily Mirror & Run Out of His Home...Just Because They Can

Millennial Woes Gets Doxed by the Daily Mirror & Run Out of His Home…Just Because They Can

I’m not usually one to cry about someone getting doxed, as you guys know. But at least have a decent reason. And don’t lie about said reason, either. If you’re doxing someone because you hate their politics, then just say so. There’s no need to misrepresent them, just come out and admit that you hate the person and you think they’re cancer…so you doxed them. But the Daily Mirror and their sister paper the Daily Record (Scotland) just doxed YouTube personality Millennial Woes in the most pretentious and fake way of all-time.

Read this garbage

A vile racist whose ­hate-filled videos have made him a global YouTube sensation has been unmasked as a jobless ex-student who lives with his dad.

The extremist has amassed 20,000 followers on his “video blogger” channel – where he spouts pathetic white ­supremacist views and promotes hatred of black people, Jews and women.

The sick ‘unknown’ discovered notoriety via his ­Millennial Woes blog – and has gone to great lengths to hide his identity.

But today The Daily Record named him as Colin Robertson, 34, from Linlithgow in Scotland.

He ­broadcasts his vile rants from a bedroom of his dad’s ­semi-detached house situated in a quiet street in the town.

And he even delivered a speech at a US rally where far-right ­extremists shouted “Hail Trump” and made Nazi salutes.

Neighbours in the Scottish town in West Lothian last night spoke of their shock over the racist living next to them and branded his outbursts as “despicable”.

Yes, I included his name, because well, the cat is already out of the proverbial bag on this one. Keep in mind, not only did Mr. Robertson get doxed, the tabloid hacks even went around his neighborhood and interviewed his neighbors, asking them if they knew that they lived next to such a “vile racist.”

Robertson/Millennial Woes had this to say in response over on YouTube…

The articles appearing about me in the press are outrageous, misleading, malicious, and possibly libelous. I do not hate women, Jews, Muslims, gays, or anyone else, and I have consistently condemned violence. I have never promoted hate and never would. 


He goes on to state that he has been run out of his home country over this attack by the press and is now dependent on fans for shelter. If this isn’t fucked up, I don’t know what is. It also goes to show you that no matter how ruthless you think the American press is, the British press is 100 times worse. I wish Woes the best in his time of troubles. I also wish the tabs would just be honest for once and admit that they went after this guy because of his (nonviolent, mind you) ideology. I would have way more respect for them if they just admitted that they wanted to ruin Mr. Robertson’s life simply because they could.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

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  • Silence Dogood

    He lives in the UK, so I wonder how long it will be until he’s incarcerated for thought crime? Also, really, what fucking pussies to do that.

  • movietime blues

    George Orwell would recognize this behavior.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    He wasn’t even anyone significant, I’d only even heard his name a few times and can’t remember if I saw any of his vids. There’s a lesson here to take to heart guys and it’s that the progtard press is absolutely furious about the shit we’ve collectively done to them, their dumb friends, modern politics and their shitty narratives and that they will now take that rage out on ANY ONE OF US they can get in their cross hairs.

    The “progressive” press is our enemy and we’d all do well to remember that and treat it as an enemy. Do not ever be lulled into thinking they’re merely just wrong or mistaken or something to be fixed etc. They are enemies, remember that they are enemies always who want to hurt us and so we just have to keep hitting them as hard and as often as we can.

    • Fiat Voluntas Tua

      We need to fight fire with fire. Doxx those cunts that did this and see how they like people making threats to their families. There is no other way to fight these SJW marxist cocksuck

  • Jimmy Park

    Hahahaha stop defending this bitch. Karma baby

  • StephaneDumas

    Remember these journalists from Westchester county just north of NYC who listed a map of gun owners. When a blogger gived a taste of their own medecine.

    Should we give to these journalists a taste of the same medecine they served to Millennial Woes?

    • Maintenance Renegade

      If possible. If we can drag them out into the spotlight and make it clear exactly who they are I say lets make it happen.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      There’s a thread up on 8chan devoted to this matter for anyone who’d like to get further involved.

  • RuralScot

    These are very popular national papers ffs.
    It is a good thing he has left too. Scotland is a very left wing country and the people who originally got his info are antifa with several convictions for violence.

  • Kellen Joel

    I wish him the best of luck too, Ralph, but asking the tabloids to be honest is like asking Obama to not bash police over a BLM riot- neither will happen.


    Jack booted thugs, indeed…

  • Mykeru

    I am deeply concerned about the UK, it seems we are destined to be cucked. At least the US has Trump, an actual person and a cunning person at that. I doubt we will ever get the Brexit we voted for. It goes to show how powerful the first and second amendment are.

  • jonesy

    If there was ever a good time to make a donation to Woes’ channel, this is it. He has left Britain and is being “sheltered by fans abroad.” This concerns his livelihood, his life, his entire future . . . what these monsters have done is ineffable. They mean to annihilate him and his work; make no doubt about it. We, his followers, can’t let that happen. ( or see his channel for more options).

  • ash

    I really hate these cowardly leftist propagandists in the press in the states and in Europe. They really give journalism a bad name. What this paper did to Millennial Woes deserves physical reprisals to the editor imo. The way they can slander people and ruin their lives shows me how dangerous and irresponsible the press can be.

  • Yuno Gasai

    It’s this kind of Left Wing bullshit that gets my blood boiling and makes me want to crack some skulls. I’d love to show these assholes what its like to be at the receiving end of a hate crime if ya catch my drift.

    • Franco Schinosa

      are britain journalist allowed for law to do this ?
      can’he he suit those newspapares for privacy violation ? diffusion of private information ?
      are english (scottish) journalist really allowed to do that ? isn’t that illegal ???

  • MrSonicAdvance

    The press wouldn’t have touched him if he had been calling for a caliphate in the UK. But a safe space for white people is somehow the most dangerous idea ever.
    The UK media should take a look at what happens to journalists around the world and thank the stars they are tolerated in the UK.

  • Rene

    Did you see Spinosaurus’ cuckery twitter feed 2 days ago? He accuses him of DMCAing his youtube rant of #AltRight supporting violence? Something don’t add up.. Unless, HE retaliated to Woes for it.

    • Mr0303

      He went full retard a long time ago. It’s not worth paying attention to him.

  • Dalton Hubird

    RARARA! Witch hunt witch hunt! Lock him up! Burn him at the stake!! RARARA! Grab your pitch forks folk!

  • Mr0303
  • Danlantic

    Time to remember the classics. Five Star Final (1931) won Best Picture starrng Edgar G. Robinson and Boris Karloff. A newspaper decides to dox a woman who was paroled from prison after the murder of her boyfriend when she was much younger. Now she’s married and it’s a family secret. After exposure & smear (including an interview by a reporter {Karloff} pretending to be a minister) the couple commit suicide. The daughter confronts the newsroom, “Why did you murder my mother?”

    “I’ll tell you why,” says the editor {Robinson}, “We did it to sell papers.”

    Despite grainy B&W, tinny sound and acting techniques developed for stage plays, the movie holds up. See it sometime.

    Amazon will sell you a DVD for $13 and you can stream it for $3.

    • Fiat Voluntas Tua

      Yes, it’s a great old film, truly transcends its time.

  • Redmann Fiddler

    It will be interesting to see what happens when these same people are begging for mercy from us in the future. . .

  • teapartydoc

    In England you can sue for libel even when what is said about you is true. I hope he has a good lawyer.

    • cy414

      they will side with the journalists. press can baseless call average joe a baby-raper and face no consequences.

      • Franco Schinosa

        really ?
        I thought britain was a democracy…
        Are you serious ?
        Dude, your country is fucked up.
        In italy we got something wich is called RIGHT to THE PERSONAL PRIVACY.
        There is not such thing in great britain ?

        • cy414

          sure, but the establishment sides with itself.
          all that’d happen is the medias legal teams would draw out the case until he had to concede due to debt of paying court fees etc.

  • anon9370

    The (((British))) press. Right.


    Nothing less than the quietly suggested, “Trained Hands Revolution”, will set things straight. If some professional types, took the snake’s head off, this media machine and it’s filthy functionaries, would crumble.

  • Franco Schinosa

    are really britain journalist allowed for law to do this ?
    can’he he suit those newspapares for privacy violation ? diffusion of private information ?
    are english (scottish) journalist really allowed to do that ? isn’t that illegal ???

  • John Davenport

    Funny they say his views are extreme. I find him to be fairly moderate, but compared to typical leftists, I guess he’s extreme.