Well, I’ve had a fun overnight. Basically, I spent a couple hours to see what’s been causing the site to slowdown. Utter bliss. I still haven’t figured it out, but I’ll work on things this weekend. Until then, thank you to CloudFlare for keeping things rolling. Also, sorry for the lack of posting by me personally yesterday, although the guest contributors helped keep things rolling along pretty well. I’m back today though and I have a lot to talk about.

First on the agenda this morning is that nasty British comic Kate Smurthwaite. I don’t call her nasty because of the tone of her act. Hell, I love vulgar comedians as much as the next guy. The reason I call her nasty, is because of stuff like this…


That shit is disgusting, I don’t care how many times “natural” feminists try to claim otherwise. Plus, doing it like this just for a photoshoot is even more demented. How much of an attention hound do you have to be in order to pull such a cheap stunt? Don’t answer that, we know the deal already. No one would even know who Ms. Smurthwaite is without shameless tactics such as these.

Another pathetic play is crying about lack of attendance for your shitty comedy show. Sadly, one of the British papers has fallen for it. It was the London Evening Standard. Speaking of that publication, when I was on vacation some chick handed to me for free one day when I was getting on the Underground. I ended up trashing it…

A planned gig at the college last year was cancelled after protests from the feminist society over Smurthwaite’s opposition to full legalisation of the sex industry and despite all the free tickets to last Wednesday’s gig booked online, only six people turned up.

Smurthwaite, 40, who went ahead with the show, said many email addresses used to book tickets were under apparently fake names.

Writing on Twitter about the event, which was organised to raise money for Refugee Action with donations at the door, she said: “We fully booked out overnight and I spent a lot of the last couple of days telling people I was sorry there was no more room… Well it turned out that the tickets had been reserved in bulk by people using spurious email addresses to make a point by then not showing up.”

The thing about this is, yes, perhaps some of her tickets were reserved by people hostile to her views in an attempt to mess up her performance. Still, if there’s a huge demand, people will show up anyway. According to the paper, 6 people came. That’s an utter disgrace. I’m fairly certain I could get that number myself, and I’ve never even done professional comedy. Well, unless you count a couple of the drunken YouTube streams from days past. The point is, there wasn’t many people clamoring for this broad in the first place and the whole thing sounds like a needlessly hyped-up story.

Get a life, Kate. And for god’s sake stop taking pictures like the one above. Oh, and by the way, you’re wrong on prostitution, which is what these radicals were mad at you about. The sex industry should be legalized and regulated, just like illegal drugs. However, that’s a much longer post for another day.


UPDATE: The Daily Mail decided to cover this as well today. They said 8 people showed. Huge improvement, if true.