Well, I was looking for a story to write about, and here it is. Somehow, I missed this earlier today. I guess I need to get back in the game more. In case you’re wondering what “this” is, I’m talking about Anita Sarkeesian coming out and trashing not just Hideo Kojima, but the entire Metal Gear Solid series. Keep in mind, this is all over an action figure having life-like breasts. Apparently, this is gross and encourages sexual assault (of an inanimate object, but why be sticklers?). To say this is nutty would be an understatement. It’s #FullMcIntosh.

Here’s the fraud herself over at Forbes.com:

“The production of a doll like this where players are encouraged to physically molest an already hyper-sexualized female game character’s breasts is gross, but should not be at all surprising, at least not to anyone who’s been paying attention to the Metal Gear Solid series,” she says. “This doll is completely consistent with Kojima’s ongoing pattern of sexually objectifying the majority of his female characters. For just one of many examples, in Metal Gear Solid 4, during Snake’s therapy sessions, the developers built in a mechanic where the player is encouraged to shake the sixaxis PlayStation controller to jiggle the breasts of the protagonist’s PTSD counselor.”EKwoSsK

You can sum Anita’s response up with one word: triggered. The thing that makes me smile is Kojima knowing this would get the usual suspects like Anita up in arms. The author of that piece even speculates that he did it for promo purposes. I certainly wouldn’t doubt it, but I think it was more about just fucking with SJWs. So delicious.

It's common for these types of figures to be squeezable.
It’s common for these types of figures to be squeezable.

I guess when you have fawning idiots like this guy below, you think you can get away with saying stupid shit like dolls can be molested (?!).  Maybe you should worry about real women being molested in third world countries at alarming rates, rather than a plastic toy. But no, that’s not your style, is it Anita?

Now she’s a scholar! HAHAHA. Wow. What can you say to such stupidity except “please don’t procreate.” I only wish Kojima would take an open shot at Anita and her clown army, but then again, he doesn’t really have to. Feminist Frequency has no real clout with gamers. They do get sucked off by the press quite a lot, but so what. It’s not translating into real power, as of now. As long as we stay on the offensive, it never will.

P.S. Don’t forget what Anita the Fraud said about Japan

“The US bombed them back to traditional values – feminism does not exist in Japan. While I don’t like judging an entire culture…that does not excuse them.”

This devious scammer is actually trying to say that feminism hasn’t caught on in Glorious Nippon because of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The ignorance and offensiveness behind such a statement is staggering. I knew she hated games and the people who play them, but this is taking it to the extreme.

  1. Actually, Wasn’t Anita’s supposed statement about Japan eventually proven to be false? Not that I support the fuckwit in any way, but still. Spade’s a spade, and a False Report is a False Report, ya know?

  2. Don’t like MGS or Kojima but if it annoys the SJW f**knut cult then I will buy a Steam key.

    She is costing me a fortune!

    1. I’d buy one (or more!) Quiet figures if they were more reasonably priced, just to support Kojima.

      Even though the price hasn’t been officially been announced (to the best of my knowledge), expect them to be pricey. Even more so if they’re produced by Hot Toys.
      As in the recent past, figure collector’s will drive the prices even higher.

      1. I would buy it just because it would go great next to my samus aran figure but it’s too pricy and I’ve slowed down in my collection a bit. I saw it on amazon for 100 but sadly I’m on a budget.

        1. Wow – only $100? That’s a bargain compared to other figures that have come out of Japan recently. I expected $175 – $200

          1. Wonder if that’s a reflection of advancements in resin and 3d printing technology. It’s getting cheaper every day. There’s a bit of a trend of donating low-cost, 3D-printed prosthetics to kids with amputations/birth defects. As the kids get older, it’s cheap to replace and upgrade the 3D-printed components, plus you can get all sorts of neat designs — and the cost is like a fraction of what a traditional prosthetic runs.

    1. I love how the 2nd reply to that thread is a LITERAL definition of infantalization of women. “It doesn’t matter what her reasons are for dressing that way, the fact they use it for marketing is wrong!” ummm…. you’re making the assumption it’s being used for marketing at all and not just a realistic depiction of the character, which you can’t do. Also, what happened to women being able to make choices for themselves and sex-positivism? These people are insane.

      1. “Also, what happened to women being able to make choices for themselves and sex-positivism? These people are insane.”

        Unfortunately, Anita thinks that “Choice Feminism” is a myth because what matters isn’t the ability of the individual to be free to make choices for themselves but how those choices affect ALL women, thus choice is weak compared to the greater good.

        I’m not joking either.

        1. I’ve read her communist manifesto. I’d invite her to try and impose that insanity so she can be lined up and summarily executed. NEVER. AGAIN. Seriously. Soviet Russia, Communism, Marxism – they’re ALL bad! WTF is wrong with these fascists? How defective does someone’s mind have to be to think these things are good? Or are they just evil? I’m a bit “crazy”, but on my worst days I’m not advocating for shit like this. -_-

          1. “We just need the right people in charge, Comrade! And we need to do it HARDER!”

          2. Comrade, now that we’re in power, it’s time to purge the undesirables! Start with the pundits and university professors!

          3. It is utterly terrifying, isn’t it?

            The sad thing is when you look at it, modern feminist theory has very much become a form of cultural Marxism. She’s simply one of the more vocal sources that demonstrate this.

      2. That’s one of the most glaring hypocrisies i’ve seen these radfems push out.

        “Women should be allowed to dress however they want without criticism…OMG look at that shameless whore! How dare she wear something that highlights her huge breasts! Clearly her internalized misogyny is making her do this for the benefit of males, and not because she actually is proud of her body! COVER UP YOUR BODY YOU TRAMP!”

    2. While I applaud the effort made by whoever went to the trouble of compiling this info, they toiled in vain. The minute someone presents this as a rebuttal to Anita or her rabid fanbase, they’ll just scream “harassment!” and block you.

      “WHEW! I almost saw something that would have torn apart Anita’s narrative! Can’t have that now! WHOOPS! It’s almost time to unfold my prayer rug and bow in Anita’s direction for the third time today!”

    3. Hell, I remember an interview with Kojima some years back where he mentioned giving Snake an attractive ass because it’s something the player would be spending a lot of time looking at.

    4. It’s true that 3rd wave feminism believes that all people IRL should be allowed to bear their cleavage or wear whatever kinds of shoes without people berating them for it. However, most feminists focus on the fact that these games are not real people, and they believe that the average man who sees the women with PTSD in MGS4 positioning themselves in sexually provocative positions leads to men subconsciously expecting women to act and dress in sexually provocative manners, or even to undermine the effects of PTSD. Similarly, they believe women who bear witness to not only the provided example but countless other representations of women being sexually provocative in games and TV begin to think of themselves as sub-par, leading to eating disorders and depression and possibly suicide, unless they start actually acting that way. Much like people responding to the brony fandom online with “You’re turning people gay” (which is an absurd claim), feminists analyze how women are portrayed in commercials, games, television shows, cartoons, magazines, and even political debates (commenting on the bodies of the female speakers was common with Palin and Hillary), and think that it is propagating a false reality for men and women alike. Whether or not the psychological effects are accurate is debatable at best, though.

  3. Agreed. I might be willing to buy that she actually enjoys SOME video games, but it’s increasingly clear that she’s scum; her attitude toward video games is just the tip.

  4. Even though I loathe Kojima and Metal Gear for all the damage they’ve caused to the stealth genre, Saekeesian can go take a hike. At this point, no matter how tame a piece of software or mechandise can be, this woman will still find something in it to complain about.

    1. Curious – damage to the stealth genre? As opposed to which games? The reason I ask is I love all stealth games, including Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 and the “Ground Zeros” Demo – I do refuse to call that a game by any stretch of the imagination.

      1. Cutscenes longer than the extended version of Lord of the Rings, cyborg dinosaurs fighting a Katanna wielding space ninja, boss battles that have no place in a stealth game, optical camo that makes no sense (“Since i’m wearing beige, you can’t see me coming even though i’m clearly layed down on a obstacle free surface”) sections of the games that force you to break your stealth by placing in action set pieces, the moments when Kojima tries to make you think he’s way to clever like “The frequency is in the back of the box” or “Change the imput slot of the controller” or, in the P.T. demo, “Look in the pause menu fot the piece ot the picture” (A demo that, by the way, is a cheap F.E.A.R. clone).

        Those are some of the reasons why I refrain from anything that has Kojimas name on it. Maybe he himself noticed some of this grievances because he turned Metal Gear Solid V in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (a far superior stealth game): Night vision. interrogations. line of sight and light and shadow based stealth mechanics, multileveled maps with multiple points of entry and exit to allow ghosting (maybe), pipes that you can climb (available since the first Splinter Cell).

        1. Ah, Splinter Cell. Good times, good memories.

          “Wow! I’m gonna be killed by a real live ninja!”

        2. Lol, he does like his long cutscenes. However really, as far as I’ve seen MGS always has a very important story aspect to them, and I’m ok with single player games with lotsa cutscenes. That said, I’ve only really played Ground Zeroes & Revengeance (awesome hack and slash, btw) all the way through and revengeance was made by a separate company I believe.

          Ground Zeroes was pretty decent in how it handled stealth, but as you pointed out – there was more cutscene than gameplay in this “game” – which is really just a demo you had to pay for.

          I guess maybe I don’t take stealth games quite as seriously, I generally play Deus Ex (every game, lol), some Assasins’ Creed, the Arkham games, etc. They have elements of stealth, but are all heavy on storytelling and are more “Action Stealth” than real stealth.

          I am terribly disappointed with the new Thief though – Their level design was terrible compared to any of the other games in the series (Except possibly the first, because I played 2 & 3) But more to the point, every stealth game has it’s quirks that break the immersion of stealth, including the Thief series, were at some points in the original games where guards wouldn’t see you even if you were 2 feet in front of them, as long as you were in the shadows – In the stealth genre, it would seem that each series kinda has it’s conventions on how things are done, and you just play within the rules. (For example, even on the “Give Me Deus Ex” difficulty in Human Revolution, guards have an extremely small cone of vision – yet I play with the “Don’t Set off the Alarms, Don’t get seen, Eliminate every guard with non-lethal means” style of play, and it is extremely difficult (or dare I say a *little* tedious at times? “Damit, they saw the body – gotta hide it somewhere else – *loads game*).

          1. If only Metal Gear borrowed the good ideas from Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell didn’t borrow anything from Metal Gear.

  5. At this point it is pretty obvious that she and McIntosh are looking for a response. They have proven time and again that they know nothing about the games they are criticizing or the purposefully misrepresent to invoke a reaction and then cry harassment.

    They tend to attack whatever is popular at the time and with the recent Konami/Kojima situation them picking MGS is not a surprize.

    They are so predictable that it’s getting boring.

  6. I was unaware of your site/business until just now.

    I’ve collected and/or built a ton of resin (aka “garage”) models over the years and I’ve always respected those who produce them. I’m sure even the simplest of parts take skill, effort and patience to make and I appreciate anyone who attempts it.

    Hats off to you!

    1. I collect/build mostly sci-fi vehicles and creatures – I’m a huge fan of Yuji Sakai, Shane Foulkes, Shawn Nagle etc. My main interest is Godzilla kits and there’s a thriving garage kit community in Japan that does just that.

      I’m constantly amazed at the level of detail achievable with resin – it’s well beyond what can be done with injection molded plastic or vinyl. Most of the best kits are limited to 5 – 25 castings or so making them very hard to get a hold of. I hear the molds wear out quickly – any truth to that?

  7. Hmm… do I sense some insecurity coming from la gran perra??

    Seriously she is worried about a doll/figure? Of all the things to start picking apart she goes after a doll with squeezable breasts? Again is she that insecure about her own self (or body, idk) that this is what she attacks?

    Anita take a hike. Say what you will about the appearance but if there is something your blind perra ass can’t see is the amount of work Kojima put behind creating this character. There is an element of both explicit and subtle beauty about her which probably can only be understoodif you for one picked up a controller and actually play the games (she might have to wait until this one comes out). And also tell Whackingtosh to take his hand out of your ass already because if anything should be considered misogyny it should be that.

  8. Oh no. There go all the MGS V sales from when the feminist were totally going to buy this game. Now it will be a flop for sure. Oh the humanity. The gold mine that is the feminist/SJW market is truly lost now…/sarcasm

  9. A scholar who dabbles in video games? Woaaaaaaah. She’s not a scholar. To be a scholar you have to be affiliated with an accredited academic institution or organization, so, no. And “dabbles”? I thought Anita has “played games her entire life and was a gamer”? I think they’re realizing that no one is buying that bullshit anymore. Also, the majority of the public isn’t going to give a shit about toys. How do you “molest” an inanimate object? lol Absolutely fucking ridiculous.

    1. I love how that one dude tweeted how she was giving “journal articles” to the public. That would require actual research, and doing one’s own studies. Even doing them with terrible methodology is too much for Anita.

    Her last video didn’t get enough hate from people that’s why fullmcintosh made this tweet. Hate = Attention and that’s what they want. Ignore those fuckers. They can’t hurt Kojima and they know it but when they get hate from people they get attention and money again. We all know thats the only thing those 2 lazy, never worked one day in their lives, greedy SOB’s want.

    Fraudkeesian and Josh are scum, they know it, we know it!

    1. Doesn’t matter – We aren’t going to be paraded in front of people to ask for donations – the trolls will be cherry picked as per usual. We can only hope they’ve gotten bored with Anita and FullMcIntosh

      1. Their 15 min of fame are almost over. That’s the reason why they nedded to jump on the GG bandwagon to milk it. You only need to google those scammers by typing “sarkeesian 60% and you see that the attention goes away. Their highpoint was in november but less and less people care as time goes by.

        What Josh and his concubine don’t get is that Karma does exist and their greed will destroy them in the end.

        As Gandhi said:”The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”.

    2. Good on you for catching that one. Her last tweet about the responses to her latest video mostly consisted of ass-kissing by her fawning audience, with a few mild criticisms from her opponents. Nothing that could be used to cry “harassment!” and keep the Patreon donations coming in, so this smells like a troll cooked up by Josh to spur the less-behaved fringe of GamerGate to insult her on Twitter and get those VictimBux rolling in.

      1. The best thing the scumbags could find is that someone on KIA compared Jade to GG and trying to laugh at the guy. The funniest part is that they shot their own foot with that because it made her look like a bully.

        In the end their desperation will get the worst out of them and the world will see who the bad guys are. Except for the mindless sheeps that would literally lick her boots if she told them too.

    3. You’re right. I pray to God this bitch fades into obscurity in the next few months. Will be awesome.

  11. I find it amazing how Anita is able to look at the sexualization of women in MGS, but neglects the fact that there are a lot more examples – As Paladin der Liebe poined up ahead. I mean, we don’t see a lot of nudity in the games save for well… Raiden going around nude and doing flips.I know its hard to think of him as a man at that stage of MGS history, but we saw what became of him.

    Speaking of MGS2, any one notice that the whole SJW was foreshadowed by this:


    Kojima… Are you a time traveler and saw this over a decade ago?

    1. Holy shit man… That is some epic stuff – Although, TBH, this is not really different than religious zealots in the past, and this kind of thing happens every couple of generations.

      1. True, but the difference here is it wouldn’t spread so quickly and so powerfully in the past due to the fact that it took a lot more time to get messages across the land. And yet today, it only took me 20 minutes to respond to you.

        The fact that the misinformation we get fed now-a-days is a lot more dangerous since we have a lot more access to it and it can be thrown at us at a lot quicker.

  12. One of the reasons I tend to prefer Japanese video games is they don’t pander to the *insert random “oppressed” minority* crowd or try to out progressive each other like many western developers do. Japan just doesn’t give a fuck about the special snowflake community and it’s really refreshing.

    1. The funny thing is that there actually are feminist advocates in Japan (ex. Agnes Chan), but as you said, nobody gives a shit. Instead, they put stuff like To Love-ru in magazines marketed to kids and it is fucking awesome. Think there isn’t enough content out there for the ladies? Guess what? The women go out and MAKE just that, and they don’t need to ask for sympathy and Patreon bucks in order to do it. Hell, you can’t even complain that shounen manga (which, by their very name, should be targeted mainly to boys) are too exclusionary of female audiences when a grand majority of yaoi doujinshi (usually made by and for females) are based off of such series. Really, there’s something for everyone, and nobody needs to bitch and whine to get more of what they want or less of what they don’t want.

  13. As we all know these Fem-tards and piss baby SJW’s are all sick and mentally ill people. And Hideo Kojima has just the medication for ’em, a stone cold burn and a giant FUCK YOU!

  14. Coming soon. The Sarkeesian doll. Pull the string and hear one of 6 ludicrous phrases in the voice of Jonathan Mcintosh. Comes complete with larger McIntosh doll and optional puppet strings

  15. I’m not familiar with the MGS series but I have to hand it to Kojima for not giving a fuck. This is great. God help Anita if she walks into an anime convention and sees the bodypillow section.

  16. …people and history tend to skim over how Japanese society was organized before and during WW2…th’ Emperor was considered divine, and Japan th true rising empire,,,th’ people listened and believed,,,then we foshizzled dat mad dream with a healthy dose of science,,,after th’ 2nd atomic bomb was dropped, th’ Emperor addressed his nation and spoke these words,,,”i am not a god. I am a man.”…spell broken,,,Japan then embraced science and industry like never before and scrambled to drag their dignity outta th mud and became th economic powerhouse that fear merchants peddled jokes about, like how Japan was buying up th whole country,,,so yeah, giant mutant monsters, weird sex, insane artwork,,,,i’ll take those expressions of a culture redefining itself over a nation of cultlike fatalists who hear their leaders words and listen and believe,,,any fucking day…

  17. SocJus Japan would be a rough copy of North Korea but with an oligarchy of short fat female pricks who would be twice as divorced from reality as the Kim Jong line.

  18. Does Anita or Jonathan find each other attractive? I’m going off-topic a little but I just don’t really see much evidence they’re really involved at all other than the femfreq stuff. Then again, Anita could be just off somewhere going about her day while Jonathan writes things in her name to get his narratives across. (Also, who has more money, Anita or Jon? Would be interesting if she’s actually getting paid less than a male (McIntosh) doing the same job as her…)

  19. This article is distasteful, unprofessional and poorly written. I wholeheartedly disagree with Anita’s rhetoric but this article is just terrible.

  20. This one singular thing irritates me so now I will not only trash an entire beloved game series, but the entire culture it comes from as well. If I were Kojima I would just record a ten second video of my middle and tweet it to her.

    The blind idiocy of these people who fight for equality and progress and then go on to insult entire cultures because ‘boo hoo, muh feels’ boggles my mind. They are a bunch of faux intellectuals who were clearly told by their parents that they were ‘special’ far too much. And now we have an entire generation of them.

    They have the worst form of stupidity. The kind where you think you are smart. And it is all of them. Every single one of these people. They are all self interested, narcissistic, arrogant, hypocrites.

  21. In Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker the game encourages you to put Miller in a thong and molest him. The game then rewards you my making Miller get in a love box so you can fuck him. Anita your complaining about a fucking toy. How fucking pathetic can you sjw’s get? Your being oppressed by toys now.

  22. I notice she didn’t offer an explanation

    What’s wrong with oversexualizing and objectifying women?

  23. Also:

    Most non-western nations aren’t infested with feminism because they don’t suffer from female entitlement, not even rich ones like Japan

  24. I found out about this almost as soon as it happened. I saw it on Tumblr and knew I had to do some response to it as well. Although I didn’t get it up until two days ago, I made a YouTube video echoing a lot of the same things you have said here.

    I am a big fan of the series, so I spent a lot of time talking about several of the strong women in the games (The Boss, Meryl) and also about how Anita is known for not actually playing the games she criticizes, which is clearly true in this case.

    My focus was a lot more on how the other parts of her tweet were totally inaccurate and betrayed the fact that she had not played the game, or even researched it decently. However, I think you did a better job by bringing up that such materials are often used with dolls. Basically, I think my video and this article compliment each other really well. The video can be found below:


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