I was in the middle of a McIntosh rant, when I saw a tweet cross by that alerted me to a YouTube takedown. It seems like our friend Sargon of Akkad has been censored on YouTube due to the cowardly actions of The Guardian. Not only that, it also seems like the whole thing has been a miscarriage of justice. Let’s get to the tweets and archives so you can see the whole story.

Starting out with a pic of the censored work. DMCA takedowns can be especially detrimental for channel owners, whose livelihood can depend on these channels. I know that you are put under certain restrictions when you get a DMCA, since I had to beat one myself:


(archive link: https://archive.is/2zgah)

Here’s a tweet from Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari that talks about how The Guardian is likely in the wrong here. They’re simply trying to censor a prominent critic. So much for free speech:



Here’s the page he cites, by the way:


It looks pretty clear-cut to me. I have no earthly idea why The Guardian would even try this in the first place. It only makes both the video and Sargon more popular. Have these dolts never heard of the Streisand effect? I guarantee you this is going to get them more negative publicity in the long run. It’s madness, and whoever made the decision, should be fired immediately. Of course, this is no surprise coming from The Guardian. As we’ve shown here in one of our biggest stories, these guys have been biased against GamerGate and it’s affiliates from the start. This is just the latest chapter in their war against us. It was a miscalculation though, and that means it’s an overall good thing (so long as Sargon gets his account back in good standing).


UPDATE: Reports are saying the video can be seen now, so YouTube has apparently reversed their decision. But the problem is The Guardian trying to do this in the first place. Regardless, here’s the video, in case you want to see it:

    1. They’ve also published some of the worst garbage ever to come from Leigh Alexander’s fingertips.

  1. Watched it last night. Pretty sure they were butthurt over him exposing her superdumb “no blacks in scifi” comment and th’ montage pownage he dickslapped it with.

      1. ,,,be my guest,,,everything is stolen in this universe,,,i fergit where i got most my best snark from,,,always befriend smoothe criminals,,,unless they have an amusement park in their backyard,,,

  2. I could be speaking out of my hairy arse, but isn’t it in the youtube TOS that if you put a vid on youtube, others can use it in their work?

  3. i wonder how much of this was automated.. perhaps they have been scanning YT for there articles and logos, trying to get them removed so peeps would have to visit there site for the info. its all ’bout dem clicks

  4. Wow… Just when you think the hole couldn’t get deeper, these idiots keep shoveling.

    In all honesty, it doesn’t surprise me that someone would false DMCA Sargon’s vid, I’m more surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. You’d figure one of the Anti-GGers or an SJW would’ve done that a lot sooner.

    Now, I’m a fan of Sargon, I find him insightful and full of common sense (I find myself listening to a lot of Atheist Commentators now-a-days for some odd reason) – So its a given that the Guardian would do this eventually – Whose next? TL;DR?

    1. On the atheist commentator thing: it’s probably more to do with the fact that they are good practicing skeptics, and skepticism often leads one to atheism. That’s not to say that those two terms are interchangeable, though. They aren’t. Essentially, Skepticism is a process, one that usually takes intellectual rigor. Atheism is just a conclusion reached.

      1. I disagree respectfully. I’ve seen more sheeple attitude from atheists as the common theme in society that I have witnessed is if you are intelligent you go with atheisM because science. Which the correlation is not necessarily true. Atheism != intelligence just as religion != intelligence. But I can understand your logic and point.

        1. Well, that was basically the point that I was driving at. People can have retarded reasons to be atheist, and those individuals might actually be more numerous than the ones who got there through more or less logical reasoning. Applying the principles of skepticism and objective analysis doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll think there is no God, either.

          Specifically on the “sheeple” point, though: well, we only have to point to Atheism+ as an example of that now, don’t we? Here we have a pack of morons who, in my opinion, are just trading one intolerant dogma for another. Feminism is their new religion, because whatever faiths they followed before just didn’t support their narcissism and hipster douchebaggery enough.

          1. That joke was made way back in September, yeah. The difference is that the SJWs control and influence large swaths of the gaming media, making their voice louder than their minority demographic would normally allow.

            In the atheist and skeptical communities, they were always the fringe, so when they made their push to try and take over, everyone else involved told them to fuck off. So they splintered off and walled themselves up into their Atheism+ hugbox and proceeded to claim victory in purging all the unpersons guilty of wrongthink from their community. Meanwhile, everyone else is just laughing at them.

            Unforunately, the SJWs have their claws in deep into games media so they feel like they are in more control of the medium as a whole. They’re still thinking that it’s a matter of solidifying their control of the medium like they did with comics, rather than a coup attempt like they tried with atheists & skeptics. I think we have yet to really force them onto the back foot and make them start circling the wagons.

          2. Hmm, then wouldn’t it be best if we just start anew? I mean, we’re getting a lot of games that are for a new generation – Remakes, spiritual successors and the like, and indie gamers coming up with amazing concepts that get ignored.

            Pretty much at this point, a lot of the hipsters who are part of this pandemic are being pushed away by the gaming community and by the gaming companies as well (there was that one article on this site that detailed that I believe).

            Its not like we need this gaming media, if anything, we can just abandon it and go to youtube to look for reviews and such – As a lot of people are doing.

          3. That’s the entire point of the consumer revolt. We have to use the power of our wallets to starve out the likes of Kotaku, Gamasutra, and Polygon then promote the people the people offering quality content. “Be the change you want to see” and all that jazz.

            We need quality gaming media and journalism because, let’s face it, there are just far too many games coming out to be able to play them all and they’re too expensive to constantly be getting burned on bad games. But we need media that recognizes gamers as the consumers in this industry, not as a product to be sold to advertisers or livestock to be herded towards publishers for kickbacks.

          4. Indeed, starving them out is a good tactic, however, we’re dealing with the hipsters who fund each other – And the idiots that follow them as if they had a part of their brains surgically removed. It’s almost like they’re bigoted religious zealots, and that’s coming from a Christian.

            In all honesty, I never really read reviews – I used to watch Angry Joe, but that was more for entertainment since I didn’t have an X-Box 360 when he was doing reviews for that console. When I was younger, I’d go to the local video store, rent a game for about 2-3 dollars, play it over the weekend, and if I liked it, I’d seek out my own copy. Reviews are opinion based, and while I can respect opinions, that doesn’t mean high class reviews will gel with individual tastes.

            I do agree that we have to be the change you want to see – And I can see that happening with Reviewers doing so, and then there are the soul successor games that are coming out. Heck, I wanna get into that by trying my hand at a 2-d Platformer.

          5. “I never really read reviews”
            And apparently, no one else does now either. You were ahead of the curve! =P
            There was a recent study/survey conducted that came back with only 3% of respondents basing purchasing decisions off of traditional reviews.

            The last Sim City is what officially burned me. I allowed myself to buy into the hype and pre-ordered it. After that; never again. Hell, I now pirate some shit to do my own first impression to decide if the game’s worth purchasing.

            Back on the SocJus angle: you’re spot on with identifying the cultish behavior of these people. But honestly, I’d be fine with letting them form the Patreon equivalent of a human centipede. Like I said, we make them circle the wagons and wall themselves off in order to maintain the charade. Who cares if they’re all propping each other up with their own money? Once they enter a closed system like that, all those trust funds will dry up eventually, although probably all of their destructive behaviors will tear themselves apart even quicker than the money runs out. The problem we have is, at least until recently perhaps, they were successfully duping outsiders into supporting them.

          6. Quite so, quite so.

            BTW, I’m enjoying this conversation.

            But back to the matter, what’s your opinion on Extra Credits?

          7. I never really followed them, and upon brief recollection the videos I thought I had watched from them long ago were probably just someone using a similar voice modulator. In any event, after I saw some posts about them being anti-GG, as well as having some pretty stupid opinions/stances on some current topics, I kind just wrote them off.

            I hadn’t been watching Extra Credits before, so it was no sweat off my back to keep on not watching them.

          8. It’s amazing how people can be idiots. “We stand with the creators! We stand against GG!” Kinda seems like slap to the face when you say that when the creators are being limited and such.

            Leaves a bitter taste.

      2. Really, for me it depends on the subject matter. Things like the video that Sargon had taken down are really fun and point out stuff, and Sargon doesn’t really talk about religion all that much, he respects people for having beliefs and such.

        When they can be objectifying that’s great. I’m a skeptic, and I’m a christian (although, I think I’d consider myself more of a deist really), its just that sometimes when their own beliefs (or rather lack their of) are being targeted by other skeptics, more often than not, atheists will make insulting remarks. Sometimes, they also have confirmation bias as well, atheists that wanna prove that god doesn’t exist, have that confirmation bias – Searching for evidence to prove that said god doesn’t exist. That sounds like argument that Atheists use against Creationists.

        One such person is MrRepzion. And frankly, MrRepzion’s credibility shot down when he made that ‘The god that will f*ck you’ video since there was evidence that he only read one article (which was actually a misinterpretation of the actual events of a plane crash) and used it to attack Christians.

        I love being Skeptical, I really do, but when stuff like that comes out, it makes it hard for me to want to listen to the guys on it.

        Still, I can respect objectivity, that’s why I enjoy Sargon and TL;DR more than TAA and MrRepzion, and to a degree thunderf00t, at times. Cause they don’t take all out jabs at people’s beliefs, and ‘heyt do proper research at times to prove their points.

    1. Soon we may have no choice. We either defend democracy, liberty and freedom of speech, or we’ll be sent off to the gulags. Leftists have done it before, and they’ll do it again if they ever get enough power.

  5. The Guardian are corrupt gutter tabloid scum these days. Fully SJW infested. Their forums are heavily censored too with loads of people screen printing their original posts to prove that they don’t break any rules but they get deleted anyway.

    Anything that goes against the group think and political agenda is at risk where they are concerned.

  6. I used to read the Guardian because it was the few refuges from News Corp bullshittery, but its blatant and constant goading of the audience into hate-reading the articles (hello, Ms Valenti) have left me cold.

    I’m sure The Grauniad thinks itself richer for not having a “misogynist” like me in their readership but the audience is gradually going to turn and look elsewhere for their left leaning news if the reporting sees perceived oppression around each corner and under every lazily discarded candy bar wrapper

    1. Up until GamerGate, I actually respected the Guardian. Now, I grateful to know that all these shitty rags are as bad as each other.

      Present company excepted, of course!

      1. Since GG, it’s been disappointment after disappointment for me also. First The Guardian, then Democracy Now, AccessNow, The Intercept and Glen Greenwald, all parroting each other’s bullshit. I’d like to care about social issues too, but sorry for being born a straight white man who enjoys video games, you dochebags.

      1. Oh no, that really sucks. Guardian are being real twats if they don’t realise Sargon is doing a news piece on them.

  7. Saw the video yesterday. It was an effortless demolishing of bullshit, as usual. This is a truly scummy move.

  8. I kind of thought it was one of his weakest videos. Africa is heavily stereotyped, especially in the US media. I know people that literally didn’t even think Africa had modern cities or colleges because they’ve never seen any images or video of it, ever.

    1. One of the comments on the guardian video is a perfect response:

      “Ask people in Africa what they think of England” – or hell, ask them what they think of America – I’m willing to bet they think both are full of racists.

      I don’t think his video was particularly weak, the presenter from the guardian didn’t make her case properly – instead of presenting factual information on media distortion, she whines about how no black people are in sci-fi, or that factual genocides, famines, etc. are reported in the media.

      1. Yeah, good points. I don’t think she was right either. But the first half of his video he was kind of going out of his way to dismiss any concern about stereotyping, when I think sometimes it can be a legitimate concern. They’re both a bit wrong on this one. Oh well.

        1. Meh, everyone has been complaining about stereotypes since the beginning of time. Until we invent brains which can reference a gigantic computer mind with all information ever known to the human race about every one and everything, stereotyping will exist.

          I don’t think that stereotyping is wrong, unless it is used as a justification to physically harm someone.

  9. Glad to hear that those self deluded bigots at the Guardian didn’t get their way using pitiful childish DMCA tactics, but it’s to be expected when doing your job right. Another win for the Patriarchy I say!

  10. Whatever happened to the guardian, when did it all start going so terribly bad for them? They could have been the dominant left wing paper in the UK, instead they choose to be a radfem piece of shit, and to think I used to read that pile of dog shite.

  11. I knew exactly which one you were talking about as soon as i read the first paragraph. I watched the video shortly after he uploaded it. It’s really stupid. You see the title, and you think this woman’s gonna talk about how black people are stereotyped with fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda, but then she starts talking about Africa…with stereotypes I’ve never even heard of like giving Africans your dirty clothes. She mentions a few things such as war, safaris and EVEN MENTIONS THE LION KING, then labels them as stereotypes, which naming things a country is known for isn’t really a sterotype. Saying something like “all Africans are dirty tribals” or “all Nigerians can outrun a cheetah” are more of a sterotype than the BS this woman is talking about…but not before ending the video by playing some “African” music and doing a really bad “african” dance.

  12. If you ask me its well past time we got past the “games” in gaming journalism, is anyone in any doubt of MSMs complicity? – We should start be digging the Guardian,

  13. I loved and read the Grauniad and its little sister The Observer on a daily basis from the 80s till I went and lived abroad in 2005. It was always left leaning, and did excellent ‘high brow’ reporting and particularly investigative journalism.
    By the time I came back to the UK in 2014 it was a SJW gossip rag full of fatuous feminazis and beta cuck hipsters yammering away like a print version of their Twatter brainfart streams.
    As a left leaning paper of the chattering classes it was always a prime target for terminal infection by the Hoxton Hipster shitwaffle brigade.
    Its gone from being a sword wielded against the shadowy rats committing high crimes and misdemeanors in the carpeted corridors of Whitehall to a fucking dayglo wiffle bat waved around by some desperately trendy trustafarian wimmins group at their ban the nukes workshop for lesbian and transgender landwhales.
    Welcome to the Age of Stupidity! Hail the Rise of the Idiots!

  14. Of course. The Guardian wants you to see their article on THEIR terms, not being debunked. This has nothing to do with DCMA and everything to do with propaganda.

  15. the Guardian is trying so hard to go digital, they are losing money hand over fist. The only reason that they have money to go digital is because they sold off AutoTrader magazine a few years back for an obscenely large sum of money. The print business is losing money like it’s going out of fashion, and don’t forget their online work is free of charge. They are really afraid of going the News International way and installing a paywall, because they don’t want to be seen as a Murdoch type press. Can’t stand Murdoch myself, but you can’t say he’s an unsuccesful buisiness man.

      1. true, but like dave the sandman says, the Guardian used to be good paper it’s a shame to see it die in this awful way. The irony, is that it sponsors a really good journalist award with private Eye magazine. To see the shit journalists leave is a good thing, to see good journalists made redundant is a shame because there are 1 or 2 good journo’s there.

        1. PRIVATE EYE is the only news I pay money for. They expose hypocrisy, bullshit and corruption from the other newspapers (including the Guardian), and expose corruption in government, law enforcement, and the business world. Most of which i would remain in the dark about if I had to rely on main stream media to inform me.

          1. The good old “Street of Shame”. Thats how i knew about the Auto-trader selloff. But i also get pissed off reading it. All the corruption and cronyism, and its there, in print, in front of me, and there’s nothing i can do about it

          2. Time to shill #GamerGate, if you wanna do something you’ll find plenty of like minds there. /hug. Or you know you could write to the editor and voice your concerns.

        2. Used to have a good crossword, I stopped reading it in the 80s after reading one to many Burchill pieces, not much has changed since then save what’s happened everywhere else.
          There is next to no point in reading or watching the news these days, its easy enough to get biased lies 3rd hand.

  16. The irony is The Guardian has been one of the biggest pushers of the ‘Africa is full of war and dying people’ natives here in the UK for years. Still is.

  17. Wouldn’t it be disingenuous if we didn’t report on everything that happens in Africa? I mean some journalists are still fond of their work. It may not always be bad or good, but you gotta take one with the other.

    Imagine how hard would it be to justify tax dollars being sent to Africa if the narrative was the opposite of what it is right now. People like this would throw anyone under a bus just to frame a narrative and play a victim.

  18. Its what happens when you leave Manchester and go to London, The Guardian turns to shit! Although that was years ago, and I’m only half joking. The Guardian used to be the best newspaper to own imo, as they were not as insane as the Daily Mail, Sun or the Telegraph. Now its just as bad when they started employing bloggers and bigots like Valenti. How can they sit there and defend Snowdon and Chelsea Branning while censoring Sargon because he disagrees with certain points they make. I know youtube put the video back up, but its just a horrible case of hypocrisy.

  19. The Guardian and their readers are the same people that brought the world socialism, national socialism and communism. Why does anyone find this surprising that the authoritarian guardian totalitarians would crush anyone with an opposing voice? That is what those types of people live for. They will be fascists until the day they die. There is no getting through to them and trying to enlighten them and bring them into the civilised world.

  20. I say everyone posts their video on youtube and elsewhere for backup, perhaps dailymotion, vimeo or even a torrent site?

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