For once, I wasn’t just wasting time all day instead of writing. I have a few stories lined up for tonight, so let’s get number one going. Also, look for some big stuff early next week, if everything pans out, that is. But first we have to talk about Maya Kramer and the attack she launched against Mark Kern a couple days ago.

As you know, one of the tactics of the other side is to somehow paint GamerGate as perverse. They’ve falsely tried to link us to child porn, nearly getting their own dumbasses arrested in the process. They’re obsessed with this shit. Keep in mind, these are the same people who shelter a fucking pedophile and alleged dog-fucker in Sarah Nyberg. But you know their tactic? They just ignore shit and pretend like it doesn’t exist! This is despite the voluminous amount of evidence out there that shows what a sicko Nyberg is. Reality has too big of a GamerGate bias, I suppose. 

Try telling that to coke whores hipster indie devs like Ms. Kramer. They would rather make up bullshit about Mark Kern tweeting out hentai. I’ve never once seen him tweet out anything pornographic, although some of the pictures are certainly risqué. But guess what? We’re not all repressed shitheads who hate sex, and lament every time a tit is shown. To hell well all these people.

Here’s the Kramer tweets, by the way:22

“So so so gross.” Well, I don’t think I could describe Kramer better if I tried. All this did remind me about a pretty funny tweet I remember seeing about her, though. It shows the dangers of becoming a social justice warrior:

Not even once.

I’ll be back in a couple hours with another hit. I couldn’t let this one slide, especially considering how they prop-up a fucking pedo and dog-fucker, but somehow anime titties make you gross? He doesn’t even tweet the hard stuff. So get the fuck out, Maya. Go work on scoring some more product instead.

    1. It’s kinda like finding a gun shot to the gut or an abdominal surgical scar aesthetically pleasing. It is in its own right a sort of mild cosmetic deformity, a scarred remnant of the very first wound our bodies ever receive: The severing of the tissue that connects us to our mothers.

      Nothing wrong with it, but I think its fair to say that its not to everyone’s tastes, and as we know, SJWs are chronically solipsistic in their thoughts. If something isn’t to their tastes, then it means it is universally tasteless and everyone who likes it is ZOMG BAKANOHENTAI wrong.

  1. “Tweets a lot of hentai”
    Can’t provide even one example by the looks of it. Unless the “proof” is going to the well known dog fucker in hopes of getting it to branch out to kittens.

      1. Hahaha oh yeah I forgot that to be a SJW dev you dont need a game developed or in development. You dont even need coding skill, only that fucking hair dye and you’re done! 😀

  2. Ok..people like/have porn/fetishes? You find me one person who genuinely hates ALL types of porn/pronz and I’ll show you the dark/kinky ass sh!t they are likely into.

    Seriously though, the only “gross” thing I saw here was that before and after for poor Maya. Look in the mirror please, and see what you have done to yourself…

    1. I’m looking through his stuff now. Not seeing any of that in the pictures posted section, most of it in his favorites though. Possible that what they’re looking at counts retweeted images among the posted ones, in which case I’ve found the time frame for those images… And the one thing among his favorites that isn’t up there is so far the only thing even close: Miia and Centorea from Monster Musume, nude but covered by positioning. And that one wasn’t retweeted. The thing to take away from this: Even if people are sending him hentai he’s specifically avoiding spreading it.

  3. It’s so funny when these pretend experts flag everything as hentai (thinking heintai only means tentacles in the pussy and ass) and is therefore gross. I don’t think most of stuff posted in #AggressiveNavel falls even under ecchi category… It’s just sexy manga. I’ve never seen anything pornographic, just bunch of drawn sexy girls
    exposing their belly. Which is what aggressive navel is and why it’s
    even being used in the first place…

    Besides, the sexual part is so deeply entrenched into Japanese culture I really see no reason why anyone should be ashamed of it. It’s their culture and if you don’t like it, then fuck off. I’m not a fan of manga in general, but I’ve always admired Japanese culture and as such I respect even their tentacular part of it…

  4. A reminder that Kramer is also linked to Silverstring. I cant recall which position tho.

    But seriously, Mark Kern is a healthy man with a healthy appreciation of fine ladies, real or anime. And I doubt he gives a shit about no-fun-allowed assbutts trying to shame him. Do you know what kind of people are breed from being constantly shamed for their appreciation of fine ladies? The likes of McIntosh and Sarkeesian, and serial killers.

    1. That anime was made even more hilarious in the light of the struggle against SJWs. I would suggest anyone to watch Shimoneta if they have not already.

    2. A friend of mine was showing me this anime yesterday and saying what it would be like if SJW’s were in control of our lives. It’s almost like an accurate theoretical outcome if these fascists piss babies were in absolute power, but not quite. Altough It’s actually quite an interesting and lewd anime IMO.

      1. I’ll have to watch it to say for sure, but I think Psycho-pass is much closer to what would happen if SJWs were in control of our lives.

        1. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

          That’s the full title of the anime. Which is quite a mouthful IMO LOL. I haven’t watched anime since FMA and that was years ago, but I’ll probably give Psycho Pass a go as well.

          1. Interesting, I think I’ll have to start watching it tonight. Psycho-pass is an excellent anime, basically it’s a near-future where thought crime is a reality, and can be measured. People over a certain level of their psycho-pass are either put into solitary confinement or executed outright.

          2. Damn, now I definitely have to watch that one. Also, Shimoneta is a very recent anime, so there’s only like five episodes up to date right now.

          3. There’s two seasons of psycho-pass(22ep, 11ep) and a movie, not sure if the movie’s been subbed yet since it only came out on bluray a few weeks ago in the JP market.

      2. >piss babies

        careful with that shit, people might start saying it unironically.

        Also mad seaweed best girl.

        1. Not trying to sound rude, but when exactly did we start caring about SJW feelz? Because I sure as hell don’t. I’m 11 months past believing that. Once you give them an inch, then they take a gigaparsec. Which is why you never, ever, apologize to an SJW and they’ll walk all over you once they know you’re a pushover. Because they are never happy, nor should they be. And mocking, shunning, and pointing out how stupid they are should be the absolute norm. Not just on the Internet, but IRL as well. Also, SJW’s have been called worse. But, GG has been called much MUCH worse.

  5. Also the whole reason the navel thing started was due to the PAX Convention’s policy of “no aggressive navels”.
    So “aggressive navel” shitposting became a thing that apparently just won’t stop.

  6. Aw come on….it was inevitable that Anime and Manga would be dragged into their hatenet war eventually. Look at it this way – the more fandoms they attack, the more enemies they make,the faster their demise will come.
    And in the meantime…..turn it up to 11.

    1. Eventually? They were shitting on it last year but gave up after awhile when they realized Japan wasn’t going to do anything they said and that channers are not only self aware about all the silly weeb shit they’re into but are comfortable with that awareness too.

      1. If you can read japanese even poorly, there are threads that occasionally popping up on 2ch and 2chan. People don’t care what these bottom feeders say, mainly it seems to be a case of “Japan doesn’t give a shit. All hail Japan.”

  7. A cosplaying Supergirl making a heart with her hands is driving people to mass violence!….or not. 😀

  8. Maya is one of the original “5 guys”…and she’s accusing others of gross actions? Bitch, please.

  9. It means oh so little and it does bother me when people try and sexually shame someone. Why don’t they take their judgmental tendencies to Sarah Nyberg and her chat logs?

  10. Oh good grief, the #aggressivenavel thing was a joke that mutated into a mini-meme. Hell, I sent Mark a picture of Risky Boots from Shantae with her navel showing as part of it that was fairly SFW.

    I mean, damn it, it’s a harmless joke involving picture of ANY navel, not just anime pictures, Kramer, and you’re acting like a puritan over it?


  11. LMAO that Maya Kramer, that loser of a PR rep, thinks she can go toe to toe with a baller like Mark fucking Kern. Yeah, that’ll end well. But these SJWs looooove to “stand up” to people bigger than themselves. Also, SJWism apparently makes semi-fashionable, semi-attractive lesbians into gross bull dykes. Will remember that.


    Who fucking cares? For a bunch of people who circle jerk each other(literally and figuratively), a lot of them are bizarrely sex-negative. Meanwhile, Dan “Foldable Human” Olsen willingly looked for child porn, downloaded it, and distributed it on 8chan, and these idiots line up to kiss his feet. Disgusting.

  13. I’ve noticed that too, the man is surprisingly pure. Like I pointed out below not only does he not tweet the stuff, it seems like he won’t retweet stuff getting close either.
    He is absolutely the dumbest possible target for such an accusation, unless their intent was to show just how deep their prudish bullshit runs.

    1. I had to unfollow him, because I don’t follow people who are a constant stream of retweets and images.

  14. God damn! Maya Kramer actually used to look… good. Ugh someone should make a 50s PSA video about the side effects of becoming SJW.

    But seriously these SJWs go around fucking one another willy-nilly (okay I’m getting old) for positive coverage and other benefits, yet hentai is what’s wrong with the world (in their eyes)?
    My run on sentence be damned! These people need to stop dying their hair rediculous colors and get over their hypersensitivity issues.

          1. This is a local problem. We need a database of SJW’s and where they went to HS, then we need to contact Gators living in the same area who can access a physical copy.

            This sort of thing is impossible for a small movement. But GamerGate is not small. We fight for millions of Gamers.

          2. True but the thing is we’d need to network with people roughly in the same year who bought a yearbook or lucked out. plus people do move about, I believe Wu and Quin are fine examples of that, So again this would be a tricky process.

  15. God fucking forbid a dude reblogs some non-pornographic images. Hell, I honestly don’t even see a problem if they were pornographic. I mean yeah, I understand a lot of people hate porn, but it’s not like he’s forcing them to look at his twitter feed. She didn’t even know until some braindead dumbass who doesn’t know what hentai is pointed it out to her.

    “So so so gross.” Jesus, we’re talking about pictures of clothed women with some skin showing. Is this the fucking 1800s now? SJWs really do complain about everything, it’s not even a joke to say they get offended by everything anymore because it’s true now.

  16. Uh… what’s wrong with liking sexy stuff and posting some (non porn) things on twitter? specially when these pictures are ages old and a complete minority of what he posts?

    Also, legobutts was the main person behind the IFG disaster. She has bigger things to worry about (unless GG decides to forget what silverstring media did in the past)

  17. let the guy have fun with his navels for god sake… i never see him posting those pictures ,he just ask for them and just retweet them lol ,beside im pretty sure his followers at this point know what mark kern do in his twitter , i follow him but yea sometimes is annoying because the entire feed is full of agressive navels lol.

    But hey SJW always look for something to get mad about.

  18. If they find Kill la Kill they are going to shit themselves. I kind of think that anime is a giant middle finger to SJWs. And if I hear the “no good women in anime bullshit” allow me to get my encyclopedia. Starting with Erza Mother Fucking Scarlet. Also what is it with the damn hair dye. Do the chemicals melt the brain cells?

    1. It’s kinda ironic to be mentioning dyed hair in a post about anime, but yeah, when these hipsters do it, they come out looking like a total fucking wreck. Decent cosplayers, on the other hand, can make pastel-colored hair look at least half as great as it does in 2D.

  19. Yes Maya. It’s “so, so gross” that people make fun of an absurd guideline in the PAX dress code…

  20. Oh! I remember this girl. She was one of the people that GiantBomb let do a day of “my top ten games of the year” and when the article described who she was, it referred to her as “they” and “them” instead of she. Took an instant disliking to the pretentious twat right there. Unfortunate, because I otherwise didn’t have anything against them… other than just being a pretentious shithole.


    Maya Kramer prefers to be referred to as “they” and “them”. Not pretentious and attention seeking at all.

    Source: This 2014 “Maya Kramer’s Top 10 Games of 2014” at —

    “Maya is a game developer, producer, and freelance PR consultant living in Canada. They spend their time attending video game events, running booths, being outrageously helpful, and lovingly herding indie developers. The rest of their time is spent on Twitter over at @legobutts.”

    What’s even more hilarious is all of the GiantBomb community replying with respectful “their” and “they”.

    Sorry. I’ll refer to you by your name. I’ll refer to you by he or she. I will not refer to you as “they/their/it/them”. Stop being a pretentious fuckwad. You’re not in art school anymore.

  22. – Risqué pictures ≠ Hentai
    – Learning the “inside joke”

    Two things SJWs can’t understand because “proof is the tool of the patriarchy”, plus it’d keep them from bitching, and bitching it’s like breathing.

  23. Still seriously sad how DRASTICLY these people change physicly… As if they werent happy then… they have become misserable today… Just look at her… WHO WOULD FUCKING WANT HER with that……. HAIR:

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