OK, back to work after the SVU debacle last night. Thanks to Anna Merlan of Jezebel for shouting me out in her column today, even though she kinda mocked what I had to say. She did correctly point out that both sides seemed to be unhappy with the episode, but she correctly noted that most of GamerGate just laughed at it. As someone told me today, though, they only have themselves to blame. “GamerGate wants women driven out of gaming” is the phony narrative the gaming media has been pushing for months. So fuck ’em. They got what they wanted. BUT, that’s not what this column is about, as you can tell from the title. Instead, I wanted to celebrate a fresh victory.

Over SJW objections, petitions, and cry-sessions, Adam Baldwin will be attending the Supanova Pop Culture Expo later this year. 

I never had much doubt that the organizers would end up doing the right thing. Sometimes, you have to play ball with the SJWs a little bit. By giving it a few weeks, no one can say they didn’t consider their complaints. Also, Baldwin did promise not to address GamerGate or it’s surrounding controversies at the convention, which I never expected him to do in the first place. That’s not the time or place for it. The nutcases on the other side were the ones turning a fan convention into a fucking political battlefield. I would say they ought to be ashamed, but I know that’s not possible.

Here’s the statement from Supanova, as well as from Mr. Baldwin:



Expect more fights like this one. They’re gonna try to bully more people like us out of public life. That’s all they know. Look at how Brianna Wu tried to get Watch Dogs writer Ethan James Petty fired over what amount’s to political disagreements. A society like that is one that I don’t want to live in, and I’ll fight against that shit until my dying breath.


The only good thing about all this is, normal people are repulsed by these sorts of tactics. Stunts like this will only help us in the long-run, just like the SVU episode last night will swell our ranks. Keep your head up. Just like I’ve said in this section for months, we’re still winning. They hate that even after the unprecedented media barrage, GamerGate is still here. We’re by far the most dedicated enemy these radicals have ever faced, and they know it. Keep the pressure on, and they will fold.

  1. I agree that we are winning – SJWs are parasites who attack parts of culture, ultimately get bored, and move on to whatever the next trendy thing to protest and whine about is.

    We, as gamers, play games, and we aren’t really looking to replace them with the next ‘fashionable’ pastime.

    1. Gamergates goals were to make gaming journalism more ethical, judging by the policy changes several media companies have enacted I’d say we’ve already won.

      We are in the midst of a cultural war with the radical authoritarian left, they will not give up just because they are bored. We should not hand them victory through complacency. The fight is not over till this scourge is routed.

      1. Yes and no. Some sites..like Destructoid like to put disclosures in stories and videos then immediately mock the fact that they have been asked to do it.

        Hell they made a video about disclosure that was nothing more than antagonizing people who want ethics to be taken seriously. Other sites have also been…lax.

      2. “they will not give up just because they are bored.”

        I’m not going to expect them too, but it does happen – remember these people aren’t really that smart.

        ” The fight is not over till this scourge is routed.”

        Agreed, my statement was merely a reflection that these people are losing steam.

      3. I think the only time that we can say that we won is that the the biggest corrupt online journalistic media comes to it sense and stop doing what they doing right now and actually create a Code of conduct.. or they just go bankcrupt…

        Of course I am talking about Gawker.

    2. That, and (I forget who said this) as gamers, we’re accustomed to the grind. We know how to keep fighting against something until we win. The way gamers work, we never really “lose,” we just try harder.

    3. Gamergate isn’t “winning”, it won the moment all these ostensibly white, privileged culture vultures and clickmasterbaiters laid all their cards on the table declaring “gamers are dead”.

  2. Oh man, I hope you update this article with a collection of salt. The guy who started the petition must be super salty right now. I was hoping you’d link to the facebook post. Salt levels there would be mountainous.

        1. What an pussy. These people are such fucking cowards it’s unbelievable. Albert looks like a constipated badass sitting on his throne with a banner saying “prove me wrong, internet” behind him while he hides behind big blue’s twitter blockbot.

        2. I used a different browser that I am not signed into twitter to view his page and to no one’s surprise Albert is a tumblr warrior.
          “Baldwin has a history of calling for aggressive action, including doxxings, on others. He has called people “dipshits” and “morons”, has aggrivated key GamerGate tagret Zoe Quinn directly, has threatened former Supanova guest Wil Wheaton, has called Thanksgiving “Victory over the Savages Day” and has suggested that antivaccination campaigners all be “doxxed and tortured”. These are all things that he has said and done, primarily through his twitter handle, which he regularly wipes clean. These go directly against the code of conduct of Supanova, which they kindly in the statement supporting him.” What a delusional fucktard.

  3. While I’m not a fan of Adam Baldwin and dont think he’s exactly the popular voice we need fighting for us I also think its retarded these people were trying to keep him out of the show.

    90% of the people there won’t have a clue about this stuff they just wanna see the firefly guy. Hell I’d go see him for that reason, I dont agree with most of what he says but so what? I’m glad the people running the show showed some sanity and sense.

  4. I love how Wu would “love to talk” to all these people all the time, my response would be “who exactly the fuck are you again?”

    1. Of course, this means she requires donations, in order to pay for a first class flight to Ubisoft’s offices, as well as a few thousand to afford meals at 5 star restaurants…oh, and a few thousand more for a full day at a spa to get relaxed enough to talk to Ubisoft, as well as a few thousand more to rent a limo…

    1. I think that’s good. He’s not meant to be there for GamerGate anyway. The whole problem was these idiots that can’t isolate one thing from the other. Pathetic whiners thinking this was going to be GamerGate convention and that some flying monkeys would descend from the sky and attack people when he came.

      1. The reason is these people assume Adam will use the same dirty tactics as them and shit all over the expo just to further his cause. I believe it’s called projecting.

  5. These guys are so full of shit they’re not tricking anyone who hasn’t gone through their women’s studies brain washing courses. Thank god social justice doesn’t exist openly in my country.

    1. all that writing and she could have gotten her point across with a screen shot as proof.

      oh wait, that would require it to actually happen.
      guess she can just stick to lying.

      1. I hope that sentiment about being scared is true. At least then these weaklings wouldn’t be able to continue trashing up conventions. lol Scared. Scared of being wrong.

    2. “Directly attacked”? Since when? If Baldwin was anywhere near her, he’d still be stuck in orbit around her for the rest of his life.

      “Lives personally affected by this man”? OOH, he said stuff you didn’t agree with! It’s like he LITERALLY raped you!

      “He sent me pictures of animals being tortured”. Oh, you mean like how you torture animals by smearing them with dye for your amusement, and support a person that brags about raping animals? That kind of torture?

      I’m not sure which destroyed more of her brains cells: the fumes from her blue hair dye or the fumes from her blue meth.

      1. She not only published the private facebook groups of gamergate supporters and encouraged people do “hold them accountable” she later admitted it was intentionally antagonistic, *meant* to draw a response from people she assures everyone are basically terrorists…
        How the FUCK have antiGG not thrown her under the bus I don’t know.
        aGGro’s get a free pass on the worst *possible* behaviour while still being allowed to hypocritically libel other people with it.

        1. Because she’s an obese, hair-dyed, nasty, hateful bitch. She’s a poster child for sex-negative gender feminism and mental illness.

    3. Mr. Baldwin needs to contact his lawyer and take that fat cunt to court for making false, defamatory claims against him. That would be fucking HYSTERICAL!

      1. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either, especially now. But maybe it’s what allowed it to escape this stupid cult. People won’t give a shit about women’s exclusive rights when EVERYONE’S rights are at risk. We also have a lot of immigrants, but there isn’t a lot of rampant racism, except against gypsies, but nobody likes those, not even other gypsies. And no, I don’t live in a 3rd world country, I said our rights were at risk, not non-existent.

  6. There was an idiot replying on the letter, claiming that “people died because of GamerGate!”. Dumbass was shutdown quickly when asked to present actual evidence, and it looks like his comments were scrubbed.

    Anyway, Baldwin isn’t there to talk about or promote GamerGate in any fashion – he’s just there to talk about his work in Firefly and other various sci-fi related projects. As long as he’s not bring up GG in any way, the Antis have no solid reason to object to his being there. If they don’t like it, then they can just not attend and STFO.

  7. They lack all empathy so everytime they fail at destroying a career or blocking someone from attending something is a huge win!

    Their reign of terror is coming to an end and all their bullying wiull just become less and less effective the more we shine a light on it!

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